African Dance Class

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The class had just ended and she was covered in sweat. Once again it was a good class, she knew if she kept this up, she would regain the figure she had slowly let slip away from too many quick lunches, bad dinners and an ever-slowing metabolism. She tried the gym but it bored her to lift weights or run endlessly on a treadmill like a hamster in a cage.

So the African Dance class became her solution and unlike most of the women in the class she gave it her all. She performed every movement, every routine with energy and enthusiasm that shocked the instructors. What they did not know is that it made her horny as hell dancing in the class. The rhythms, the gyrations, the sheer sensuality of the dances were turning her on. Right after every class she would rush home to her shower and masturbate until she came so hard she often would lose her footing in the shower.

She was packing her bag after class for her anticipated shower, when one of the instructors approached her.

“May I speak to you for a minute?” he asked her.

“Sure,” she said, “what is it?”

“Well, I don’t have to tell you that you are my best female student in this class,” he paused, “normally in this kind of class we just are doing very basic movements, more for fitness than choreography and technique but you have such a naturalness with the movements that I would like to show you a few advanced movements and steps that I am sure will enhance your experience.”

She was awestruck that he felt that way about her dancing, he had not said much to her at all during any of the classes and he seem to barely look at her. But she sure as hell looked at him. He was tall and muscular without being musclebound, he had a lean, lithe frame and he wore his hair in the obligatory dreads pulled back with a leather tie.

“Sure,” she said, “we can start next week.”

“I would like to start this evening, if you are not too tired,” he said.

Tired she thought, no, I just finished a three-hour African dance class, while you stood around looking gorgeous. But she said, “No, I am not tired, ok lets start.”

The almanbahis adresi room was empty now and the drummers that usually accompanied the class had also left. He walked over to a CD player and put on some different music, much more aggressive and hard driving than what they listened to in class.

He walked over and said, “Watch me.”

He performed a very complicated series of moves that went perfectly with the music and that showed his skill as a flawless dancer. He stopped and looked her, “Got it?”

She looked puzzled and then clumsily attempted the step. She was embarrassed when she finished off beat and out of rhythm with the music. He could see she was dejected and said, “that was very good for the first time, many dancer with years of experience would not have gotten as far as you just did”, he moved over to her and put his arm on her shoulder.

“Just think of it as a series of little movements that I know you could do in your sleep.”

He kept his arm on her shoulder as he swayed back and forth with her, she inhaled deeply to take in his scent, and his smell turned her on even more than she was. His strong arms made her feel safe and that he wouldn’t ever let her hurt herself.

He let her go and said, “See.”

Then he slowly performed the routine, almost step-by-step. She was amazed that she did know each of the steps in it basic parts and once put together it was the routine he just did.

“Try it,” he said and he then put the music back on.

She so wanted to please him that once the music came on, it was like something took over her body, she moved in time, she danced to the beat, she felt the music and it moved her. Then when it ended, she felt like she was about to cum. She found it both exhilarating and sensuous.

“That was fantastic,” he said,”you are an absolute natural.”

He looked at her for a couple of minutes as she tried to catch her breath, he took her all in and then he put on some new music.

It was dark, somber, raw and very, very erotic. He then started dancing, first near the almanbahis adres CD player, but as the music got bolder, he moved towards her. His movements were exquisite; he looked like an African Warrior about to claim his woman. Each movement had a subtext and connotation all its own. She felt herself getting wet just looking at him. He said nothing but just danced. He was right on her now and he gyrated and moved around her, not touching her but engaging in an imagined foreplay. She wanted him so badly but did not want to interrupt his dance, his courtship.

Then suddenly the music crescendos and he grabs her and pulls her into his body. She melts into his arm, willing to giving her all to him.

Then the music stops, he backs away and laughs, “Sorry, I was showing the courtship dance of the Mandike people in Western Africa, a very sensuous piece, very few westerner have ever seen it.”

“Oh,” was all she could say. There was a big lump in her throat and she was flushed from the heat in the room.

Well, he started packing up and said, “thats it for the evening.”

She wanted him now. “No, it’s not,” she said. “You can’t do a dance like that and know that I will be in a highly aroused state and then you just leave.”

Then she walked over to him and said,”I have never said this to a man before but I want you to fuck me.”

He smiled and said, “I was wondering if the dance would have the desired effect and I guess it did.”

He grabbed her and began to kiss her. She returned it with a suprising vigor. He was a strong kisser like the rest of him. His tongue parted he lips and found it way into mouth. She sucked it and almost bit it she was so excited. His hands were all over her ample bosom and plump behind.

“I been staring at this ass for weeks,” he said, “I have been wondering how it felt. Soft but firm, Perfect.”

They were on the floor when she pulled out his dick. He was huge. She had big men before but he was the biggest. She smiled at him as she attempted to suck his big dick. She opened her mouth wide and put the head. She made almanbahis adresi loud sucking sound on his dick as he wriggled under her. She tasted the sweat on his dick and the licked his ball. His sweatiness turned her on even more.

He lifted her up and rolled her on her back and moved down to her wet pussy. He licked her clit and fingered her pussy. She was so horny that she knew it would not take much for her to cum. But he was an expert and his pussy eating skills were masterful. He controlled her orgasm within a millisecond of happening. Each time she thought she was about to cum, he would pull back or focus somewhere else. It was a pleasant torture but she wanted to cum so bad.

He lifted his head from her pussy and began to stroke his dick over her pussy. He looked at her as if to say are you ready and once her eyes assented, he entered her. She felt his dick stretching her pussy but she was so wet and turn on that it more than accommodated his huge dick. He grabbed the bottom and was just stroking the head into her pussy.

He kept this up for a while until he got a rhythm that was getting them both off. He let go of his dick and was feeding her more of it.

“Damn, this feels so good,” she said out loud.

He said nothing but he did increase his speed and he slowly gave her more of his big dick until almost all of it was in her pussy. She tilted her head back when he put it all in her.

“Oh, god, I am going to cum,” she said slowly.

This just spurred him on and he increased the intensity of his humping. He put one of her legs on his shoulders and he was just watching as his big dick as it went in and out of her pussy. He looked at her face and knew she was almost there. She let out a wail and then started to writhe around under him. He began to pump even faster and she said, “don’t stop, please don’t stop, it feels so fucking good.”

He was about to cum himself so he kept up the pace and then just as she screamed, “I’m cumming.”

He took his dick and shot his load all over her body. He came in four huge spurts all over her breasts and some it hitting her face. She grabbed his dick and began to suck it, hoping to get the last drops in her mouth. He leaned back totally spent. She looked over at him and thought; now after class I won’t be taking those showers alone anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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