Andi Goes Again

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Andi lay in her bed trying to sleep. But thoughts of Carrie and her first lesbian experience kept overwhelming her. She was so surprised that she did it or perhaps better stated allowed it to happen. Sure, she had wondered and even fantasized about it in the past. To actually follow through and do it…that was another thing. Of course, Carrie’s persuasion techniques and a lot of champagne had something to do with things progressing like they did.

It was an amazing experience. Multiple orgasms from Carrie’s fingers and talented tongue. So soft and delicate. Carrie’s pussy was quite tasty as well. Dang, she had actually eaten pussy and enjoyed it. It was always a question in her mind, could she get herself to do it? I mean to lick another girls pussy! Was she really a lesbian? Oh my god she thought. What would my parents and friends say? It was embarrassing and she would never do it again. Never, never, never she thought as she drifted finally to sleep.

The alarm rang at 630AM, time to get up and off to work. Andi spent the entire day struggling to concentrate on her work. Spreadsheets and financial analysis took a lot of focus…she didn’t really have it today. What was wrong with her? Her mind kept drifting back to her touching and tasting another woman. She even caught herself staring at her coworker Kathy and wondering if she enjoyed other women. Kathy was cute and wore short dresses showing off her long legs nicely. She was very small breasted and typically did not wear a bra. At times her nipples poked through her blouse much to Kathy’s delight. She seemed to enjoy having people ogle her small breasts. Oh damn, focus Andi thought…back to work!

Just before the day was over Andi got a text on her phone. It was from Carrie! “Andi, I hope you enjoyed our day together. I have to tell you it was amazing. Would you be interested in coming over to my house for some wine and a chat? I have some more ideas on wardrobe for you. Please let me know if you can make it tomorrow around 5PM. Carrie.”

Oh my god Andi thought. She just got invited to Carrie’s house and she assumed it was for another round of sex. Her heart was beating out of her chest as she reread the text two more times to make sure she didn’t miss anything. Could this be a simple friendly request? She did enjoy chatting with Carrie and was sure she would have a nice time. But it had to be about sex. Why else would Carrie reach out to her.

Andi had told herself there would be no more lesbian affairs. It would be too much for her family and friends to take if they found out. No, she wouldn’t go. But how to respond to Carrie’s text? She would have to think some more about that before responding.

That night Andi decided a day of obsessing over her response was enough. She would just say she was busy and get out of going to Carrie’s. “I am so sorry Carrie, but I have another engagement and will not be able to make it. Thank you very much for the invite” she wrote on her text response. There, that should take care of things Andi said to herself. It was a light dinner and Netflix night in store for her.

The next day was uneventful other than a lot of work on her desk to address. Around 4PM she got another text. She glanced over from her computer to see it was from Carrie. Initially she ignored it but she grabbed her phone to see what Carrie said. “I understand, how about we try Friday or Saturday night? If that doesn’t work, then Monday or Tuesday next week is also free. Look forward to seeing you. Carrie”.

UGH, now what was she going to do. Andi didn’t want to ignore Carrie completely nor look snobbish in saying no to her request. Besides, how could she make a logical argument that she was busy all those days. Maybe she should just say yes. It would be a short evening of fashion discussions and it might do her some good after all. Oh god, what to do! Andi pushed off the decision and got back to her work.

That evening she sat down after dinner with a glass of wine and her phone. What to say. Her schedule was free Saturday night (and Monday and Tuesday for that matter). Maybe Saturday night. She found her hands shaking a bit when she began texting back to Carrie to confirm. Her mind drifted back to Carrie’s soft skin and tender touch and that tongue. Oh my god! Stop she told herself. This is just a social get together and she would make sure it was just that.

Andi was worked up for some reason. Her nipples were erect and she could feel moisture between her legs. What has gotten into me she thought. While she was preparing for bed, she hesitated to stroke her nipples eliciting a groan. It had been a number of days since her last orgasm, maybe she should play with the toys tonight. She reached into the drawer of her night stand and pulled out her favorite vibrator. Pinkie she called it. Pink in color, about 5 inches long and it was a rabbit style with a clit stimulator.

Andi laid on her back and spread her legs. She didn’t need lubricant tonight, she was drenched already. The vibrator istanbul travesti inserted into her pussy easily, sliding deep inside her. The feeling of fullness was fantastic. Andi reached down and turned on the vibration to the lowest setting. The sensation was immediate. Oh fuck it was so good. The vibrator went in and out fucking her pussy so nicely. Time to kick it up. She fully inserted the vibrator and positioned the rabbit ears over her clit. A gasp escaped her mouth. So good.

It wasn’t long before Andi wanted more. She reached down and turned the vibrator up to its highest setting. Her body reacted. Her hips almost involuntarily moved up and down as she received this vibrating phallus. Her clit begged for more and more. She felt a warmth beginning at her feet and moving upward in a wave. “Fuck me, fuck me.” Came out of her mouth. Her orgasm took over her body and mind, taking her to another place. Andi’s mouth opened to scream but nothing came out. After a minute her rapid breathing slowed. She pulled the vibrator out with it still buzzing at a high pitch. All Andi could do was lay still as she tried to recover from her climax. Damn that was good.

The next morning Andi gave Carrie’s invite another thought and decided to accept her invitation. It was probably just social anyway. She convinced herself it was just social. “Sure I can be over about 7PM on Saturday night. C U then.” She texted back. A smiley face emoji was Carrie’s response.

Andi didn’t give this much thought through the rest of the week. Work was busy! Too many things to address and too little time it seemed. She was exhausted by Friday night and needed some rest. Just not thinking about work was relaxing to her. A good night’s sleep followed by a leisurely Saturday morning was just what the doctor ordered. She was well rested and looked forward to getting together with Carrie. She wondered if she would get some more tips on lingerie or attire. Carrie was quite the fashionista and Andi’s dress was too far behind the times. This would be good for her. Yeah.

While she prepared for Saturday night, Andi found herself shaving her pussy in the shower. Why am I doing this she thought. She wasn’t planning on anyone seeing her naked, so stray hairs was not a real issue. For some reason she felt a need to be smooth down there. Besides, it always felt good to have a smooth pussy. The way her thong rubbed against her…amazing! Fresh from the shower, she picked out her favorite set of red lingerie (bought at Carrie’s store). She looked in the mirror and loved the view. She was hot! A short skirt and light blouse with high heeled boots finished up her attire. Lovely. Some makeup and hair work…she was ready and out the door. Andi felt very confident and ready for a fun evening of fashion.

Andi found herself at Carrie’s door with a sense of sudden excitement. This was the woman who had introduced her to lesbian sex. Yikes, Carrie was about to be right beside her again. The sexual tension started to build up in Andi. Other than her brief playing with Pinky, she had no sex in a week. She could feel her nipples tightening up and a warmth coming from her pussy. Stop it, she told herself. This is just social.

Carrie answered the door. She was wearing a short skirt with boots, same as Andi. Her top was very sheer, almost see through. As usual, she did not wear a bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the blouse. Andi caught herself staring as Carrie asked her “You like my top?”. “Yes its very nice. Very chic.” Andi responded. “I love the way it hugs my body and shows off my breasts. Don’t you?” Carrie said. Andi wasn’t sure how to answer it. She had enjoyed playing with Carrie’s perky tits last time they were together. But she couldn’t seem to put words together. Carrie broke the awkward silence by hugged Andi and gave her a kiss on the cheek before leading Andi into the living room. Soft jazz was playing in the background and candles were lit on the fireplace mantle illuminating the room. It was very relaxing, almost sensual Carrie thought.

“How about a glass of Chardonnay?” Carrie asked. “Sure” was Andi’s response. No booze all week, she was ready for some wine or whatever. Andi just about guzzled the first glass as it tasted soooo good. Plus Andi was a bit nervous and the wine seemed to calm her a bit. Another glass followed and another as she and Carrie caught up on fashion conversation. Carrie gave her suggestions on colors and styles of clothes to wear. It all made a lot of sense and Andi couldn’t wait to go shopping for new clothes to enhance her looks.

At some point Carrie brought the conversation around to lingerie. “Have you worn the lingerie you got at my store?” she asked. “I thought it looked lovely on you.” Andi was just a bit embarrassed but was able to respond. “I am wearing the red set right now. I love the way it hugs my body.” Carrie looked at her and smiled. “Great, because I brought a few new items we just received and I am sure they will also look istanbul travestileri great on you. Just your size. Let’s try them on you.”

Andi was a bit taken by Carrie’s suggestion. Carrie wanted me to try on some lingerie. It was beautiful and very revealing. Should she just say that she would try them later? She was about to say that when Carrie told her to stand up. Andi did that (she was still feeling a bit subservient to Carrie) without comment. What was going to happen?

Carrie began to unbutton Andi’s blouse. Oh my Andi thought. She wasn’t sure what to say or do. She was used to following Carrie’s direction. Her mind was a bit dulled by the 3 glasses of wine. In the time it took for her to think, Carrie had her blouse off and was pulling down her skirt. “Turn around” Carrie ordered. Andi again followed orders and turned, feeling Carrie grab her bra straps and removed it. Then hands moved down her back to pull her panties to the ground. Andi was nude in the middle of the living room. She instinctively covered her breasts and her pussy from view as Carrie moved around to the front side.

“Oh dear, we are well past this” Carrie said. She pulled Andi’s arms down to her side and bathed in the wonder of this young body. Carrie noticed that Andi’s nipples were quite erect. Damn this girl is always turned on it seems! Andi was somewhat embarrassed by Carrie’s stares. She noticed Carrie licking her lips while looking intently at her huge breasts. Andi could feel a warmth in her pussy.

Carrie pulled a purple lacy thong up Andi’s long legs. Starring at Andi’s luscious pussy she adjusted the thong to fit properly. Then she grabbed the matching bra and mounted Andi’s large breasts into the cups, attaching it in the front. A few wiggles of the tits and things were in place.

“There we go. They look fantastic on you. Just as I predicted.” Said Carrie. “Turn around and look in the mirror above the sofa.” Andi followed orders again. Yes, she did look great in this lingerie set. Andi noticed that the bra was quite thin and her nipples poked out clearly. It made her feel very sexy. Carrie handed her another glass of wine and they drank up.

Andi was feeling great. She was a bit drunk and was looking fantastic in the lingerie. She was proud of her body. Carrie was noticing this all. “Lets sit on the sofa dear” she said. They both sat and Carrie moved closer so their thighs touched. Andi looked over and for the first time noticed that Carrie was naked except for her thong. When did she take off her clothes? It seemed ok given both of them were in the same state of nakedness.

Carrie commented on Andi’s beauty. “You look like a model in this outfit. I bet all the boys and girls would love to see you right now.” Her hand stroked Andi’s shoulder and worked its way to her face. Turning Andi toward her, Carrie leaned in and kissed her lips. Both smiled. Then a more involved kiss with a little tongue added in. Andi felt soooo good that she forgot exactly why she was there and her commitment to herself before she arrived. That tongue! It was so silky and wet. It explored her lips and just inside her mouth, drawing in her own tongue. Andi’s head fell back against the sofa as Carrie’s tongue continued its assault. Andi didn’t even feel her bra being unclasped by a talented hand. Her huge breasts were exposed. Her nipples poking out proudly.

Carrie had wondered if Andi was concerned about their first meeting and wanted to make sure she took things slow to make sure Andi didn’t rebel. She was going to eat her pussy (and do other things to her) tonight.

Carrie slowly began to stroke Andi’s tits. She got a quick moan out of Andi – a good sign. Too much to fit into one hand and way too much to fit into her mouth. Magnificent fleshy orbs that were still firm and very responsive. Would Andi have another orgasm just from breast play? Let’s find out thought Carrie.

She stopped kissing Andi and moved her mouth down to the tits. A quick peek upwards and she could see Andi’s head still laying against the sofa top with her eyes closed. Her tongue traced a path upwards on her tit coming to the nipple. She licked it – more moans from Andi and then began softly sucking the nipple. Carrie could feel the nipple getting harder the more she sucked. Andi’s moans were louder and coming faster. Carrie reached over and tweeked the other nipple receiving a gasp in response. Now to take her over the edge….Carrie bit the nipple lightly. “Oh god, oh god!” came out of Andi’s mouth. Carrie pulled the other nipple out with her fingers, extending it to twice its normal size. Andi was getting frantic, moving her body around and moaning. Some incoherent words came out. Carrie bit into the nipple harder and pulled back with her teeth to extend the nipple outwards. That was it. Andi exploded with an orgasm, her body shaking as she screamed “Fuck” over and over again.

That was fun Carrie thought. This girl is so easy to get going and outstanding to watch orgasming. She travesti istanbul backed away and let Andi recover from her climax. Slowly her breathing slowed and she opened her eyes. “Did you enjoy that?” Carrie asked. Andi’s response was a simple head nod. Yes. “Well you are going to love the rest of the evening my dear” Carrie added. “Let’s have some more wine.”

As she sipped her wine, Andi watched Carrie take off her thong and sit back on the sofa. She reached down and began to rub her pussy – slow little circles. Andi looked away, perhaps a little embarrassed. “Watch me” Carrie told her. So Andi looked back to follow the Carrie’s display.

Carrie stopped her circles and pushed two fingers into her pussy with a moan. “I’m nice and wet darling. My pussy is ready for your tongue. Come over here and start licking me.” Carrie directed. Andi did as told and got down on the floor as Carrie spread her legs wide open. She reached out to grab Andi’s head and direct it to her pussy. Andi’s tongue came out instinctively and began lapping at Carrie’s pussy. “Oh yeah, that’s a good girl. Keep going.” Carrie said. From her moans it was clear she was enjoying it. “Put two fingers inside my pussy.” Carrie added. In went the two fingers, finding a warm silky and wet cavern. Andi was proud of the fact she could please Carrie. Her licking continued and her fingers drove in/out to a rhythm. Carrie’s hips moved to match the rhythm.

It didn’t take long for Carrie to reach her climax. She was so turned on by this young lady! “Oh my, I’m going to cum. Keep going, keep licking me. Oh fuck” Carrie yelled out. A tingling of her feet and a warm wave moving up her body to her head. She almost passed out as her orgasm consumed her body and mind. Carrie laid back on the bed regaining herself. Her breathing returned to normal and a smile came to her face. “You were outstanding my dear” she said. “You can eat my pussy anytime!”.

Andi was watching Carrie come down from her orgasm and was in awe of this older lady. While her orgasms were very strong, she didn’t think they were in the class of Carrie’s. What would it take to have such a huge orgasm she thought. Perhaps she was somewhat proud of the fact she could give Carrie such a nice orgasm.

“Let’s have some weed” Carrie suggested. “Have you smoked before?”.

Andi answered “Yes I have” and reached for her clothes. “No, let’s just leave the clothes where they are honey. It’s warm in here.” Carrie stated. Andi wasn’t completely sure, but followed Carrie’s direction as always.

Carrie got up and walked over to the cabinet, opening the top drawer and pulling out a baggie and a bong. She sat back down next to Andi and began to load the bong. She fired it up, took a big hit and reached over to blow the smoke into Andi’s mouth. It was kind of a kiss/transfer. Andi sucked in the smoke before blowing it back out. “Isn’t this fun?” Carrie asked.

“Sure” Andi responded. Another hit and another kiss/transfer that lasted longer. “Hold it in honey” Carrie directed. Andi held her breath for a minute or so before blowing out. She was already a bit light headed and the weed was really knocking her for a loop. She leaned back on the sofa resting her head and closing her eyes. She could feel Carrie’s lips on hers, blowing in another hit from the bong. “You look like you are really liking this” Carrie said. “It’s so good” was Andi’s response.

Andi lay on the sofa, kind of a mindless state overcame her. Clearly the weed was good stuff. She heard a noise, not sure what it was. Then she heard Carrie talking, like there was someone else in the room.

Carrie had invited over another lady friend – Jackie. Jackie was a fitness instructor with a hard rock body. She was a lesbian and a frequent partner for Carrie. Jackie had small tits, a thin waistline and a gorgeous face. Her butchy haircut identified her as a lesbian and she was proud of that.

Carrie opened the door and welcomed Jackie inside. Jackie looked at her nakedness and the nude girl on the sofa…”Looks like you got started without me.” She said. Carrie laughed and said it was like showing candy to a child, you just have to have it. They both laughed. They embraced and kissed each other on the lips. “Ooh, you taste like pussy.” Jackie said. Carrie smiled and said “yes, and it was outstanding!”. Looking at Andi, Jackie said “I can’t wait”.

Normally Andi would be completely embarrassed to be naked in front of another woman, and certainly in front of one that she had never met. However, the fog of the wine + weed made her feel so comfortable that she just didn’t care. Jackie walked over to Andi and looked her up and down. “You have lovely tits young lady” she said. “I have something in mind for you and you will love it I am sure”. Leaning down she kissed Andi’s lips lightly. She couldn’t help herself and stroked Andi’s tits while doing so. “Oh my, you are lovely” she added.

Jackie walked away from Andi and began to take off her clothes. She had a very lean figure. Her abs were rock hard from all her workouts. Her tits were very small but perky. When she took off her panties, Andi could see that her pussy was clean shaven. Jackie reached down with her hand and slowly stroked her pussy with little moans coming from her mouth. “Damn I am so wet already” she said.

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