Cum For the Goddess

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As I often do on Saturdays closest to the Full Moon, I’ve run to the grocery store up the road to get last-minute items we’ll need for tonight’s ritual and feast. Bread, fruit, wine and candles – a lot of candles. I suspect we witches must keep the candle makers of the world in business. Working magic by electric light just doesn’t have the same impact. It’s August and hot as hell, and I’m wishing as I do at least six months of the year that we lived some place like the mountains of Montana instead of the sweaty south. Thank the Goddess we have begun to move toward working skyclad, ritually nude. The latest novices are still shy, like all novices, and have been reluctant to adopt this ancient and practical tradition. But we’re preparing for initiations, and no one wears robes for that.

You and I have been together over a decade – this lifetime – and follow the Old Religion, that fertility cult the Church has expended so much energy trying to erase for the past two thousand years. As Priest and Priestess we lead our small congregation in the New and Full Moon celebrations called Esbats, along with eight High Holy Days or Sabbats. Every year or so we take on a new class of students or novices, folks who commit themselves to the study of our Craft. Most drop out after a few months, overwhelmed by the challenges sincere study requires of them. But occasionally a few hang on, eventually undergoing the mysterious process that admits them to the inner ranks of our coven.

The anticipation surrounding initiations is always fraught with tension, for our students and for us as well. Of course the public has all sorts of ideas of what the rite involves, and the students always gossip between themselves, searching the landslide of current books on Witchcraft for some inkling of what they’ll be required to undergo. We know these ancient rites which open candidates to the power of Magic, manifested through the God and Goddess, and prepare for the demands they make upon us by eating moderately, drinking lots of water, resting more and remaining chaste for the week preceding the rites (the hardest of all the traditional requirements, especially for the two of us.)

It’s late afternoon and the air has the heavy expectant feeling I associate with a building thunderstorm. Having a knack for weather magic, I figure I can work the impending storm tonight for good effect. I pull up our steep driveway and turn off the van, then open the sliding side door and grabbing the bags of groceries. You usually come out to help me unload when you’re home, but I assume that you must be on the computer blasting aliens or maybe even cleaning the temple in preparation for tonight’s rite.

Being careful to keep the cats in, I open the front door and immediately hear the moans of sexual ecstasy coming from the room that serves us as both den and temple space. “You sneaky rat”, I think, assuming that you’ve decided to pop a porn flick into the VCR while I’m out and jerk off. Maybe I can tip toe in and manage to watch you masturbating, something I’ve always fantasized about, but never been lucky enough to catch. I set the grocery bags ever so carefully on the floor by the front door and step out of my sandals, then slip into the kitchen. Must be a new movie; I don’t recognize the sound track. No repetitious music, just the muted sound of a woman whimpering and the rhythmical low moans of a man lost in pleasure, punctuated by the wet slap of flesh on turgid flesh.

I move stealthily to the corner just outside the den, hoping to finally have a chance to see you pleasuring yourself unawares. “Uunhhh, uunnh, yeahhh…!” The realism of the sounds from the film I assume you’re watching intrigues me since we both complain about the lousy sound taksim escort tracks that so often accompany porn films. “Mmmh, aahhh…” Shifting so that I can peek around the door jam, I snag my foot on something and notice a pile of white on the floor in front of me. You dropped some laundry, I think, until I realize I’m looking at a woman’s sleeveless cotton blouse. Odd, I think.

Then, on the dark oak floor just inside the doorway to the den, a crumpled pair of cut-offs and more white – a strip of a bra and the tiniest pair of lacey panties I’ve ever seen, tossed down beside your tan shorts, and glistening with dew. “What the hell?!”

My brain just doesn’t compute until I look up to see you leaning back on the futon couch on the far side of the temple room, a curvaceous redhead straddling your thighs and impaled on your dong. First, shock that leaves me weak in the knees, then the rush of arousal as I take in the amazing image of your straining rod slamming up into the fiery novice you’ve been lusting after.

Kia’s head is flung back in delight, her red-gold curls disheveled and damp with sweat. The long sweep of her creamy back gleams with moisture and almost glows against the dark mass of your hairy chest and thighs. I can’t see your face – your hungry mouth must be sucking on her left breast – but your long, slender fingers are tightly grasping her sweetly rounded hips, rocking her up and down as you pump her with your swollen dick.

We’ve been teaching the novices about the concept of polarity, the attraction of opposites, and trying to help them understand how desire drives the magic we do. It’s not unusual for a novice to be attracted to the High Priest or Priestess, but most are too intimidated to follow through on such fantasies. The group is your usual mixed bag: guys who want to be witches because they think all we do is fuck and women following the Goddess, trying to heal from lousy marriages. Most are average sorts, seeking a more meaningful form of religion than what their neighborhood church offers them. A few are sincere seekers, with intuitive ability and a natural aptitude for the magic. And then, every once in awhile, someone like Kia comes along, a natural-born witch – intelligent, creative, focused, and passionate. Oh yes, Kia is certainly passionate.

I watch you flexing your thighs and arching your hips to work that beautiful rod of yours deeper into her red-furred cunny and feel the tugging in my center as my clit begins to rise, my pussy moistening at the hot image before me. Oh, I’ve watched you with other women before and know well your skill as Priest and Lover, but I’ve never before had the opportunity to observe you secretly or with such a hot little piece as Kia. “Ah, yeah, bite my titties, baby. Suck ’em harder.” Kia’s Texas drawl is thick with passion and she shoves her joggling breasts into your face, arching her back to offer the creamy pair to your hungry mouth. I can hear you slurping on her long, strawberry nipples, your moans of pleasure muffled by the full flesh of her jugs. You’re so good with your tongue, wherever you use it.

My own breasts ache with desire and I can feel the drawing sensation as my big brown nipples rise and tighten, straining against the fabric of my T-shirt. All pleasure is a gift to the Goddess, and this is one wonderful way to worship Her. My heart is pounding in time with the pumping of your cock and I pray my breathing is softer than it sounds to me. Some part of my lust-fogged brain wonders whether this frolic will negate the effect of Kia’s initiation tonight, while another admires her audacity and initiative. There’s no doubt this novice is ready to work skyclad!

My topkapı escort hand wanders with a mind of its own to the elastic of my shorts, and slips them down my quivering thighs. I shuck my T-shirt and carefully drop it on the floor next to Kia’s moist panties. Cupping my big left breast in that hand, I’m twisting the fat nipple between thumb and fingers, feeling the effect of every tug deep in my cunt, the passion I’m watching and feeling opening my body to the building magic. The sight before me is amazing and so incredibly sexy. In the darkened room, Kia’s pale skin glows luminously, and she rises and falls over your rutting penis, grinding her ass cheeks with your every thrust. You curl your long fingers up into the juice that drips from her swollen flower and slip the tip of one finger into the rosebud of her ass, circling and teasing the sensitive flesh. “Ahhhh, oh yeahhh, do that, baby, do it!” she moans huskily. From twelve feet away, I can smell the musk of your passions, like a breeze from the shore, Aphrodite’s own sacred perfume, salty and compelling. The scent fills me with waves of hunger and I feel my own anus contracting in rhythm with Kia’s. I’m shaking, I’m so turned on.

I slip my fingers into my mouth and moisten them with saliva, then ease my hand into my soaked panties and between the fat lips of my pussy to find my throbbing clit, rising between them like a flaming brand. With every thrust of your engorged cock, Kia cries out, and I stroke the aching knob of flesh beneath my fingers, my eyes fixed on the incredible vision before me. More, I need more contact. Stripping off my panties, I squat to open my wet sex to my hand, thrusting fingers into the heat and trembling flesh of my vagina while I thumb my bursting clit. I hurl the fiery energy you’re raising right back at you, woven with my own.

“Deeper, Baby!” the little redhead begs you, her hips rocking like a ship in a storm. You grasp her creamy ass with your big, powerful hands and lift her up on your slick shank, the thickness of your beefy cock drawing out the ruffled, glistening drapery of her inner lips as she rises off your length. How I’d love to be kneeling behind her, my tongue lapping at your joined and swollen flesh. At the moment Kia’s weight shifts, you also shift your hips, ramming your dripping dick even deeper into her snatch, scattering pearly droplets of precum and her honey across the gleaming dark wood floor. She shrieks in pleasure, and from the clenching of her rosy little asshole, I know she’s cumming, the muscles of her pussy milking that fat shaft you’ve buried up her. Magic wand, indeed.

Her passion temporarily spent and her body gasping for breath, the girl falls forward, her red-gold head buried in your shoulder, finally revealing me in your clear line of sight. Our eyes meet and yours widen in shock at the image of me crouched in the temple doorway, my hand frantically frigging my clit and my mouth panting and open with lust. So much for your struggle to control your own reflexes. Your balls tighten abruptly and you groan in rhythm with the pulsing of your cock as you spew burst after burst of cum into Kia’s slack and dripping cunt. Goddess, what a sight, and I’m cumming, too, my pussy spasming and clutching at my slick fingers, the delicious contractions spurting my juices onto the floor between my feet. As I grunt in pleasure, Kia realizes the two of you are not alone, and she whirls around anxiously, your still-pulsing dick popping free of her reddened pussy to fire its final shot onto her thigh.

She’s clearly terrified to have been caught fucking her teacher’s husband, and even you look a little sheepish, although you know I love to watch you tesettürlü escort in action as much as balling you myself. Kia looks to you for a clue on how to act in this unusual solution, and you smile reassuringly at her and tell her to relax and go with it. As the cup is to the woman, so the blade is to the man, and together, they bring blessedness. This is the core of our faith, a religion dating back to mankind’s most ancient past.

With both Blessed Elements before me, I’m no fool. I rise and enter our temple, coming to stand before the two of you. The moisture of my desire clings to my fingers and paints my thighs. “It’s ok, Kiddo,” you murmur. “She doesn’t bite…much…Besides, she likes to share me…” Smiling at our feisty novice, I nod at you and you turn Kia so her back rests across your chest with her head cradled on your broad shoulder. You begin to kiss and nibble gently at her arching neck and earlobe, and cup her full breast in your warm paw, thumbing the thick nipple jutting out of its center until the girl begins to squirm.

The energy filling this sacred space is as thick as molasses, dark and sweet and mysterious. I kneel before our student, my nostrils flaring at our combined musk, and gently lift her knee, marveling at the silken texture of the milky skin of her inner thigh and the beauty of the flesh before me. “This is the real mystery, Kia, ” I whisper to her, meeting her widening eyes. “Woman is the altar, the Center, the Chalice.” She shudders and groans softly as I part the ruffled lips below her neatly trimmed red bush. In the dim light from the doorway, I can still see your cum, oozing out of her raspberry hole, the pearly fluid adorning her tiny hard clit and glittering in thick ropes across her twitching labia. I breathe out slowly, the warmth of my exhalation teasing her sensitive tissues, and I smile as her vagina gulps and opens.

Holding her eyes with mine, I bow my head and delicately lap your mixed essences from the crisp hairs framing her lips, the pulsing draperies that frame the still-swollen opening to her womb. Every so tenderly and slowly, I tease open the fragrant flower of her womanhood, my skilled tongue seeking out every salty-sweet droplet you have drawn forth from her ecstasy. As I delve ever more deeply into her, working my lips and tongue against her swelling flesh, she arches her back and raises her soft hips to meet my mouth. Glancing up I see her face turned to yours, your seeking tongues entwined. The pulsing in her pussy intensifies and deep in her throat, she begins to moan as I tongue and suckle her small, tight clit with even more enthusiasm, my own sex clutching and opening with my pleasure.

“This is the gift of the Goddess, Kia” I whisper to her, my voice harsh with arousal. “This pleasure, this ecstasy. This is the heart of all Magic. Open to Her, offer yourself to Her!” I command. Her velvet thighs fling wide, then involuntarily clamp like a vise around my head, forcing my face into her wet, open orchid. With a rising, inchoate cry of release, Kia cums, coating my tongue and lips and face with your shared juices and the renewed nectar of her womanhood. “Oh…Ohhh…OOOhhhHHH!”

“Yes, Baby, do it…cum for Her, cum for the Goddess” you whisper into her ear, just as you often do into mine. “Yeeeessssssss!!!”

Her passion spent, Kia slumps back against you and you cradle her limp form against your powerful body. “Good girl, ” you tease her. “I think that certainly qualifies you for First Degree. Hell, maybe even Second.” Lifting my sopping face from Kia’s crotch, I laugh and glance at the clock on the kitchen wall. Almost five. Only two hours to get the temple cleaned up and aired out. No point in giving away all the mysteries…

* * * * *

I’ve enjoyed the comments and feedback many of you have shared regarding my previous stories. It’s always nice to know if my efforts turn you on (like writing them does me) and your favorable votes help me know if you’re enjoying what I offer you. Serious suggestions and critical fedback is appreciated too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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