Breaking the Bed

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Blow Job

This isn’t a very long story, but it is true. Ah, thinking about it still puts a smile on my face. The woman involved is the same from this post (


It had been a couple months since we had started fucking. This was the high water mark for our hooking up. We’d be having sex about once or twice during the week and two or three times over the weekend. None of our friends were any the wiser. I had two other housemates, but being right out of college, they were often out until super late. Olivia would come over at least once a week after work. On the weekends we’d usually stay at her place, so we could be completely alone.

This happened on a weeknight at my house. We had been sitting around waiting for my one housemates to leave. After he did, it wasn’t long before we were deep into a heavy make-out session. We were right in the living room by the front door, if anyone had come home, we would have definitely been caught. That only made it hotter though! Soon she had unzipped my pants and was sucking hard on my cock. Not only was it thrilling to be right out in the open, but we were three college-aged guys living in a house, so we had beer sign mirrors all around the living room. I could see the reflection almanbahis adres of her sucking me from several different angles (holy shit!). It wasn’t long before I was at the edge.

“Olivia, I’m going to cum.” I said.

Thankfully she was a swallower and this only lead her to moan louder and suck harder. I let myself go and shot into her mouth. I was groaning and growling. Damn, she was good.

As I came back to reality, she grabbed my hand and led me (pants-less) upstairs. Being in my 20’s, I was hard again before I even got to the top of the steps. We started making out again right inside the doorway.

“You’re ready already!” she said with a smile as she stroked my cock.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I’m always ready for you.”

I began stripping off her clothes, slowly leading us to the bed. Being a semi-adult, I still only had a single bed, which sucked. It was pushed up against the wall, in between the window and a dresser. I was touching and kissing her all over. She was getting hotter and hotter and was soon ready for me. She spread her pussy as I rolled on a condom. I positioned my head against her and buried myself deep inside her.

Having cum already (and wearing a condom-something I didn’t always do), I was ready for a long almanbahis adres session. We started with me standing, she on the bed with her legs on my shoulders. I loved this position as it gave me a great view and it let her rub her clit when she wanted to. Being that no one was home, we were extra loud. She and I always talked to each other during sex, something I wish all my partners did, so were just a loud mess.

Next I moved to the bed and took her from behind. This really started to get the bed rocking. The headboard was thumping off my dresser as I pounded into her. She thrashed, begged, moaned.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Harder!” she demanded.

I was going nuts! I grabbed her hips and really laid into her hard.

Finally we switched into missionary. The headboard was thumping, the bed was creaking. It was freaking great!

Olivia was alternating between, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” or just “Ugghhhh!! Rrraaahhhh!! Aaaahhhhnguuuuaaaa!!”

This was an absolute plowing, I was fucking her as hard, as deep, as fast as I could. I was getting close to cumming when out of nowhere we heard a loud, “Kkrr-SNAP!!” We both stopped and looked right into each other’s eyes. What the fuck?!? I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I was vaguely almanbahis adres aware that we had shifted about 30 degrees towards the wall.

“KKkrr-SNAP!” we heard a second time. This time the bed totally gave way and we were sent rolling against the wall. I was jammed between the bed and the wall, and she was now completely on top of me.

Oh my, did we laugh! It really was hilarious. After we got control of ourselves again, we realized that we weren’t going to fall on the floor, and my cock had never left her. So why not! She started to grind on my cock, and we were back into it again.

Being on top was the position she could cum the easiest, and I could tell that she was getting close. Being pinned the way I was, all I could do was relax and let her go to town. She was sitting up straight on me giving me a great view of her lean body and tiny tits. It wasn’t long before I was almost there too.

“I’m cumming!” she shouted out before unleashing a wave of moans.

This sent me over the edge and I let a huge load go into the condom. We were shaking and moaning, in our own little orgasm worlds. Finally she collapsed onto me and we waited to come back to life. When we did, we laughed at the mayhem we had caused.

After that night, the bed needed two new boards, which weren’t the right size so they jutted out far beyond the bed. I remember a couple months later, one of my housemates asked what the hell happened. “Fucking,” I said. He laughed, obviously not believing me. I just smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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