Better than Coffee

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My eyes fluttered open as the first rays of light peeked through my window and touched my face. Sleepily I glanced down at the arm slung haphazardly around my naked waist and a tiny smile brushed my lips at the memory of what we did last night. I could still feel the traces of you in the soreness of my most intimate parts. I slowly turned my body to face you so I could gaze upon the results of my amazing good luck.

I lifted a hand and gently cradled your face, stroking an unshaven cheek with my thumb. You slowly opened your eyes to meet mine and a sleepy smile greeted me. You pulled me closer to you and kissed me full on the mouth with surprising vigor for a man who had just woken from the kind of sleep you only get when you’ve had a full night of good sex.

I deepened the kiss aggressively, snaked my hands around your back and lightly raked my fingernails down your skin. You moaned into my mouth and I felt a familiar stirring down by my thigh as your body responded to my kiss. Before then, I was feeling just a little frisky, but now I felt a deep, burning desire as my pussy grew warm, then hot. I could feel my wetness just from this hot kiss.

All of a sudden, all traces of morning grogginess were gone. Swiftly I straddled you, still kissing your mouth and traveling to your neck and up to your almanbahis ear. I nibbled your earlobe and tugged at it with my teeth. I could feel you squirming beneath me, your cock now rock hard and slick with precum. I leaned back a little and ran lazy circles over the head of your cock with a thumb, a slight smile hooking my lips as I watched your teeth bite your lips, surprisingly full for a man but oh so soft on my lips as well as other, more interesting parts.

To your elation I moved my hips up and hovered my pussy over your erect penis, my desire for you showing itself as a waterfall of juices. Slowly I eased my pussy onto your length, taking the full nine inches inch by inch until you were fully sheathed within my body. A breath caught in your throat as we gazed at each other, reveling in how velvety our skin felt together and anticipating how well our bodies moved as a unit.

I began slowly caressing your dick in and out of my tight pussy, feeling you fill parts of me I didn’t even know existed before I met you. Your hands roamed over my hips, gently guiding me and marveling in how silky smooth the skin of my waist is. I love watching you when I ride you, and this was just as good as the night before. A look a pure wonder and ecstasy crossed your handsome face as you writhed beneath almanbahis giriş me, enjoying the sensations I caused to course within your veins.

Watching you be so turned on made me even more so myself, and I picked up the tempo. I gasped as I collapsed onto your chest, quickly thrusting my curvy hips onto your dick as fast as I could. I could feel you at the back of my cervix, the pleasure pulsing through me as your body pushed me further and further to the side of animalistic pleasure.

How quickly our easy lovemaking turned to a raw fuck. As I fucked you as hard as I could and you held on for dear life, a switch flipped in you, much to my delight. You stopped me midthrust and slammed me back down on the bed, cutting a moan in half with a hot kiss, your tongue mingling with mine with an insistence I had never seen coming from you.

Roughly you pulled apart my legs and bit your way down to my core, your tongue coming to rest on my pulsing clit. So close was I to an orgasm that your long strokes on my clit quickly had my breath coming in short bursts and a fierce pleasure building from my center. It radiated out to every corner of my body and pushed any kind of sensible thought or action out of me. It was like I had become the orgasm; it had consumed me and replaced all knowledge almanbahis yeni giriş of Julia with only knowledge of Brandon and the amazing things that you could do to me.

I collapsed to the bed, breathing hard as my orgasm subsided. Never sated, you wrenched apart my knees and pushed my feet up to your shoulders, giving me access to my clit and your long dick access to my pussy. I feverishly rubbed my clit as you pounded relentlessly into me, using my body now for your pleasure alone. Quickly I felt another orgasm built and I gasped. You moaned as my pussy tightened around you as the second wave hit me hard.

“From the back. Then you can cum on my ass.”

You didn’t hesitate. I flipped onto my hands and knees and pointed my thick ass to you. Normally you would play with it a little and smack me around, but not today. You plunged into me so hard I yelped. I hung onto the bed for my life as you pounded me from behind, knowing that if I didn’t have handfuls of ass your sex would be too rough and hurt me. The thought of that turned me on further.

Finally I heard your moans come harder and faster, and your movements followed suit. You moaned my name and pulled out of me, your hot cum spraying all over my back and ass as you finished all over me, marking me as yours completely. I looked back at you impishly, a big smile on my face.

“I’m all dirty. I think I need a shower. Wanna come?”

Without hesitation you pulled me into your arms and kissed me passionately.

“You’re going to have the cleanest ass in the whole wide world.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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