ASMR and Something Else Pt. 01

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I can hear the sky grumbling with muffled sounds of thunder. Even as I travel on a motorcycle in the middle of the road into rural remoteness, I do not panic. I actually am excited about the dark clouds starting to form above me.

“You are one kilometer away from your destination,” says the GPS device in front of me. It makes me more excited.

I finally reach my destination. It is a gated rainforest resort.

I alight from my motorcycle and press on the button near the large gate. From the speaker, I hear a deep male voice. “Hello! Who is it?”

“This is Miller, I have a week long reservation at this resort,” I respond.

“Oh yes. I have been expecting you. Please hold on, I’m coming.”

I wait for five minutes. I hear footsteps coming closer. The pedestrian opening for the gate opens. A man peeps out, “Hi Miller. Do you have a car?”

“I have a motorcycle.”

“Alright let me just open the gate so you can come in.”

He then pulls the gate until it’s half open.

I climb back on my motorcycle and drive in. He leads me to a small parking area. I go there, position my motorcycle, secure it and turn it off. I remove my helmet. Aside from my large backpack which is already hanging on my shoulders, I take out another bag from the compartment and walk to the man, who I assume is the concierge of the place.

He looks at me with concern, “where’s my cousin?”

I scratch my head, “oh. Gia. Uhm… My girlfriend said she couldn’t leave work this week. She suddenly got assigned on a high stakes project. I really wanted her to come here and maybe work on it remotely, but she said she needs to be at the office. I didn’t want to waste this reservation we made, so I came by myself.”

“Aw. That’s too bad,” he mutters. Then he extends his arm, “by the way, I’m Carlson.”

I shake his hand, “Miller.” I smile while I look at him more intently. Carlson appears like he’s in his late twenties. He has jet black hair, deep set eyes, fair skin and a nice set of teeth. Basing on the white dri-fit shirt he was wearing, it seems like he has an athletic built.

He then instructs me to walk to the small house that serves as the concierge of the private resort. I marvel at the environment around me. The place is well landscaped. The surroundings is filled with lush and healthy greens. I can smell that distinct fragrance that the fertile grounds make when made wet by the rain. There were around ten huts that can be found in the property. There are other caretakers working in the resort. Directly ahead is the beach.

We enter the house and he brings me to the front desk. He instructs me about the services and features of my stay. He also gives me a small map of the place, and the keys to my hut.

“Do you have any questions?” he asks me after the orientation.

I shake my head, “none. You have a real nice voice. You ever tried working as a voice over artist? I know youtubers who need that kind of service.”

He shrugs, “I don’t know. Working as the main manager for this resort is already heavy for me, except for this period of the year where we have lesser than normal guests.”

Then he leads me to my hut. While the exterior of the abode looks very rural and provincial, the interior of the hut compares to a high class hotel. There is a nicely landscape pond near my hut. A few meters away is a half-lap sized pool.

He helps me settle in my unit. Afterwards, he bids me with, “I also wrote my mobile number on the map, bro. So, if you need me for anything, just call me.”

“Alright, thanks!”

Carlson then leaves my hut.

I take some pictures of my unit, then I throw myself on the queen-sized bed. I instantly feel relaxed after the long motorcycle ride. “Ahhh… I’m going to enjoy it here. I deserve this rest.”

I contemplate whether I should call Gia and tell her I’m already here. But we got into a fight before I left. She wanted me to not push through with this vacation on my own. I insisted, and reasoned that this trip had been planned six months ago. I already made arrangements at work for this. So, it’s not my fault that she can’t escape her own work to be with me.

Anyways, this might me good for the two of us– some time apart. We have been a couple for a decade already– we have been dating since college. She is the only girl I have been with in my life. And soon, we’ll be settling down and getting married. So, maybe moments of lonely would be something that we can have while waiting for us to tie the knot.

I hear the rain grow louder and heavier. I get up and remember another reason why I wanted to push this vacation despite the rainy season.

I rush to my bag and get my camera and other paraphernalia. I go out into the hut’s yard and set-up my camera to face the nice, clean pond. I start recording. After I am sure that the shot and the camera is already stable, I return to my room.

“Ohhh yeaaahhh… This video is gonna get views,” I whisper to myself as I lay on top of the bed once more.

Aside from my regular job as a creative in an advertising company, I am also a youtuber. I specialize in white istanbul travesti noise ASMR videos. I cater to viewers who use looping nature sounds for them to have ambient sounds while studying, working, relaxing or sleeping. It’s a simple, wholesome concept for youtube content that can generate a good enough amount of income for me to save for my future house, projects or for my wedding with Gia.

The sound of the rain also calms me. I fall asleep, leaving my camera on as it records the rain.


Knocks on the door wake me up. When I open my eyes, I notice that my surroundings are already darker. It’s already nighttime. There is still soft rain outside.

I get out of bed and walk to the door. I open it and see Carlson standing with a tray of food.

“Good evening, seems like you had a nice sleep,” he greets me with a smile.

I scratch my head, “yeah. The drive getting here was long and rough. And the place is just so comfortable.”

He hands me the tray, “well, here’s your complementary dinner and champagne. On the house.”

“Wow, thanks so much!”

“So what amenities have you used so far?” he checks.

I shake my head, “oh, I slept immediately after I set up my camera to record a scenery for my ASMR youtube video.”

Carlson’s forehead crumpled, “camera? What camera?”

I pointed the camera that is still standing and facing the pond in my hut’s yard, “there. I put that there after you left me earlier.”

“And it has been rolling the whole time you were sleeping?” he asks.

“Yeah. You have a real nice landscape. It would really be great for my ASMR account,” I compliment.

“Oh… uhm. Okay. Well, I’m glad you like it…” he muttered, “anyways, I’m heading back to the concierge hut. Enjoy your dinner and the rest of your evening.”

After he left, I got the camera and turned it off. I took it inside with me. I ate the delicious dinner and drank the champagne. I will make most of my rest tonight so I will be fully charged to go around the amenities of the resort starting tomorrow.

After I finish my meal and my drink, I get my laptop, transfer my camera video files to it, connect my headphones and start watching the video I recently recorded.

“Wowww… The scenery is really beautiful,” I tell myself, “and the sound that the rain makes when it falls on the water, leaves, stones and soil are so pure and relaxing.”

The total length of the video is six hours. That was how long I was sleeping.

My plan is to extend the video to 10 hours, which is my usual length in my youtube uploads, to mimic the common sleep duration of the people watching my videos. So, I will loop the best parts of the video. And then maybe I shall include a feeble piano or synth pad music to compliment the sound of the rain.

I’m so excited. The weather forecast says to expect rains for the whole day. I shall take videos in all the nicest places in the resort. I can already imagine the google adsense revenue coming in for me!

I start scrubbing through the video to check for video-bombers– people or animals that may block the scenery and cause nuisance on the film. My plan is to cut them out and loop the remaining parts. So far, all I see are some birds– which I do not plan to take out because it adds to the drama of the scene. Sometimes, workers would pass by around the pond. I will take these out.

As the sun was setting, I notice that there is someone who remained within the frame for around fifteen minutes. I scrub the video to that part to watch who it was.

It was Carlson. He was standing under the rain, by the pond. He was naked, except for white bikini briefs. He seemed to be happily bathing under the clouds.

“Wow, he really has a nice body,” I tell myself. He has wide shoulders, massive arms, square-shaped pecs, washboard six pac abs and tree-trunk thighs. His ripped physique is covered in smooth fair, flawless skin that glistens under the yellow sun as beads of rain cover his body.

He would do cartwheels, head stands, sommersaults and crazy stretching poses. He seems like a very flexible gymnast. It looks like this was how he remained fit.

I notice him fondling the front pouch of his briefs a lot, which was already tenting. I can tell that Carlson has a huge dick, and even if he is standing a few meters away of the camera which he seemed to not notice, I can make out the shape of its head, even the veins on its shaft. Why in the world would he be wearing such a skimpy thing that’s almost see through when wet in the middle of his resort?

Carlson started acting strange. He raised his arms and started kissing his own biceps. The tent of his brief pouch was moving, as if the penis inside it was throbbing as he licked his muscles.

“Wow, what a fucking narcissist,” I comment. I have a nice body myself, I work out religiously. But his body is more conditioned.

Then he sat on a large stone. He pulled down the briefs to his knees.

“Did he just literally get naked in front of my hut?!”

Carlson started jacking off his tool istanbul travestileri under the rain. It was big. Around eight inches. Fat and veiny. From time to time, he would look at the direction of my hut, as if to check if I was rousing from my sleep.

He then brought his free hand to one of his nipples. He started pinching it while he continued to wildly masturbate. He would sometimes spit on his cock to make it more slippery.

I really can just pause it now, scrub the video until the time the unknowing show that he made within the frame is over and immediately cut it. I don’t really have to watch it all.

But I can’t stop watching. I have never seen someone so sexually aroused by his own body. I have never seen an actual exhibitionist– a male at that– except in porn. I feel stirring in my loins.

What Carlson did next surprises me more. He moves his head down. He flexed his hips and back extremely that his mouth already reached the tip of his cock.

Then Carlson placed his the head of his own dick into his mouth. He continued jacking off while his lips made sucking movements.

“What the fuuuck. He is sucking himself?!” I gasp in shock. I have read in sex articles before that this was possible. I have never seen this done in real life– except now!

I cannot see his eyes because his auto-fellatio makes him look down to his cock and thighs. But telling by how his muscles contracted the the way his body jerked, I can see that he likes what he was doing to himself. I can see that his lips were already midway his shaft. What a truly flexible man.

Then a few seconds after, his body starts shaking. His lower limbs straightened. It looks like he orgasmed.

His lips finally lets go of his cock. He straightens up. He wipes his mouth with his hands, and then laps up the remaining cum on it. He smiles, and his face looks satiated.

He pulls up his briefs back to his privates then runs away out of the frame.

I immediately close my laptop. I adjust my penis inside my briefs. I am confused by its hardness.

Not only did I get an ASMR vid, but also, an auto-fellatio porn.


The next day, I try to move my thoughts away from the R18 video bomb that I watched the night before by exploring the resort on my own. Seeing the wonderful natural and manmade wonders in that property catches me in awe. I take pictures of different plants and places.

While I move around, I receive my call. It’s Gia.

“Hello Babe,” I answer the call.

“Hey, I just called to check in on you,” she says emphatically.

“I am doing great. How about you? Are you okay are work? Are you stressed?”

“A little bit. There is so much to do.”

“It’s really great here. I wish that you were here to see this with me,” I tell her sweetly, “are you still mad at me?”

“I’m getting there,” she admits, “but yeah. My family really wants me to see that place, especially that my cousin Carlson in managing. How is he by the way?”

I pause and try to fight off his naked image in my mind, “he’s okay. He’s treating me nicely.” Then I hear strong winds on her background, “what’s happening there? Why is it so windy?”

“Oh, maybe it’s just the electric fan that’s in front of me,” she reasons, “anyway. You’re right. Maybe this alone time would be good for us. Make most of your time there. I’ll be going to work soon.”

“Okay. Take care.”

And the call ends.

I sigh. At least Gia and I are already in good terms.

I continue to take more photographs for another half hour, and then it rains.

“Oh. Maybe I should take a video of this too,” I decide. So, I run back to my hut and get my camera. I place it somewhere it can take a different angle from yesterday. I let it roll as it faces a nice, flowering tree.

I make my camera more seen. So that people will know I am filming. Hopefully, there will be no porn bombs that will be covered this time.

I leave the camera and take my breakfast at the dining hut. I am eating alone. Carlson was right. There are not much guests during this quarter.

In the middle of my eating, I hear a familiar, deep voice, “hey, Miller.”

I turn around and see Carlson, standing behind me.

I can’t help but feel awkward, after what I have witnessed in the video, “hey, what’s up?”

He sits next to me, “how’s the food?”

I nod, “it’s really nice. It’s a shame that I’m the only one who is the guest here.”

He then sat at the chair next to me, “so, how are you liking your morning so far?”

“I went around and took some pictures of nature. This place is really nice. It’s too bad I have it all to myself. I wish Gia could see this,” I reply, “I actually set up my camera outside my hut facing the tree because it’s raining again. I’m going to make as much ASMR videos as I can for this whole vacation.”

Carlson looks worried then clears his throat, “so… Uhm. By the way, how was the ah… the video you took yesterday?”

I debate within me whether I should tell him that his unknown attempt at solo-fetish porn got travesti istanbul a sizable percentage of the movie.

“Ahhh… It’s fine. Except for a few workers walking across the frame, the camera pretty much got a solid shot of the rain and the nice pond,” I lie.

He looks relieved. “Ah. That’s good to hear. And thank you for telling me when and where you’re taking these ASMR videos of yours.”

“Why?” I suspect.

“Oh… So, I can tell the workers not to get into your frame to spoil your video. And myself too of course.”

I nod, “right. Right. So… you must enjoy this place a lot as well?”

He smiles, “yes. Very much. When my family asked me to be the one to oversee this, I was really happy. I really love being in nature. I am not a very sociable person. So, being stuck here alone in this paradise, doing my thing, is a really nice life for me.”

“Wow, good for you.”

He stands from his chair, “well, I’ll let you be then. Enjoy the whole place. All the amenities. I’m just one call away if you need me. Except around 4pm. I’ll be spending my afternoon at the beach doing my yoga.” Then he leaves.

The image of him doing his own version of yoga creeps into my mind. For some reason, it makes my shorts tighter.


I spent the next few hours taking more pictures of the place. I also did some laps on the pool for exercise, then lifted weights in a small gym that was there also.

This afternoon, I decide to take my camera and go to the beach. I start taking pictures.

“Daamn, this is so nice. It’s like I own this place,” I tell myself, the start snapping some photos.

To my surprise, a body emerges from the water. It’s Carlson.

“Oh fuck, I totally forgot that he told me he was gonna be here.”

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I ran back and hid behind the tree.

I watch Carlson’s body walk onto the shore. He is wearing his flimsy white bikini briefs again. Carlson is handsome and fit–he can pass as a model. He then starts doing jumping jacks. And then multiple stretches.

My curiosity plants my feet in place. I want to see what happens.

I marvel at the stretches that he makes. He can bend backwards and leave little angle between his back and his thighs. Then he does a perfect split. His torso is perpendicular to his limbs.

Then he stands up, wets himself with the beach saltwater to remove the sand that clung to him. He pulls down his brief. Then he starts jacking off his long, hard dick. This guy seems like a total exhibitionist.

I continue staring. I am awed at his contorted, handsome face as he pleasures himself. His body muscles contracts and shakes with every beating of his cock. His thighs and calves flex. His flawless, wet skin glistens under the sun.

My own dick gets hard too, inside my swim shorts. Gia is the only girl I have been with. Our intimate moments were good, and we never really got to be with anyone else. So, I never really assessed if I was into men. Gia was enough, so I know I’m straight.

Until now. There is no denying that I am more attracted than repulsed at the sight of the man furiously beating his dick. I slide my hand down to the front of my shorts. I grab my own cock inside it and mildly play with it.

I am keen to know whether he will suck himself again

It has been minutes and he just keeps masturbating. Then he does something that shocked me.

His other hand went to his backside then he inserted one finger into his ass.


His pleasure-laden baritone voice moaning makes me shudder. I lose my grip on my camera. It falls on the ground. “OH SHIT!” I pick it up.

When I look back, Carlson is already frozen. He is looking my way with his hands still in his dick and ass.

“Oh shit!” I panic.

Then a grin crosses his face, “oh. Hi Miller. Wanna join me?”

I flinch. I stay silent and unmoved. We stare at each other.

He finally frees his hands and walks to me. His still hard and dripping penis jiggles as he takes steps towards me. He is smirking seductively.

“You wanna mess around, Miller? Are you bisexual?” he asks, using that sexy baritone voice again, “I won’t tell Gia, I promise.”

I swallow, “I-I don’t know if I’m gay– or bi– I don’t know.”

“Hmm…” then he paws on the front of my shorts, “hmmm… It looks like you’re interested to know if you are. Can I?”

I do not answer. I give him a very nervous nod.

Without breaking eye contact, he kneels down in front of me. He pulls down my shorts. He releases my seven-inch dick. It’s hard and engorged.

He then moves his eyes to my penis, “wowww… What a lucky girl my cousin is. You like getting sucked?”

I shake my head, “uhh… We just keep things simple. Traditional.”

“Aww… Too bad… But there’s no reason for you not to start loving blowjobs.”

Carlson’s lips part and take in my cock.

I drop my camera again because of the wave of pleasure that enveloped me when he started sucking me. Man, I can’t believe how hot it feels. I feel like my dick is being vacuumed in a moist space. I shudder every time he flickers his tongue above my piss lit and around my shaft. His lips are already touching the base– he is able to take all of my length and girth into my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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