Daddy’s Genius Idea

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I sit down at my computer and open Microsoft internet to check my e-mail. Out of the corner of my eye I see my twenty year old son working hard at making the lawn look perfect. My mind starts to drift into a direction I’ve always known as a “forbidden taboo.” I begin to wonder if he’s had a slight thought about me and I conclude that he has indeed. I know because what person has not thought about someone in their family? Now I wonder to myself, “Did he enjoy those thoughts?” I begin to develop an idea that could possibly work. I go to sign up for a Yahoo e-mail account so I can get instant messages and emails from him. I spin in my chair thinking of many fake ID’s to make up. Should I be: Jim, Rock, Jack, Gary, Troy or someone from London, like Hugh or Marcus? I figure I want to be in the same time zone and have a cool name. What’s the hottest name around? I think I will be “Christo.” My new age is twenty-five.

I check out the window to make sure my son is still outside working hard. I walk briskly to his room and sit at his computer chair. I open his Yahoo messenger thing and see that he is “Jeffrey_Wally.” I laugh. I look around and listen for footsteps and feel relieved that no one is nearby. I minimize everything except the one site he left up which was nothing exciting. I leave and go back to my computer and figure out how I’m going to get him to talk to a “stranger.” I come up with the idea that I’m fascinated with him and the way I know him is from college. Maybe he’ll think I’m a Christopher he knows… no, can’t be that. He won’t open up to someone he knows. Strangers, he will.

It’s two weeks later and I have managed to get everything sorted out. I send him the first IM, asking if he’d add me to his list and in the message box I say who I am and why I wanted to IM him. Score! He accepted.

Jeff: What’s up?

Christo: Me, just kidding. Not too much really, you?

Jeff: Haha, that was funny. Nothing here, just in need of a big massage.

Christo: Aw too bad I live kind of far from you, I’d give you one.

Jeff: That’d be fine by me. My muscles are really sore and it’s not like I can ask my mom or dad to do it for me.

Christo: Why not?

Jeff: Isn’t it kind of weird? I mean, I’d be naked in front of either one of them.

Christo: If you had only those two to choose from, who’d you pick?

Jeff: Definitely my father. No doubt about that.

Christo: Why do you say that?

Jeff: Because… he’s got strong hands and he’d make me feel good.

Christo: True, he probably would. Just ask him dude. It’s not going to kill you.

Jeff: Okay, maybe soon. Hey I got to run, we’ll talk later! Thanks for IM’ing me buddy.

I know knew my son had something for me. I thought this was a genius way of figuring out his needs and hopefully I could meet all etimesgut escort those needs. I shut my laptop notebook and quickly went into the kitchen. I grabbed something to eat out of the refrigerator and turned to see Jeff staring at me. He walked closer and I saw him wincing in some pain from the straining muscles in his shoulders.

“Take your shirt off son.” I stare boldly into his eyes.

“Uh …why dad?”

“You look miserable. You’ve been working hard out there, thank you so much. Go to my room and lie down on your stomach. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay, are you giving me a massage?” He looks hopeful and here I realize just how beautiful his face is.

“Yep, even as an old man, I got to find some way to still take care of you.”

We laugh and he leaves to walk towards my room. I pour some water into a glass and grab a few towels. I walk into my room and see him lying there with only briefs on. His tan body flexes every now and then. I stand next to him and start massaging his back. When I slowly inch to his shoulders, I apply a little more pressure and work on each shoulder for at least five minutes. I work on his arms for about the same time too. I hear a low, soft grunt from him and it sounds incredibly sexy. I move downward and massage his lower back. I kneed every knot loose and make sure his back feels completely soft.

“Sit up Jeff.” I order.

He sits up and looks confused. I hand him the glass of water and tell him to drink up.

“Wow that tastes and feels good.” He asks for another glass and I say not yet.

“Lay down son.” He lies down and I look at his bubbly- round bottom.

“My legs are extremely tight dad, can you do those too?” He asks with his eyes closed. He is in complete heaven.

“What else would I do now?” I ask.

“Uhm … nothing dad.” He turns the other way and I realize he wants me to caress and massage his bottom. I take a deep breath and put my hands on his bottom. He is startled and looks towards me. I don’t look back. I begin to massage his bottom and feel how muscular it is.

“Stop dad.” He gets up and grabs a towel. He heads towards the bathroom and I wonder what he has in mind. In a few minutes he’s back out with one hand holding his towel up and the other holding his briefs. He carefully lies back down and says, “This should be easier for you. Don’t feel weird about this okay?” He looks up at me and smiles then lays down to face the other way with his eyes closed. My heart races and I hesitate to remove the towel. I find the courage to do it and the towel falls revealing his beautiful tanned ass. I kneed it carefully and hear him moan once in a while. I realize I have a semi-hard on in my pants but choose to ignore it. I spend an extra long time on his ass and then work down to otele gelen escort his legs. He opens them and all I see are his balls. I gasp quietly and massage his inner thighs. I move down his legs and massage those within a few minutes.

“You’re all done.”

He sits up quickly and does a light jump off the bed. He hugs me and thanks me. I try to keep my hard-on away from him but he presses me hard against him and I know he feels it.

The next five days I get online as Christo and nothing happens between my son and me. We get to know each other very well and he finally confesses how he felt towards the massage.

Jeff: Man! He was so amazing. I had no idea my dad had such nice hands and want to know something funny?

Christo: Sure.

Jeff: He was hard.

Christo: Haha, nice! So… your dad likes you?

Jeff: I think so. What do you think?

Christo: Probably, maybe he wants you.

Jeff: You think my dad would want to fuck me??

Christo: Hey, it’s an ass. Any man would fuck an ass.

Jeff: Yeah. I’ve wanted to fuck one before.

Christo: Really? So you’re gay?

Jeff: Mostly, yeah. I just can’t get over how good my dad made me feel. I wonder if he’s better in bed. Haha!

Christo: Would you want to be in bed with him?

(Christ realizes he takes a while to answer this, and sees that Jeff keeps typing, and then deleting. Christ knew deeply inside his son wanted him.)

Jeff: I don’t know. I think it’d be sexy to be with my dad. I’ve checked him out before. He’s got an amazing body for his age. And here’s a secret, I’ve jacked off to him before.

Christo: Wow, well if he wants you…. And you seem to want him… what’s the answer to this problem?

Jeff: Haha, we’ll see. I hope he wants me but who knows these days. Hey, I got to go now. Talk later.

Many conversations happened within the next week.

A week later, I was on my bed watching a naughty DVD and my eyes were closed while my hand kept stroking my cock. I stroked slowly and let out soft moans of pleasure. In a few seconds I feel soft lips pressed into mine. My eyes fly open and I see Jeff staring closely at me. Before I could say anything, he lies on top of me and kisses me harder. His lips suck on my top lip and pull away for a second and come back with a harder kiss. He opens his mouth and lets my tongue explore his mouth. Our tongues collide and our breathing gets louder. I shove my tongue far down his throat and kiss him wildly. I can feel my cock straining against his leg and pleasure soars through my body with ever move he makes. I groan deep in his mouth and realize I need air. I break the kiss and smile at him. “Do you want daddy?” He nods then smiles and grabs my cock. He starts to stroke it and then he pauses and says, kızılay escort “I want to suck this cock.” I push his head down to my cock and he starts stroking it harder. He looks at me and I can’t help but moan loudly at the pleasure my engorged cock feels. He surprises me and puts his mouth over my cock. He sucks on it so good. I rolled him over so he was on his back and I sat on his face. I thrust my cock into his mouth and make him take it all. He chokes a little which turns me on so much.

“That’s it son. Oh yeah that feels good. Suck it like a man.” I say.

I slam harder into his mouth and feel myself getting bigger. I can hear my balls slapping his chin each time I dive into his mouth. He moans loudly and sucks on it with all his might. His tongue rolls around my cock and hits my sensitive spot a few times which make me jerk.

“Oh son… I’m going to cum. Oh-h-h yes-s-s-s… baby… oh-h god here it goes-s-s… take it all son…” I slam for the last time deep into his mouth and he starts swallowing which feels so good on my exploding cock. He sucks the cum and makes me yell louder than ever before.

“God-d-d Jeff!! Oh-h fuck-k-k, yes!!” I fall onto the bed and Jeff asks if I’ve been with another man before. I said yes and he smiled. He turned me around and spanked my ass.

“Stick your ass up dad. I’m going to fuck you.”

His words shocked me but made my cock twitch with excitement. Before I could tell him I was ready, he plunged his huge cock into my ass. I screamed into the pillow and suddenly felt immense pleasure. He slid out and thrust right back into my ass. He held my hips and fucked me at a fast rate.

“Oh god dad, you feel so tight… I’ve wanted this forever. O-h-h fuck, y-e-s-s!”

All I could manage was deep grunts. I moaned so loudly and wanted to become dirty with him. So, I did just that.

“Fuck me Jeff. Fuck my tight ass. Shove that cock in me far and make it hurt! Fuck me!!”

“Oh you want me to go harder daddy, is that it?”

Before I could reply, he slams so hard into me I’m seeing red. He thrusts with all his might and puts his hand underneath me and finds my balls. He massages them together and tugs them to the point where I groan continually.

“Cum in me son… please baby… god I need to fucking feel you cum.” I manage to say.

I can feel every vein in his cock by my ass muscles. My ass keeps milking and squeezing his cock because my ass wants more and more of him. I can feel him getting larger and he starts pounding into my ass with every fiber in his being and he barely says, “D-a-a-a-a-d-d-d… f-u-u-u-c-c-k!!!!” Then I start to feel his cum rushing out of his cock into my body.

“D-a-a-a-d, I’m c-u-u-u-m-i-n-g! Oh god! Fuck-k-k! Yeah-h-h!” It’s so warm and he keeps fucking my ass with smaller thrusts just to keep the feeling going. He starts to lose his strength and leans on me while his cum flows through my body. I fall down and he falls down on top of me. I turn around to the best of my ability and he scoots up to meet my kiss. We kiss softly now and his softening cock is beginning to slide out of me.

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