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I know I know! You, my constantly horny fans are expecting a Marlene story. Welllllll, I’m pretty dry on Marlene stories right now so I thought I’d cum up with some new vehicles for your cumming pleasure. If you like this one I’ve got a bunch more for you. Take a sec to vote for this one and to mail me. If you don’t like it?- – -well fuck you!


Before my wife Carla and I got married we dated for a couple of years very casually. We were what’s called “fuck buddies”. We’d go out to a movie or dinner or to a party of some sort and then go to her place or mine and fuck like crazy for what seemed like hours and hours. I was seeing other girls and I assumed she was seeing other guys and there wasn’t an ounce of jealously in either one of us. Carla’s 5′ 9″, 150, natural blonde with nape of the neck length, very blue eyes, small breasts (36B+). Her legs are those “go all the way up to her ass” kind and her ass? Well it is just terrific! Me? My name’s Jeff. I’m also 5’9″ and beat her in the weight department at 145 (drives the bitch crazy!). I’m fairly smooth all over with a nice little mustache over my cock which is 61/2 inches and thick enough. She’s 36 and I’m 34. (Drives her further crazy when I call her “old lady!)

One night after we’d been seeing each other for a few months we were laying back on the couch after doing a very hot fuck and suck session. We’d watched some hot porn before and I knew that she liked it. This time I had put in a boy boy girl DVD and had watched her face while she watched it. Her eyes had been really bright and I could tell that she’d liked it a lot. When we were finished I asked her if she’d ever thought about or ever had sex with another girl. She gave me this great eye roll.

“When I was in college I had sex with another girl twice. Two different girls. It was so fucking shitty with the first one I had to try a second to see if it was any better. It wasn’t. Just doesn’t get it for me lover. I’m just for cocks so don’t be one of those morons who try to talk me into doing it. K? I mean how would you like it if I tried to talk you into sex with another guy? C’mon Mark! I want to see you with another guy. See you blow each other. Have him fuck your hot little hole. You’d get irritated! If not pissed!”

Up until that time I’d not told her about my other sexual side. She knew me as a total hetro male when in reality I’m a very bi-sexual guy. A cock hound. A cock and cum whore who’d just as soon suck a cock as a pussy: just as soon be fucked as fuck. So here I was in a rare position of either laughing her off or telling her my little reality. See, because we weren’t remotely serious about each other at the time I didn’t have any embarrassment or fear of telling her the truth about me. If she liked it or wasn’t offended it was all good and if she was grossed out or put off so what. See ya. Because at that point in time I wasn’t worried about finding a girl to fuck on an occasional basis. almanbahis Soooooo…

“Well actually Carla my love, I wouldn’t be either irritated or pissed off. In fact I’d love to have you see me and another guy go at it together.” Her eyes got a little bit bigger and she gave me this quizzical look as I continued. “I haven’t said anything up til now because the opportunity hadn’t presented itself but to tell you the truth lover, I like sex with guys, not as much as with you but it comes in a close second. And if you ever wanted to see me with another guy I think it’d be totally hot to have you watch- – -or even join in. So there.” She was looking at me with a small smile on her face now.

“You’re really serious? You fuck and suck with other guys? I mean is this a one time thing or a lot of the time thing and are you safe about it and all that?” She asked. “You don’t have any fucked up diseases? Do you kiss? Do you actually suck cocks? Have you ever had a guy cum in your mouth? Do you fuck them or do they fuck you?”

“Whoa whoa whoa! If you really want to know I’ll tell you everything but I need to know first if you’re put off or turned on or what. And I’m always safe in the fucking department and no I don’t have any nor have I ever had any fucked up diseases so you have nothing to worry about.” Here we are both of us naked on my leather couch and I can tell she’s turned on because her legs are squeezed together and then apart and her tiny nipples are as hard as cherry pits.

“Oh god yes I’m totally turned on by the idea of you and another guy. I’ve fantasized on guys fucking and sucking each other forever! I saw a gay porn flick once and came like crazy to it. I want to hear all about it. How old you were the first time. What it’s like. How often you do it. Who you do it with. And what to gay guys call it? Are you a top or bottom? All of it!”

So I proceeded to tell her how when I was much much younger this slightly older neighbor and I would get together in my room and look at my dad’s Playboy and Penthouse magazines. We’d get all hot and hard and then end up jerking off together. Eventually we discovered my mother’s jar of alboline cream and graduated to slicking up our cocks and jerking each other off. And I told her about how one day he had shot a big load of cum all over my hand and how I just put my hand up to my mouth and licked it all off. That was my first taste of cum and I liked it. After that it was a natural progression of events that brought his cock into my mouth. I had no idea of how to give a blow job but at that age it doesn’t take more than having one’s cock in a mouth to make the cock cum. He and I kept at it until he moved away.

I told her about how, when I was in college I had discovered xxx bookstores with video booths and glory holes and how one Saturday night I had sucked off five guys in a row and got all of their cum either in my mouth or on my face. And how it almanbahis giriş made me feel so slutty that I actually walked out of the place with the cum visible to anyone who looked at me. I told her about my first fucking when a black guy stuck his big fat cock through the glory hole and I just spread my ass cheeks and maneuvered him into my previously greased up and virginal (except for a variety of household goods and vegetables) ass pussy. About how it hurt like hell but then I started to really like it and how his hard black dick rubbing in and out of me made me cum all over the floor without my having ever touched my cock.

About how I fell forward when I came and lost his dick and how he “made” me suck him off til he came. And of course how I swallowed his hot cum. And then I told her about my first xxx theater visit when I had “pulled a train” of I don’t know how many guys in one evening. How guys had cum in my mouth, in my hair and (god I’m so fucking lucky not to be dead by now) how several of them had cum in my ass pussy until it was so full that I could feel the cum running down my thighs. I could see her pussy glistening with her girl cum when I told her that one of the guys had scooped cum out of my ass and legs and fed it to me and how when I finally came they made me eat my own cum.

She was so hot listening to me talk that she was now in the corner of the couch rubbing her clit with one hand and pistoning her fingers of the other hand in and out of her cunt. My dick was rock hard and as I talked I slid my hand up and down the shaft while pre cum leaked out of the tip. “Oh fuck baby you’re making me so fucking hot telling me all this! Tell me more Mark tell me more.”

So I told her about how I had been so paranoid about someone finding out that I’d drive fifty or a hundred miles out of town to find a hard dick to suck or fuck. I told her about letting three guys fuck me in a van outside of a bookstore. About how they slapped me around and fucked my ass one after another and then threw me out into the parking lot naked and then took off with my clothes so that I had to drive home naked and slick with cum. She asked if I had any toys (we’d never messed with any: up to that point it had been pretty much straight sex) so I got up and brought back a big ten inch cock and an eight inch strap on. She took the strap on and started sucking on it while she jerked her clit and I took the ten incher and after fingering my ass with oil I worked it into my ass pussy til it was all the way in me. She reached over and started fucking it in and out of me, telling me what a slut I was for doing this and how much she liked it.

“Why dontcha put on that strap-on baby. Fuck my face and ass with it. See if you can make me your cum bitch.”

“Oh fuck yes!” She exclaimed. “I wanna fuck you so fucking bad!” After struggling with the fake cock for a minute she got it on and stood up over me. I reached out almanbahis yeni giriş and pulled her to me by the cock and she guided it into my mouth. I looked up at her while I gave her cock a hot blow job- – -got it all wet and hot with my saliva while she watched me. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! It looks so hot seeing it in your mouth baby! Suck it for me. Got me all hot to fuck you lover. God I wish I could cum in your mouth and see it there!” I sucked her for a few more minutes while I stroked my dick.

I told her: “Why dontcha fuck me with that cock of yours baby! Stick it in me. Fuck me like a slut!” I got up and bent over the arm of the couch (thank god for leather!). I reached behind me and spread my cheeks apart so she could see my little ass cunt. “Cmon Carla, stick your dick in me. Fuck me like the whore I am!” I could see her holding the cock in her hand as she guided it into me.

“I don’t want to hurt you baby.” She said as she paused with the head just into me.

“Just fuck me lover. Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” So she did. She slid her nasty cock into me and started fucking in and out of me as if she’d been born with a big dick.

“Oh goddamn it looks hot seeing my cock go in and out of you! Your ass is so hot looking around my dick!” My own cock was leaking pre cum down the side of the couch and I was loving her fuck me so goddamn much! I had the ten inch dildo in my mouth now and was sucking on it with my head turned to the side so she could see me do it. “That’s right baby! Suck that big dick while I fuck you! Suck it til it shoots off in your mouth you fucking slut! Oh god I want to see you suck a cock so bad! I want to get fucked so bad too! Going to make me cum!” She pulled out of me and laid back on the couch with her long legs up in the air almost over her shoulders. She looked so fucking hot that way with her gaping cunt glistening wet and her big dick standing straight up. “Fuck me Jeff! Fuck me now your cocksucker!”

I still had the big cock in my mouth as I slid into her soaking cunt. I kept it there while I fucked her hard. After five minutes or so I popped it out of my mouth and pulled out of her. I quickly went down on her dick and sucked her. “Oh fuck! Suck my dick baby! Fuck yeah! Fuck me!” I slid back into her and fucked her until she screamed out a hard hard cum. Seeing her face contorted in hot anguish pushed me over and I shot a stream of cum into her. We’d always used condoms til then but this time my hot cum went straight into her. I pulled out and shot the rest of my load onto her tits with some landing on her face. The whole time I was cumming she kept calling out “Fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes!” through gritted teeth. I scooped up the cum and ate it but held it in my mouth so I could kiss her and french it into her mouth. Fuck it was hot! We both fell back totally worn out and just kind of laid there in a state of exhaustion. I remember looking over at her and seeing this big cock standing straight out from her crotch and how hot she looked with her hair all sweaty and cummy. I got us a couple of Coronas and after a few minutes she turned to me.

“So when are you going to get us a boy so I can watch you get a mouthful of cum baby?” She said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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