Chronicles of Cambridge Ch. 02

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: The Two Waitresses

I gave up working in offices; I wanted to do something else. It was probably something to do with a slightly delayed mid-life crisis. I Applied for and got a job as a manager of a busy pub/restaurant just out of town. The job was good because it came with its own living accommodation over the ‘shop’ It was quite specious and designed for a couple, so as a single man, fresh from a failed marriage, it was ideal. I was responsible for the bar, while the chef ran the restaurant side. We got on very well and we jointly employed the staff we needed – two of which were sisters, Cat and Angie. Cat was a wild one; only just eighteen and already using her feminine charms. Angie was more shy. They were both very attractive girls getting their looks from different sides of the family. Cat was dark and volatile, Angie was fair and mild-mannered.

One day, I suggested that we should have a party in the pub, after closing time. It was Sunday and the place shut on Mondays being too quiet to open the restaurant therefore making the pub seem pointless. That night, we got rid of the last punter by 10:30 and cleared up the bar and restaurant. There were five of us; myself, Cat, Angie and the chef and his girlfriend. We began by drinking and playing darts. I could tell that Cat was in a flirty mood. When she lunged with the darts I could see the outline of her firm tits bouncing with the action. I would have loved to see them uncovered. I had often thought of what she would be like in bed – especially as she was so young and wild. Angie was pacing herself and pleasantly chatting to the chef and his girlfriend. Cat and I were getting into a serious competition. We both hated the thought of losing!

Around 11:30 the chef and his wife decided to leave and go back to their house, leaving me with the two sisters. We joked about how lucky I was to be left alone with them and I could tell there was some very clumsy flirting going on. Once alone, we grabbed a few bottles of wine and headed up to the living accommodation to play cards. It was warmer up there and less smokey and we could relax a bit more without worrying about the police and after-hours partying.

Cat, by this time was quite drunk and said that she would like to play Strip Poker. Angie laughingly agreed and I made a few protestations and eventually said yes. After a few hands, it was clear that I was losing, partly because I kept thinking about them both being naked, but I myself was down to my trousers and boxers. Cat had her top, bra and skirt on and Angie was only missing her socks. Cat had two bad hands and I was suddenly treated to the glorious sight of her in her white bra and panties. As she stood up to remove her skirt, I could make out the shadow of her pubic hair – as dark as the hair on her head. She wore very lovely, but very sensible matching bra and knickers with lace edging. Her bra was filled by firm but small tits, very perky but I put that down to her relative youth. She sat back down, and I was amazed when she almost absent-mindedly sat cross legged. I caught her glance at me as she took a slug from her drink and resumed studying her cards. God! She had a naughty look. I could feel my cock straining against my shorts and began worrying that if I lost the next hand, my arousal would be exposed.

As luck would have it, Angie lost the next hand and decided to remove her shirt, giving me a lovely view of a pair of soft, white tits in a small balconette bra. Angie being a shy type never really gave much away in terms of a flash of legs or cleavage, but now, with a few drinks inside her and the mood in the room definitely hotting up, I sensed a change. “Cat, don’t you ever tell my boyfriend about this. He’d go nuts” She said

“Ange, just enjoy yourself. You never get chance to kick out and enjoy yourself” Cat replied. “You deal this hand anyway”

Angie sat up on her haunches and dealt the cards and I watched as her tits wobbled as she did so. “See anything you like Dave?” Cat cheekily said, catching my rather unsubtle stare. “Ange, I think he’s ogling your tits”

Both the girls laughed and I blushed slightly. I lost the next hand and had to remove my trousers. I unbuckled my belt and popped the fly which then exposed my throbbing erection in my boxer shorts. Cat was looking straight at it and as I hurriedly sat down I said “See anything you like, then Cat?”

“Don’t know, I didn’t get a proper look. Stand up a second”

“Erm, I’m not sure that’s a good idea” I said. “The sight of the both of you in your scanties has given me a hard-on. Sorry.”

“What? So you saying I’ve never seen a hard cock before?” Cat retorted “No..I’m saying you’ve never seen my cock before” I said. “Let’s keep playing the game. I feel a luck streak coming on”

I poured another round of drinks and felt confident enough to walk around now my erection had subsided slightly. My now semi-erect cock was bouncing around from side-to-side as I walked round the room. izmir escort I could feel Cat staring at it, but stopped myself from acknowledging her gaze. I felt wanted and it was nice.

The next game looked like another loser for me, but I managed to rescue the situation and it quickly turned the tables on Angie. She and her sister were now sitting in my lounge, wearing on their bra and knickers. Who needs TV!

I looked at Cat and could see that her nipples were poking out from behind the sheer material of her bra. “Getting a bit cold for you Cat?” I joked. “Not really, they just sometimes do this.” I turned up the heating a bit, to make everyone comfortable and checked the time. We had been playing cards for over an hour and I had been sitting in the same room as these two young, semi-naked girls for over half of that!

“I must say, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned sex, since we’re all sitting here with just our underwear on” Angie said to me. “You know what Ange? I’m either too much of gentleman or I am completely stupid. I don’t know which. Are you offering then Ange?”

“I didn’t say that” I was just pointing out that this is a bit of a unique situation for me and I feel very relaxed.” I looked down at her panties and could see a small wet patch in her crotch. I looked down at my growing erection and could see that it was leaking precum, making its own little wet patch. I looked up and Cat had noticed it too. She smiled cheekily and I sat back to give my cock some room to move.

“So where are we sleeping tonight?” Ange asked. You’ve only got one bed and one sofa.

“Well I could take the sofa and you girls take the bed, or we could all take the bed if I promise to be good” I said.

“I think we can trust you, can’t we Ange?” Cat said. I could tell Ange was hesitant, but she didn’t immediately protest.

Before I lost the moment. I stood up and said “Come on then girls! Let’s get some rest. It’s been a long night”

We retired to the bedroom and I let the girls climb in first. I let them lay next to each other and got in with my back to Cat. “Thanks for a fun night girls. You’re a great laugh!” “That’s OK. Thanks for letting us stay.” Cat said. I snapped the light off and settled down. Cat cuddled up into my back and put her arm round me, her fingers playing with the hairs on my chest. “I do love a man with a hairy chest. It’s so snugly” She said lazily. Her finger carried on playing and slowly she began to move her hand down, over my stomach towards my hardened cock. In a second her hand made contact and Cat said “Oops. Sorry” “That’s OK. Don’t worry. It’s nice” I reassured her, hoping that she’d carry on. “Ange, Dave’s got a hard-on again. I’m touching it” As she said this, she slowly stroked away. My hips were pushing against her hand, urging her to play with my entire length. “Cat. You’re awful. Do you want me to leave you two alone?” Ange murmured. “Give me your hand” she said to her sister. Suddenly, I felt another, less confident grip on my penis. Cat was guiding her hand up and down. “What’s that feel like, Ange?” Cat said “It feels very bloody hard, Cat and it’s wet”

I was still laying with my back to the girls with their hands reaching over and grabbing my cock. This was heaven!

“Roll over Dave. I want to take a look at this” Cat said

I turned over and snapped the light back on. Cat was up on all fours, still working my cock. Ange got onto all fours and was looking over Cat’s shoulder. “Oh my god! that’s really sexy, Cat. Look at your hand. It’s soaked!”

Cat was pumping my cock like a pro, grinning at me as she squeezed drop after drop of precum from my helmet. My right hand planted firmly between her legs and my fingers curled up to feel the gusset of her knickers. It was moist and she let out a little sigh and opened her legs more as my fingers traced the outline of her damp slit. I pulled her knickers to one side and probed gently with my finger. I felt her puffy labia and plunged two fingers into her hole, using my thumb to gently massage her clit in a circular motion. Cat was softly moaning with her head thrown back and her eyes closed.

I was worried that this might be all over too quickly, so I withdrew my fingers and put them to my lips to taste Cat’s sweet juices. She was musty from a day’s work, but it was an incredible turn-on for her to see me licking her juices from my hand and fingers. To my surprise, Angie pulled my hand away and knelt down to suck greedily at my fingers.

“I love the taste of Cat’s pussy” she squealed excitedly. Cat let go of my cock and quickly slipped out of her underwear. She pulled her knickers off first and I could see for the first time, her sweet, youthful bush. It was not as tidy as I’d expected from her and she had thick, dark hairs running along the outside of her labia and up to her arse. She removed her bra and revealed two glorious breasts, topped off with puffy pink nipples at least the alsancak escort size of my little finger tip. “Put that nipple in my mouth, Cat” I urged as she climbed on top of my chest. “You’ll have to wait, Dave” she said. “Ange, let him taste you, let him eat you out” Ange backed up and like her sister, removed her underwear. Ange was very different in build and appearance. Her pussy was framed with soft, whispy blonde hair, but neatly trimmed so that when she opened her legs she revealed her baldness. Whilst Cat was rubbing her cunt on my chest, Ange took my free hand and placed two fingers inside herself, rubbing hard on my palm and whimpering with anticipation. She was really wet and I could hear small sucking noises as my fingers were guided in and out of her cunt.

Both girls looked so beautiful and youthful with no traces of fat or tiredness and they were making me feel old. Cat turned round and placed her pussy right above my face and I was treated to a fantastic view of her cunt. Slowly she lowered herself onto my face and I could feel her hand working my cock again before my helmet exploded in a marvellous, warm feeling as she took it in her mouth and began playing it with her tongue. My mouth was completely covered with Cat’s cunt and for the first time, I could smell and taste all of her juices and flick my tongue insider her and over her clit. “That nice Dave?” she asked “MMmm..” was all I could manage as she began thrusting her cunt onto my mouth, harder and faster. “Cat’s gonna cum” Ange said to me. “Don’t stop what ever you’re doing” Ange reached over and I nearly came there and then when I saw her insert a finger in Cat’s cunt. She pumped her finger in and out, in time with Cat’s thrusts and Cat began to let out a low moan. I could feel her thighs tremble uncontrollably as her orgasm began to take hold. She was pumping my cock with her hand and following it with her mouth, making loud sucking noises and getting faster and faster as she urged me to cum at the same time.

As her body shuddered and I felt rush of her orgasm, her cunt became alive with her juices. As soon as I tasted the first rush of liquid, I felt myself orgasm in Cat’s mouth. She was pumping my cock hard as I shot my load into her. Ange was still doing Cat with her finger and I looked up to see her insert three more fingers in Cat’s soaking, wet pussy. They were glistening in the half light of the room and I could tell that Ange was working to hit Cat’s G-spot. My fingers were still probing Ange’s cunt and she was close to cumming herself.

Cat turned round and sat astride me, she grinned and dribbled my cum from her mouth, into her hand. She used it to lubricate my slightly deflated cock and rubbed some into her pussy, then inserted me into her sweet warmth. She put the rest in each hand as if it was soap and reached across me, wiping it over Ange’s face. Ange moaned and licked at Cat’s fingers as my own hand worked her faster and faster. She started to meet my hand thrusts with her own and she gasped as the first wave of pleasure engulfed her body. She bit her lip and stifled her cries and she bucked and ground her hips on my hand.

Cat was still determined to make me hard again and began talking absolute filth to me

“Can you feel your cock in my cunt, Dave? Can you feel how slippery it is with our cum all over it? I want you to get hard again so that I can watch your cock slide in and out of my Sister’s pussy and mouth.”

I could feel my cock beginning to respond and so could Cat “Ange, he’s getting hard again” Ange was still panting and going with the moment she came on my hand. I looked at her and her pale fresh skin was ablaze round her cheeks, down her neck and across the tops of her breasts. Her nipples were protruding at least half an inch and her areole were flushed with blood. She was slowly tweaking her right nipple, still with my fingers inside her. Cat climbed off my erection and invited Ange to help her clean me off. My cock was covered white cum and Cat and Ange went to it like pro’s. Ange had her pussy so close to her face and I touched the inside of her left thigh, inviting her to straddle my face, which she did. I know that she could feel my breath on her pussy as I kissed everywhere but her labia and beyond. It didn’t take long for Ange to force her cunt right onto my face and treating my tongue like a cock. I held still while she fucked my tongue. I could taste the strong but sweet smell of her sex and reached up to stroke her arsehole. She didn’t protest too much when I dipped my finger in her juices and gently put my finger into her arse. If anything, she fucked my face harder. The sensation of these two young and eager tongues on my cock was driving me mad, but opportunities like this don’t come round every day in my life and I wanted to watch this! I pulled my finger out of Ange’s arse and said “Let’s move this round, girls. I want to see you both” They both sat up and I climbed off the buca escort bed, my cock bobbing in front of their faces. I must admit, they did a great job of cleaning me off! My helmet was gleaming. Both of the girls had drying cum on their faces it was one of the horniest sights of my life! “Turn round” I said to both of them. They turned round and offered me their arses. Starting with Cat, I knelt down and kissed her pussy which was surrounded with matted, black hairs which I could now see ran all the way round her arsehole as well. The hair was matted with sweat and cum and I could smell the musky smell of sex. Ange’s on the other hand was virtually bald, save for the neat triangle on top, and it was bright pink and glistening with her cum. I alternated between Ange and Cat, giving them about 20 seconds at a time of licking and sucking each, when she wasn’t being administered any attention, Cat was rubbing her clit, dipping her fingers in her cunt, then tracing the outline of Ange’s nipple with her juices. I stood up and fed them my engorged cock, dipping it into first Cat, then Ange, It was a hell of a turn-on for me, but it was clear that an interrupted service was not bringing them off. I turned Cat round and climbed on the bed, my cock still inside her. She bent her arms and pointed her beautiful arse up in the air to get as much of me as she could. Ange climbed on the bed and opened her legs in front of Cat’s face. Cat wasted no time inserting two fingers into Ange and lapping at her clit. Ange was shaking. Her entire body was jerking with each lap of Cat’s tongue and she was crying “Yeeeessssss…..yeeeessss..” I was pounding Cat with added urgency as the sight before me was driving me too quickly towards my orgasm, I could feel the walls of Cat’s cunt begin to clench my cock and I could tell that she was cumming. I could hear gasps coming from her mouth, which was working Ange’s clit and being pressed against her labia every time I pushed into Cat’s pussy. The sound of wetness that now accompanied every withdrawal from Cat signalled her orgasm. She slammed her backside against my cock and made circles with her hips, savouring the waves of her orgasm.

Cat slumped over and lay beside her sister. I was kneeling above them both and Cat reached down and pulled Ange’s leg over, exposing her well-licked pussy. I wasted no time in lining my helmet up with her slick cunt and pushed into her. She caught her breath and looked at Cat “Oh my God that feels ssssoooo good! It’s thicker than Mike’s. I can get a good grip on this one!” They giggled as I slowly moved in and out of Ange. Cat leant over and put her nipple in Ange’s mouth, which was gratefully accepted. She began biting her lip again and I could tell she would be cumming soon. “Let it go Ange! Don’t fight it, baby” Cat said to her. Ange began breathing heavily. “Say it Ange!” Cat urged “Say it!” “Oooh!! She said “Oooh…aaaahhh…I’m cumming….” I carried on thrusting into her and she pulled my hips against her, breathing very deeply now. The red flush had now engulfed her whole upper torso and sweat was glistening on her pale, young body. “I’m Cuuuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnngggg…..!” she finally cried, her nails digging into my buttocks. Cat was urging her on and sent Ange into spasms when she reached down and started to masturbate Ange as I carried on slamming into her. “Do it hard to her Dave” she said “She’s not finished yet” Ange was still crying and moaning with pleasure and her body convulsing as Cat straddled Ange’s mouth and sat on her, facing me. I could see Ange’s tongue darting in and out of Cat’s cunt and I could tell I was going to shoot my load again. “I’m going to cum!” I said. “Cum on her tummy Dave” Cat urged. “I want to see your sperm come out. I want to watch it shoot all over Ange’s belly”

As I felt my cum build up, I pulled out of Ange’s, red, wet cunt and Cat reached across and jerked my cock to finish me off. Ange raised her head and watched as my first burst of cum splashed on her tits, quickly followed by the second shot down the middle of her flat stomach. With an excited squeal, Cat bent over and licked my sperm from Ange’s tit, spun round and kissed Ange passionately.

This was the sexiest thing I’d witnessed in a long, long time and I felt very privileged to witness these two beautiful, young sisters in my bed kissing and caressing each other with such confidence.

We collapsed into the bed and cuddled up tightly, to sleep the sleep of the sated. I remember waking up in the early hours of the morning with another hard on, and when I tried to insert it into Cat, she lazily reached down and jerked it a few times, before falling asleep. Ange woke up and climbed over Cat and snuggled up into my chest and took over, slowly stroking my erection, building up the pace until she turned round and with her back to me, put my cock inside her warmth and lazily let me fuck her until I came.

We all woke up after a few hours with slight hangovers, but nothing to diminish the memories of last night. I fumbled around, being awkward and not knowing quite what to say until Cat pulled me over to one side and said “Ange has never really let herself go like that before. Mike doesn’t care if she enjoys sex or not. After last night, I think she’s learnt to be a bit more demanding.”

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