After Work Shower

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It’s been a long, frustrating day at work. Nothing went right. You had a meeting with a client that didn’t go as planned, you had someone hand in your notice, and to top it all off, you missed lunch! You’re driving home from work an hour later than usual, with the radio going, but you haven’t heard anything. You just want to get home and unwind, but you know that you’ll be walking into a house full of crazy kids, with dinner to make.

Before you know it, you pull into the driveway, with no memory of the journey home. Taking your belt off, you just sit in the car for a couple of minutes, eyes closed, head tipped back on the headrest, just trying to gather your thoughts, and muster the energy to go inside. “Ok girl, you’ve got this,” you tell yourself out loud. You open the door and step out of the air-conditioned car into the warm, humid air.

As soon as you walk up to the door, you expect to hear the sound of the TV blaring and kids running around, but instead, you hear silence. You open the door and step through, and instead of the usual unruly mess, you find a spotless house. You walk into the kitchen and dining room and look over to see the table set with candles burning, and soft piano music coming from the speakers in the room. A note is waiting, “Go upstairs, have a warm hot shower, relax, and then come back down.”

Where almanbahis is your husband? Where are the kids? You have no idea, but you’re not about to waste this opportunity! You walk down the hall, put your handbag and keys down on the small side table, and head upstairs.

You walk through the bedroom and into your newly renovated ensuite. It has a big, open shower with a massive rainfall shower head. You turn the shower to your favourite setting – scalding hot – and start to undress, admiring your body in the mirror as your clothes fall to the floor. You look amazing naked, and you know it. You’ve worked hard for the last three years to get your body to this point. Completely naked now, a smile plays across your lips as you bring a hand up to cup your boobs. They look amazing too. You pinch one nipple…then the other. Mmmm. That feels good! You bite your lip and close your eyes and you feel small jolts of electricity shoot through your body.

Jumping into the shower, you let the water flow over your body, and feel the day’s stress start to wash away. You left the fan off, and so steam starts to fill the room. After a couple of mins of just standing under the water, you grab the body wash and soap your body up, taking your time to clean off the sweat from the humid day outside.

Once that’s done, you close almanbahis giriş your eyes and start to run your hands up and down your body, your fingertips dancing lightly over your skin. You feel your breath quicken slightly, and then you move your hand down over your tummy, your fingers finding their way to your freshly waxed pussy lips. You feel the electricity starting to build again, and then suddenly a massive jolt as your fingers brush over your clit. A low, throaty moan escapes your lips.

You hear a noise behind you and feel strong, familiar hands wrap around you; one grabbing a boob and the other covering your hand that’s still down on your pussy. You feel lips nibble on your neck, then your earlobe. A voice in your ear growls and says “You just couldn’t help yourself huh?”

You moan louder as his fingers replace yours, finding their way to your clit like it has a homing beacon. He continues to kiss and lick your neck and ear, and your pussy floods with your juices. Up until now, you’ve taken it slowly, but suddenly he bends you over, your hands on the wall, as he fills you with his hard cock.

Your breath quickens and you start to offer words of encouragement as your head tips back, “Mmmm yes baby….fuck me. Fuck me hard.” And fuck you hard he does. This isn’t lovemaking, this is quick, hard, almanbahis giriş dirty sex. His hands are on your hips, pulling you back into him as he pushes deep into you. You hear yourself getting louder. “Yes baby, fuck that feels good!”

He growls “I’m not going to last long, baby, I’m gunna cum.”

“Cum baby! Fill my pussy with your hot cum!”

He groans loudly as he explodes inside you, triggering your own orgasm, which explodes through your body, all your muscles tightening. You can feel your pussy pulsing, and then his cum starting to drip down the inside of your legs. You realise that at some point you’d stopped breathing and take a deep breath, steamy air filling your lungs.

All of a sudden, he drops to his knees, and you feel two fingers push up into you from behind, his tongue on your ass, licking all around. “Fuck babe, yes!” Your right-hand finds its way back to your clit, rubbing furiously, as his two fingers piston in and out, over and over and over, sending you back towards another climax. You start to feel yourself cresting again, as his fingers press into your G-spot, his tongue feeling like heaven on your ass. “Fuck, FUCK, FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK……I’m cumming babe!!!!” You scream as it hits you, hard. Your knees collapse, but he’s there, holding you, gently lowering you to the floor.

You need a few minutes to catch your breath, as the hot water cascades over you both. Finally, you open your blue eyes, staring into his brown ones. You smile. He smiles back. Then he asks, “so, are you hungry?” Your smile widens.

“I think I’m ready for the next course…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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