Chesterbury Tales Pt. 17

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It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host began with a tale about a birthday orgy involving a current top film star. The Theatre Company Manager’s tale was of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director’s tale of how the ‘Wife of Bath’, with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team. The Politician’s tale was about the husband’s revenge, and the Model’s tale about a country girl finding heaven between her legs – with the aid of her vicar. For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker’s Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them, whilst the Aristocrat’s tale was about a sexual orgy, incest and murder in the stately home. The TV Presenter’s related a tale of group sex with an African Chief and his bodyguards. During the afternoon, adventures in the park during the dark hours gave Delia a taste of sex with strangers.

Chapter Seventeen: The Actor’s Tale

After dinner, the guests made their way into the lounge where coffee was ready with mint chocolates and liqueurs. The brandy decanter and port were placed on the centre table for the guests to help themselves. After everyone had settled down with their chosen partner, Julie invited Jake to tell his story.

Jake was an actor, a milk chocolate coloured young man of African origin, with a strong-looking forward thrust of his thighs. All the women guests had sampled the delight of his powerful, handsome cock sliding in and out of their well-lubricated vaginas, and some had tasted the copious emission from it. Enid in particular, had savoured the delicious sperm, rolling it round her cheeks and under her tongue, before allowing it to trickle down her throat with a cat-like smile.

With a friendly face, those smoky dark eyes coloured people often have, close-cropped curly hair and a firm jaw, he was fully relaxed. His six foot frame, seemingly all legs and arms, lounging all over the cushions of the settee. He glanced round the couples as they settled together. It was incredible to think that, since he had become stranded with the company manager, Emma, in this isolated, high-class roadhouse, he had screwed all the women there with the exception of Gertie. She was curled up beside him on a settee, her left breast visible in the top of the gown she was wearing.

Having inadvertently gate-crashed an exclusive week-end orgy party, with couples from the society pages of the glossy magazines, he couldn’t believe his good fortune!

Delia, a popular TV presenter, was sitting with the host, Robert. It was sheer heaven for Jake to have had a wonderful encounter with her body. She was so lovely, it was a real joy to have ploughed her dripping vulva. Such a lot of love juice, he remembered, and a violent female ejaculation during orgasm. The hostess, Julie, was giggling with Martin. She had been after Jake all the time. A very active lover indeed, with a great line in cock-sucking. Beautiful breasts – soft and pliable.

The best-selling novelist, red-haired Susan, had laughed and giggled through three hours of sex with Jake. She had long, pointed breasts, with heavy nipples resting on her rounded belly. He discovered that her plump figure had a shaved vulva, apart from a tuft of ginger hair above the clitoral hood. She loved games and role-playing. Fucking was a whole heap of fun for Susan. The government minister, Laurie, would have a great time with her.

Enid, the stockbroker millionairess, was chatting earnestly with George. To look at her, one would think she had little interest in sex. Doll-like features with rimmed spectacles, she looked more like a school mistress. Small framed with breasts to match. But she adored being fucked, which she did with much enthusiasm, ending in earth shattering orgasms. Jake had never found any woman whose orgasms were quite so noisy and violent. Her body thrashed around for ages during the spasms. Then she’d start all over again!

Jake’s dark brown skin was taught over his noble face and his dark serious eyes reflecting the warm glow of the corner table-lamp as the guests, making themselves comfortable, settled into silence, ready for him to relate his story.

This was it.

Many generations ago, amongst the tribes of central Africa, there was one called the Mbobo tribe. It has long ago ceased to exist, but it was a peace-loving race, ruled by a firm despotic king who was also their chief Witch Doctor, capable of weaving spells and striking fear into the hearts of those who opposed him.

He was a large, handsome figure, with decorations in his pierced flaring nostrils and a flamboyant head-dress. When dressed in his formal Witch Doctor garb he made a fearsome sight. His wife was a tall, dignified lady, with full

breasts almanbahis of a polished ebony colour, wearing row upon row of multi-coloured bangles on both forearms, showing her position in society. Her skirt was made of a fine hand-woven woollen fabric, exquisitely embroidered in coloured threads.

She was the daughter of a King of a mighty neighbouring tribe, the marriage having been arranged to protect the peace between their peoples. The Queen and her Witch Doctor King, had an only child. A princess daughter, Swala who, not surprisingly coming from such princely parents, was a woman of great beauty and greatly admired by the whole tribe.

Her face was noble and serene, her head was held high, no doubt helped by the strings of beads worn around the neck. Her sleek body was firm with high proud breasts of glowing dark brown skin. The nipples sat like dark cups on top of the substantial breasts, rather than at the lower extreme, their tips the texture of large dried apricots, which would swell to resemble ripe plums when aroused.

The name for the male organ was Rnami, and of the female organ the Talma. These were neither clinical names nor euphemisms. There was no equivalent to our coarse names for the genitalia. Rnami simply meant proud or firm. And, as you may have guessed, Talma meant eternal bliss. The language is now out of use since the tribe became extinct. There were few sexual taboos in the tribe.

Young maids having reached their eighteenth birthday were expected, indeed encouraged, to experiment with the youths until the time came for marriage, though actual penetration of the girls was prohibited before that event. Punishment was severe, but there were other means of relieving the young of their frustrations. Highly developed manual and oral techniques were most often used.

After marriage, total loyalty to the intended spouse was expected, except on special ceremonial occasions when communal entertainment involving the enjoyment of sex was held publicly by the whole tribe. There was an exception to this rule. Whilst there was nothing immoral or obscene about sex in the Mbobo tribe, by tradition, the Witch Doctor had the choice of deflowering each girl as she reached her eighteenth birthday, as part of the public birthday celebration. It was a ritual designed to bless the girl with fertility when she eventually married.

The Witch Doctor, however, might choose to penetrate the girl merely to break her hymen – or derma – the ceremony of Patalma, named after the Goddess Patalma, the keeper of the gates to eternal bliss. The girl’s parents could opt out of the actual penetration part of the ritual, using instead the rnamidu. This was a large carved ivory baton with mystical qualities, shaped like a small rnami, hence its name, used to break the hymen and so preserve the girls’ virginity for marriage.

For this they would expect to pay the King two calves or three sheep or goats. The exact payment would be negotiated, the amount depending on the beauty and desirability of the girl which became a measure of her worth as a wife. The girls always looked forward with excitement to the ceremony – it was their coming of age, after all. The day they left their childhood behind to become a woman.

The young men of the tribe were mostly tall, with muscular limbs developed by frequent physical exercise in hunting, and competitive games they all enjoyed taking part in. For the young men, the Queen had the traditional option of taking a young man’s virginity, also on his eighteenth birthday, should she wish. But she could select a substitute for the ritual after the ceremonial washing, oiling and decorating of the erect penis.

In order that the young man might not lose his self-control during these preliminaries, a special balm was applied, which maintained his erection but calmed his enthusiasm. The Queen usually reserved her own ceremonial right for those endowed with an unusually large rnami. This took the form of a symbolic penetration, but made the youth very proud to have been selected for her attention. Such a youth became very eligible for marriage.

Otherwise the youth would be initiated into manhood orally by a single woman, preferably a cousin or a widowed aunt , always withdrawing in good time to make sure that the final spectacle of his ejaculation could be seen by all.

After the ceremony, old ritual dances to the rhythm of drums, involving penetration of the talma – or amicatalma as they called it – between several people would take place before the Witch Doctor and his Queen, for the entertainment of the villagers.

The princess Swala was, of course, different from the rest of the village society. On her eighteenth birthday, the King would choose a consort for his daughter. At that time, she would perform with her consort an elaborate form of the Patalma ceremony in a ritual festival involving much food and drink, and dancing of the youth of the tribe, lasting well into the night.

For this ceremony, almanbahis giriş the special balm was used to equip all the young men of the tribe with erections, which would then last for several hours. This was done to avoid any embarrassment of those youths who were unable to control their rnami during the erotic dance with the maidens. That would have been humiliating for the youths in question, so they were all able to sport their hardness without fear of ejaculation.

No-one, parent or child, was disconcerted with this sight. It was tradition. And so was the painful ritual of circumcision, when the young men reached puberty, a ritual they could not escape. The youths were removed from their family by the elders, had their foreskins cut off, and other mutilations of the shaft of the rnami. Various ointments were used to help the healing process before the youth was returned to the village, a fully fledged man, proud of his scars.

These scars, when the rnami became swollen, would form hard ridges along the shaft, giving additional pleasure to his wife. Insufficient pleasure during intercourse by the wife was considered grounds for divorce.

The King of the Mbobo had selected for his daughter the handsome son, Dwindali, of another tribal ruler some five days march away. A provisional contract was made and dowry agreed if the prince in question was happy to accept the young bride. What a celebration there would be! What feasting and revelry would be shared by every member of both tribes, for the young Prince would bring many guests with him and, when he returned to his village with his new bride, many of the villagers would return with them to continue festivities.

But one day, a young stranger entered the camp. As all strangers, he was made welcome, was offered food and drink. He was a tall and very attractive male hunter. The children and girls of the village came out to look at the stranger, fascinated by his appearance and physique. The princess Swala also saw him and immediately fell in love with him, whilst he, being unaware of her status, found her equally appealing.

After he had drunk his fill, and shared their simple mid-day meal, the princess and the stranger disappeared together into the princess’ hut. One of the elders, however, concerned that the taboo of the princess might be in jeopardy, hurried to the Witch Doctor, her father, who was taking his afternoon rest. He told him of the occurrence. The Witch Doctor was mightily troubled by the news, took up his blow-pipe and some special darts, and strode to the Princess’ hut, followed by his Queen and the elder.

They found Swala with her body pressed against the young warrior her thighs parted, her arms hanging round the stranger’s neck, kissing his face and murmuring sighs of love. Hearing the bead curtain move, she swung round to see who had entered her hut uninvited. The warrior, not surprisingly, was already sporting a stiff rnami of fine proportions and the intruders were struck dumb in a mixture of rage and astonishment.

Swala ran to the King to beg forgiveness, knowing that she had broken the taboo and must be punished. The King in his anger had raised the blow-pipe to his lips and blew. The young warrior was confused by the interruption but the special dart projected by the Witch Doctor, struck him on the neck, freezing the young man in his movement almost straight away.

The Witch Doctor flung his distraught daughter to the straw covered floor and, before she could speak, bent over her with a phial of green liquid which he emptied between her parted lips with an angry growl.

He lifted his face and intoned with great bitterness

‘For this foul deed which thou hast done today Thou’lt roam the world a vile repulsive witch. This binding spell with thee shall stay Til lover’s kisses part thy slimy ditch.’

As he spoke the others drew back in fear at his terrible wrath, watching as, before their very eyes, the shape of the young beautiful girl begin to change. Her frame heaved and shook. A hump erupted on her left shoulder and both arms withered from the joint. Hair grew on the back of her hands and her long elegant fingers curled into claws with long talon-like nails.

Worst of all, when she looked up, her noble face had changed completely to a flat gorilla-like nose, hairy cheeks and warts. Sunken cracked lips oozed saliva over toothless gums. Her eyes were a rheumy yellow, red rimmed with large hooded lids devoid of lashes. Her well-groomed thick, lustrous hair had turned to a thin, wiry and tousled mass. Her bold, proud breasts slowly sagged until they rested, empty unshapely bags, onto the swelling wrinkled belly.

She looked with astonishment into her father’s face.

He turned to his queen. ‘Give her food and gold before we banish her from the village.’

The Queen raised her daughter to her feet and took her out onto the village common where members of the tribe stood in fear and apprehension. One of the elders came forward almanbahis yeni giriş with a shoulder bag made from deer skin, filled with bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst the queen handed her a bag of gold.

She was then taken to the northern path out of the village, where she ambled away, in shame and in fear of her life. She didn’t look back.

When Swala had left the hut, the Witch Doctor turned to the spell-bound young man. He took a phial of violet liquid from his cloak and drained its contents into the young man’s vacant eyes, intoning the spell.

‘Nor memory nor sight shall thou retain But tramp the world with only dog as guide. This spell shall shut thy sight and freeze thy brain ‘Till thou be kissed by lips of virgin bride.’

The sightless young man was led, groping before him, from the hut, given a long rough staff and a small dog on a simple lead. The elders hung a bag of provender round his neck and guided him to the southern edge of the village. There, they pointed him in the direction of the path into the forest where he groped slowly, feeling the way forward with his staff, led by the dog.

There was much sorrow and grieving in the village that their beautiful princess, who had everything to look forward to and a rich life before her, should have brought herself this dishonour.

Swala wandered through bush and swamps, moving from village to village. When her food ran out, she lived from the fruit of the land and from trapping the occasional rabbit for a special treat. She was shunned, sometimes stoned, by the children and villagers alike. When she tried to buy food and shelter, she was stoned and her gold stolen.

She was chased and threatened by vicious dogs. Some of the older villagers took pity on her and gave her scraps of food. She begged these villagers to trust her, telling them that she was under a spell, and promising their young men riches beyond their wildest dreams if they would but kiss her drooling, toothless lips. She would intone a simple rhyme.

‘Who kisseth me, the dew from off my lips Shall get him beauteous maid both rich and true, For gold beyond their wildest dreams outstrips To live fore’er in luxury anew.’

This suggestion raised great merriment among the youths who mocked her, struck her, and tugged on her long, leathery dugs. They cried

‘Who kisseth you shall poisoned be And live with horrible witch. Sunshine shall he never see But always lie in swampy ditch.’

One desperate, drunken man, who must have been half-blind, on the outskirts of a village, tried to interfere with her talma. Before he could thrust his half-swollen rnami into her, the secretions burnt into his skin, his swelling shrivelled and he yelled in pain. Had he been more sober, he might have beaten her, but she scampered away quickly to hide in the bushes.

Three years and more of this harsh life had passed when the disfigured hag, sitting at the side of the dusty track, munching on a crust begged of a worker returning from the fields, saw a blind man, led by a mongrel dog, stumbling down the lane. The tall emaciated man was covered with grime and dust, his shoulders bowed with fatigue.

The dog stopped as he saw the hag and began to snarl at her.

‘I mean no harm stranger,’ cried the hag, ‘call your dog to silence and come share my crust of bread. You look in need of food.’

He quieted the dog who continued to growl but kept his distance from the hideous hag.

‘You are very kind lady,’ he replied. ‘I shall accept your kind offer. As you see, I am blind and was unaware of your presence.’

As they munched their stale bread, Swala slowly realised that, since the man was blind he was unaware of her repulsive appearance. In spite of her changed appearance, Swala’s voice had remained low and soft. He may be persuaded to break the cruel spell.

She propositioned him. ‘Good sir,’ she said, ‘some three years past I was, I fear, placed under a cruel spell which made my appearance unwholesome to my fellow men. The spell, I was told, may be broken by a kiss. All my worldly goods and beauty shall be his that breaks the spell.’

The man replied, ‘Dear lady, you have been good to me this day, and kindly too. Your voice, though tired, has a soft and tender tone. I will tell you that I, too, was placed under an awesome spell. I was struck with blindness, so I know the pain that you must feel. Allow me to make bold with you, good lady, and kiss your tender lips.’

But, to her surprise, the blind man felt for the hem of her ragged skirt, lifted it and groped beneath its folds with his stubby, grimy fingers. They encountered the soft, secret place between her thighs. Could he have but seen what lay there, he would have beheld the ripe, plump vulva of a young virgin girl, with pouting inner lips, nestling between the skinny thighs of the wrinkled hag.

The startled witch parted her thighs without a thought, allowing the grubby fingers to probe her much-neglected talma. A half-remembered excitement raced through her mind. A turmoil overcame her inner belly like that of a butterfly fluttering within her. The blind man’s quivering fingers felt the warm nectar oozing from the fleshy lips of her talma.

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