Bill and Jeans Adventures Ch. 06

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Bill and Stan Meet Jordi and Jackie entertains Johnny

This Chapter is a bit longer as we introduce two new characters to our story.

Hope you enjoy.

I had just finished my drink and was wondering how Jean’s trip was going; and, looking forward to Jackie coming over to spend the night. Marie had the fantastic idea of Jackie coming over to take care of my hard cock Jean had left me with, and keeping me entertained while Jean was out of town.

I started to make another mojito, when my phone rang. “This is Bill,” I said, answering the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Anderson, this is Jordi.”

“Oh, hi Jordi,” I replied, “what’s up?”

“I was wondering if I could bring over that research material we have been working on for your Arctic trip,” Jordi said.

“Wow, you have all that research work done? I asked.

“Si, umm…I mean, yes, Mr. Anderson; it is all done. I just wanted to check and make sure I was not bothering you and Mrs. Anderson.”

“It is no bother, Jordi, and Mrs. Anderson is out of town this weekend anyway.”

“Oh, I see,” Jordi replied, the energy coming out of his voice. He had seen a picture of Jean wearing a bikini that I keep on my desk and I think he has a crush on her.

“Yes, Jordi that would be fine, see you in a bit,” I said, hanging up the phone. Jordi was a student from Spain, with a slight accent and occasionally would drop ‘Si’, instead of a ‘yes’. He had been in Ames a few weeks and was starting to get the vibe of life in mid-America, he had a more worldly flair than the locals, and although 23 looked more like he was 19.

His main focus was on his acting classes and he had referenced doing a bit of acting in Europe before coming to the States. He would not have landed in Ames, except for a scholarship that he could not turn down. I finished making my second drink when the phone rang again, I assumed it was Jordi calling back for something else.

“Hello,” I said. It was my good friend, and department head, Steve Williams.

“Hi Bill,” Steve said, the tone in his voice told me he did not have good news.

“What’s up, Steve?”

“Well, I have an update on your trip,” Steve replied. “I received a call from our contact in Anchorage; that an ice floe has shifted and damaged the landing strip and caused other problems for logistics in the area. They estimate your trip will be set back six to eight weeks.”

“Oh hell,” I said. But, I also realized this would give me more time for operation Slutty Jean. Of course, these plans I had not shared with Steve, and likely would not.

“I know this is not good news, Bill; but I hope you will still go through with the trip.”

I was the star of his department, and I knew Steve wanted to keep me happy.

“No problem,” I said, “an act of god. We will make adjustments and move on when things clear up.”

“Thanks for being so understanding,” Steve said, and hung up.

I was pondering how to best use this extra time for Operation Slutty Jean. I had talked to Marie, sharing the information I had acquired, by secretly watching Jean from the closet door while she thought I was out of the house. I suggested to Marie she have some wine on hand for Jean, or perhaps some wine coolers. And that a strap-on session, could be more possible than she might think. Marie was very excited to hear this and said she would think of some adventures for Jean to have. I cautioned Marie about trying to get Jean laid on this trip, I thought that would run the risk of a setback; but, Marie said she would not push anything further than Jean wanted it to go.

As I thought more about how this additional time could best be used, I wondered if Stan was free to come over and we could discuss our options. Stan is a master with women, so I gave him a call.

Stan was watching the game in his apartment when he saw an incoming call from Bill on his cell. “Wassup,” Stan said, answering his phone.

I told him we had more time to work on our plans for Jean and asked if he wanted to come over and strategize.

Stan replied, “Sure Bill, I can head over now. With that extra time, we could have a couple of scenarios for Jean to work through as we develop her slutty skills.”

I was not surprised at how eager Stan was, I knew he really wanted to fuck my wife. I informed him, “Since she is in Omaha with Marie ’til Monday, lord knows what Marie will have her doing; the process may already be underway.”

“Marie is a wild one, but I thought Jackie and Marie were going to Omaha?” Stan replied.

“They were, but a catfight broke out,” I answered.

“You know what those two bitches need, don’t you, Bill,” Stan said.

“Yes, a good fucking!” I said.

“LOL, you are learning,” Stan chuckled. “Is the pool open and the beer cold?” Stan asked, already knowing the answer to his question.

“Yes, and yes,” I replied. “Plus, Jackie is coming over later today to keep me company,” I said with a chuckle.

“Oh, dude! Do you think she is up to taking escort izmir on both of us?”

“Let me call her and touch base,” I said.

“Do you have some wine on hand Bill, you know how she gets after a couple of drinks.”

“Yep, I have some great wine on hand, it is called panty dropper!”

“Sounds great, I will head over,” Stan said, as he hung up.

I decided to call Jackie to see if she was cool with Stan coming over; part of me wanted her to myself, but part of me also wanted to DP her and be balls deep in her ass while she rode Stan’s cock.

“Hiya Bill!” she exclaimed, excited to hear from me.

“Hiya Jackie. I am really looking forward to you coming over later today.”

“Me too, baby. I have been missing you, and I feel just terrible about Jean leaving you all alone and horny.” she replied.

“I am glad Marie thought to call you,” I said.

Jackie said, “Well, I just can’t believe Marie didn’t take care of you while she was there, you know it is not healthy for you not to cum, baby.”

“She tried, Jackie. She was giving me a blowjob when Jean returned, and later I nearly fucked her on the kitchen table while Jean was upstairs.”

“Oh god, I wish I had been there, I would have gotten you off, baby,” Jackie said, her breathing told me she was getting very aroused.

“Bill, will you fuck me on your kitchen table? Please, Bill, that would be so hot!”

“Oh god, yes,” I told her, “…umm, Jackie, there is one other thing about guys needing to cum.”

“Yes, babe what is it?” Jackie asked.

“Well, Stan is coming over to work on our project, and he asked if you would take care of him, too?”

“Oh, no problem, Bill. Stan is cool and a hunky guy, I’ll throw him a great fuck,” she said, with a giggle. “And Bill,” she continued, with a sultry voice, “you know I will do anything–or anyone–you asked me to. I do mean anything, Bill.”

Holy Fuck! I spit out my drink when she said that, not only because it was so hot, but because I knew she meant it. “Jackie, you are the greatest, I can’t wait to see you.”

“Bye bye, baby,” she said, and hung up.

I took a cooler of beer out poolside to a table and several chairs looking at the blue water. Jean swam all the time, and to her credit, she kept her figure in great shape for me. My only complaint was that despite all my efforts, she would never go skinny dipping.

The sound of a car door closing and then another brought my mind back from pondering about Jean and skinny dipping. I went around the corner of the house to see both Stan and Jordi had arrived. I had nearly forgotten about Jordi stopping by. Stan and Jordi standing there looked a bit like brothers; Stan in the role of the older brother, although a darker bronze compared to Jordi’s copper summer tan. Stan was two years older and a muscular 6’2″, he was taller than Jordi’s 5’10”; Jordi looking like a soccer player to Stan’s football player physique. Jordi was athletic-looking and about 165 pounds, a good 50 pounds lighter than Stan.

I called out, “Hey guys,” as I walked up to greet them.

Stan said, “Wassup, Bill,” and Jordi a much more formal, “Hello, Mr. Anderson.”

“Stan, this is Jordi. He’s helping me with a research project, I am trying to steer him away from the wayward life of an actor, to that of anthropology. Stan here, is helping me on another…umm, research project, Jordi,” I said, as Stan laughed–Jordi could tell it was an inside joke. “Come on in the house, guys.”

Upon entering, Jordi said, “Wow, nice place Mr. Anderson,” as he set the boxes of research material on the table.

“You know, Jordi, outside the classroom, I am just Bill.”

“Oh, thank God. I was about to bust the kid’s chops for calling you, Mr. Anderson!” Stan said, with a laugh.

“Hey!” I said, in Jordi’s defense, “the kid has manners!” We all laughed. “You know Stan, Jordi here has aspirations of being an actor.”

“Is it because there are more groupies for actors than anthropologists?” Stan laughed.

“Si, many more groupies for actors!” Jordi replied; but, it struck me that there was more to his comment, as I was soon to discover.

“There are in Europe anyway, I have done some acting there,” Jordi paused, as I offered him a beer. He saw a picture of Jean wearing a low-cut top, a picture that she thought was too revealing, but I insisted on keeping it out in the living room.

“Wow!” Jordi said, “is this a picture of your wife, Mr. Anderson…umm, I mean Bill.”

“Yes, it is a picture of my wife, Jean. I took that last year on vacation.”

“Damn. She is hot, Bill. She looks like she could be in movies with that body, pretty face, blonde hair, and a huge rack!”

I nearly choked on my drink at how detailed an observation Jordi made of my wife.

Stan said, “Damn kid, that is a pretty detailed observation. In Iowa, we usually just say something like your wife is hot, lol.”

Jordi, looked taken aback not wanting to violate local customs. “Bill, I meant no offense. I would often help select talent izmir escort bayan for the movies I worked on in Spain, and your wife would make the A-list for sure.”

As Stan listened to the conversation and appraised Jordi, he thought this kid is good; knows when to compliment, when to be bold, and when to play the unknowing foreign student. He just might be an asset in Operation Slutty Jean.

I knew that expression on Stan’s face, his ‘I am developing a plan’ look I had seen at the coffee shop when Stan and I had fucked Marie and Jackie and established the team tasked with sluttying up my wife. “Stan, you look deep in thought,” I said. “What are you pondering?”

“Well, Bill, I am pondering a beer and a pool.”

As they proceeded out to have a seat at the table and drink a beer, Jordi could not help but think of how Bill’s house reminded him of houses in Spain, where wealthy older men would hire Jordi to come to their house and fuck their wives while they watched. Their hot wives looked very much like Bill’s; but Bill was in his early thirties, whereas these men were usually in their sixties or seventies and it was their second wives that Jordi was hired to fuck. But yet, there was a vibe here that reminded Jordi of that setting and having seen a picture of Jean he could only hope something like that was in play.

Bill sat down and popped a beer, while Jordi and Stan approached the pool and tested the water temperature with a toe.

“Damn,” Stan said, “a bit chilly for me,” and returned to the table.

Jordi said, “Oh come on dude, it is not that cold; you soft Americans,” using a bit more Spanish accent to make a point.

Stan sat down, beer in hand and said, “Hop in if you want, you hot-blooded Spaniard; us, soft Americans, we like hot women like Bill’s wife, not cold water!”

“Si, hot women like Bill’s wife, but cold water gives me stamina like a bull!” Jordi fired back.

I glanced at Stan, wondering if he was trying to set something up with Jordi joining the gang of four to fuck Jean; if he was testing the waters by referring to my ‘hot wife’, and gauging Jordi’s reaction.

Jordi, chugged down his beer, kicked off his shoes, and pulled off his shirt and shorts in a flash, standing there in just his boxers. The kid was not skinny, as much as he was wiry, and looked to be in great shape. If Marie or Jackie were here, he would not be safe.

“Jordi,” I said, “if you like, I can check to see if I have a pair of swim trunks for you?”

“That’s okay. In Spain, we have many nude beaches, and I have gotten used to swimming in the nude,” he replied.

And with that, he just pulled down his boxers and was standing there naked by the pool. My God! Jordi’s cock was hanging limp and still looked to be all of eight inches, how long would he be with an erection? He was not very thick, but incredibly long. I looked at Stan, and saw he had a similar WTF! look on his face as Jordi turned and dived into the water.

As Jordi swam towards the other end of the pool, Stan turned to me and said, “You know there is a Spanish pornstar named, Jordi. Do you think we have his cousin here?”

“Well,” I replied, “I have seen some of pornstar Jordi’s vids and he has a pornstar-type cock, but this kid might be even longer!”

“Well I got to tell you, Bill I can stretch Jean’s pussy wider; but Jordi here, would probably be banging away at Jean’s cervix all night,” Stan said.

With that, I am thinking of a plan, and smile.

Stan continued, “Did you notice how he described your wife; it wasn’t just a compliment, he was evaluating her like he was casting her for a porno–a pretty face, and a huge rack? C’mon Bill, that was a professional appraisal, and what movie producer is letting a kid that age select talent. I am telling you, the movies he made in Spain were pornos and that cock is your visual evidence.”

As I watched Jordi start his second lap, I thought Stan might be on to something; but I had my doubts. “Stan, I don’t know, I mean he is a solid student and a good kid. I just don’t see a seasoned porn stud swimming in my pool.”

“Well, I am not saying he is a criminal for god’s sake, but I bet you he has done porn work and knows his way around pleasing a woman,” Stan replied.

I nodded in agreement to Stan’s comment of his being able to please a woman, with youthful good looks and is hung like a horse, which goes a long way in the pleasing department. “So how are we going to find out if Jordi is a porn stud worthy of joining our cause?”

“You mean joining operation, ‘Slutty Up Jean and Fuck Bill’s Wife’?” Stan asked, “Well, hell–I will just ask him! I am telling you the kid has been dropping us clues, he is more worldly than you think.”

Jordi completed one more lap and hopped out of the pool and said with a shiver, “Stan you were right, the water does have a chill to it,” as he picked up a towel to dry off.

“Hey,” I said, “let’s head into the house, guys. Jordi, you can grab a hot shower to warm up, and we can order a pizza.”

“Si, izmir escortlar warm up and eat pizza,” Jordi said, with a slight chatter of his teeth.

Stan laughed, “You see. We, Americans, know better than to swim when it is too cold, lol.”

Jordi agreed and we headed inside.

“Stan, help yourself to another beer,” and then I headed off with Jordi to show him where the bathroom was. Along the wall, Jean had placed several pictures including one of her Jackie, and Marie at a picnic from last summer; all wearing shorts and halter tops. As this was before Jackie’s boob job, Marie’s and Jean’s boobs stood out as their halter tops strained to contain their huge tits.

Jordie, paused and asked, “Is this another picture of your wife? and the two ladies she is with, are friends of hers? They are both hot.”

“This is Marie, Jean’s stepmom and this is Jackie, Jean’s sister.”

“Bill, you are a very lucky man,” Jordi said, and pointed out Marie’s boobs, “my god, she is even bustier than your wife.”

“Yes, Marie is built, only her ass rivals her boobs.” I could tell this surprised Jordi, that I would say that about my wife’s stepmom. I decided to go further, “And her sister, Jackie, she just had a boob job and now is nearly as big as Marie.”

“Jesus,” Jordi commented, “do you walk around with a boner all the time?”

“Damn near, Jordi, damn near,” I said, with a laugh.

(Jordi’s perspective…)

“Well, here is the shower and there are towels over there,” Bill said, pointing to a small closet door.

“Thanks, Bill,” I replied, as Bill closed the door and left. God, Bill has one hot wife, and Marie has that classic big tits and big ass build that I came to love when I was making pornos in Europe. There, as here, the theme of young guys fucking hot, older ladies sells; and the older gals love to get fucked hard–the harder the better.

I am guessing Marie is mid-forties, Jackie early thirties, and Jean either very late twenties or thirty. I felt my cock getting hard just thinking about those three; I might have to turn this from a hot shower to a cold one, I thought. I would love to meet Jean in person, and get a sense of what kind of lady she is, wild or mild.

I am getting the same vibe I did in Spain, when I was at that couple’s house, there to be the night’s entertainment for the wives, and their husbands, for that matter. They loved watching their wives get fucked as much as I did fucking them, except for one guy that flipped out when I made his wife come so hard, she was screaming, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” The guy threw me my clothes, and my money and told me to get the hell out and don’t come back. Of course, I went back many times and fucked his wife, when he was not home. I wonder if I could do that with Jean?

And why did Bill comment on his mother-in-law’s ass. Has he fucked her? I wondered. And why tell me Jackie has had a boob job, if not to raise my curiosity? Of course, he could just be bragging–a lot of guys do, and I might be reading more into it than there is; but still, those comments seemed odd…as if made to gauge my reaction. In the classroom, he seemed as straight-laced as any other professor.

And Stan and Bill seem close, but there is a vibe there, as well. Stan appears to be bi-racial and not native to the area–more worldly. I wonder what the backstory is with them, how they came to be friends? I turned off the shower and got dressed, something tells me it is going to be very interesting when I find out more details.

(back to Bill…)

While Jordi was in the shower I asked Stan, “So, you’re just going to ask him if he has done porn and if he wants to join our gang?” with a laugh.

“Well,” Stan said, “if he has done porn and has been working on his acting skills, he would be a natural. We could come up with a variety of scenarios that he could pull off and Jean would love fucking him. Hell, Marie might just try and take him home!”

“You make a great point,” I told Stan. “And you were dead on with your plan with Jackie and Marie in the coffee shop. I will follow your lead and see where it goes.”

Stan nodded his approval just as Jordi re-emerged from the shower. I went back into host mode and asked Jordi if he would like another beer.

“Well, actually…” he asked, “would you happen to have any sangria?”

“We sure do, we have just about every kind of wine you can think of, I am a fan myself.”

Stan looked aghast, “Just beer me, or lose your man card!” he shouted, at me.

“Hey!” I offered up in my defense, “after Jean’s second glass, things loosen up–if you know what I mean.”

“So, Jean will be back soon and have some Sangria with us, perhaps?” Jordi asked, with a hopeful smile.

“No such luck, kid; remember she’s out of town with Marie until Monday,” Stan said. “You know Jordi, I can’t help but notice…how interested you are in Bill’s wife.”

I had just returned with Jordi’s glass of sangria when Stan said that. I could tell he was trying to shake the kid, and he did for a moment because when I stand close to Jordi, my physical presence and size advantage is noticeable; and he knew enough about my past as a college football player that he did not want to be on my bad side.

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