Campus Cum Dump Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I didn’t feel a hint of regret after finally living out my ultimate fantasy for the very first time. I’d offered myself up as a cum dump, taking five loads of seed from five completely random strangers, and it was easily the hottest thing I’d ever done in my life. If I regretted anything, it was definitely the three years I’d spent locking myself away from the thousands of hot, horny men roaming the campus.

I wasn’t going to feel guilty or ashamed about my desire to fuck constantly ever again. I knew I’d eventually want to have a partner someday, but that relationship definitely wouldn’t be monogamous. If he wasn’t fucking the shit out of me all the time, I wanted the freedom to get what I needed elsewhere, and I’d be totally honest about that from the start.

But dating was the last thing on my mind right now. I’d spent three days yearning to be a cum dump again, shooting at least a dozen loads replaying all five men through my mind from the middling start with the nerdy-looking guy to the incredible finish with the verbal black stud. I knew my hole was going to be sore after taking a relentless pounding from the biggest dick I’d ever seen in real life, but I’d totally forgotten how physically exhausting sex can be after enduring months without it. My legs and thighs hurt like hell the morning after my first cum dump session, more sore than they’d been since I met my last boyfriend. I endured two whole days of agony every time I tried to move my lower half, especially climbing stairs.

I gave my muscles the time they needed to recover, almost sickly proud every time I felt sore knowing how the pain had been inflicted. On the third day, as soon as my alarm roused me from a deep sleep, I quickly realized that I finally felt better. My body was repaired, ready for action, and I was desperate to indulge again. I reached for my phone, silencing the alarm and instantly logging into Grindr. I had a few unread messages from the first day, and that’s when I actually felt regret. Those horny guys wanted to fuck me, to unload inside my willing hole, but I was so used up I hadn’t even bothered opening the app again after the tall black guy left. “Free today?” I messaged everyone I’d neglected, climbing out of bed and walking into the bathroom to start douching.

I watched the video of the blindfolded twink taking ten loads from ten strangers from start to finish on my phone as I rendered my ass spotless, the volume turned all the way up. I made a sincere resolution listening to his fervent moans of pleasure: I wasn’t going to stop at five loads this time. No matter how used up my hole or my body felt, I was going to force myself to break the record I’d set a few days ago.

Checking Grindr, I already had my first possibility, a “discreet” profile with a trim torso picture that had responded to the message I sent when I woke up. He was 22, 5’11” and 170 pounds. “Face pic?”

I shared the one I’d stripped from my profile a few days earlier, not even bothering to ask for his. He had a dick, and that was all that mattered.

“I’m free at 12:00,” he quickly replied. “That cool?”

The timing was perfect, exactly when I’d be walking out of my second class. I sent the guy my address. “I’ll be waiting,” I wrote, my dick instantly rock hard knowing that another stranger was going to be walking into my studio apartment at noon. “Door will be unlocked.”

“Awesome, man,” the guy wrote back. “Horny as hell. See you then.”

I grinned, my hole twitching at the prospect of taking another load, jerking off for a few minutes as I wondered what the stranger looked like. Seeing the time, I let my cock go, shaving my ass so that it was perfectly smooth again. Hearing another Grindr notification arrive as I inspected my work in the mirror, the temptation to skip all my classes and spend the whole day ass up on my bed welled up within me. I’d only had one taste of being a cum dump, but I was definitely obsessed. Knowing that eager guys were already hitting me up, even early in the morning, I struggled to repress my urge to please them. As fulfilling as it was to just be a hole, I knew I couldn’t let it take over my whole life.

I tore the tags off a white Under Armour jockstrap I’d left sitting beside the sink. It was the exact same jock the blindfolded twink in my favorite video was wearing while he took loads, and I’d ventured to the mall all the way across town to buy it. I lifted one foot up, the fabric sliding across my skin as I hiked the jock over my legs and ass. Turning around and twisting my head to admire myself in the mirror, my smooth butt was framed perfectly. I beamed, thrilled that in some way I finally looked like the twink I’d spent months envying. I couldn’t wait to follow in his footsteps for the second time.

I sat through two classes struggling to pay attention, my dick half hard in the white jock strap concealed beneath my shorts. I’d always checked out the hot guys gathered around me, but now I was doing it like that was the istanbul travesti only reason I was sitting in the room, my dick growing even stiffer imagining who might be behind the faceless Grindr profile with that word “discreet” in the description. The anonymous 22-year-old 5’11” guy I’d already set a date with could be sitting in this class right now, maybe someone I’d never dreamed might want to fuck me.

When my second class ended, I bounded back to my apartment to make the noon meeting, ripping my phone out of my pocket and opening Grindr the second I walked through the door. I already had three new messages, three other horny guys who wanted to breed my hole. I stripped everything but the white jock off right there in the entryway, taking my position at the edge of the bed, my feet dangling off the mattress once again. I was just starting to survey my new options when I heard the front door swing open. I dropped my phone, craning my head back to see a masculine-looking 5’11” guy walking in, his face hesitant until he saw me ass up on the bed.

He smirked and suddenly looked completely comfortable, pulling his shoes off at the door. His black hair was spilling out of a backward baseball cap, the guy yanking his shirt off and re-adjusting the hat as he approached. He’d obviously gained a little weight since his profile picture was taken, but I didn’t care about that. He was still a hot guy, and he wanted to fuck me.

The stranger gripped the waistband of his khaki shorts and tore them off standing beside me, unveiling a slightly curved six inches framed by trimmed black pubes. “Sweet ass, man,” he complimented.

“Thanks,” I said, feeling my hole twitch. “Sweet dick.” I wasn’t nervous at all this time, excitement and anticipation flooding through me knowing that the guy was about to plant his raw cock inside me and dump his seed.

He started stroking himself and settled on his knees behind me, his other hand gently caressing my hairless butt. “Yeah, that is a really sweet ass. Can I eat you out?” he asked.

“Go for it,” I invited. He instantly spread my cheeks apart with his hands, his tongue diving into my hole like he’d been pent-up and desperate to taste a butt for a long time. Feeling his wet, warm tongue against my skin, the moans started flooding out of me. “Yeah, that feels so good.”

“Mmm,” he murmured into my butt, drawing his face back after a minute of expertly eating me out. “You mind flipping over?”

“I’m just a hole,” I said as I started to turn over. For a second I was surprised at the words that had just escaped my mouth, that I made myself sound like an object, but I knew it was the truth as I settled on my back and lifted my legs up into the air. All I cared about right now was pleasing this random guy and getting him off.

He looked thrilled when our eyes met, his hand stroking my hard dick a few times through the jockstrap before he pushed my butt higher up into the air. “Fuck yeah, man,” the stranger whispered, pressing his face back between my cheeks and starting to aggressively lap his tongue against my smooth slit. He had easier access in this position, and it already felt so much better.

I spent a couple minutes moaning like a whore as he devoured me, grabbing the stranger’s shoulders while my legs writhed around in the air, my toes constantly curling as he eagerly attacked my ass with his tongue.

He finally pulled away, his whole mouth slick with spit, our eyes meeting again as he rose up above me. “You ready for this dick?” the guy asked, slapping his length against my wet hole.

“Give it to me,” I begged. Being on my back, unashamedly staring up at him as he looked down on me, I could appreciate that he was actually really cute.

“Fuck, baby,” the stranger said as he slid his bare 6 inches into me, just using his spit for lube. “You’re really fucking tight.”

I moaned as he pushed his whole length inside, surprised that he’d just called me “baby” within seconds of penetrating my ass. No one had ever uttered that word during a hookup before, but I wasn’t complaining. This guy could call me anything he wanted while his dick was buried in my guts.

He groaned as he drove his shaft to the hilt, his pubes bristling against my hairless skin. “Yeah,” he hissed. “You like that?” He started to thrust in and out without waiting for an answer, his hands gripping my ankles and pulling my feet into his chest.

“Use my fucking hole,” I moaned, the pleasure growing as he rammed his cock into me.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” the guy grunted, thrusting his dick even harder into my ass. “You’re so hot.” He pulled my legs away, letting them fall beside his body as he lowered down, reaching a hand behind my head and guiding my face into his. Our lips collided, his tongue pushing into my mouth, and we eagerly made out as he pounded me.

“You’re so hot,” the stranger repeated as he breathlessly pulled away, groaning as he pulled my feet back into his chest. He drew most istanbul travestileri of his cock out of me, raining spit down on it before he started pistoning in and out again.

“Yeah, fuck me,” I begged, staring straight into his eager green eyes. “I want your fucking load inside me.”

The guy bit his lip, his whole face contorting as he plunged his dick into my hole. “You want me to breed you, baby? You want my load?”

“Breed me!” I pleaded, desperate to feel cum in my ass again after days without it. “Fucking breed me! Shoot that load inside me!”

The stranger was still intently looking into my eyes as he viciously tore into my hole, the sound of his skin slapping against mine growing. “Yeah, I’m going to fucking breed you,” he howled, his eyes closing as he loudly grunted over and over again.

I moaned watching pleasure overcome his face, finally feeling fulfilled as his seed erupted into me. I didn’t know anything about the guy, but now he was part of me.

“That was hot as fuck,” the stranger said as he pulled out, bending down to draw his shorts up over his still rock hard cock. “You’ve got such a sweet ass, man.”

“Thanks,” I whispered, lowering my legs down and smiling knowing that I’d achieved my first catch of the day. Hearing the pleasure and the satisfaction in his voice, I felt incredibly happy. The guy was horny as fuck, totally desperate to get off, and I’d relieved him. I’d made his day better.

“My girlfriend’s studying abroad this semester,” he mentioned nonchalantly as he pulled his shirt on. “I’ve been going fucking crazy.”

All the passion he’d poured into our random fuck suddenly made sense. He was probably accustomed to getting laid all the time, and he’d missed it. But I felt guilty hearing that he had a girlfriend, knowing that he’d just buried his load inside my ass. I instantly assumed that he’d probably never tell her anything about this encounter. “Oh, that sucks,” I muttered, wishing I wasn’t on my back so I could just bury my head into the bed as he walked out.

The cute stranger shrugged, his eyes meeting mine again. “Yeah, but that was exactly what I needed,” he said with a smirk. “Do I just hit you up on the app later if I want to go again?” he asked, his hand tugging at my rigid dick through the white jockstrap.

I realized I didn’t know anything about their relationship after hearing him ask the question. Maybe she knew he was into guys too? Maybe they’d both decided to explore knowing they were going to spend months apart on different continents? “Yeah, just hit me up,” I answered, already craving the cute guy’s dick again. “If I’m online, I’m looking for more cum.” He was the only guy I’d fucked who instantly tried to make concrete plans for later, and I already knew I’d be hearing from him again when he was horny, girlfriend or not.

“Cool,” the guy said, gently nodding his head. He was still standing there in front of me even though he was dressed to leave, starting to stroke his dick through his shorts. “Can I see your hole again?”

I knew exactly where this was leading, seeing how big his bulge was. If he’d just cheated on his girlfriend, he was inevitably going to do it again anyway, so why should I feel bad? I lifted my legs back into the air, showing my cummy hole off to the cute stranger.

His face was lustful as he pawed at the hard cock beneath his shorts. “You really do have a sweet fucking ass. How many other guys are going to fuck it today?” the guy asked, sounding ridiculously turned on knowing that a fleet of other men were destined to plow me.

“I had five a few days ago,” I answered. Seeing him standing there in front of me obviously eager to rut a second time, I was definitely craving another load of his seed. If he was willing to fuck a random guy blatantly looking to get bred by strangers, he was surely destined to find himself in all kinds of sketchy situations this semester. I barely knew anything at all about the other guys who’d pumped their cum into my hole. Maybe some of them had girlfriends too.

The stranger ran a finger over my wet hole, sliding it inside as I gently moaned. “That’s fucking hot, man,” he said as he stroked his bulge. “They’re all going to be fucking my cum deeper up inside you.” He pulled his shorts down again, his curved six inches achingly hard already. “You want a second load right now?” He glanced at the Apple watch on his wrist. “I’m supposed to meet up with some friends for lunch in ten minutes, though. Has to be really quick this time.”

My insatiable desire for cum instantly took over, even knowing that he had a girlfriend, and I nodded eagerly. “Yeah, fuck me,” I begged. “Breed me again.”

The guy grinned and pulled his finger out of my ass, stepping up to me and sliding his hard dick into my hole for the second time. “Fuck yeah, baby,” he murmured, slowly thrusting his cock into me. “I opened that ass up, didn’t I? You’re so much looser already.”

“Yeah!” I moaned back. My hole travesti istanbul already felt more sensitive after being fucked once, the dick sawing into me even more pleasurable than it had been the first time.

The stranger grabbed my hips and pistoned harder. “Fuck, I can see the load I busted in you leaking out on my dick right now. That’s so fucking hot. You’re so fucking hot.”

“You’re fucking hot!”

The guy started plowing my ass harder, grunting as his skin slapped against mine. “All those other guys are going to fucking use my cum as lube, aren’t they?” he growled.

“Fuck yeah they are!” I panted.

His fingers gripped my white jock, his pace quickening. “Fuck, you want me to cum inside you again? You want to take my second load?”

“Give it to me!” I whimpered.

“Yeah, baby,” he hissed, thrusting hard. “Yeah, I’m going to fucking breed you again!”

“Breed that ass!” I begged, “Give me all that fucking cum!”

“Fuck yeah!” the guy said as he started grunting. “Yeah! Yeah! Fuck yeah, baby!” His sperm fired into me for the second time, his dick squirting a seemingly impossible number of shots given that he’d literally just gotten off. He’d definitely been pent-up.

I saw him glance at his watch again as he pulled out. There wasn’t a hint of regret on his face as he hiked his shorts back up. “That was fucking hot,” he said. “You mind if I use your bathroom?”

I pointed toward the door, the cute guy stepping away and not bothering to close it as he unleashed an immense amount of piss. I heard the toilet flush, the sink running for a few seconds, and then I saw him walk toward the entryway, the stranger pulling his shoes back on. “I might still hit you up later if that’s cool,” he said, looking back at me on the bed.

Our eyes met again, two loads of his cum already resting inside me. “I’m just a hole,” I repeated, remembering how excited he seemed when I’d spoken those words the first time.

The guy smirked the same way he did when he first saw me ass up on the bed. “You’re fucking awesome, man.” He turned the door knob and walked out.

I felt a pang of regret remembering his girlfriend, but that obviously wasn’t his first time. He’d eaten my ass, fucked me, and kissed me like a pro. He had a Grindr account with the word “discreet” written in the description. If he was cheating on her, he’d probably been doing it for a long time. Their relationship was between the two of them, not a problem for me to worry about.

All I cared about right now was getting my cum-filled ass plowed and bred again. I opened Grindr, staring down at the list of new prospects and replying to a couple blank profiles. The third one intrigued me the most, a cute 19-year-old, 5’9″, 160 pound Asian guy with a smooth torso and pierced nipples. He looked innocent, like the curly-haired twink who’d fucked me during my first session, but I knew he probably wasn’t.

“Face?” he’d written.

I sent him my pic.

“Nice,” he replied after a couple of minutes. “I haven’t cum in a week. You want it?”

I was mentally salivating at the prospect of being filled up with a seven day load, instantly sending him my address. “Door’s open.”

“Cool, give me like 15.”

I set my phone down and reached a hand back to my jockstrapped ass, running it across my smooth cheeks before digging a couple fingers into my cummy hole. I could feel the first man’s seed, drawing my hand back up to my face and tasting his creamy jizz. I fought the urge to taste more, imagining how full I’d be after the cute Asian boy blasted seven days’ worth of sperm into mw. I wanted to be as full as I could possibly be, lubed and ready for all the other cocks I was inevitably going to take that day.

I lounged on my back watching cum dump videos until the appointed time came, and then I reassumed my position at the edge of the bed, waiting for my next trick to walk in and use me. I eagerly looked over when my front door opened, watching the cute Asian guy walk in.

He was stone-faced as he crept toward the bed, eyeing me suspiciously. “You’re on PreP, right?” he asked hesitantly.

I couldn’t blame him for worrying about that given the circumstances. “Oh yeah, I definitely am.”

The guy smiled instantly, pulling his mesh shorts down and revealing a rigid uncut 6 inches. “You have lube?”

“Just spit on it,” I answered, eager for him to use the first stranger’s load as lube. “There’s already some up there.”

“Nice,” he said, gleefully nodding his head. The Asian twink spit into his hand, rubbing the saliva all over his hard dick and immediately pushing his shaft into me. His face was mesmerized as he sank inside, his mouth gaping open as he started pumping in and out of my hole.

“Fuck yeah,” I whimpered, burying my head into the mattress and losing myself in the pleasure of getting plowed for the third time. “Fuck that hole, man.”

“Wow, I can feel the cum,” he whispered. “You’re so wet already. How many is that?”

“Two,” I answered as he sawed his uncut dick into me, his length effortlessly gliding in and out with the first guy’s big loads as lube.

“You fucking slut,” he hissed, the intensity of his strokes growing. “You going to take loads like this all day?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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