Coach and Divorcee Pt. 02

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(Part 2) Coach & Divorcee – Kissing

Loosely based on real experiences. If you’re looking for the set-up or flirting read (Part 1). If you are looking for the wildest action, skip to (Part 3).


“Hi Coach. It’s your favorite team manager. Can we meet somewhere to finalize the player cards before the tournament this weekend? Pretty please.”

As usual, just getting a text from Vicki got my pulse going a little faster. We’d been talking, a lot…still. It was quickly clear that she was quite the queen of flirting and teasing and I was definitely up for it. The tension was mounting.

“Hey, team queen. Sure. Where do you want to meet?”

“Anyone at the facility? 7:30?”

“I don’t know. I have a key though. See you there?”

“Still whiskey there?”

“I thought you were a wine lady?”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

“Like what?”

“Guess you’ll have to find out.”

And the tension climbed higher. I got to the indoor facility early – everything was dark. I had come prepared with the bottle of wine that I owed her, but I was still thinking about her comment with the whiskey. My mind was running wild with possibilities, and I got apprehensive. I still didn’t really know what Vicki – or I – really wanted. She pulled up in her car as I was unlocking the front doors.

Vick was in her tight yoga pants with her curly hair and that big, beautiful smile. I felt my heart beat faster, immediately. I saw her notice the wine bottle in my hands so I called to her while she walked up.

“This is for you since I owe you. Is that enough to show I appreciate you being team manager or do I need to get you another one?” I asked her jokingly.

“Don’t you think I deserve another bottle?” She said laughing. As she got close I could smell her spiced vanilla perfume. “I mean if you really want to show appreciation I don’t know if two wine bottles is enough.”

“More than two bottles?” I laughed. “I’m not sure how much more appreciation I could show. You know what coaches make.”

“You have another job that makes a lot more, I’m sure. But I enjoy watching from the sidelines more than I care about how much you make.”

I wasn’t sure how to take that…but my pulse began going faster. I’d seen her check me out before but it was hard to tell with that innocent smile always on her face.

“I try to keep fit,” I said, giving her a knowing look. “Give you a good view from behind.”

“Mmmhmmm,” she giggled, her smile getting wider. “So how can you show me your appreciation?…it is past my kids’ bedtime though.”

I could feel myself getting hard at what she was suggesting. I didn’t know exactly what she had in mind but I knew I wanted to find out.

“Well let’s get the player cards done first…?”

“Of course, coach. Lead the way.”

“You know you’re pretty damn good at being team manager,” I told her honestly.

“Oh you’re just saying that to flatter me,” Vicki accused.

“You’re the team queen, so of course I’m a kiss-ass,” I joked.

“What about your girlfriend?” She asked sweetly. “Doing ‘paperwork’ with me might make her jealous.”

“Maybe, but what about your ex-husband?” I taunted back. “Should we not do ‘paperwork’ then?”

We walked down the halls and entered into my boss’s office. Couches, desk, and whiskey. I poured us both a glass, but she coyly poured hers back into mine and sat back on the big desk to watch me down it. Instead she opened the wine bottle and drank a few straight from the bottle.

“Not my ex yet. Our divorce doesn’t finalize until tomorrow. So technically I’m still married. So, you should do what you want, Coach Alan.” She said my name slowly, staring at me with her pretty blue eyes like she was daring me.

“Do you taste as good as you look?” I asked, moving closer.

“You’re still being a kiss-up,” she giggled.

I stepped in close, leaning in, smelling the vanilla perfume. The skin of her neck was lightly tan, freckled and smooth. I kissed it and she made a satisfied sigh. Planting my hands on the desk on either side of her, I kissed her neck again, then just under her chin, and then istanbul escort our lips locked. She tasted even better than her perfume, and I pressed in, sliding my hands onto her hips. She pressed back, her hands grabbing my shirt.

“Are you going to show me some tricks?” Vicki asked, pulling away and grinning.

Something pushed into my abs. A soccer ball. I started to roll my eyes.

“Strip tricks?” I said sarcastically, but Vicki’s eyes lit up at the idea and she laughed.

“I’m sure you’d like to show off,” she teased, knowing she was right. “Get a trick right and you can keep on kissing me…”

“And if I mess up?”

“It’s strip tricks, right? So you lose your shirt first.”

She knew she had me caught. I did like showing off, especially because she acted quite hard to impress. And by kissing, well, kissing could lead to a lot of things. I backed up, trapping the ball to the floor.

“The ball can’t touch the floor. Gotta take off your shirt now,” Vicki told me.

She tilted her head to see if I’d play along. So I shrugged and took my shirt off, enjoying the way her gaze lingered on my abs and trailed down my V-lines.

I flicked the ball onto my foot and caught it in the air, keeping eye contact with her the whole time. I smiled back at her.

Then she kicked the ball off my foot.

“Looks like you need to lose the pants now too,” she told me.

“Haha fine, cheater. But how am I supposed to do that if you didn’t tell me to lose the socks and shoes?”

“Guess you’ll have to take those off too, then?” Vicki smiled ever so sweetly.

I was enjoying myself and playing along, but I had certainly not expected to be wearing nothing but my boxer briefs while Vicki sat fully clothed on the desk watching me. Quickly I flicked the ball up and caught it on the back of my neck.

“There’s a trick. Now it’s my turn. And I get to choose where I kiss.”

I walked forward with the ball still on my neck. My hands gently pulling her shirt up as I began kissing Vicki’s hips just above her waistline. She inhale sharply as I trailed my tongue across her skin. Slowly I pulled her shirt up higher as I kissed my way up, letting the ball roll of my back onto the floor. I pulled her shirt off, kissing up over her sportsbra across her chest and onto to her neck. I bit softly. Then our lips locked again. Tongues tangling and I wrapped her in both arms picking her up off the desk. She moaned quietly, and when she bit my lip it was all I could do to keep from ripping her yoga pants off and fucking her like an animal. My cock was a rock. She could feel it on her leg.

“You dropped the ball, again.” She breathed to me, pulling away again. I could taste her like a tingle on my lips. “Guess you have to take off those boxers.”

Growling low, I backed up and pulled down my boxers until every inch of my rock hard cock sprung free. The thrilled and surprised expression on her face turned me on even more as she practically measured all 9 inches with her eyes.

“Is the view from the front as good as the view from the back?” I asked confidently.

“Mmmm,” she murmured, her eyes never moving from my package. For the first time, she wasn’t smiling – biting her lip instead.

I stepped closer, ready to show her just how much I appreciated her. But she finally looked up at me pointing to the ball, gasping, “W-wait. The ball…a trick…”

Enjoying her crumbling composure, I turned around, making sure to flex as I slowly bent over to pick up the ball. When I faced her again, she was standing in front of the desk now, and I could see her excitement. She had hunger in her eyes, but her composure was back and so was her big, sweet smile.

“It is very, very good to be queen.” Vicki said, hands on her hips. “Can you catch it on your neck again?”

I flicked the ball into the air and bent over to catch it on my neck. “Anything for the queen.”

“You’re being a kiss-ass again,” she said, coming closer so that she was just in my reach.

“I’d happy to kiss your pretty ass,” I promised.

Her smile faded, as she excitedly and anxiously bit her lip. She turned escort bayan slowly, putting her perfect, tight ass directly in front of my face. “Kiss a-away. But be gentle and don’t drop the ball – ah!”

She yelped as I yanked her yoga pants down and bit her ass cheek. Aroused to the point of aggression. I kissed the bite mark and then bit her other cheek. One hand grabbed her hip and the other slid up between her legs. I licked slowly down her bare skin as I felt how wet she was even through her thong. I knelt, letting the ball fall, and began to gently rub her across the front of her panties, admiring her tight runner’s ass. Vicki shuddered.

My finger found its way inside her slowly, and even with just one I could feel how tight and wet she was.

“…oh god…” she tried to giggle but it came out a moan.

I worked my finger around inside her, feeling her pulse beating as fast as mine. In and out now. I began to kiss her ass again as I fingered her – my free hand grabbing her ass, squeezing it roughly.

“Ass fit for a queen,” I admitted out loud. I slid another finger inside of her – fuck she was tight.

She gasped in response – leaning forward to put her hands on the desk and trembling. Teasing her, I pushed my two fingers deep and slowly pulled them out, slickness dribbling down her leg. She pushed her ass back, wanting more, but instead I got a fistful of her thong. “This is in the way.”

With her panties gone, Vicki was naked except for her sportsbra. She was lightly tan all over and she had the great shape of a fitness mom. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I pushed her legs apart from where she stood, but before I could stand up she turned to look at me, smiling sweetly.

“More kisses please,” She pleaded. “Maybe with tongue this time?”

Legs spread, leaning over the desk she wiggled her sexy little ass in my face. I wanted to fuck her until she screamed – but how could I refuse?

I grabbed her cheeks with both hands, spreading her ass to see her tiny pink hole and soaking wet pussy. I buried my face, licking my tongue across her pussy lips and sliding it inside her.

“ god,” she exclaimed.

Reaching around her, I began rubbing her clit as I ate her out from behind. Her body twitched and I could feel her shivering. Her wetness covered my tongue and somehow I could still taste that spiced vanilla mixed with the taste of her. I moaned deeply, knowing she could feel it through her whole body while I kissed and licked between her legs.

” Feels…so…amazing,” Vicki whispered.

I wanted to fuck her. Fuck her hard. Standing up, I picked her up and flipped her onto her back, lying on top of the desk. I leaned over her, kissing her mouth as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I pushed two fingers deep inside her again, and she grunted in pleasure and a little pain – she was still so tight. Even with her as wet as she was, taking all of my big cock was going to make her very sore tomorrow. I began working my fingers inside her, pressing her g-spot and getting ready to make her pretty pussy mine.

“Oh fuck!” Vicki groaned, her head leaning back and both her hands clinging to my hair.

I pulled my fingers out and grabbed my cock.

“No, no! I’m so close – please!” Vicki begged. She pushed down frantically at my head, trying to force my tongue down where my fingers had just left. I wanted to get my dick wet, but I wanted to make her cum for me even more.

Smirking at her, I let her push my head down, kissing until I reached her pussy. Then I began to tongue her hard. Sucking her clit, using my fingers. She was going to cum…hard.

“Oh fu – yes!” She exclaimed. Her legs wrapped tightly around my head and her fingers twisted roughly in my hair. Nothing else existed but between her thighs as I licked, sucked, and fingered her clit and pussy. I felt her whole body tense, then shake, and then flex.

“Fuuuuuuu-aaaaahhhh,” Vicki gasped as the orgasm hit her. I kept going and her orgasm kept going, her whole body shaking as she gushed. She was pulling so violently at my hair that I reached around and grabbed her neck so that her hands would escort istanbul grab my arm instead. The last wave of the orgasm curled her whole body up around my head before she laid back on the desk, exhausted.

I stood over her and watched. Proud and excited…but also very aware of my untouched and throbbing cock. I was very eager to change that. Then I noticed my phone was ringing.

It was my girlfriend. I turned it off as quickly as I could.

Vicki was sitting now, and she’d already put her panties back on. She checked out my naked body from head to toe, watching me – that innocent smile back on her face.

“That was a good one,” she said. “It is very fun to be queen.”

“Seems like it,” I answered. “So do I get any appreciation for all of my hard work?”

“Maybe, but I definitely need some wine after that,” Vicki said, picking up the bottle and taking a drink. She sat with her legs crossed daintily over the edge of the desk, leaning back on one arm and watching me as she drank, an attitude like she ruled the whole world. “Wasn’t your girlfriend calling you?”

“I’m hoping there is still some ‘paperwork’ to finish.” I told her, holding my hands out to show off my still very hard cock.

“I noticed. It is hard not too…” Vicki said. “…but we still have player cards..” Hopping off the desk, she put the wine bottle down, and for a second I thought she was about to pick up her discarded yoga pants. Instead, she knelt down, flipping her hair back, and smiling her sweet smile.

“But I guess you did a good job so – I’ll show you some appreciation too.” She beckoned with her finger.

As I stepped in close, she pushed my cock aside with one hand and gently took hold of my balls with the other, leaning in to kiss me on my abs. It was my turn to shudder as she began kissing down my V-line. Her one hand gently squeezed by balls as she slowly stroked my cock with the other. Kissing down to the inside of my thigh, she bit me. I grit my teeth, doing my best to keep control. She reached around and grabbed my ass with one hand and I could feel her nails dig into my skin. Her tongue and lips began to kiss my balls as she gripped my hard-on tight.

“Am I the best team manager ever?” she asked from her knees, looking up at me mischievously with a firm grip on my cock and ass.

“The best,” I groaned. Feeling the cum building inside me.

Satisfied, she kissed the side of my cock, licking along the edges, teasing me to the point where I slid my hands into her curls, shifting forward eagerly. I felt her nails dig into my ass and she laughed, “Worried your going to cum already?”

“Or maybe your too scared?” I responded – far less confidently than I felt. I was ready to explode.

She just giggled and shook her head at me. Then her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. Slowly she pushed it into her mouth and every inch I could feel the warmth of her tongue moving under my cock. She stopped halfway, looking up at me, and then pulled back, squeezing my balls harder this time.

“Ready for me to take it all, coach?” She asked.

Fuck yeah.

Then my phone went off. I looked over both worried and angry that it might be my girlfriend again, but it wasn’t. It was the owner of the indoor facility. Shit.

“Do you need to take that?” Vicki laughed. She let go of me and stood up, crossing her arms and grinning, knowing that I didn’t really have a choice.

“Don’t you go anywhere,” I warned but she just raised her eyebrows.

I answered the phone – prepared for the worst. Were the cameras on here? Was I in trouble? But no. My boss had just called about the player cards. He asked if Vicki had prepared them for the tournament. I talked as fast as I could and then hung up as fast as I could.

But when I turned around, Vicki was on the phone too. Her expression was annoyed and she was pulling her yoga pants back on to her perfect legs. It was her husband – soon to be ex-husband. Sounded like something about their kids.

“I’m sorry – I didn’t do this on purpose, I promise!” she smiled at the dejected look on my face. She hurried to leave, grabbing the bottle of wine I’d bought. I followed her to the door of the office and watched her walk down the hallway, leaving me naked, hard, and alone in my boss’s office.

Just before she disappeared she turned around: “You can bring another bottle of wine to the tournament this weekend.”

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