By Design Ch. 01

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By design — Ch 01

Introverted young man works with shy, quiet, but horny older woman. Loosely based on real life events. All characters over 18 years of age.

Chapter 1 Prologue

This detailed design was getting to me. The design engineer’s calculations and obscure references to a standard I had no clue about were frustrating. I could see myself spending hours just finding the documents and hours more reading through them to get a feel for whether this design would work.

Nothing to be done except head to the depths of the file room-come library and start pulling the references. I’m Ben MacDonald, coming to the end of my first year as an engineer for this monstrous corporation, me being at the bottom of the food chain, checking senior engineer’s designs for new plants I would be glad to get through with and on to my first very own project.

I settled at the small desk and began the task of ploughing through the papers I had found, checking the assumptions, design parameters and calculations. It was quiet and a little dingy in the room, with very few people wandering in. Time flew and it grew even quieter as people in the office headed out to lunch or the gym. I thought of taking a break, but I just wanted to get this done.

I felt a rustle behind me, turning to see Maureen O’Reilly, the middle-aged women who guarded the reception, did the filing, and referenced all the designs for the division walked by. Her loosely curled red hair like a red halo, framing the soft kind face, marred only by coke-bottle eyeglasses as she carried a pile of documents to the back.

Short and stocky, her dark green flowery dress doing nothing to set off her well-rounded figure, she moved past me, leaving a faint scent of a perfume lingering in her wake. Always quiet, but with a friendly smile, a faint Irish lilt to her voice when she did speak, she had nevertheless always been friendly with me in a motherly type way.

I felt a presence behind my right shoulder, turning in the chair to see who was there, bumping right into her thigh, as she stood there mute, and looking down on me with a faint smile on her face.

I started to stammer an apology, but instantly her hands came down and cupped my face as she leaned down and kissed me. Stunned, I just sat there as her lips assaulted mine, her tongue probing to gain entry to my mouth. All I could sense was her perfume, and the little sharp prickles on her upper lip as she crushed her mouth into mine. Her tongue probed into my mouth as she murmured into the kiss.

I gripped the arm of the chair, expecting her to lean over and kiss me again, wanting to feel that thrill again. She edged closer, and lifted the front of her dress, moving forward to straddle the arm and trap my wrist and hand on the arm of the chair. Slowly she began to rub her panty-covered pussy over my wrist and hand, her moist heat flooding through.

“She’s soaked” I thought, her juices coating my wrist and knuckles. A slight moan escaped her lips as she pleasured herself on my hand trapped between her meaty thighs and moments later, I felt a flood as she came, drenching her crotch. She groaned into my mouth, her tongue raking mine as she suppressed her urge to scream out as her cunt pulsed.

“Now, that was hot” I thought, as she leant over and kissed me hard, driving her tongue down my throat before scuttling to the door.

Each time I went to the file room to work, I felt a stirring — would she follow me again. And she did, almost every time.

I soon began to wonder just what made this 50-something woman tick, why she needed the release of stroking her pussy hard on my wrist each time I went to work in the file room. What drove her to put us both at risk by surrendering to her instincts to crush her knicker covered pussy on my hand in a desperate drive to bring herself off?

Chapter 2 A surprise encounter.

I slowed down to take a breather, my legs beginning to feel the effects of the long run in the early evening, a long weekend ahead of me was the genesis to head out and clear my head of the week long wrestling with heat exchanger design and a myriad of calculations on the size of the various plant distillation columns.

I’m 6′ tall, in reasonably good shape, and having survived the perils of college, college parties, I am only too happy to be out in the workforce, earning, paying off college loans, and well away from my overbearing family. That’s the good news. Now for the not so good. I’m relatively inexperienced, apart from a few fumblings in high school, and breaking my barren spell at a somewhat wild frat party. For the rest of my sex ed, the internet and tales from the bar after a soccer game filled in the blanks.

I made these evening runs to rehab a calf bursa escort tear suffered a year of so back playing soccer, hoping that I could get back in the game in the upcoming season. Things were looking good as I could not feel any effect on my calf.

Slowing down to a steady walk I was able to take in the sights and sounds of the quiet suburban street, filled with older homes and cottages, one of the early areas built up after the war for returning soldiers.

A cab drove slowly past me and pulled up at a small ivy-covered cottage a few blocks ahead of me, idling as the driver got out, opened the trunk, and began to lift bags of groceries out onto the sidewalk.

A woman got out of the back seat, a long brown coat concealing her figure as she paid the driver and began to gather up the bags. As I approached, I smiled as I recognised the face, its distinctive glasses under a cowl of fiery red curls revealing Maureen’s surprised look as I walked up.

“Ben!” she grinned, “what are you doing out this way?”

“Just winding down from the week at the office” I said. “Can I give you a hand with all those bags?” Always be the gentleman my mom had told me. Even when you’re sweaty and dressed to kill in jogging shorts and a sweaty T shirt.

“If you wouldn’t mind” Maureen responded, “it’s getting dark and I don’t want to have to make too many trips out to the sidewalk — you never know who’s going to be waiting out there for you” she teased.

Grinning, I picked up the last of her shopping and followed her up the path to her front door. She opened it for me, and I stepped inside to an impeccably tidy hallway. Maureen eased past me, slipped off her coat and hung it in a small hallway closet. I kicked off my runners leaving only my sock liners on.

“Lead on Maureen, where do you want the shopping”, I asked.

“In the kitchen” she said and turned to lead the way. Her summery dress was light and swayed as she walked down the hallway to a brightly lit old English style kitchen, with a plain pine table, chairs surrounded by neat counters. She closed the blinds against the darkening gloom and turned on the subdued background lighting.

“Let’s get these packed away, then we can enjoy a cup of tea” she said.

I lifted the shopping bags onto the table and began to unpack the contents, passing her various items as she began to store them in their respective cupboards.

Each time she bent over to reach down to the furthest reached of the base cupboards her dress lifted and stretched taut across her ass, outlining the seams of her knickers, and allowed an occasional glimpse of stocking top.

Maureen was by no means a slim woman, but could not be considered fat, merely well padded, but obviously self conscious enough to wear the body shaping step-in girdle. Once we had all the groceries packed away, Maureen kicked off her flats and started to make a pot of tea. I slowly gathered myself and looked around at the small tidy kitchen, wondering just what to do. I took a seat at her kitchen table and watched her bustle around setting out a couple of mugs and finished pouring the water into the teapot to allow the tea to draw. She pulled out a chair to my right and sat down.

“Thank you for all your help, Ben, it was much appreciated” she smiled as she poured the tea, “help yourself to milk and sugar”.

“It was really no problem, Maureen, glad to be of service” I replied.

“So, tell me a little about yourself, Ben, why are you torturing yourself with all that running about the neighbourhood?” she grinned and teased me.

I told her about the injury and my hope to return to playing soccer. She continued and we had a good chat about my family. She revealed that she had been engaged to an Air Force pilot when she was in her late twenties. He had been killed in a mid-air collision and had really taken it badly.

“What about you, Ben, no steady girlfriend?” she teased.

I confessed that I was more and introverted nerd, not one of the most eligible twenty somethings these days, an engineer who worked all day on designs, and when I did get out to the plants, ended up dirty and covered in chemical smells, a bit of a turn off to the princesses looking for a hook up.

Midway through the chat, “you must be hungry, I am starved” she declared as she turned on her oven and went to the freezer to find a frozen meal that could get done quickly.

“Shepherd’s Pie work for you?” She asked

“Perfect, Maureen, please don’t go to too much trouble, I am imposing on your good nature” I said.

While we waited for the meal to be cooked, I decided to take the bull by the horns.

“So, Maureen, what’s with the file room antics, not that I am complaining” I teased.

Maureen blushed and hung her head for a moment.

“I’m bursa escort bayan so embarrassed about that, but honestly, I just can’t help myself. You are just so sweet” she said.

It turns out that as she approached menopause, her hormones were totally out of whack. In particular, she was diagnosed with high testosterone levels for a woman and spent a lot of time to get her system mostly back in to balance. Her issues were the side effects of this condition, where she developed an ultra high libido, and excess body hair. Even though she had things under control now, she still had a lot of hair growth — showing me her forearms, and with some reluctance, her armpits.

Now I knew why her kisses left me with prickles — the hairs on her upper lip.

With a sigh she continued, telling me that her breasts were probably a lot smaller that other women, and that at times she was so horny she couldn’t help it. The fact that I was in the file room so much doing the design research, that she thought I was cute, and the fact that she was horny just thinking about sex with me, meant that she risked a lot to come in and rub herself on my arm and give me the kisses.

“Does it work?” I asked with a smile. Maureen blushed even more.

“Ummm, yes” she said “you see one of the other side effects is an enlarged clitoris, and that means I can get myself off by rubbing myself up against something nice and solid, like your wrist and hand. That usually satisfies me enough to get through the day”.

We were both saved from further embarrassment by the timer on her oven signalling the meal was ready. We served ourselves and had a pleasant meal, the conversation shifting away to more mundane matters.

After the meal, I tackled the dishes over her objection, washing while she dried. I was finished ahead of her and watched as she put everything away and wiped down the kitchen table.

Her back was to me as she cleaned up, so I slid up behind her, and snaked my arms about her, cupping her breasts through her blouse and sinking my teeth into the back of her neck as she leaned back into me.

I leaned over and ran my hands under her blouse, caressing her captive breasts. She twisted around and reached up to kiss me again. While we kissed, her tongue slid into my mouth and one of her hands reached for my groin, seeking my cock. The stiff hair on her upper lip rasped against mine, and again I felt that bolt shoot down my spine as she crushed her mouth into mine, her tongue lashing in and out of my mouth as she bathed me in her need.

Maureen turned and clutched my head and moaned with delight. I kissed Maureen’s cheek, licked her ear, and then moved my lips down her neck nibbling softly into the skin. Maureen was fondling my cock through my shorts, making it grow harder and harder.

She pushed me back into a chair at the kitchen table, hands grasping and finding my cock, pulling it out of my shorts, stroking it to full hardness. She lifted her skirt, baring her panty covered slit, and straddled my thighs, lowering herself onto my erect prick. Easing the crotch aside, she slid over me, a hot warm and wet sensation enveloped my cock as she sank full onto my cock, easing down my shaft, a moan escaping from her as she pressed me deep into her wet pussy.

I pulled her blouse free from the waistband and began to caress her soft flesh, as she squirmed on my cock, moaning, and letting out a soft groan each time her engorged clit ground against my groin. My hands continued caressing Maureen’s warm, smooth flesh, lifting her bra under her blouse, and squeezing her fleshy tit, evoking moans of joy. The rolls of flesh under her girdle heaved as I sank my tongue into her warm mouth. Maureen squirmed in my arms, soft murmurs of delight emanating from her.

“Mmmmmm, I could get used to this, Ben, but I’m going to change out of this outfit” she said as she broke away and scampered off down the corridor

While I waited, I decided to make another pot of tea, and set it up on a small tray with the mugs, milk, and sugar. Going into the living room, I set the tray on the coffee table, the tea too hot to drink, settling back in the couch, leafing through a magazine.

I heard her footsteps before I saw her enter the room. I was startled at the change, gone was the prim skirt and sensible heels, now replaced by nothing but a long white silk gown, open to the waist, where a simple sash held it together. Underneath, her girdle supported the seamed nylons, her breasts unsupported, and her pussy was bare between her nylon-encased thighs. I was laser focused on her thick forest of red curls giving truth to the word hairy.

She took off her glasses, placing them on the coffee table, stepped up to me, pushed me back on the couch and slid her hand under the waistband escort bursa to my running shorts, dragging them down my legs, freeing my erect cock out to stand proud before her.

Without hesitation, she raised herself up, knelt and straddled me again, easing my cock into her red hair framed cunt. Her corset wrapped body reared straight up as she lowered herself onto me, sinking my cock womb deep in her.

“Mmmm, aaah” she groaned and rocked gently, keening softly as her warm pussy stroked up and down my stiff cock.

I eased the gown apart and began to squeeze her dark nipples, thick and proud, bending my neck to suckle on each as I lifted her smallish breasts to my lips. She pushed my head back and again crushed my mouth with a kiss, her prickly lip sending shivers down my spine as she devoured my mouth.

Within minutes her moans built up to a keening wail. I felt the first trickle of juices over my balls and in seconds a shudder rocked through her body and her pussy began to throb and clench my cock as she came with an intensity that sucked me in. I came hard, my cock pulsing as the seed shot from my balls into her depths. Her mouth was crushed on mine and her arms we wrapped tightly around me as she sagged into me, crushing her breasts into my T shirt.

Chapter 3 — Getting comfortable.

Maureen relaxed in my lap, breathing softly.

“I’m a little embarrassed” she murmured, “an old lady like me taking advantage of you like that”

I squeezed her closer “Don’t be” I whispered in her ear “I think that I’m the one that made the first move on you, and I wouldn’t have come like that if I didn’t want to fuck you”

“Mmmm” she murmured “maybe we should freshen up and then we can talk. I need to get comfortable anyway, although I am quite comfortable with you inside me right now”

I could feel her heartbeat pulsing around my cock, but I squeezed her tight, saying “As much as I want to stay just like this, you will be getting stiff and cold unless we look after you”

I eased her off my lap; making sure she was not unsteady on her feet, the fruits of our fucking covering our groins, pearls of cum shining on both her lips and my balls.

She led me to the bathroom and allowed me to slowly undress her, and there for the first time I saw her in all her glory, unblemished fair skin, breasts tipped with dark brown nipples, now swollen from my attention earlier, and a mass of red curls framing her pussy.

As I ran my hands over her hips to massage the marks of her girdle, she blushed a little, and began to cover herself in embarrassment. I moved her arm to suckle on her nipple and began to stroke her wet pussy for good measure.

“Don’t be shy, Maureen “I said” you have nothing to hide, in fact I could spend days just nibbling away at you”.

I continued to work her nipples, licking, and nipping it gently, drawing a gasp from her, all the while stroking her cunt lips and caressing her throbbing clit. What she said was true, her clit was surprisingly large, (based purely on my adolescent research of the internet, and limited actual hands on experience!)

“Then why don’t you?” she whispered.

I looked up at her, and she continued “Unless you have something you’d rather do, you could spend the holiday weekend here, umm, just umm, nibbling me?”

“Well, if that works for you, then yes, but I have to go to my apartment to get some fresh clothes — all I have with me are those sweaty shorts and a T-shirt” I said softly.

“I rather like the smell of a sweaty T-shirt” she grinned,” haven’t had those in the house for a long time.”

“I WANT you to stay, Ben, the whole weekend, and then let’s see where we go from there” she said as she kissed me deep, sucking on my tongue.

“Mmm, OK then” I said, “let me get you showered, run home and be back in no time”

I led her into the shower and began to soap her all over. She moved closer and used a small sponge to wash my cock and balls, spending far too much time soaping and rinsing my shaft. But then again, I did spend a lot of time on her breasts, making sure they were clean and tasted exactly right. I moved to her pussy and stroked her clean as she moaned and sagged into me. For good measure, I turned her around and she gasped when I soaped up between her cheeks and fingered her tight little rosebud.

With the shower beginning to cool off as we used a good deal of her hot water tank with our lazy exploration of each other, it was time to get her out and dried. She stood there while I dried her off, head to toe, and waited patiently while I quickly dried myself.

Slipping her silk robe back on, I eased her out of the bathroom, found and fitted her glasses and then went on a hunt for my shorts and boxers in the living room. I was just tying my runners when she came up and wrapped her arms around me, kissed me and said in that soft Irish brogue “Don’t take too long now, I’ll be waiting and you won’t want to disappoint and old maid like me”.

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