A Story of Welcome

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You know, I have had some really nice people contact me based on my writings. They are intelligent, literate, literary and not seeking sex; per say, but enlightenment or excitement as we all do, in our rut of life, repeating it day to day, giving in to the grind and paying the bills. So, I thank those who encourage me as a new writer, it is just therapeutic to me, but very fun.

So, why do I write… many have asked? Well, first of all I always loved English. I struggled with it in Jr. High School and College but later in life, very later, found it as fun, a challenge, an expression of sorts to explore and demonstrate one’s life, of a kind.

So, now, you’re wondering, is this a confession, an admission or a story? Yes, a bit of all three? Well, I’m trying to decide why I write, what I am missing in life and what you readers are missing in life? Maybe it’s just the diversion, an aphrodisiac of sorts or just a pastime. So, I think the subject to write about is intimacy, not sex; am I right? Okay, let’s have a little bit of both.

Intimacy is missing in our lives for a lot of reasons. The internet, for example, encourages perhaps superficiality or interpersonal relationships if we are not screening properly or particular.

I began an online romance recently. It began one Saturday night as we both sipped wine, while instant messaging, laughing and getting sillier as the hours passed. We asked each other questions. You probably are familiar with the routine. We got a bit sensual and thus started our online romance.

As time went on, for some reason, I would get irritated with this man frequently based on some flakiness or distraction in his thought process. I would ask him not to contact me anymore; thus, the tumultuous relationship began.

One evening, I get an instant message asking me if I was still “cranky?” I replied, “No, not until now.” I was just joking and then we continued to seduce each other online. We started to build a binding relationship based on the exchange of pictures, secrets, our personal and professional lives. As bizarre as one might think if you haven’t dated online yourself, we were starting to build a seductive relationship.

A few dates that were scheduled became convoluted and rescheduled. Then, one day I get a call, “I’ll be working in your area on Tuesday for a couple of days. Care to get together?” I was very excited and of course, said “Yes.” He wanted to go to dinner almanbahis adres and have me book a hotel for him. So, I was the beckoned date and did so as requested. He wanted to meet at my house, but that’s one of my rules about online dating – no first dates at my home. “Will you spend the night?” he asked. Well, by this time I did feel pretty comfortable with him. I liked his picture, his personality and his sense of humor. It’s amazing how close one can get to a perfect stranger. I said, “Let’s just meet for dinner and take it from there.” “Why don’t you pack an overnight bag just in case with some lingerie?” I was pretty sure that we would hit it off and we were yearning and lusting for each other. But, I had just gotten over the flu and told him I didn’t want to get him sick. “Get me sick.” Okay, I’ll be wearing jeans and dress casual if you want,” he said. I laughed and said I’d think about it

He called me when he got to the hotel. I was showering and primping thinking about what to wear. Well, a black lace sexy bra and thong underwear were a definite start. And, something low cut, but not overkill. So, I wore black pants, a sexy cleavage showing pink sweater and black heels. I suspected he was a boob man and that’s my strong suit. I packed a lacy turquoise and black lace teddy with low cut panties just in case the opportunity arose for an evening of intimacy and lust.

When I got to the parking lot and was calling him on my cell, he was standing by his truck looking at me and asking, “Is this you calling?” It was and I smiled standing outside the car. I thought to myself, this guy has ten women chasing him. He looked younger and sexier than I had expected. He was pleasantly tall and with a large built, but a healthy size for his age.

I gave him a hug and he asked me to make an about face. I did, modeling for him and he said, “Give me another hug.” It was going to be a good evening and my flu bug was disappearing by the second.

We had a nice dinner. We laughed at the service of the restaurant. We talked, he drank. We talked and laughed some more, and he drank some more. Suddenly, he was appearing to lose his nervousness around me which I found quite charming for a mature man. He began looking me in the eyes and the connection began. I was lucid not eating too much and just drinking a glass or two of wine, slowly and deliberately. We went and got two more bottles of wine and headed back to the hotel.

He almanbahis adresi assumed I was coming in but I asked, “Do you want me to stay?” “Yes”, he said. “Okay, get my bag then please.” We laughed some more.

When we got in the hotel, he had his T-shirt and shorts on the pillow as to make me comfortable and said, “There’s my pajamas. Where’s yours?” I pulled out my lingerie and he was pleasantly pleased. “Hmmmm,” he grinned. “Go put them on.”

I obeyed and came back out slipping under the covers as he opened the wine with a tool because we didn’t have a screwdriver. “Here’s yours,” as I took a sip of wine and he did, too. Well, the wine just sat there as we moved on to other things.

He laughed that I was under the covers as he sat over them. He leaned over and kissed me, running his hand through my hair and fondling my buxom. As he pulled one breast out, he suckled my nipple and I was already getting wet with desire. We rolled over and began kissing some more and he was sucking some more. I kissed the nape of his neck and climbed on top of him, kissing him some more. We rolled over as I took my teddy off and he undressed. I put my hand on his cock, and it was a good size – not too big and not too small. He kissed me and coupled my breasts one at a time. I love a man when he sucks my nipples, ever so gently but erotically as they become perky and I become excited, wet with want, craving with passion. My femininity was exuding with lust and his masculinity was protruding. His hard cock was pressing against me and my breasts were nurturing him as we kissed and kissed and kissed. I like deep kissing but he kissed me his own way – lightly and not opening his mouth fully. It became my challenge wanting more.

He massaged my neck as I massaged his cock which was swollen and engorged. I wanted it in my mouth, but I wasn’t going to rush the intimacy. I craved the affection of a man I was so sexually attracted to, physically and mentally.

He asked me to turn over and he massaged me some more. I was feeling selfish but I do I would do my part. I love a massage because it helps my whole body relax and unwind ready for the firm cock of a man. I was glad he was giving me the foreplay I so much hungered for. He massaged my shoulders with his strong, mannish hands. He lightly touched my ears and head. He moved downwards as he felt the small of my back and then massaged my buttocks. He reached underneath almanbahis adres and inserted a finger in my cunt and I came immediately.

I rolled him over and repeated the action massaging his strong, muscular body. He had the body of a construction worker with broad shoulders and arms, lean but muscular legs, and a very cute tush, shaped perfectly to balance his elevated built. Speaking of elevated, he struggled to turn over as I sat on his butt, and massaging him as hard as I could while he sighed with pleasure. He wanted to take control but the weight of my body pinned him down so he couldn’t escape the gentle and sensual massage I was giving him. I like foreplay and it arouses me to fully climax.

Well, it was getting late and it was getting time for action. I rolled over and began sucking his cock. He put in middle finger in me and it felt great. He kept rubbing me in and out of my cunt. I sucked harder and more creatively. He rose on his knees and he was watching me as I opened my eyes, looked at him sexually and weakly. He put his finger in other places and probed me in different ways. It all felt so good and at that point I was totally submissive.

He lifted my legs up and over his shoulders. He came in deep and fast. He fucked me deeper and deeper as I was trying to orgasm. He would hold off and start again, and I’m getting an orgasm remembering the evening. He fucked me till I started to come and then he came as I jerked and squirmed clutching his cock with my pussy. He slowly pulled out and fell asleep weak and fulfilled cuddled as spoons attached to each other.

It was a difficult night to sleep. I laid awake most of the night. Just as I fell into a slight sleep, I feel his hands rubbing my butt cheeks and moving towards my breasts. We kiss and he awakens me with the delicate touch of his tongue licking me and going deeper into my vagina. I was moaning so loud, he took the dirty towel from the night before and covered my mouth. “I don’t want anyone to think I’m killing you in here.” I tried hard to squelch my moans but the deeper he went towards my g-spot, the more difficult it was. He stuck his tongue in deeper and deeper causing an orgasm so strong and robust as I flowed of cum all over his tongue.

I took his penis and straddled it between my breasts with the wetness inside me. We were kissing deeply and enthusiastically but it was getting to be time to go to work. I bent over the bed as he began charging me with his hard penis in and out, in and out. His finger wrapped around my twat and causing me to orgasm again. He came quickly after that and I laid down on my stomach as he jumped in the shower.

The lovemaking had just begun.

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