CJ Stories; Sales Rep is Dessert 04

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Chapter One

CJ Invited to American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference 2006

CJ had only spoken with Jamal a few times on the phone after he returned to his office near Los Angles. He was not expected to return to CJ’s region until after the annual American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference, which was to be held in Las Vegas that year. His company was going to be exhibitors and he needed the time to prepare for the conference.

The first week or so after CJ had fucked Dr. Dulcet were anxious times in the office for both CJ and Dr. Dulcet. There had been no further incidents with Dr. Dulcet but there were the knowing smiles between them and both knew their relationship went beyond their previously professional friendship. The rumors of the panties found in the office had finally died down.

Dr. Dulcet stopped CJ as she was coming out of an examination room and asked her to meet him for dinner. He wanted to talk to her about their office relationship.

CJ told Dr. Dulcet she thought that would be a good idea. She had been concerned that she may have to leave the office.

At dinner Dr. Dulcet told CJ that he had been contacted by Jamal’s company regarding CJ attending the American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference in Las Vegas in a few weeks. He thought it would be good for her to attend especially since Jamal’s company would cover her travel and hotel cost, and he would give her three days off with pay.

He told her he was to leave earlier in the week for the conference and would not be able to stay for the full conference but there would a day overlap when they would both be in Las Vegas. He would like to take her to dinner while they were both in Las Vegas. She smiled at him as she told him that she would like to have dinner with him, but they both knew it would be much more than dinner.

CJ was also excited that she would be seeing Jamal again. She remembered the gifts of lingerie that Dr. Dulcet and Jamal had given her. She had saved the ivory set for such an occasion and was thrilled that she would finally be able to model the sexy garments.

Chapter Two

CJ arrives in Las Vegas


When CJ arrived at the airline terminal it was busy for a Wednesday afternoon, many travelers were scurrying about as they tried to catch flights after a long business day. The plane was not full so CJ took a window seat and she buckled into her seat to prepare for takeoff. A well dressed man took the isle seat in her row. As the plane leveled off after take off, he introduced himself to CJ.

Mike Ward was an ophthalmologist from San Jose on was on his way to the same conference. He was scheduled to make a presentation on pediatric ophthalmology. It was an eighty minute flight to Las Vegas, but the flight seemed shorter as they chatted. She learned that Dr. Ward and Dr. Dulcet had met when they ended up in a golf foursome at a previous American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference and had kept in contact over the years.

Dr. Ward asked CJ where she would be staying in Las Vegas and she told him she was staying at the Monte Carlo hotel. Dr. Ward joked that Dr. Dulcet must be doing good to put her in such a nice hotel. CJ chuckled and told him, “Dr. Dulcet prefers to stay at the MGM. One of our medical suppliers has offered me a room for a few days and even arranged for my airline tickets.”

Dr. Ward was familiar with the medical company and he had actually purchased several pieces of medical equipment for his office from the Jamal. He told CJ the supply company had a medical assistant from a local office on contract to help with technical assistance and finalizing sales. CJ sipped her airline wine as they talked and smiled as she wondered if Dr. Ward had been given the same signing bonus as Dr. Dulcet.

He asked, “Have they offered you a contract yet?”

CJ replied, “Jamal has not mentioned a contract, but he has asked me to meet with their CEO.” CJ was now curious why the company was being so generous.

As the plane readied for landing they exchanged cell phone numbers and agreed to try to get together sometime during the conference. CJ waved bye and smiled at Dr. Ward as they walked in to the terminal as they exited the jet way.

Jamal was waiting as CJ walked into the terminal; she smiled and waved when she noticed him. She set her bag down and hugged Jamal. She blushed as their kiss lasted longer than a casual greeting. He told her, “I am glad you could make it, our company has plans to wine and dine you while you are here. Thomas, our CEO, is anxious to meet you.” He picked up her bag and they walked off to get the rest of her luggage.

As they waited for CJ’s luggage, Dr. Ward stopped to greet Jamal; he took CJ’s hand and told her how much he had enjoyed their chat on the plane. He told CJ he hoped to see her again while they were in Las Vegas. He told Jamal that he would be contacting him to talk about ordering more equipment for his office; he smiled ataköy escort knowingly at CJ as he walked off to gather his luggage.

CJ and Jamal stood outside for only a few minutes when a black limo pulled up to the curb and the driver got out and opened the door. Jamal nodded towards the limo and said, “Our ride is here.” Jamal smiled as her legs opened as she got in the limo. He was pleased to see that CJ had worn the black hose and garter belt that he and Dr. Dulcet had given her. The driver closed the door and loaded CJ’s luggage into the trunk.

CJ chuckled and asked, “Are you trying to impress me with the limo?”

Jamal laughed as he answered, “Are you impressed? Our company leased it for the conference and Thomas told me to use it to pick you up and get you checked in.”

CJ smiled, “Yes I am impressed.” She rested her hand on his thigh as she asked, “Who is Thomas?”

Jamal answered, “Thomas had worked for one of our competitors several years ago and left to start his own business. He has been very successful. He is busy meeting with suppliers today or he would have picked you up. I told him how you helped me with the sale to Dr. Dulcet and he is anxious to meet you tomorrow.”

He laid his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him and kissed her. As their kiss broke he slid his hand up her thigh as he stroked the smooth hose covering her thigh. He asked, “Have you missed me?”

CJ rubbed his thigh as she told him, “Yes… I’m hoping you won’t be too busy to spend some time together.”

The limo slowed as it turned into the Monte Carlo and stopped in front of the large archway entrance. A bellman stepped forward and opened the door as the driver unloaded CJ’s luggage. Jamal got out and offered his hand to help CJ. Her legs opened exposing her stockings and bare thighs as she got out. She smiled as she saw Jamal glance up her skirt. The bellman collected her luggage and followed them through the lobby to the elevator.

Jamal opened CJ’s room with his key and slipped it back in his shirt pocket. CJ was impressed with the large luxurious room. A king size bed against one wall, a sofa and chair made up the seating area in front of a window that overlooked the strip.

The bellman hung CJ’s garment bag in the closet and lifted her suit case onto a luggage rack in the foyer leading to a large bathroom. He told them his name was Jermaine and asked, “If there is anything you need, please call the front desk and ask for me, is there anything I can do for you before I leave?”

Jamal handed Jermaine a generous tip and asked him to open the bottle of wine on the bar. Jamal poured two glasses of wine, CJ was seated on the sofa looking at the view out her window as Jamal handed a glass to CJ and sat next to her.

CJ gently swirled her wine in the crystal tulip shaped wine glass. She held the glass to her nose and inhaled the aroma, then took a sip and moaned softly, “Very nice, did you pick it out?”

Jamal smiled, pleased that CJ liked the wine, and said “Actually Thomas picked it out and sent it over.”

CJ took another sip and said, “Well I will have to thank him for the wine when I meet him.”

Jamal smiled knowingly as he replied, “I am sure he will appreciate that… I wish I had more time to spend with you this afternoon, but Thomas has me working the hospitality suite today.”

CJ set her glass down on the glass topped coffee table and said, “I hope you have a little time now, I have a surprise for you.” She smiled as she knelt in front of Jamal and slowly started to unfasten his slacks. She pulled his cock out and slowly stroked it, she moaned as it started to harden in her hand.

Jamal smiled as he looked down at her kneeling between his legs and chuckled as told her, “I think I got enough time for a blow job.”

CJ laughed and lowered her head and took the soft black crown in her mouth. Her hand slid up and down his cock as she sucked on the dark cock as it grew hard in her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking his cock deeper each time, and then slowly her lips slid down his cock until the head touched the tight opening to her throat.

Jamal moaned and chuckled as he asked, “Anyone ever tell you that you are a good cock sucker?”

CJ let his cock slip from her mouth and sarcastically replied, “Yes… you said I was a good cock sucker, but not a great cock sucker.” She took his cock back in her mouth and started to bob her head faster. She paused as she took his cock deeper.

Jamal put his hand on her head and gently pushed, CJ slid her lips up and sucked on the head and shook her head. Jamal asked, “You don’t want my help?”

CJ shook her head again and slowly lowered her head and took his cock deep. She took a big breath and push until she felt his cock head slip into her throat. She slowly bobbed her head, his cock inched deeper, stretching her throat.

She raised her head and his cock slipped from her mouth, she held it and rubbed it over her cheeks and lips. Her breath bakırköy escort was short as she told him, “God… I love your cock… I love sucking on it…it’s such a beautiful cock.” She took it in her mouth again and it slid easier in her throat. She moaned as his cock head fucked her throat, and then she swallowed his cock.

Jamal grabbed her head and moaned loud as she took the rest of his cock in her mouth, her nosed nestled in the thick hair surrounding his cock, and he cried out, “Oh fuck yea… that’s it… take it all… suck that cock.”

CJ felt his cock swell as he slowly fucked her throat and she knew he was ready to cum. She raised her head and his cock slipped from her throat, she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it as she sucked, her lips sliding quickly up and down his cock. CJ felt his cock as it swelled and she groaned as she tasted his hot cum as it filled her mouth.

Jamal grunted loud as his cock began to erupt in her mouth, he smiled as he felt her swallow his cum. CJ slowly stroked his cock as she sucked on the head, swallowing his cum as it flowed into her mouth. He relaxed and she knew he was almost finished, she continued to slowly stroke his cock. He would jerk and grunted as more cum oozed into her mouth as she sucked on the soft fleshy head.

His cock started to soften and she could not suck anymore more cum from it. She let it slip from her mouth and kissed the soft flesh of the crown. She looked up at him; and smiled as she asked, “Am I a great cock sucker now?”

They both laughed and he said, “Yes you are… what a nice surprise. I can tell you have had some practice since I last had my cock in your mouth. Anyone I know?”

She smiled and told him, “I wanted to surprise you so I bought a big black dildo that looks just like your cock to practice on.” She gently licked the soft black head and told him, “But it was not as good as the real thing and it didn’t come with a creamy prize inside either.”

She leaned back and took a sip of her wine, Jamal stood and zipped his pants and buckled his belt. She tipped the glass up and finished her wine. She walked with Jamal to the door and they shared a passionate kiss before he left.

Chapter Three

CJ Goes to Dinner with Dr. Dulcet

CJ was unpacking when her cell phone rang and she smiled as she saw Dr. Dulcet name on the caller id. They chatted for a while and made arrangements to meet later that evening for dinner. He was staying at the MGM and wanted to take her to a restaurant in the hotel.

CJ hoped that dinner would just be the beginning of a nice evening with Dr. Dulcet. As she prepared for her evening she picked out a pair of nice black thong panties she thought would please the doctor. She smiled as she decided not to wear a bra and tease Dr. Dulcet through the meal; after all they were in Vegas.

She slipped on a pair of dark hose held up high on her thighs by the wide lace band, and then slipped on the black lace hip hugger panties. She stood in front of the mirror and turned, she hoped Dr. Dulcet would be pleased with the way her panties exposed her ass, the lace barely covering the cheeks. The narrow lace rounded over the top curves of he ass before narrowing and then hid as it slipped between the firm cheeks as it disappeared between her thighs.

She slipped a cream colored lace long sleeve shirt over her head and pulled the tight see through top down, it fit tight over her small breast, her bare breast and nipples peeked between the sheer lace patterns, and then slid a short flared skirt up over her hips.

As she looked at herself in the mirror she could see her bare breasts and nipples, her nipples grew hard as she wondered if Dr Dulcet would get aroused as they dined. She decided she should wear her blazer, as she slipped it on and fastened the one button, she could still see the insides of her bare breast, but her nipples were concealed by the jacket. She slipped on her 5 inch black high heel pumps to complete the look.

It was a nice evening and the MGM was close to her hotel so she decided to walk. Her hips swayed as she leisurely strolled along the Strip, her high heels clicking against the sidewalk. She knew she looked hot as several men smiled and nodded as they passed.

Dr. Dulcet was waiting in the lounge as they had planned. He smiled and waved when he saw CJ enter, she recognized Dr. Ward as he stood with Dr. Dulcet at the bar.

Dr Dulcet placed his hand on her lower back and told her, “My… you look stunning.” He paused as he glanced at her exposed cleavage, “I hear you have already met Dr. Ward.”

CJ eyes met Dr. Ward’s as she smiled as he took her hand and said, “Yes we had a very enjoyable talk on the plane coming over, I was hoping we would see each other again.”

As Dr Dulcet pulled out the stool for CJ, he told her, “Dr. Ward called me this afternoon when he got in town and I invited him to join us tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

CJ was disappointed that she and Dr. Dulcet would not be spending the evening alone, but politely said, “Of course not.”

Dr Dulcet ordered a glass of wine for CJ and she had finished about half it when a pager on the bar started to vibrate and flash. Dr. Dulcet picked it up and smiled, “Our booth must be ready.” CJ picked up her glass of wine and the doctors led her to the restaurant.

They followed a nicely dressed hostess to their table, her long black skirt wrapped tightly around her nice ass and CJ wondered if she was wearing panties. The round booth was tucked discreetly into a bay with a table clothe that hung low over the edges, the bench style seat stretched around the inside.

CJ paused as Dr. Dulcet offered to help CJ with her jacket, knowing her breast would be nearly exposed. Her eyes met Dr. Ward’s as she turned to let Dr. Dulcet slip the jacket off her shoulders. She felt her nipples harden as Dr. Ward eyes lingered as he looked at her small breast covered only by the sheer lace blouse.

Dr. Ward motioned with his hand for CJ to slide in first. She tried in vain to hold her skirt in an effort to stop it from sliding further up as she slide into the booth. She looked at Dr. Ward as he raised his eyes from her legs and smiled at her. The doctors slid in on each side of her. The hostess handed them menus and smiled as she looked in CJ’s eyes and said, “Enjoy your dinner.”

A male waiter delivered fresh drinks and took their orders. They casually talked as they awaited their dinner. CJ turned and smiled at Dr. Dulcet as she felt his hand rest on her knee. She took a sip of her wine and moaned approvingly as his hand slowly slid inside her thigh and softly caressed the smooth hose covering her leg.

Dr. Ward smiled as he heard her soft moan, “You must approve of the wine.”

She smiled at Dr. Ward and said, “Yes it is very good, I will have to be sure not to drink too much of it, or you two may take advantage of me.” She turned and smiled knowingly at Dr. Dulcet.

Dr. Dulcet gently tugged on CJ’s thigh, hinting for her to open her legs. As her legs parted, she felt his hand casually slid higher onto her bare thigh. Her knee brushed against Dr. Ward’s leg. She quickly pulled her leg away, but felt Dr. Ward’s hand as he laid it on her leg and lightly pulled as his hand slide slowly up as he casually caressed her thigh. She felt his hand move above her stockings and her legs opened slightly as she felt his hand on her bare thigh.

CJ closed her eyes and quietly moaned as they pulled her legs open and lightly caressed her thighs. Slowly their hands moved up her legs, her skirt pushed higher exposing her black lace panties.

CJ lightly gasped as she felt Dr. Dulcet’s hand slide over her panties and his fingers slipped between her legs. CJ sipped her wine and looked around to see if anyone noticed the men as they fondled her, the table clothe hung low and hid their hands as they caressed her.

The men casually chatted as Dr. Dulcet hooked a finger in CJ’s panties and pulled them aside, her breathing quickened and she softly whimpered as she felt Dr. Ward’s finger as they slid through the short trimmed hair covering her pussy, her whimper barely heard as Dr. Ward started to slide his finger between her wet lips.

CJ grabbed his hand and gently held it as she looked into Dr. Dulcet’s eyes. Dr. Dulcet togged on her thigh and as her legs slowly opened, she bit her lip and she quietly moaned as Dr. Ward’s finger slowly slipped inside her aroused pussy and started to move slowly in and out.

She felt Dr. Ward slip another finger inside her and she closed her eyes and leaned back in the booth, her hips gently rocked as she felt her orgasm build. She held his hand and lightly rocked her hips, panting through her lips as she tried to be quiet, and then she closed her eyes and gently bit her lip as she experienced an unexpected orgasm, her hips raised and Dr. Ward slide his fingers deeper and slowly fucked her with his fingers. She quietly moaned and shivered as her orgasm gently shook her and then finally slowly subsided, and she softly moaned her approval as she felt Dr. Ward’s finger slip from her.

The waiter startled CJ as he said, “Perfect timing.” She opened her eyes just as he set her plate in front of her. CJ blushed and tried to pull her skirt down as the waiter smiled knowingly at her.

Dr. Ward dipped his fingers in his water and dried them on his clothe napkin; the waiter picked up the water and told Dr Ward, “I will bring you some fresh water”, and knowingly smiled at Dr. Ward as he turned to walk away. CJ was embarrassed the waiter had witnessed her orgasm and tried not to make eye contact when he returned with fresh water.

The incident was not mentioned for the rest of the dinner and nothing further happened as they finished their meal. CJ ate quietly as the two doctors talked about business as if nothing had happened.

Dr. Dulcet had made reservations at the Taboo Lounge in the hotel for an after dinner drink. The Lounge was dark with videos of couples provocatively dancing played on wide screens along the walls, a DJ played music as people danced on a small dance floor surrounded by tall tables.

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