Amy Caught in the Middle Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Amy found herself looking forward to going to school everyday. Ever since that first time that she and her supervising teacher first had sex in his office. Amy discovered that Mr. Kay could teach her as much about pure physical pleasure and the art of sex as he could about teaching. For Mr. Kay, he was able to live out a fantasy and finally get some sexual satisfaction for himself.

Amy had always thought that younger men were the best lovers. Mr. Kay helped her realize that older men could offer a lot more. Experience and control are very important traits when providing a woman with pleasure.

During a particularly hot afternoon Mr. Kay told Amy to sit on the desk and pull her knees up. As she did this, her short skirt inched up revealing her panties. He could see the dark spot where her juices had started to seep out of her smooth hairless pussy. Her sex could be smelled from across the room driving him wild. “Now, I want to watch you play with yourself.” He said. She leaned back and exposed a small tight pair of pink panties. They had little yellow flower clusters scattered around and there were tiny yellow and pink bows tied at each hip.

As Amy started sliding her finger up and down her slit the wet spot kept growing as her pussy began to prepare itself for whatever finger, or cock, was going to be placed there. She rubbed her pussy from the outside and slowly slid one finger inside the bursa escort legs of her panties touching her swollen clit. This caused her pussy to respond quickly. The electric sensations that shot through her were more than she could handle. She could feel her first orgasm of the day begin. She closed her eyes and started to ride the wave. Just as she was ready to float into the oblivion of orgasmic pleasure she heard Mr. Kay say, “Wait.”

That one word broke through her aroused state. Mr. Kay whispered again, “Wait.” Amy came out of her daze and her eyes locked with Mr. Kay’s. “Take your panties off and hand them to me,” He said.

She took her panties off as he asked and he proceeded to put them up to his nose. He inhaled deeply taking in all of her sexy, musky scent. This caused his already erect cock to grow even more. Amy peered down her legs and watched as Mr. Kay then took the panties and wrapped them around his throbbing cock. He began to slowly pump his hand up and down. During each down stroke the head of his cock would peek out through the panties.

Knowing that he was getting so much pleasure from her underwear made her juices flow even more. She slid her hand down her tummy and started to rub her finger up and down her wet slit. Her finger would slip inside a little more each time she stroked back up. She placed her thumb on her clit and inserted one finger, then a second, and finally bursa escort bayan a third finger inside her now soaked pussy. Amy kept an eye on Mr. Kay to make sure he was watching her. Their eyes locked and soon their strokes came in to sync. With each stroke Mr. Kay was getting closer and closer to shooting his wad into her panties. With each stroke Amy was getting wetter and wetter. She could feel the waves of her orgasm start to build again. Each stroke produced more and more sweet smelling pussy scent. The smell of Amy’s sex drove Mr. Kay over the top. “I’m cumming,” he breathed. “Wait” was all Amy could manage to get out before they both locked eyes and began pumping in rhythm. Faster and faster they both went but it did not take long for both of them to start moaning in orgasmic bliss.

Mr. Kay’s cock erupted, shooting cum up in the air. The first shot almost hit the ceiling and arced towards Amy. It landed on her stomach just as her orgasm overtook her and her legs began to tremble. Her ass muscles tightened up as she let out a cry as wave after wave of pure ecstasy came over her. Their orgasms lasted for what seemed like hours. Amy’s body couldn’t stop trembling as some of Mr. Kay’s cum landed on Amy’s panties that were still wrapped around his still rock hard cock.

Not wanting the afternoon to end, Amy climbed off of the desk and placed her legs on wither side of Mr. Kay. Her still dripping escort bursa pussy slid easily onto Mr. Kay’s cock. Her now soaked panties were still wrapped around his cock. She impaled herself onto his full nine inches. She would drop down on top of his cock until their pubic bones would hit. Then she would grind her clit into his cock. Each time she would rise up until his cock was just inside her tight hot pussy, only to drop down on him and grind her clit into him again and again. Amy’s pussy started to contract around Mr. Kay’s cock. She dropped one last time and tightened her love muscles around his shaft.

Amy’s pussy would contract around his cock, then relax, contract and relax, driving him wild. He reached around her and grabbed her butt cheeks, guiding her pussy to hit the most sensitive part of his throbbing cock. The combination of contraction and relaxing along with his hands on her ass cheeks guiding her pussy drove them both to another explosive orgasm. Mr. Kay pumped her pussy full of hot cum as she screamed in sheer ecstasy.

Amy’s panties were now completely soaked with the combination of their love juices. Mr. Kay took them off his cock and wiped up every last drop from his cock and from around her pussy. He then placed them in a plastic baggie and opened a drawer in his desk. He placed the panties there to be enjoyed at a later time.

Amy pulled down her skirt and smoothed out her blouse. She gave Mr. Kay a passionate kiss and left him in the office to contemplate their next encounter. Mr. Kay waited for Amy to leave and took the panties out of the desk drawer and slipped them into his pocket.

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