Biker Encounters Ch. 02

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I was working as a motorcycle courier in and around London a few years ago, it was the beginning of June and bloody hot. Nice weather for riding a bike if it’s for pleasure but working on a bike in this weather was murder no chance to stop and refresh with your controller on your back constantly to pick up another package.

I had just made a drop at canary wharf (not as exciting as it sounds, couriers aren’t allowed in to the building and just drop their packages in the basement), and then had a drop in the city at a large private bank before finishing for the day and heading south of the river again.

My bike a Kawasaki GT550 wasn’t very happy in the heat and kept misfiring (air cooling in hot weather makes for an unhappy bike). I stopped for a short while in an underpass just to let myself and the bike cool a bit, taking a quick swig of water to ease my thirst. I checked the address of my final drop and headed off along the A13 into the city.

Eventually located my destination a small office block off the main routes parked up and locked the bike and called into the reception. The desk was empty I dropped my lid on the counter and rung the buzzer for attention, after a few minutes a young girl not more than 20 came out from a back office, pretty long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail wearing a short pinstripe skirt and white blouse with open toed sandals on her feet.

She almost scowled at me and said “Yes what do you want I’m supposed to be closing up!”

“Sorry,” I replied. I was quite used to this sort of reception, these girls always thought they were above us bike couriers, “got a package here for a Miss Henshaw, if you would just like to sign here I will be on my way.” I offered her my clipboard and pen and indicated where to sign,

“Oh she’s been waiting for that for hours, we were told it was on its way this morning.”

It wasn’t uncommon for us to pick up several packages when we were out of town before heading back in to save on petrol and boost our profits, but it did mean that some customers got upset about how long it took.

“You’ll have to take it up to her yourself, I’m the only one here now and I can’t leave the desk. It’s the fourth floor third door on the left.” She pointed to a set of lifts just off to the side of the reception desk.

I thought about replying and indicating it wasn’t my job but decided it would be quicker and easier to take it myself. I entered the lift and pressed the button for floor 4, the lift doors closed silently and it started to move. It was quite pleasant in the building, the air conditioning was on fairly high and was certainly making me feel a little more comfortable in my dusty old leathers.

The lift stopped and I walked out into the corridor, I quickly located the correct door and knocked. A female called out for me to enter, I opened the door and walked into the room, the room was large with a large window giving a good view of the city. In front of the window was a mahogany desk with a blonde woman sitting at it making some notes on some files.

I assumed this was the Miss Henshaw I was looking for; she was in her mid thirties, again very pretty, her blonde hair hanging freely over her shoulders. She was slim but obviously had a large chest, her breast straining against her creamy silk blouse.

She looked up and frowned “Who are you? It’s supposed to be employees only in the building.”

“Oh I see, well the girl on reception told me to come up I’ve got this package for you.” I held out the package starting to feel a little annoyed.

“She did, did she, was it that Chantelle? She’s so bloody lazy.” She clicked a switch on the intercom on her desk “Chantelle would you come up to my office please.”

There was a reply over the intercom but I couldn’t make it out. Miss Henshaw replied tersely “I don’t care that you are on your own, you should be shutting up now anyway so close up and make your way up here as soon as you can.” She shut the switch on the intercom and looked up at me again “Sorry about that Mr…?”

“Oh just call me Dominic, if you would just like to sign here and I will be on my way.” I handed her the package and the clipboard and pen indicating where to sign.

“Sorry, would just mind hanging on for a moment, I would like to speak to you and Chantelle together. Would you like a seat, a drink?” She indicated one of the large leather chairs opposite her desk.

At this point I realised my quick sip of water earlier was probably not a good idea and my bladder was indicating its need for release. “Actually if you wouldn’t mind I really could do with using the loo.”

She raised her well manicured eyebrows and indicated a door in the corner of the room. I quickly made my exit and headed into the door indicated, the room beyond was a large luxurious bathroom with toilet, bidet, a pair of sinks and a shower cubicle, whoever this Miss Henshaw was she was obviously doing very well for herself in the company.

Once I had relieved myself and started to wash my hands I heard raised almanbahis voices from the room next door. Not wanting to feel too much of an eavesdropper I placed my ear against the door so I could hear what was being said.

“….. letting a stranger walk around this building, I assume you have had the training about the security arrangements for the company.” This was Miss Henshaw speaking and she was obviously quite irate.

The other person replied I assumed this was Chantelle, the girl who I had met at reception, her voice was quieter and more difficult to make out “But on…. own,………….. a scum…….. courier. What………. to……… ing do?”

“I don’t care who he is, you do not speak like that about anyone who enters this building!” Miss Henshaw was nearly screaming by this point, “I have had words with you before about your attitude, I really feel this time we will have to let you go.”

I decided at this point that I should make my entrance before it got too heated. As I entered the room Chantelle turned to face me tears were just starting to run down her cheeks, she almost broke down into sobs realising I was still there. She turned back to her boss “I didn’t realise he was still here, this is so unfair.”

Miss Henshaw stood from her desk and made her way around to Chantelle handing her a tissue as she did so. I could now see her legs, they were long and well shaped clad in black nylon, she was wearing 3inch black stilettos and a short grey skirt that came only down to her mid thigh.

“Now Chantelle I feel that you owe Dominic here a full apology for your behaviour and then we may be able to reconsider your position.”

Chantelle turned to me, tears running down her pretty face. “I’m very sorry if my behaviour in any way offended you and I hope that you will be able to forgive me for such poor behaviour.”

I mumbled “That’s okay.” I now felt that the sooner I got out of here the better.

Miss Henshaw addressed me “Well do you think that was an acceptable apology should she keep her job?”

“Erm……. yeah it was fine, course she should keep the job.” Chantelle’s eyes were pleading with me, I didn’t care as long as I was able to go.

Miss Henshaw considered this for a moment “Well I’m not satisfied, this is not the first time you have disobeyed company policy. I want you to lean over the back of this chair and hitch up your skirt.” She indicated one of the large leather chairs in front of the desk.

I was gobsmacked, what the hell was happening? Chantelle’s body started to shake and she stammered “What do you mean? Why?”

“Chantelle, I will not tell you again. You are very well paid as a receptionist with good prospects for promotion, but in return for this we expect you to behave impeccably at all times. Now I won’t tell you again do as you are told or do not turn up for work tomorrow.” Miss Henshaw walked over to the chair and indicated what Chantelle should do.

With a look of horror on her face she moved slowly over to the chair and leant over the back, as she did so she hitched her skirt up so that it rose over her buttocks. The back of the chair was high so that her toes were only just touching the floor, her beautiful legs were stretched out, her tiny white thong panties stretched over her pussy mound and separated her arse cheeks with a tiny white line.

Miss Henshaw made her way behind Chantelle and examined the result “Very pretty, what do you think Dominic?” I was unable to reply fast enough, still not quite believing what was happening.

“I’ll take that to mean you approve, now Chantelle you will be punished, nothing too severe but if at any point you stop the punishment then you will immediately lose your position at the company.”

With this Miss Henshaw raised her hand and brought it down in three ring slaps on her left cheek in quick succession. Chantelle yelled in pain and whimpered but maintained her position.

“Now Dominic I would like you to administer the punishment as well.” She indicated I should join her.

“I’m really not sure that would be appropriate.” By now my cock was straining against my fly but I felt I should make it sound as if I wasn’t too keen.

“Nonsense she has been a bad girl and deserves the appropriate punishment.” She moved out of the way and I stood behind Chantelle admiring her arse her left cheek slightly inflamed by the punishment already received.

I raised my right hand and brought it down in three slaps on the right cheek, not as hard as Miss Henshaw’s but enough to make her yell and then whimper. Both cheeks were looking slightly red, her thong panties had been pulled even further into her crack and almost all of her pussy was now on view.

“Okay that was a good start but I think you haven’t yet learnt your lesson.” With this Miss Henshaw grabbed the sides of Chantelle’s panties and ripped them down her legs tearing one side in the process. Chantelle yelled again and then started to sob. Miss Henshaw slipped her hand up the inside of Chantelle’s thigh almanbahis yeni giriş and then slipped a finger between her pussy lips, gently she ran her middle finger back and forwards in the folds of her pussy.

“Hmmm, you are already fairly wet but I think I will work on that a little more. In the meantime you are to service our guest with your mouth and ensure he is ready to discipline you further.” With this Miss Henshaw lowered her face to Chantelle’s pussy and started to lick her tongue across her pussy, with a wave of her hand she indicated I should make my way around the chair to Chantelle’s head.

Chantelle raised her face to look at me, tears streaming down her cheeks ruining her pretty looks, for a moment I felt a little sorry for her but this really was too good a chance to miss. I unzipped my fly and released my already hard cock Chantelle opened her mouth and I slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. Gently at first I rocked my hips back and forward allowing my cock to slide in and out of her lips.

But this girl was obviously not innocent and I could tell she was able to take more. I pushed harder and felt my cock slide deeper into her mouth and touch the back of her throat. She reached a hand up and grabbed the base of my cock and started to pull me in deeper my cock slid into her throat. I felt her gag momentarily and then it was over and my cock was deep in her mouth almost fully, only an inch was left.

Suddenly Chantelle started to shudder, I had almost forgotten about Miss Henshaw and what she was doing to the girl’s pussy. Chantelle’s orgasm grew stronger and her shuddering more violent suddenly her mouth opened even wider and my cock slipped fully into her mouth.

Miss Henshaw rose from her crouch behind Chantelle and wiped her mouth. “Well I think she is now fully ready for you. If you would join me at the rear please Dominic.”

I removed my cock from Chantelle’s pretty but abused mouth and joined Miss Henshaw. Chantelle’s arse was raised in the air, her buttocks still slightly red from her punishment, her pussy open and dripping pussy juice and Miss Henshaw’s saliva, my cock twitched and I positioned myself at the entrance to her pussy.

Miss Henshaw grabbed my cock and pulled it to Chantelle’s entrance, she reached behind me with her other hand and pushed hard on my butt. Completely surprised my cock slid straight into Chantelle’s pussy slamming my balls against her thighs. Chantelle yelled and screamed as I entered her, Miss Henshaw held my butt and kept me with my cock buried in Chantelle.

“Now I want you to fuck her hard and I want her to yell with each thrust.” She let go of my butt and I pulled back slightly, steadied myself and slammed my cock back into her. I built up my pace slamming in and out of Chantelle’s tight but wet pussy, with each thrust Chantelle let out a small yelp as my cock buried itself deep in her.

Miss Henshaw left us and settled herself in an armchair facing us, she lifted her left leg and let this drape over the arm of the chair. Her short grey skirt rode up her legs revealing her stocking tops and black suspender belt. As she opened her legs further her naked shaved bare pussy became visible.

She moved her right hand down to her pussy and slipped a finger between her already glistening lips and started to masturbate her clit. Her left hand reached to her chest and undid her blouse revealing a lacy black bra only just restraining her breasts, she eased the left cup down revealing a large erect nipple which she started to pull and twist.

I kept up the pace fucking Chantelle’s pussy for all I was worth, her pussy was soaked in juice and I could feel her clamping her pussy down hard on me. Then all of a sudden she started to shudder for a second time, a low moan escaped from her lips.

“Oh God please don’t stop, harder fuck my pussy harder!”

With this encouragement I redoubled my efforts finding extra reserves of energy to slam my cock into her even harder. Chantelle started to shake uncontrollably and she screamed as a second powerful orgasm hit her. This was too much for me and as her pussy pumped my cock I let out a loud moan and released my load into her pussy.

My cock kept pumping until it was sated and I pulled out of her a last dribble squirting from cock over her arse. Her pussy was now soaked in a mixture of her own juices and my cum dribbled out and started to drip on the floor.

At this time I had forgotten about Miss Henshaw but now looked over to her vigorously fingering her own pussy and mauling her breasts. She looked at Chantelle and said “Now slut you will come here and lick my pussy until I cum.”

Chantelle managed to raise her head still slightly dazed and confused from her orgasm “b b b but I’ve never licked pussy before I’m not a lesbian.”

“I don’t care slut you will do as I say.” Miss Henshaw scowled and indicated with her hand that Chantelle should start immediately. Chantelle made her way reluctantly in front of Miss Henshaw and knelt almanbahis giriş down in front of her, lowering her face to her boss’s pussy.

Her arse raised in the air my cum still dripping from her pussy she started to lick her boss. Miss Henshaw made some appreciative noises “Hmmm that’s good slut but bring your tongue a little higher” Chantelle shifted position slightly “Ohh that’s it don’t stop until I cum.”

I sat in the chair opposite that Chantelle had been leaning over idly playing with my semi hard cock as I watched Miss Henshaw being serviced by Chantelle’s tongue.

Chantelle may have been a virgin as far as pleasuring another woman was concerned but she seemed to be doing a pretty good job on Miss Henshaw. Soon Miss Henshaw was moaning and writhing in her seat, obviously enjoying Chantelle’s attention.

I felt my cock twitch and start to harden admiring the view in front of me. Miss Henshaw had slipped down in her seat, her skirt had completely risen above her waist, her blouse fully open and both cups of her bra were pulled down, her ample breasts overflowing and standing out proudly from her chest.

There was a slight patina of sweat over her body, she was breathing deeply and her eyes were closed concentrating on the sensations being caused by Chantelle’s tongue.

Soon Miss Henshaw started to shake and convulse in the chair, Chantelle barely able to keep her mouth on Miss Henshaw’s pussy. Suddenly Miss Henshaw grabbed Chantelle’s head and pulled it tight to her pussy, she let out a quiet moan and shuddered as she orgasmed.

By this point my cock was hard again, I stroked the length of my cock as I watched Chantelle slump between Miss Henshaw’s legs. Miss Henshaw’s eyes closed her breathing shallow gentle tremors running over her body as she recovered from her orgasm.

I thought the fun was over but Miss Henshaw opened her eyes and looked down at Chantelle “Hmmm I think I am nearly satisfied with your punishment slut but I have one more task for you.” Chantelle just let out a quiet sigh.

Miss Henshaw continued “I see our guest’s cock is hard again you are to service him with your mouth and let him squirt his cum over your face.” Miss Henshaw stood up and started to straighten out her clothes and make herself look decent.

Chantelle crawled over to me all the fight had gone out of her and she was resigned to her role of slut. She raised herself on to her knees again and lowered her mouth to my cock, first just taking the head between her lips gently sucking and twirling her tongue around the tip.

She soon rose to the task and started to slide her mouth up and down my shaft, the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat at the same time using her tongue to massage the shaft.

It wasn’t long before I felt that my cock was getting ready to explode for a second time. I entwined my fingers in her hair pulling her down further on to my cock feeling her gag as my cock slipped into her throat.

I continued to fuck her mouth like this for a short while and then felt my cock start to twitch. I pulled out as the first shots of cum left the end of my cock initially landing straight in her mouth and then spraying over her face landing on her eyes, cheeks and nose.

With one final twitch my cock dribbled the last bit of cum out of its tip, as it dribbled out and prepared to drip off the end Chantelle unthinkingly stuck out her tongue licked it off and into her mouth.

I slumped back in the chair quite wasted from my exertions, Chantelle collapsed on the floor and just lay there. Miss Henshaw, now fully dressed and looking as calm and sophisticated as when I entered the room, approached Chantelle and putting a hand under one armpit helped her to her feet.

“Now Chantelle you are to get dressed and finish your tasks for this evening and then you can go home.” Chantelle looked relieved.

“But in the future at all times you are to be courteous to all visitors including couriers. You will from now on no longer wear panties whilst at work,” Chantelle gasped at this piece of news “and whenever Dominic is a visitor at this company you are to ensure that you see him privately and carry out whatever activities he asks you to do.”

Chantelle started to protest but Miss Henshaw continued “In return you will receive an immediate 10% pay rise and if I am happy with your behaviour you will be recommended for promotion to my personal team in 3 months time. You may now go.”

Miss Henshaw now turned to address me, fortunately I had managed to pull my leather jeans back on. “Dominic thank you for your assistance today, I will in future ask your company whenever possible to provide yourself as our courier and I expect superior service from you, you will receive an extra 50% on each journey. In addition you will receive your additional bonuses from Chantelle.”

I was happy with this as it could be a nice little earner with a bit of extra pleasure added in “Eh well thank you Miss Henshaw I’m glad I could be of service.”

I quickly gathered up my bits and left the office just after Chantelle had walked out the door. I caught up with her at the lift and we got in together. As the lift moved off I grabbed her arse and gave it a squeeze, she jumped slightly but looked at me and shyly smiled at me.

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