Confessions Ch. 14

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Thank you Wingedangel for editing.


I left early from work one day, there was little to do, and the rain was depressing me, so I decided to have a little me time, the house would be empty, and quiet. While I drove I let the symphony of the rain pelting off my windshield comfort me instead of irritate me as it had done inside the office building.

As I rounded a corner I noticed a woman walking, huddled in her coat, with her head down, just as a car flew through the puddle beside her, sending a wave of water cascading over her like a raft in the fiercest of rapids. I stopped at the sign, and found my eyes back upon her. She stood still now, and I could see her shivering. She wore just a thin jacket and her dark hair was plastered on her face and shoulders. I felt a sense of duty to help her.

Noticing there were no cars in the area, I shifted into reverse and backed up to her. When I got to her I rolled my window down, “Hey, you want a ride? It’s cold.”

She nodded and I motioned to the passenger side door, “Jump in.”

She wasted no time and as she closed the door huddled near the vents where my heat was blaring for her.

I smiled to her and started back down the road, “I’m Hal, where you headed?”

She pushed the hair from her face as she spoke to me, “I’m Jackie. I live across town, on Mek Street. Thank you so much Hal, today has really sucked.”

“I know where that is. We will have you there in no time at all. How long have you been walking anyway?”

She shook her head, “A bit. My car broke down a few miles back.”

I pulled onto Mek Street and looked to her, “Which house?”

“Third on the left, it’s the blue one. Thank you so much Hal.”

I pulled into her driveway, “No problem. I hope your day gets better.”

She gave me a quick smile and opened the door. I watched her as she began to climb her steps, and then she slipped, I actually saw the heel of her shoe snap.

I quickly turned the car off and ran out to her, “Are you okay?”

She was holding her ankle tightly and tears were rolling down her cheeks as she shook her head.

“Let me help you,” I said as I slipped my arms beneath her and lifted her up. She cried against my shoulder as we entered her porch. She fumbled with her keys before being able to get them in the knob of the door and I carried her inside.

I brought her to her couch and sat her down, “Let me take a look at that ankle for you Jackie.”

She sat back and extended her leg, “Oh my god Hal, I’m so sorry! Thank you so much.”

I shook my head as I looked at her ankle, it was slightly swollen, but not bad, “No need to apologize, I’m here to help. It’ll be okay, just get some rest and ice.”

I looked up and gave her a smile; for the first time realized how pretty she was, with her brown practically black hair, perfect soft looking skin and the most alluring, chocolate brown eyes he’d ever seen; right now looking at her face, doe eyed and tear stained cheeks, none of that fazed me.

She beautifully smiled up at me, “Can I at lease get you a drink for your trouble?”

I thought about it for a moment, “What the hell, why not.”

She smiled and stood awkwardly, “I have Blue Moon, would you like one?”

I nodded, “Perfect.”

She attempted to walk but stumbled. I jumped up and sat her back on the couch, “how about we get you that ice pack instead?”

She sighed, “It is probably the best thing to do huh? I still owe you that beer, how about I buy you a beer as soon as I heal?”

“You got yourself a deal. Now let me get that ice pack for you.”

I could see her kitchen from the living room and headed to her freezer. As I fished around for her ice pack I noticed her ice cube trays, one was shaped like breasts and the other like penises. I chuckled to myself and grabbed the cold pack.

Composing myself I closed the door and brought it over to her, “This will be cold.”

She jumped a little as I placed it on her, “Holy shit!”

I istanbul escort laughed, “Sorry. You should get some dry clothes on and get some rest.”

She took a deep breath, “Do you think you can do me a two more favors?”

I shrugged, “Sure, what do you need?”

“Can you help me with my coat and help me up the stairs?”

I saw no harm in helping a bit more, so nodded in agreement. I helped her stand and remove her jacket which fought us for every inch, then let her lean on me as we headed up the stairs to her bedroom.

Her room was immaculate, not what I had expected from the plain furnishing that I had seen downstairs. Her dresser must have been 8 feet long with a full size mirror perched upon it. A large bay window was framed with white lace curtains. Her bed was massive, the headboard looked to be made of oak and had a forest scene etched into it, and was covered with a thick pink comforter. The TV was at least 50 inches and suspended upon a wall. I had to check myself before I lost myself in the ambiance of the room.

Her words shook me out of my slight daze, “If you could just help me to the dresser I should be good. Thank you so much!”

We moved together in unison to the dressed, she leaned on the top of the dresser and slid a drawer open. Although I tried to resist from them doing so, I felt my eyes bulge slightly as I saw the purple dildo resting atop a pair of satin pajamas.

She closed the drawer quickly and her face reddened, “Um, sorry. You didn’t see that did you?’

I stuttered with my words before I found them, “No. I didn’t see it.”

She fell backward onto the bed, “Holy fuck! You did see it, I am so embarrassed, and so sorry!”

I put my hands up trying to calm her, “No worries Jackie, every woman has one. I mean, one does need satisfaction when they have the urge.”

She mumbled something through her hands as she covered her face; I didn’t quite catch it, and couldn’t resist asking, “What? Don’t be embarrassed.”

She shook her head violently, “I didn’t say anything, nothing at all. I can’t believe I left it in that drawer, and you saw it.”

I smiled; it was kind of funny to me, “Don’t worry. Look on the bright side, it’s a pretty one.”

I heard her giggle, “I do like the color purple.”

I laughed, more to keep my composer than anything else, “You know, you’re getting your bed all wet. You should change into something dry, and get some rest.”

She shook her head, “I am so embarrassed, I am going to be thinking of you seeing my glass dildo all night now.”

I mock gasped, “Its glass? I didn’t notice that! Well, that means it is really good.”

She giggled again, and I heard her this time, “It’s great.”

I took a deep breath, I had no doubt it was great for her, “Well, let’s get you up so you can relax.”

She sighed and looked up to me, “Can you grab the jammies on the right side of that drawer for me please? Not like I have to worry about you seeing anything now.”

I nodded to her, trying to keep my own embarrassment down, as I opened the drawer I went with humor, “Wow! That is a really pretty toy.”

I heard her grunt through her hands, then she played the humor game back with me, “Well, I guess you can borrow it if you want.”

I laughed, what the hell this was kind of fun. I lifted it from its resting spot and turned to her, “I don’t know if this would help me like it helps you.”

Her jaw dropped and she sat up quickly, “Oh my god! You are horrible!”

I chuckled, “Should I just place this on the bed along with your clothes?”

As I said the words I found that I was really aroused by her and her dildo, the thought of her using it was making me really horny. My pants were getting tighter. She must have been getting excited by it to because her playfulness heightened, “No, just put it right between my legs, I don’t plan on waiting long. Mine as well get some pleasure in the day right.”

As kadıköy escort I responded, I found that my voice was getting less humorous and more serious then I had thought, “Exactly. Everyone should have a good orgasm.”

I saw her eyes move from my crotch, to the dildo, then to my eyes, “Even you?”

I searched for my words, I had not intended on this, “Well yeah, but I should get going and let you rest.”

She moved closer to the edge of the bed and took hold of my wrist. She smiled and slowly pulled the dildo closer to her. She wrapped her lips around the head of it, only to have her release it with a quick lick, “Do you like dildos Hal?”

I couldn’t believe how hot that looked! My cock was fully erect now and I was once again searching for words, “Not in me Jackie.”

She closed her mouth over her dildo again and slid down the shaft and back again. Her hand moved to my pants and she squeezed me through them, her voice was a whisper, “I love them inside of me, and I still have not thanked you.” She began to caress my cock slowly, “Let me thank you Hal.”

I stood as still as possible. Here was a beautiful woman sucking on a dildo and stroking me. I could not think of another time in my life when I had been so turned on.

She moved her free hand and began to unbutton her blouse, as her other fiddled with my zipper. She smiled up to me and licked the dildo once more, “Will you use that on me Hal?”

I swallowed hard, her eyes were boring into me, and I could only think of pleasing her, “Wherever you want me to put it Jackie.”

She released me and finished unbuttoning her blouse exposing a pink laced bra covering her ample breasts, “Promises, promises Hal. I like things kinky, do you?”

I took in another deep breath, “I only hope to please.”

She smiled as she undid her bra and let it fall to the floor between us, “And I love being pleased.”

Jackie unfastened her pants and slid them down her long legs. She dragged her fingers back up and pressed them against herself though the pink laced panties, “I’m so wet Hal.”

I watched her, partially holding my breath as her fingers moved her panties aside and brush a finger over her pussy. Moaning separated her lips and moved a finger up and down her wet slit, “Take off your clothes Hal, my pussy needs help.”

I set her dildo down beside her and quickly removed my shirt. While taking off my pants she slid a finger deep inside herself, “I am so hot, so wet.”

I don’t think I ever slipped out of my pants and dropped my drawers so fast in my life! It was so sexy seeing her finger herself! Hearing her tell me how wet she was.

She smiled at me, and withdrew her hand from her pussy, placing it over my cock. She stroked me a few times, coating the top of my member with her own juice, “I see you are ready for me now.”

She let go of me and lifted her ass to slide down her panties and giving me the full view of her shaved pussy, “Do you like your women shaved Hal?”

I nodded, “Oh yes, love them shaved.”

She smiled at me again and reached out, taking hold of my hips she pulled me close and licked at the tip of my cock, “I want you to play with my pussy using my dildo, will you do that for me?”

She slid her mouth over me and took me completely in, swirling her tongue as she sucked. I had to concentrate to talk, “I’ll use that wonderful toy on you Jackie, and anything else you want.”

She released me with a slurp and a smile, “I hope so.”

She lowered herself to her back and spread her legs for me, “Tease me first Hal.”

I had never used a dildo before and took it with some trepidation. But her smile and the way her fingertips tapped her pussy gave me all the encouragement I needed.

I knelt down between her legs and slid the dildo against her folds, slowly, letting the smooth head touch her, then every little bump of its shaft to tease her. Her soft moans brought a smile to my face; maybe I could kağıthane escort do this right.

I slid the tip back down her and let it just dip inside her. She moaned again and I withdrew it, and slid it back up her folds, pressing it to her clit. “You like that Jackie?”

Her voice was like a purr, “Oh fuck yes, tease me with your toy.”

I grinned to myself and pressed the tip to her opening and pressed my free fingers on her clit. I slid the head of the dildo inside of her as slowly as I could, and swirled my fingers, “You like your toy inside you don’t you Jackie.”

I saw her biting her lip as she spoke, “I want you to lick my ass, and fuck me hard with that toy Hal, I want it so bad! I want you to make me cum. Will you lick my ass, and fuck me with your toy Hal?”

I had never licked ass before, but the thought really excited me. I slid the toy deep inside her then slowly removed it, making sure she felt every bump on its shaft as it left her.

She cooed as the head left her pussy, “Don’t make me beg Hal…”

She rolled onto her stomach, and placed her knees onto the bed, lifting her ass up to me as she lowered her face to the mattress, “Lick my ass Hal!”

Her words had become commands and I was bound to obey. Her legs widened before me and I kissed at her tiny globe. Her hands slid back and she spread her ass cheeks for me, “Dive your tongue into my ass and fuck me with that toy Hal!”

I moved my mouth to her little hole quickly and swirled my tongue around it before slipping the tip inside as I pressed the glass to her pussy and pushed it deep inside her waiting pussy. Her deep moans encouraged me and I rolled my tongue and began to bob my head letting it slide as deep inside her ass as I could and withdrawing it.

My dildo hand began to move faster as well, filling her and emptying her rapidly, while twisting my wrist back and forth. The sounds of her moans of pleasure continued to motivate me. I swirled my tongue over her ass, then plunged back inside of her.

She began to rock her hips on me as her moans got louder, “I’m going to cum! Oh god yes!”

It was almost a scream when she came, and I pressed my tongue inside her ass and the dildo deep inside her pussy as she went, moving both ever so slightly. Surprisingly I could feel the pulsations of her orgasm with my tongue.

She moved her ass forward as her orgasm subsided, pulling both my tongue and the dildo from her, and rolled onto her back. She licked her lips, “That was great! Now, I want you inside me, and let me suck on that wonderful dildo.”

I lifted the dildo to her mouth and she took it greedily, sucking off her own sweet juices and giving me little moans. Slowly I moved between her legs and pressed my cock to her pussy. She was so wet that I slid inside her without any difficulty. I began to move my hips back and forth as I fed the dildo to her.

She sucked on her glass toy as if it were a real cock then closed her legs around my hips. The sight of her sucking on her toy, and the feel of her legs around me drove me wild. I began pumping more rapidly, feeling my thighs banging against the back of hers. The sounds of our sex echoed off the walls.

I felt my balls engorge; she released to dildo from her mouth, “I want you to cum on my face Hal! I want to taste you!”

She released me from her legs and sat up as I withdrew myself from her hot pussy, “Jerk off for me, spray your cum in my face,” she demanded as she opened her mouth before my cock.

I had never jerked off in front of a woman before, but I did not hesitate to do so. The excitement was exhilarating; it only took a few good pulls from my hand to send thick strands of cum streaming toward her. She caught most of my sperm on her tongue, but several globs of it splashed upon her chin and nose.

I couldn’t believe how hot she made me; I still continued to jerk myself off even after my orgasm subsided, when she took a hold of my hand removing it from my member, leaned forward and gave my cock a good suck before looking back up to me, “Now it is a good day.”

I don’t really remember much after that. We cleaned up and I left to go home, with a smile upon my face. I have not seen Jackie since that day, but anytime I am driving in the pouring rain, I find myself looking to help a damsel in distress.

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