Capt. Dick Goes to Panama

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After studying sailing for more than two years George had bought his dream boat and he got a terrific deal on it but there was one little catch, it was located in Panama.

The trip was to be a vacation as well as a move, getting the craft from Panama to their home in Houston. George, his wife and her sister as well as his 20 year old daughter and her 21 year old cousin (sister’s daughter) were to take the trip. George had visions of spending 2 weeks with four of the loveliest ladies he’d ever known.

The women in his wife’s side of the family were blessed with the most amazing features. Long legs, blonde hair and intense green eyes as well as being intelligent, funny and uninhibited.

Unfortunately for George, as a senior partner in the law firm, he was called at the last minute to handle an important case in England. So he hired Captain Dick, his sailing instructor and licensed Coast Guard Captain to take his place in bringing his new boat and family back from Panama.

This wasn’t the first time that business came before family and his wife was really tired of his inability to say no to the firm. Her sister, on the other hand was recently divorced from a drunken engineer who had ignored her for years. The daughters were in college where they had been extremely popular with the entire male student body.

It was March and the girls were able to take an extra week off of college to make the trip. The weather would be a factor as any norther that came down would halt all progress on the route to Houston. When Julie, George’s wife was introduced to Captain Dick she could not help but have a little laugh at his name. Julie wondered if Captain Dick could turn into Julie’s dick for the trip. Julie was horny, pissed off at George and ready to party a little. The group traveled to Panama City from Houston and stayed at the Grand Hotel as the boat was there being provisioned for the trip. It would take two or three days to check the boat out, examine the Beneteau’s systems and make it ready for the trip.

At the end of the first day Captain Dick had dinner with the family at the hotel, shared stories and told jokes all during dinner. While he was telling one particularly good story he felt someone’s bare foot slowly make it’s way up his leg. Captain Dick could barely concentrate as he was sharing the table with 4 of the prettiest women he’d ever seen and one of them was playing with him. But which one? He blushed kocaeli escort but managed to get through the story but wondered who’s toes were playing with his legs.

The wine was excellent and the night was still young. Julie, the young wife of the owner of the boat, and Nancy, her sister, announced that they would finish the evening by shopping in the stores near the hotel while Randi, Julie’s daughter and Maggie, Nancy’s daughter would go to the hotel’s club for a few minutes before turning in. Captain wondered who was teasing him with those toes???

Captain Dick went up to his room with the intent of charting some of the initial coordinates for navigating out of the canal zone. Captain Dick then remembered that his GPS was in his cruise bag down on the boat and he would need the this to finish the job. The short trip to the marina would only take a minute.

Captain worked his way down the docks when he spotted a light coming from their little ship. Captain slowed his approach wondering if he had encountered a thief but as he approached he had a chance to look down into the cabin through the upper windows on the Beneteau. He froze in his steps as he saw Randi and Nancy locked in a kissing embrace. Captain Dick’s dick responded immediately going full solid in a second as the girls eased their hands along each others back and down to their asses. Captain was riveted – he could not believe his luck.

Nancy was obviously very close to her niece Randi. They had encounters before and shared that special kinship of close relatives that help each other through. Randi could not wait to taste Nancy and this chance was perfect – no one knew they were down on the boat.

Nancy felt the same way about Randi, she was always so cool and so pretty. Nancy was a little jealous of Randi’s good figure and that only made want to pleasure her even more. These girls were no lesbians – they liked fucking men but they also loved each other and tonight was special – they had not seen each other for a year, their pussies were very wet from the kissing and embraces.

Randi eased Nancy’s top off and cupped her breasts savoring the soft melons and hard nipples. Nancy eased her hand down and unbuttoned and unzipped Randi’s shorts letting them slide to the deck. Oh the girls were in heaven and the best was yet to come.

Captain Dick was frozen in his tracks, for one thing he had never seen two beautiful women make love. Further kocaeli escort bayan he had no idea that Julies’s sister Nancy might be attracted to her daughter Randi. His first impulse was to retreat quietly down the dock and make his way to the hotel bar for a nightcap but the beauty of seeing lovers in the brightly lit cabin held him like a magnet.

Finally he decided he could stand no more, his cock was in a painful state of erection trying to push it’s way out of his jeans and into the night air. The damn GPS could wait until morning. He drew a deep breath and stepped backwards to make his retreat only he backed into something warm that wasn’t there when he arrived. Startled, he spun around and came eye to eye with a pair of the most intriguing blue-green eyes he’d ever seen. They were familiar eyes, that he had viewed most recently over dinner. The eyes belonged to Julie, the wife of his friend George, the owner of this boat and his sailing student.

Furthermore Julie was the mother of Randi, who was visibly making love in the boat not 10 feet behind him. He attempted to say something, but nothing sensible was coming from his mouth. “Ah, er, Julie” he croaked.

“Shhh” she said, “let’s not disturb the lovers, ok?” all Captain Dick could do successfully was nod as she calmly linked her arm through his to lead him down the dock. To make matters worse for poor Captain, she was leading him with her right arm and right breast rubbing against his left arm.

After a few steps, he was able to ask her if she saw what was happening in the boat. She only replied that “we are a very sensuous family” and led him toward the Hotel.

“But Julie!” he said, “your daughter is in there making love to your sister!”!

She only smiled and looked into the Captains eyes and said “It only means I get you first.”

While Captain had heard what she said he didn’t really comprehend it until she spun him towards her, and kissed him full on the lips. Captain Dick responded by reaching around her body, just above her curved hips and kissed in return. His hands wandered down her rear, traveling over her lovely ass. In return she was busy pulling his lower torso into hers, somehow managing a quick touch on his titanium strength hard on.

He still couldn’t speak, but he heard her ask “would you like to have a nightcap in the bar or would you prefer to fuck me now?”.

With considerable effort he managed to izmit escort offer “we can drink anytime”. They walked into the hotel, and in to the elevator for the short trip to the third floor. As the doors closed she kissed him again on the lips and ran her tongue over his lips, his teeth and tangled with his own tongue. While the slow elevator was making it’s way up she unbuttoned the only three buttons holding her blouse together. She took his face and pressed it on to her bare bosom. Her nipples, hard with passion made their way over his face and into his mouth. His tongue circled the nipple while he hungrily sucked at the sweet tit.

The doors to the elevator had been open for awhile when they realized the third floor had arrived. They made their way down to her room, opened the door and walked through the darkened room to the bedside. By now he was starting to gather what was left of his wits. He slipped her blouse from her shoulders, falling to the floor revealing her lovely breasts. Her tropical weight skirt was held together with only one button that he disconnected from it’s secure position. She wore no underwear, neither bra nor panties and the skirt fell to a pile around her long, lovely legs. Now it was her turn to unbutton his shirt, his pants, and pushed his underwear over his still rigid lower member.

He gently pushed her back on to the bed, the view was memorable. The most beautiful woman he’d ever seen was laying naked in the moonlight on a bed in front of his naked body. She was definitely the wife of a rich man. She had lust in her eyes and curious Mona Lisa smile that was inviting but not easily understood.

He could wait no longer, he leaned over and pressed is face into her unshaved pussy. She was beautiful no doubt but had lovely vaginal lips which he separated with his fingers and touched with his tongue. He tasted her wetness, he teased, sucked and caressed her most private areas. He found her sensitivities and brought her to orgasm time after time. Captain Dick watched in amazement as Julie’s hole puckered along with her loins as she climaxed sopping his face with her cum. Captain thought to himself, this chick is fucking hot.

He had delayed his own erotic joys long enough, as she pulled his body in, he entered her vagina with an industrial grade erection. He filled her softness with his hardness, he moved in and out, she groaned moaned and came another time. Finally he felt his load build for the most incredible ejaculation and climax of his life. He came and filled her pussy with his cream. He collapsed on her sweat covered body, her breasts pressing against his. They embraced and rolled on the bed, exhausted.

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