Common Law

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Hello all,

This is my first real foray into erotic romance, so please be kind with proof-reading mistakes. It’s more heavy on the romance, so it will take awhile to get to the sexy parts, and there probably isn’t as much of that as you’re used to. A few other notes: This was drafted before Covid, so the setting is a little out of date, and Colorado may have removed common law marriages since I began writing, but at the time they were valid law. This work is fiction, and any resemblances to real persons is strictly coincidental. All characters are over the age of 18.

I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1 — Road Trip

I’m having a pretty good day, on the whole. I get to go shopping with my best friends, and then we’re going to a lake and going swimming. I try not to think about the fact that I have to endure her dumbass boyfriend and pals for the whole trip. You’ll have to deal with them anyways, no use fretting about it beforehand.

On my right sits my best friend and current favorite person in the world, Jessica, Jess for short. We’ve been inseparable since freshman year of college, despite our many differences. I’m short and strong, and grew up rather poor. I keep my hair short, a must for my job as a surveyor. Jess on the other hand, is the spitting image of her beauty queen mother: tall, thin, blonde, and with a smile that could light up a room. I’ve often been envious of her effortless beauty — I’m not sure that either word has ever been used to describe me.

Jess is texting up a flurry as we drive, instructing our other friend Whitney on where to meet us for shopping, her boyfriend Sam on the status of the cabin we’re all sharing, and least but not least, her mother. Eventually she drops phone exasperatedly on her lap.

“Why is it so hard to coordinate seven people to get somewhere? It’s like herding cats!”

Well, you aren’t supposed to be organizing it in the first place. It’s your no good boyfriend who’s causing the problems. I don’t actually say that though, as much as I’d like to.”I think everything will turn out fine Jess, don’t stress it.”

Jessica squeezes my arm. “You’re such a comfort,” she replies. “I know at least you’re going to show up, and I can’t have a bad trip if you’re there!” Her fingertips stroke down my exposed bicep, sending tingles down it from the light contact. “And wow, those muscles are really coming in.”

I laugh and jerk my arm away, careful not to steer into oncoming traffic. “You tramp, you’ll go for anything with a 6 pack. Also, cut that out, or we won’t even make it to the shop!” Jessica laughs with me, and bats her eyelashes at me playfully.

I can’t help but smile as we pull into the lot. When Jessica’s smiling, it’s hard not to join in. She knows that too, and most certainly used it to her advantage this time. “Looks like we made it, no thanks to miss touchy-feely in the passenger seat.”

Jessica sticks her tongue out at me and blasts out of the car door to wrap Whitney in a big hug. The third member of our long past college dorm room is nearly knocked off her feet despite her size advantage.

“Woah there girl, you keep running like that and you won’t have any energy to swim this week. Hey Lauren,” I earn a smile as well. “Say, weren’t you saying you were going to get a new car soon? Why are you still driving that beater?”

I sigh a little, smile fading. “Can’t afford a new car, that shit’s expensive. It gets me where I need to go.” I glance self-consciously back at my beat up little Subaru. “Besides, a new car would just end up looking like this anyways.” Whitney shrugs, obviously not too concerned about my car choices. As we had been talking, Jessica had already darted into the shop, and Whitney follows her in. I pat my car on the hood before leaving. “It’s okay lil’ guy, you’re still good enough for me.” Maybe it’s stupid sentimentalism, but that car has taken me a lot of places.

As I step into the shop, I immediately feel out of place. The shop is more of a boutique, and decked out with the latest fashions in summerwear. “This place looks expensive,” I whisper to Whitney as we comb through the racks for new swimsuits. Whitney shrugs again. She never really seems to care about spending money, even when Dean, her husband, gets on her about budgeting.

Jessica is the first to find something she liked, and sprints to the changing room. Not one minute later and she struts out. “All right girls, what do ya think?” It’s a strappy black one-piece, with generous cutouts to show off her body.

“Girl, you look hawt,” I blurt out. “Wear that and you’ll boil the lake dry!” It may be an embarrassing outburst, but I’m right. It accentuates her perfect legs and lovely hourglass figure. I realize I’ve been staring and, follow it up with a lame afterthought. “First one and you’ve already got a winner.”

“Seems pretty good to me,” Whitney concurs. “Quickest shopping trip ever, am I right?” Jessica merely laughs and pops back into the changing room.

“I’m not nearly istanbul travesti done, and you guys haven’t even picked anything! Nice try.”

Whitney gives a hearty laugh, before returning her attention to the racks. I poke through idly, not finding much to wear. My mind keeps returning to Jess’s body in the swimsuit, and I feel myself blush. Stop being jealous Lauren, I remind myself. You can’t help your genetics.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts as Jessica squeaks out something, before slamming the changing room door again.. “I think she may have browsed here before,” Whitney remarks sarcastically.

“I heard that!,” an indignant retort floats out of the enclosed space. She bursts out again this time with a racy bikini that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. “Well?,” she asked imperiously, striking a mockery of a pose, making me laugh nervously.

“Really Jess, you look good in anything. You wear that on the beach though, and we’ll never get any time to ourselves, if ya know what I mean?” I’m not big on unsolicited attention — I’d much rather just spend the time with Jessica, not fending off boys. You’d think it’d be the opposite, given my struggles with dating, but Jess is my favorite person in the world, who wouldn’t want to spend time with their favorite?

Jessica beams at me, before bouncing back to take off the suit. I catch Whitney rolling her eyes and offer a sympathetic smile. She snorts, and returns to the racks. So much for that apology. She’s the next to find something, a suit that showed off her curves, a good match in my mind.

I however, am not having an easy time. For one thing, the suits are very revealing, which isn’t my style. Then there’s the price. The cheapest thing I’d been able to find is nearly $100! I don’t know if you know how much a surveyor makes, but it’s not $100 on a new swimsuit money.

Jessica notices however, and grabs something from another area and practically pushes me into the changing room. “Try it, I think you’ll like it. It’s your favorite color isn’t it?” She’s right of course, it is my favorite color, a beautiful emerald green. Reluctantly, I strip down to my underwear and pull on the suit. It fits perfectly, which makes the scary tag hanging off that much worse. At least if I’m spending money the money, it looks good. I see my stocky frame in the mirror, and wince a bit, but for once I actually like how I look

“Well, let’s see it!” Jess’s voice spurns me to action, and I step out tentatively. “Oh, my god Lauren. You look ahhhmazzzinggg!,” Jessica screeches as soon as she had sight of me. She licks her lips in fake desire. “You look good enough to eat.”

I can feel my cheeks warm, and I look at my feet. “Get a room you two!” Whitney calls out, making my face even warmer. I run back into the dressing room before getting catcalled further. Jess cackles like the Wicked Witch of the West while I slam the door shut. By the time I’m dressed, Whitney’s already at the register, with Jessica waiting behind. “So, are you going to get it?,” Jessica whispers conspiratorially.

I glance down at the suit in my hands. I really can’t afford this right now, but it did make me feel sexy… Jessica obviously noticed my indecision and whisked it out of my hands.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“My treat,” the blonde simply replied. I blink at her in shock several times, then open my mouth to protest. She won’t hear any of it though, and gently places a finger over my mouth. “Just let me get it for you, I can’t let you walk away from something that makes you look that sexy!”

My protest dies with her finger wagging in my face, and before I know it, I have the suit in a bag, and we’re bidding Whitney farewell.

“Thanks for coming with us, Whitney!” Jessica wraps her in another hug.

“Of course girl, can’t be a real vacation prep without me can it?”

We all laugh, remembering college times when our biggest concern was grades and spring break. “Bye Whitney,” I add. “We’ll see you at the cabin tomorrow!”

“Thanks for getting me that suit,” I offer meekly once we’re under way. “That was really sweet of you.” Jessica smiles and squeezes my arm, giving me a warm glow. “Like I said, it was too sexy to put back on the rack. Plus, you are driving me out here.”

We drive in a comfortable silence for awhile, and I spend some time admiring the approaching mountainous views which I love so much. “So why am I driving you anyways?,” I eventually broach tentatively. I’m pretty sure I know exactly why I’m driving her, but I want to make sure.

Jess slumps back in her seat, looking a little annoyed. “Sam had to work late, again,” she huffs. “Which half the time is code for his friends want to go see a game or something.”

Figures, I snark to myself. I don’t want to press any further though, Jess already knows how much I detest her boyfriend. “Well, I’m not complaining, that means more of you for me!”

Jessica brightens up significantly. “You are pretty great. I’m so istanbul travestileri excited for this trip! A whole week of hiking, swimming and good eats! I need this.” I can’t help but agree. We’d both been saving up vacation for this, and I’d had been working extra hours to save up some money as well.

“So which activity do you want to do first?,” Jessica pokes me with her finger, making me laugh and swat her hand away. “Well, since it will be dinner time when we get there, I’d say good eats is my vote. Unless you want to grab some snacks and hike up the mountain to watch the sun set.”

Jessica seems to seriously ponder the option for a moment, her brow furrowed in the cute little way it does when she’s thinking hard. I wonder what’s making her gears turn so much?

“Well, that does sound pretty, but I think we have plenty of time for that later in the week. Food first!”

I laugh, and turn on some tunes. We spend the rest of the drive discussing hikes, playing road trip games and belting out our favorite songs. I have a big smile on my face, and Jessica is beaming by the time we make it to the rental cabin next to the lake. “Oh it’s even prettier than it looked on the website!,” Jessica exclaims, popping out before I even have time to turn the car off.

Her enthusiasm is infectious, and I giggle and grab some bags. She’s right of course, the main room has lovely furniture and homey colors complemented by fantastic views of the lake through the large windows. “You sure know how to pick ’em, Jess.”

I drop the the bags and take another appreciative glance out the window, before being nearly bowled off my feet by an excited Jess. “Ahhh, I’m just so excited!,” she yells, sprinting out to unload her luggage.

“I’m glad you like it,” I offer with a smile, pretending to take credit for the planning that was purely Jessica.

When we finish unpacking, the next order of business is dinner, met with equal exuberance. While we’re looking through reviews however, Jessica’s cheer quickly vanishes. “What’s wrong Jess?,” I ask hesitantly.

She sighs, and I climb out of my chair and sit next to her on the couch. “Jess?” Another sigh, followed by a toss of her phone onto the table, making a loud clatter.

“Sam can’t come tomorrow either, apparently there’s some ‘work emergency’.”

“Aww, Jess, I’m sorry.” I wrap her in a side-arm embrace, and she leans against me shoulder. I’m not exactly put out by his absence, but I hate seeing Jess down, it’s the worst sight in the world. “We’ll just have to have a good time on our own.”

Jess nuzzles up to my shoulder and returns the hug. “Yeah, I guess we will.” I let her lean up against me for awhile, listening to her breathing. While she sounds put out, she’s not sniffling, which is a good sign. Eventually, my arm begins to cramp and I decide it’s time to try cheering her up.

“Alright, enough feeling sorry for ourselves. there’s some pizza with my name on it and I’m not waiting any longer!”

Jess pops up, the sparkle back in her eyes. “Okay, but we’re getting pineapple on half this time.” I roll my eyes at her.

“I don’t know why you love that so much, it’s just like putting a marshmallow on your hamburger.” Jessica gives me her mischievous grin and dials the takeout number.

While we wait, Jess queues up a movie, and before too long we’re watching. “You know, since no one is here yet, it just feels like being at home. Just, more roomy. Watching a shitty sci-fi movie in our underwear after eating way too much pizza.”

“When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound like our grand vacation, more of a stay-cation,” I chirp back. “Even if it is a beautiful place and I like vacationing with you.” Jessica laughs and pushes me gently back into the couch.

“No talk, only watch.”

“As if, there’s nothing you can do to stop me from mocking… uh, is this Dino Shark 1 or 2? I suppose it can’t be worse than Sharknado 3.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Jess wiggles her eyebrows at me, her eyes shining with laughter. “It can always be worse.”

Chapter 2 — The Beach

Maybe I shouldn’t have let Jess buy me this swimsuit. I adjust the fabric gently, to better cover myself. Sam, and his fratty friend have both been leering at me all day, along with Jess, Whitney, and every other girl wearing a bathing suit today.

What was his name again? Kevin? Kyle? Something like that. Sam’s been trying to set me up with his massive douche of a friend, and I want no part of that. He gives me the creeps. So does Sam, for that matter.

“Hey babe,” Sam slurs. “Wanna walk over to the shop and get some ice cream?” I can’t help but wrinkle my nose. It’s two in the afternoon and he’s already drunk.

Jessica isn’t deterred, however. “Sure, but only if we can get the chocolate covered cones!” That’s my Jess, willing to tolerate anything for some chocolate.

“I’m going to go float in the water,” I tell Whitney, who’s sunbathing next to me.

“Want some company?,” travesti istanbul she asks, eyes flicking towards Sam’s brusque friend.

“Now that you mention it, yeah, I think I would.” We grab two of the inner-tubes that we’d rented and wade into the frigid water.

“You’re lucky I’m such a great friend,” Whitney hisses as the shockingly cold water hits her. “It’s like fucking ice in here, Jesus!” I laugh and dive in, a decision I swiftly regret..

“Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have laughed,” I admit as she scowls at me. “But it will feel nice once we’re used to it.”

“So how you holding up?” Whitney probes.

“What do you mean?” I play dumb, even though I know what she’s talking about.

“You’re having to spend most of a week living with Sam and Kyle, two of your least favorite people on planet earth,” Whitney presses on. “Don’t give me that, ‘whadya mean’ Missy, you know damn well what I mean.”

I laugh a bit at Whitney’s sarcastic attack, then sigh, a bit of melancholy seeping in. I glance up at the blue sky before answering. “Eh, it’s alright. If Jess wasn’t here I’d probably just leave. No offense — she’s just the only one who can keep them somewhat in line.”

Whitney shrugs, no offense taken it seems. “I’d leave too,” she admits, gently kicking further away from the beach where her husband and Kyle are drinking beers.

“Well, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t want them around.” I kick a little, enjoying the cool water on my legs. “I still don’t know what she sees in him anyways.”

Whitney shrugs again. “I don’t know either. Not sure there’s anything to do about it but wait and hope she figures it out. If anyone could talk her out of it, it’d be you, you two are basically family anyways. If you haven’t had any luck, I doubt anyone else will too.”

I can’t help but sigh, and sink deeper into the water. I’ve certainly tried, as much as I feel I can. It’s hard for me to be harsh with anyone, let alone Jess. One sad expression is enough to send me right down in the dumps with her. One time I’d asked Jessica to clean up a mess and she gave me those sad puppy dog eyes as she apologized for not being quicker about it and I almost cried.

“Maybe I haven’t been forward enough about it,” I murmur.

Somehow Whitney hears me, and flicks water at me, causing me to gasp from the icy cold. “Hey don’t be so down on yourself, I don’t think it would have helped. Plus, you get all mopey when she’s sad, don’t try to deny it, I’ve seen it. You two are attached at the hip.”

Back at the beach, I can see Jess and Sam returning with their ice cream cones. Whitney flicks my inner-tube with her toe, pushing away from me. “Look,” she posits as we float gently apart. “We both agree that he’s not good for her, but we’ll just have to wait it out. Tortoise, Hare, yada yada you get the point.”

I can’t help but laugh, Whitney’s half-assed motivational speech sneaking past my crankiness. “So what about you then,” Whitney asks with a devious smile on her face. “You could get your own special someone.” She waggles her eyebrows suggestively. I pull my hat down further to hide from her.

“I don’t know, the dates never seem to go well. Jess thinks I’m sabotaging myself, but I really try my best. I never seem to click with anyone though.” It doesn’t help that most guys seem intimidated that I have, gasp! Muscles and an outdoor job! Good heavens!

“Well, maybe that’s the problem? Sometimes when you try hard, it makes things harder on yourself. I know that sounds like bullshit, and it probably is, but it also might not be. Wow, I’m really good at giving advice huh?” I giggle a little more, Whitney’s abrasive charm wearing down my grumpiness.

Jess grabs one of the inner-tubes and begins paddling out towards us. “Aw man, did she leave my Dean alone with those scuzzballs? Girl, what is you doin’?” I can sympathize, but I’d rather spend time with her over anyone else.

“Hey cuties, how’re things out here?” She still has some chocolate stuck her lip. Adorable on her, a terrible look on me. I almost reach out and wipe it off, but dismiss the thought when she does it herself.

“Good, we were just talking about Lauren’s sex life,” Whitney replies, devilish grin back on her face.

Jess makes an odd face for a mere moment, before she flashes her own impish grin. “Oooooohhh, sounds racy. So how is it then roomie?”

I blush hard, and jam my hat even further down on my head. “You can’t hide behind a baseball cap, I know you’re in there,” she sings, splashing water with her feet.

“Well, it’s pretty much non-existent, and you know that you big old meanie!” I blurt out. I’m really not that upset though, Jess and I joke about becoming old cat ladies all the time.

“Aw, sorry Rennie, did I hurt your feelings?” Jess fake pouts at her, which produces some not fake sadness for me.

“All right that’s it, I’ve had enough of your lip,” I declare. I manage to maneuver around her, and flip her into the water off her tube, where she shrieks from the icy cold shock. Whitney laughs raucously, and I join her as Jess clambers back out of the frigid lake.

“I suppose I deserved that,” she giggles when she’s out. “By the way, we were thinking of doing barbecue tonight for dinner, does that sound good?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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