Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 04

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You should read the first three chapters to find out how we got here.


I slowly drifted into awareness following a deep and pleasurable sleep. My face was being gently slapped by a warm cushiony pillow. I blinked fully awake and realised that I was being pummelled by a pair of giant tits. Those tits leaned back a little and I saw the highly amused face of my landlady Maude.

“Finally awake, young Derek,” she smiled, “I’ve no wonder you were dead to the world after what you did to poor Betty, and to me, last night, you darling spunk bucket you.”

Last night had been debauched to say the least. After a good day’s work in the canning factory, I had joined Maude and her friend Betty at the pub. Shortly thereafter I had joined Betty, then Maude, then Betty again. Then I had Maude lie on top of Betty and fucked both their steaming gashes while mauling Maude’s majestic breasts. I’d pulled out and hosed both their pulsating pussies with some still impressive streamers of spunk. I’d then collapsed and fell into the aforementioned deep sleep.

Meanwhile, Maude sat on my stomach and kept pummelling my bearded face until I grabbed one two handed and latched onto it with my hot mouth. Her big dark nipple erected and so did the other when I switched to it. I felt a little gush of woman juice on my stomach and my semi-erect cock lurched to fullness. Thinking I’d manoeuvre her cunny back onto my morning erection, I was surprised find it grabbed and a hot sucking mouth placed over it. After a couple of swirling sucks, a hot tongue laved me from my testicles right up the cum vein to the sensitive tip then recommenced sucking while a hand gently caressed my balls. I stopped sucking on Maude’s breast and looked questioningly up at her.

“Betty wanted to stay over for breakfast, and I’m sure you’ll oblige.”

I could only nod and gasped as I felt my dick become surrounded by warm sweaty breast flesh. Maude shuffled up my torso and presented her damp hairy grotto for some tongue action. This allowed Betty to stuff me closer into her cleavage and to apply a magnificent suction to my inflamed cock. The combination of my hands mauling Maude’s swinging breasts, my taste buds rioting at the fragrant juices streaming from her lewd cunt, plus the exquisite suction did for me; I came, fountaining a large teaspoon of man gravy into Betty’s swallowing throat. Phew! What a way to wake up.

I wandered down the hill towards the canning factory feeling pleasantly satiated after a morning romp and eggs and bacon. Betty and Maude had left well before me and were at their place in the filleting line as I strolled in. Immediately I was the recipient of cat calls and whistles and I knew it wasn’t only because of my natty attire that set off my ski slope tan and dark good looks. Sure enough, through the noise of the machinery I heard comments like ‘Jeez, Maude, when’s it my turn’, and ‘No wonder Betty’s walking bow legged this morning’, and ‘Gawd what a stud’, and so on. I flashed them a wide smile, sketched a wave and bounded up the stairs to the office.

Rae, the young woman with the wrestler’s body and the modern knowledgeable brain was beavering away at a keyboard with a pile of files beside her. She glanced up as I entered and we exchanged ‘morning’s as I moved into my office. I had barely logged in when a mug of hot steaming coffee was plonked on my bahçeşehir escort desk. I looked up at Rae who was standing in front of the desk, her arms crossed under her impressive bouncers.

“You should be more careful who you fuck, Derek,” she opined. “Bloody Betty has been yarping on about her night sex with you and that old tart Maude. Made ’em all bloody envious, I can tell you. You’d better take charge or you’ll have a stream of cock hungry cunts making excuses to see you to invite you to dinner, or something.”

She was right. Minutes after she’d strolled back to her desk there was a knock on the door and there stood Olive Martin. Olive had a very curvy figure packed into her apron and a lascivious smile on her ruddy dial. “I know you’re staying with Maude Biggs but I’d like you have dinner with some night. I’m renowned for my jam roly poly,” she said rolling her eyes like a teenager.

I ushered Oliver out of the office and she stole a surreptitious grope of my manhood, the bitch. I promised her I would definitely think about it and then directed Rae to keep any more visitors out of the office.

About mid morning, I was in the middle of some serious analysis of catch versus price when the door opened. Another steaming cup landed on my desk. “Bill Morrison’s here to see you and I told him you would. He’s one of the senior boat captains.” She turned and left to be replaced by a largish, gnarled, white hair old salt also clutching a steaming cup in his sunburnt paw.

“You’ll be young Derek who took over from Jim the Manager. Do ya know what ya doing, sonny?”

From this unpromising start I gave Bill my background especially the work and educational experiences while he stared at me grimly. I could see that he was coming to realise that I was no dunderhead and he visibly relaxed his attitude by the time he’d finished his coffee.

“Well, young Derek, I can see ya know a bit about business and my niece Rae seems to think you’ve got a head on ya shoulders. Try this on for size. Me and the other skippers have been pissed off for years slaving our guts out while your father-in-law, fuckin’ Benjamin fuckin’ Goodhew got the cream of our work. You’ll find out soon enough that we’ve just been dropping off enough catch for the factory to operate while we’ve been selling the cream of our catch at the fish markets down the coast. Waddaya goin’ ta do about it?”

I told him that I’d already come to that conclusion and that the factory had been running at a loss for at least the last three years. I told him of a plan that I’d figured out and he broke into a wide gap toothed grin.

“Good onya, young Derek, you’ll do. By the way, I hear you’re keeping old Maudie Biggs happy in the sack. Me and a few of the others have had to throw the odd fuck her way over the years since her old man died. There’s a few more that we’ve had to service as well. We’re all getting to old for that now so we’re all glad there’s some young stud to take over. And best of luck, young Derek, they’re a randy lot.” He got up to leave. “By the way, young Derek, keep ya hands off my niece or she’ll break ya fuckin’ neck!” He guffawed his way out of the office and slammed the outer door.

Rae appeared at the door in what seemed to be her favourite pose – tree trunk-like legs akimbo, big brawny arms crossed under her impressive breasts istanbul escort to push them up and out even if hidden by a loose black sweater. “Uncle Bill seemed happy. You wouldn’t want to upset him or you’ll find you’ll be turned into crayfish bait.” She turned and walked away, her massive haunches roiling and rolling within the confines of her longish skirt. She had shapely if sturdy calves and quite dainty ankles. I shook my head and went back to work.

At lunch time, the machinery ground to a halt and Rae appeared at the door. “You know, they all go home for lunch but you don’t. You come with me cos me mam wants to give you some of her crab sandwiches and they’re the best in town. She wants to thank you for taking me on. Come on.” She was not the sort of girl one argued with.

Two houses up on the left was where Rae and her mam lived. No wonder she’d appeared so quickly the day before. She practically lived on the doorstep of the factory. I recognized her mam as the woman who’d been in conversation with Maude the previous day. She too was built like a brick shithouse and I could see where Rae got her plain looks from. However her grimness was alleviated considerably by twinkling brown eyes and a truly humongous set of tits. “Please sit, young Derek,” she said. “These sandwiches are fresh made from this morning’s catch.” I did and they were mouth wateringly good.

Rae tucked in was finished faster than I. “I’ve got to run back cos I want to see the end of that program I was running.” She shot through slamming the door on her way out.

“Rae didn’t introduce us, did she?” I shook my head. “I’m Sheila and I’m ever so grateful to you for taking her on. I’m ever so proud of her but I’m afraid she inherited my looks and her father’s attitude. He was a mean bastard but built like a jockey.”

I couldn’t help it, I grinned at the image of some small man mounted on the amazon who sat opposite me, the wide shelf of her bosom resting on her forearms as she sipped her tea. I cut off a laugh at an image of her riding him.

Sheila frowned. “What’s got you going, young Derek?”

“I’m very sorry I’m abusing your hospitality after these lovely crab sandwiches. It’s just the thought of you being mounted by somebody a lot smaller than you, that’s all”

“It wasn’t funny at the time, I can tell you.” Her eyes were twinkling with the memory. “Every time I turned around, he’d have my skirts up and his cock out.” She laughed out loud. “He wasn’t very tall and he’d have to stand on that footstool over there to get it in, and, when it was in, I could hardly feel it. Still he got enough in there to start a baby. He’d hold onto my titties and rut away and I could literally wash the dishes while he got his end away.”

She rolled her head back laughing and I couldn’t help noticing the shuddering mounds under the top of her dress. Sheila swung her eyes back just in time to see where I was looking and the fact that I was licking my lips.

Suddenly, she stopped laughing and was eying me speculatively. “I dare say I’d know you were rove up me, young Derek, from what Betty was saying this morning.” I smiled modestly. She rose and came to stand beside me. I swiveled on the chair and almost had my nose in her huge chest. “I really don’t think that sandwiches will thank you enough for you employing Rae. From what I here, you escort bahçeşehir like a good size pair of tits and I think I qualify, don’t you?”

It was a rhetorical question. My eyes were popping as she undid buttons down the front of her dress to reveal a very long line of cleavage. More and more buttons came undone until – with a pause for effect – she flung it wide open. My mouth fell open and I dribbled. There in front of me hung two well filled but elongated marbled white breasts that rested on her bulging tummy. They were crisscrossed with blue veins and were capped by two downward pointing nipples the size of my thumb. Her broad hips were encased in a surprisingly modern pair of panties even if they were of a size where I could fit into one leg. I’m sure she had legs but I was mesmerised by the huge breasts in front of me, each bigger than a rugby union football. I gathered one enormous orb up and feasted on the thick nipple and it actually grew in my mouth. I swapped to the other and gave it equal time while my rampant cock was running out of room inside my pants.

“We have to be getting back, young Derek, so we don’t have much time. Let’s have a quick shag this time and we’ll play tittyfucking and other games another day. Come on lad, let’s have a table ender.” So saying, she used one brawny arm to sweep the plates to one end of the table, while wrenching her panties down her massive thighs. With surprising dexterity she sat her broad arse on the end of the tab and spread her legs to reveal her extremely hairy pudenda. Her amazing breasts settled like blanc manges but she held them in place with her arms as she grasped the back of her thighs and lifted them up.

I was around there as fast as the trousers around my ankles could let me. One look at the drooling crevasse answered the reason why she hadn’t felt her husband’s penis when it had been up her. It was too enticing and I quickly ran the flat of my tongue from the bottom to the top rasping over the prominent clitoris and did it twice more before I felt her hand on the back of my neck pulling me upright.

“Don’t fuck around, young Derek, we’ve no time. Do me, do me now,” she mewled.

Grabbing my tumescent cock, I notched it within the dark wine nether lips and slid it home. She wasn’t tight but she was excitingly hot. I shafted all the way in and reached for her upright nipples. One hard pinch each and I felt her cuntal muscles grip then relax to send a spurt of her joy juice out over my balls to puddle on the end of the table and, as I discovered later, to pool in my jockeys. I grabbed her massive thighs and began fucking her with increasing speed watching as her milky blue veined breasts wobbled around on her like mad things. She was whimpering continuously and her cunt was weeping profusely.

“Cumming, you bloody awesome bitch,” I yelled and thrust to the very core of her and unloaded. “Take that, and that, and that,” I muttered as each burst of spunk felt like it was being fired from a gun.

Sheila sat up and pushed me back so that my cock came out and fired another round up and over her hairy belly. She scrambled down the table and grabbing my dick, pulled it into her mouth sucking like a starving puppy and causing me to almost buckle at the knees with the pain/pleasure of it. She gulped away until she had ambushed the last trickle and leaned back against the table wiping her mouth, her fist still wrapped around my wilting penis.

“That was some fuck, young Derek. We’ll do it again sometime but in more comfort and with time to play. Waddayasay?” What could I say, dear friends, she had my cock in her hands and my heart in my mouth.

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