Car Trouble

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“Shit!” I screamed as I noticed my temperature nearing hot. I spotted a Jiffy Lube half a mile up the road. I prayed that they were open at this hour. I pulled up at the garage and I saw two men cleaning tools. I got out my car and asked them if they could service my car. The tall, dark chocolate one asked me what was wrong with it, his voice reminded me of Wesley Snipes and I always had a thing for him.

“My car is overheating.” I explained as I shifted around, pussy aching for the man.

“Ma’am the overall price is $300.” the other man explained. He had service rep on his overalls. He was two inches shorter than the other one and reminded me of Romeo. My pussy started aching more at every second in their company.

“$300 dollars! I don’t have that kind of money right now, my son need a new uniform and shoes for baseball.” I exclaimed.

“Look ma’am, I’m sorry, but it is what is.” replied the tall dark one who I dubbed as Wesley in my mind.

“Who do I have to screw in order to get out of this?” I mumbled to ataköy escort myself. I saw a look passed between the two men and it was clear that they heard me.

“Well, ma’am we could strike a deal with you. That is if you’d agree to it.” replied the Romeo lookalike.

I raised my eyebrow at them and asked with a smirk, “What kind of deal do you have in mind?”

Wesley spoke first, “If you service us then…”

“We can service your car for free.” Romeo finished.

I thought this over in 30 seconds and walked over to the couch that was in the corner, removing my clothes in the process. “Well fellas, who’s fucking me first and who’s dick I’m sucking?” I asked them as I watch them remove their clothes.

Wesley had wide shoulders, a strong looking chest and an impressive six pack that made me want to trail my tongue all over it. Romeo had good shoulders as well, but not as wide as Wesley’s, and his stomach was smooth with a trail of hair going down to his dick. He had that whole V thing avcılar escort going on and that made my pussy pulse. They both had impressive dicks, Wesley’s was about ten inches long and 2 inches wide. Romeo’s was eight inches long and almost 3 inches wide. I couldn’t wait for them to bring me them beautiful dicks of theirs. I crooked my index finger to Wesley and brought his dick to my mouth and proceeded to pleasure him with my mouth as Romeo lifted me to my knees and dipped two fingers to my already wet pussy.

“Damn girl, you nice and wet already.” he exclaimed.

I just smiled around Wesley’s dick. Romeo slowly pushed his dick deep inside me, making me gasp and take more of Wesley’s dick in my mouth. This was my first threesome and I was enjoying the hell out of it. We built up a rhythm where Romeo pushed me forward onto Wesley’s dick and he pushed me back onto Romeo. I could taste the sweet pre-cum that was dripping from Wesley, which let me know he was enjoying the dick sucking he was receiving. beylikdüzü escort The sensation of being fucked and sucked dick at the same time turned me on so such, within minutes my pussy convulsed around Romeo’s dick and moaning around Wesley’s dick. Romeo stroked my clit as Wesley pinched my nipples sending me over the edge.

I came long and hard, Wesley dripping wet with my saliva on his dick, traded places with Romeo who glistened with my juices. I tasted myself on him and I tasted divine on his dick. Wesley was able to dig deep into me easily since Romeo was a little thicker. I clenched around him feeling him go further than Romeo. Wesley got a little more aggressive and smacked my ass as he getting my sweet pussy. I knew this round wasn’t going to last long since they made sure I got mine first and was holding back. Romeo gripped my hair and fucked my mouth hard as I felt his balls tense, he moaned that he was cumming and took his dick out my mouth and his cum shot over my mouth and chin. Wesley wasn’t far behind him and he came all over my ass.

After we cleaned up, they fixed my car which took 2 hours and gave me an oil change. I called my sister to let her know that I’ll be home soon. I didn’t even bother asking them what their names were before I left. I hope I have more car trouble in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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