Daddy’s Darlin’ Ch. 02

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After my shower, I went downstairs, and had some breakfast. Daddy seemed to be in a much better mood then he had ever been. He just sat there on his bar stool watching me eat, smiling all the while. Daddy told me numerous times how beautiful I was wearing that thin, white cotton dress that had once been my mothers. He was just so happy… I don’t know if I’d ever seen him that excited.

I finished eating, washed my dishes, and left them to dry on the counter. Daddy told me that him and I were going on a picnic that afternoon. How fun that would be I thought. Daddy and I haven’t done that for years. Daddy grabbed his backpack, loaded with sandwiches and other assorted things, and headed for the door. I slipped on my boots, and followed along after him.

Outside I saw that he already had his horse ready to go. Daddy’s horse was a big black stallion named ‘London’. I didn’t see my horse though, so I walked over towards the barn to get him, and Daddy called out to me.

“We’re just taking my horse Darlin’, you can ride with me like you used to. With a big smile, I ran back over to where Daddy was, and climbed up on ‘London’. It was a bit awkward since I didn’t normally go riding in a dress, but I managed. Daddy climbed up behind me, put his arms around me, and we headed off down the road.

The sun was warm, and the fields were clear. It was such a beautiful day. We were approaching the edge of our ranch, when Daddy slowed down his horse. He stopped near the fence that marked the property line.

“Darlin’ it’s such a beautiful day, and I want you to do me a favor.”

“Sure Daddy, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to take off that pretty little dress for me darlin’.”

“But Daddy, I’m not wearin’ anything else but my boots. What if somebody sees?”

“Nobody will see darlin’. And, if they do, you have such a beautiful body I don’t think they would mind. Don’t worry baby, I’ll be right here with you.” He started to lift up the bottom of my dress.

“Okay Daddy, if you say so.” I lifted the dress over my head, and felt the warm sun on my skin. Daddy took the dress, and hung it on the fence before riding off into the open field. I felt a bit strange at first, but I realized quickly enough. I had sunbathed nude before, but this was a little different. While riding, daddy kept one hand on the reins, and the other was on my thigh. I noticed that his hand moved up bit by bit as we rode.

We had a nice talk, about life, and what daddy wanted for me, and just about everything. It was nice, and I felt closer to my daddy then ever. All the while daddy moving his hand ever so slightly up my thigh. Still just riding the horse at a slow pace daddy wrapped his arm holding the reins tightly around me, and moved his hand from my thigh to m y pussy. Daddy noticed immediately that I was sopping wet. He gave me a bit of a squeeze, and then started rubbing his finger around my clit. I was so turned on. Completely naked, and daddy was making me feel so good. He stopped his horse, wrapped the reins around the saddle horn, and lifted his now free hand to my left breast. Daddy squeezed tightly, and I let out a quiet moan. Two of his fingers now planted deep in my pussy, slipping slowly in and out; while daddy’s the pressed and rubbed at my clit. I was going to cum right there. My moans got louder, and daddy whispered into my ear, “Let go darlin’ you can be as loud as you want. There’s nobody out here, nobody will here you screaming for daddy.”

I gave in to daddy’s wishes. I let go, and my moans got loud. It felt so good as he took my nipple in his hand and twisted and squeezed. A lighting bolt of pain would flash through my body, mecidiyeköy escort and then pleasure take its place. I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Oh daddy…. Oh fuck daddy, it feels so good! Oh daddy…. YES, daddy!” I screamed, and came on his fingers. Still atop daddy’s horse, my body lunged and twisted a bit, and I shivered and shook as wave upon wave of orgasm thrust through me. “Oh daddy,” I said, “That felt so good daddy. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, darlin’, now how about doing daddy a favor?”

“Of course daddy, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, first get off the horse.” I climbed down from the horse and stood naked in front of daddy. My nipples sore, my thighs still soaking wet. “Now, climb back up here.”

“But daddy, you just told me to get down from the horse!” I interrupted.

“Hold your tongue, darlin’!” Daddy said as he unbuttoned his jeans. Well he pulled the sides of his jeans apart I could see his dick was already huge. “Now, get back on up here, but this time I want you to face me.”

I put my foot in the stirrup and climbed up on the horse backwards. Daddy then told me to lift up a little, and he put his dick just under my pussy with the tip just inside my lips. “You’re nice and wet baby, just the way daddy wants you to be.” He put his hands on my hips and pushed me down on his huge hard cock.

“Ouch daddy! That hurts!”

“Just give it a second darlin’ it will start feeling better. Now I want you to wrap your legs around daddy’s back” I pulled my legs up, and locked my ankles around his back. Daddy reached around behind me and grabbed the reins in his hand and summoned the horse to go. We started out slowly walking through the field, and each time the horse took a step I would bounce just a bit on daddy’s cock. Daddy as right, it did start to feel good. The cool breeze on my back as we rode along. Daddy gave a nudge to the horse and he picked up the pace making me literally jump up and down on his cock. At this point I was screaming as we were at a slow run through the open field.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy, I’m going to cum. Oh daddyyyy….!”

“Hold on darlin’ hold on tight to daddy.” I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter, and daddy gave another nudge to the horse causing him to lunge forward full speed. I came over and over on daddy’s cock as I violently was tossed up and down on his cock. It seemed like forever that this assault continued me screaming out daddy, and daddy holding back, grunting now and then. His cock seemed to grow even larger in me, and then I felt it twitch a bit, and daddy pulled on the reins. The horse came to a quick stop and I was thrust down hard on daddy’s cock just as he shot his cum exploding into me.

“Oh baby, oh fuck darlin’, I love you so much. “ Daddy hugged me tighter before picking me up off his cock, and lowering me to the ground. I dropped to my knees, as my thighs were shaking too bad to stand. Daddy got down from the horse, walked over to me and told me his dick needed to be cleaned off. I opened my mouth and gratefully took him in. The taste of my pussy was sweet mixed with the taste of daddy’s cum. I made sure to lick him clean.

“That’s a good girl,” Daddy said, and walked away to get his backpack. Minutes later daddy laid down the blanket, and I crawled over and lay face down. He took out the sandwiches and a couple of beers, and handed me one. I think you’re old enough to drink with your daddy if you want to.”

“Thank you, daddy.” I opened the beer and took a long drink. I have had beer before; every once in a while I would sneak one out of the fridge, but daddy never knew. I ate my sandwich, and daddy ate his, and we talked taksim escort some more. My pussy still aching from the pulverizing it took. “Roll over and lay on your back, darlin’? I did as daddy said, and he took some lotion out of his backpack and started rubbing it all over my body. He noticed how red my pussy was, and said, “Let daddy kiss that better for you.”

Daddy leaned down and kissed the lips of my pussy before flicking his tongue up between them. I let out another moan as his tongue slid across my clit and circled back down to my hole. “Oh daddy,” I moaned. Daddy rolled me back over on my stomach and told me to lift my ass in the air. I arched my back, and lifted it high as he dug his tongue deeper into my pussy. “MMmmmm, daddy, oooooh daddy,” I said as he licked my aching pussy.

Daddy reached up and put his hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart, and then twirled his tongue around my asshole. I jumped up a bit remember how it had hurt when daddy had first slipped his finger in there. He dodged his tongue around licking and slurping at my asshole. Daddy leaned back, grabbed a small tube, and something else out of his back pack that I couldn’t see. After a second, I felt something, other than daddy’s finger pressing against my asshole. I jumped up quick looking back, and saw that it was a medium-ish black, butt plug. (I had seen these in catalogues before, but never thought I would actually use one!) I tried pulling away, but daddy held me tight in my place.

“Daddy, please, that’s going to hurt, please daddy, no.” He kept pressing it against my tight little rosebud, the tip just barely pushing in. I screamed loud.

“Nobody will hear you screamin’ darlin’, but you go right on ahead. Daddy just wants to play a while. You’ll learn to love it, now just try to relax and it will feel much better.” Daddy pushed the butt plug in my ass about an inch, and I was squirming and screaming all over the place. It hurt so bad, my little asshole felt like it was on fire.

“Oh daddy, it hurts!”

“I know baby, you can take it.” He pushed it in another inch, and my asshole was spread wider than ever. He held it there for a while until I quit fighting against him before pressing on and pushing it another inch deeper into me. Daddy slipped it back and forth and in and out a bit, and then pressed it wholly into me, making me scream. He pinned my chest down to the ground, and with my ass still high in the air I couldn’t move. Daddy seemed to be getting a bit angry.

“Now darlin’ I told you to relax!” He said and slapped me with his hand hard across my ass. I yelped again, and tried to calm down but my ass was full, and my pussy was getting wet. “Calm down now, or I will make you keep that butt plug in your asshole longer!”

I couldn’t help but squirm; my asshole had never been stretched like that. Daddy sat me up, and made me just sit there on that butt plug.

“It hurts daddy.”

“I know darlin’, but you’re just gonna have to deal with it.”

“Oh daddy…”

“We should get heading back to the ranch now, throw this stuff in the backpack and get ready.” Daddy walked over to the horse to give him some water, and I stood up and went to take out the butt plug. “Don’t you dare!” Daddy screamed and ran over to where I was standing. “Bend over, now!” I bent over, and daddy’s hand smacked down on my ass hard.”

“Ooooouch daddy, ouch!” I screamed as he kept spanking my ass.

“You will take that out, only when I tell you to take that out, do you understand me? Answer me now!” He screamed, as he slapped my ass.

“Yes daddy, yes I understand!”

Daddy stopped spanking me, told me to hurry up, and walked back over beşiktaş escort to the horse and climbed on. Still completely naked, ass glowing red, with a butt plug buried deep inside, I walked around stiffly picking up the stuff and putting it in the backpack. I got over to the horse, handed daddy his backpack, and climbed up in front of daddy, this time facing the right way. Daddy grabbed the reins of the horse, and gave him a smack on the ass and the horse took off running. The butt plug slammed into my ass harder and harder each time my ass bounced on the hard leather saddle. I screamed and moaned, and even came a couple times, as daddy ran the horse back towards the ranch; my ass screaming out with each step.

After a while, daddy slowed down, and I could see our fence with my dress still hanging on it. My thighs were absolutely soaked, as daddy stopped his horse right at the fence. He reached out and grabbed my dress, stuffing it in his backpack.

“What are you doing, daddy?”

“Don’t ever question your daddy again darlin’, daddy knows what he’s doing, and daddy needs to teach you a lesson. You were a bad girl today when you wouldn’t mind me and calm down. You already got a spanking for it, and now comes your punishment.” Daddy lifted me from the horse, and lowered me, still naked, to the ground. Now, you will walk back to the ranch, just like that. Do not cover yourself with anything, and DO NOT take that plug out of your ass. When you get back to the ranch, see me, and I will take it out for you. Then, you can go get showered and cleaned up for your party tonight. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy, but what if some of the guys see me (referring to the ranch hands)?”

“You have a beautiful body darlin’, and it should be shared. If any of those men see you, you act nice, and talk to them just how you normally would. I’ve spoken to them. They know what I need them to know. You just do as they say, and everything will be alright. You don’t do as they say, and I WILL here about it.”

“Yes, daddy,” I said quietly. Daddy then rode his horse off to the ranch, leaving me there naked, with my ass filled with this butt plug. It was a long walk back to the ranch, and I think a couple of the guys might have seen me down the road, but they weren’t nearby. They just waved, and I waved back, and kept walking. When I got back to the ranch, I did run into one of the guys at the barn. He was a big man, about 6’5” tall, towering abouve my 5’4”. He was only about 2 feet away from me when I noticed him. He looked me up and down, and smiled.

“Damn girl, you’re lookin’ mighty fine today. Happy Birthday, I’ll be seein’ you tonight at your party.”

I smiled back a bit, blushing and embaressed that he had seen me that way even though he didn’t seem to mind. I walked back in the house to find daddy. I found him in the shower, and I pulled back the door just a bit.

“Daddy, can you please take this out of me now so I can get showered and ready?”

“Sure darlin’, just come in the shower with daddy, and I’ll take it out. I pulled off my boots and stepped into the shower. The cool water felt great against my skin. “Now, bend over and grab your ankles.” I did as he said, and he pulled on the butt plug until it was about half way out, and then pushed it back in hard. I screamed. He did this several times, before removing it with a ‘pop’. He smacked my ass lightly, told me to get cleaned up, and got out of the shower taking the plug with him.

I cleaned myself up, shaved everything, grabbed my towel, and headed to my bedroom. I went in, closing the door behind me. I sat down on my bed, and I laid back thinking about the days events. My ass still was so sore, my pussy ached, and my nipples were stiff and hard, still aching from all the fondling. I must have laid there for a while, and drifted off into a light sleep dreaming of how my party would be that evening.

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