Daddy’s Little Brat Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

In addition to previous themes, this story has more dom/sub, cuckquean, and tit-slapping. Also some kissing.

He told his wife everything. They were at the kitchen table, whispering over a glass of wine each.

“That is,” Marcy’s eyes lit up, “Wonderful!”

“Eh?” Harlock questioned. “Did you hear me right Marcy?”

“You said it very vaguely dear, but I think I understand.” She nodded, “It all makes sense now! She was just acting out to get attention from you!”

“Well,” Harlock was not sure how to deal with her enthusiasm, “In any case, I may need to figure out a different form of punishment.” He continued.

“Why?” Marcy asked. “She has been so well behaved recently!”

“The pot though-“

“Oh, well, yes, except for that, but-” She thought about it, “How about you offer it as a reward!”


“No! Of course not!”

“Uh.” Harlock blinked. “Spankings as a reward?”

“Yes!” she nodded. “In fact, I’d say to her, if she is bad, you might spank her butt,” She started, “but if she is good, you WILL spank her butt.” She giggled, “I don’t want her to go too long without having that kind of treat you know. She wants to feel loved after all-“

“Marcy, I don’t think you understand how much she really likes this-“

“Then I will watch.” Marcy said.


“Well, it was tough before, because it was a punishment. But if it is a reward-” she smiled, “I don’t think it would be so bad!”

“Ugh,” Carly was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt today. It was early morning on a Saturday. She was sitting across from Harlock and Marcy. “Why do you want to talk so early in the morning?” She whimpered, touched her butt, and then quickly stopped when she saw Marcy staring.

“Harlock told me everything.” Marcy said first.

Carly was red-faced, “He, He what!?” She looked to him like he was a traitor.

“It’s fine dear!” Marcy tried to calm her, “It’s perfectly natural for girls your age-“

“Oh my god Marcy stop!” She covered her ears.

“Carly.” Harlock interrupted. Carly gave him an ugly look. “Call her mom.”

“Why fucking should I?” Carly cursed. “It’s fucking early Harlock, can’t this wait? I was going to sleep in before Marcy came in and woke me up!”

Harlock maintained an even temper as he said, “If you call us mom and dad.” he said. “and if you apologize for cursing just then.” as he said it she grinned with amusement, as if it would never happen. “I will spank you.”

She looked confused. “You mean, if I don’t-“

“No.” Marcy chipped in. “We understand that it’s a reward for you.”

Carly looked around with embarrassment, “Oh my god Mar-” She stopped “I mean mo-” she stopped again, “Grrr!” She stood up, “I don’t want to talk anymore! I’m going to my fuc-” She stopped herself. There was a very long pause before she said. “Freak. I’m going to my freaking room.” She looked defeated, but not yet submissive, as she marched to her room.

“I think we are making progress!” Marcy was giddy.

“I hope so.” Harlock groaned.

He came back from work with a sigh. As he entered he saw his daughter in the living room, watching tv. “Carly?” he asked.

She turned the volume down, “Oh, you’re back!” She hopped up and went to him, still dressed the same as the morning. She looked up at him like she was expecting something.

“What?” he asked as he put up his coat and hat.

“Oh, right!” She laughed at herself nervously, looking around, “Well, I just wanted to say-” She gulped. “I’m sorry dad.” It seemed hard for her to say, but she said it. “Is that good enough?” She bit her lower lip.

“Wait until your mother comes home. Then apologize to her too.”

“Oh.” She seemed surprised.


“Oh, well, I was thinking before she came back-“

“She wants to watch.” She was silent and gaping. “What?”

“Nothing!” She crossed her arms in surprise and looked away. “Just, ah,” She pouted, “I thought it would be, you know, something special. Between us.”

“It’s discipline.” He asserted.

“No! I can’t! Not while she watches!” Carly squirmed, “Dad! Please?”

“I can leave if I have to-” Marcy started.

“No.” Harlock demanded. “First, apologize to your mother.”

“Daddy?” She tried with a whine. She leaned over a bit. Almost in a romantic way, “Please tell her to leave? It is my room-“

“It’s fine dear.” Marcy stood. She had been sitting just across from then, facing the bed her husband and daughter were sitting on. “I can just-“

Carly was not going to get her way. He yanked her on top of his lap. She resisted. She pulled at her shirt. “D-Daddy!”

“Harlock!” Marcy gasped at the struggle.

She weaseled out of the shirt, like it had been part of her plan all along. She was topless underneath. “Daddy! It’s too embarrassing!” she held her tits.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her half naked body over his lap. “Eek!” She crawled over him and assumed the position. He hooked his thumb under the waistbands of her bottoms and panties and pulled them down eryaman escort to her knees.

“Oh my!” Marcy watched, her hand over her mouth.

“Daddy!” She called out, her legs kicking the air, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry okay! Please-“

He slapped her wriggling ass. “Owey! It’s still sore from last time!”

“Then apologize!” he swatted her still sore ass.

“I’m sorry Daddy! I’m sorry Daddy!” She said quickly. “And I’m sorry I said fuck!” he swatted her ass so hard her tits jumped from his knee. “Owey! I didn’t mean it! It just came out!” her legs were trembling. “T-That word! I’m so sorry I said it! I promise I will be a good girl!”

“Good.” he pet her bottom. She trembled. He looked up. Marcy had walked around to look at Carly from behind. “Oh, Oh my!” She gasped again, “She really does enjoy this doesn’t she? It’s dripping down her leg!”

“Mooom!” She whimpered and tried to cover herself. She failed, and only managed to cross her legs.

“Like I said honey, totally natural.” She assured her daughter. “Um, Harlock?” She asked. “Would mind if I tried?”

“Huh?” Carly explained, “W-What?”

“Sure.” Harlock agreed. Marcy sat down as Harlock let Carly stand. Carly tried to go down for her bottoms, but he pulled them down to her ankles. She covered herself bashfully. “Dad!” She called him out before turning around to Marcy. She patted her lap expectantly. “Daddy, do I have to?” She turned and frowned.

He smacked her ass lightly. She jumped to her toes “Eek! Okay! Okay!” She bent over Marcys legs, completely naked.

“Wow! I feel so powerful!” She lightly tapped her daughter butt, just enough to make a light slapping noise. “Ha! It bounces!” Carly had tensed at the touch, “Was that okay?”

“Hmm!” Carly grunted and nodded. She frowned, unhappy.

“So, you did it like this,” she raised her hand up high, and then came down on her upper bottom.

“Eep!” She yipped.

“No, here,” Halrock explained, pointed lower, “You want to hit the fattest part. It stings more, but it’s less likely to actually hurt her.”

“Daddy!” Carly said angrily, “I’m not fat anywhere!” he slapped her fat. “Owey!” she shut up and put her head down.

“Oh, okay!” Marcy adjusted her aim and gave a firm wallop to her daughters round rump.

“Ohh! Marcy!” Carly trembled. Marcy gave a devilish grin. Carly looked scared. “M-Mom?” Marcy slapped again. “Mom! That stings!” Marcy laughed and slapped two more times, “Mommy! Mommy!” She trembled and shook.

“Mommy?” She laughed, “Wow, it’s been so long since i heard that. I think I like it.” She petted her daughter’s bottom, “Will you call me that from now on?”

“Yes Mommy!” She nodded.

“And you will call you father Daddy?”

“Yes Mommy! Yes Daddy!” she nodded vigorously.

“Good! I think I’m done here!” She gave her daughter a warm embrace before helping her up to her feet, standing up with her and smiling, holding her naked little girl’s hands, “You are growing up into a very beautiful woman. I’m proud to call you my daughter.”

“Ah, Thank you?” Carly said. Then she quickly corrected, “I mean, thank you mommy!”

Marcy giggled, “I could really get used to this!” She looked to Harlock. “Could I speak with you for a minute in private?” Harlock wasn’t sure why, but agreed. He stood as Marcy held Carly by the arms and said, “Your father will be back in a moment, I just want to tell him something first.” She gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead. “I love you so much Carly, and I’m so glad we are getting through this!” She seemed confused and unhappy to be alone, but stood naked and at attention as her parents left her.

Harlock walked outside the room and watched Marcy walk away from the shivering eighteen year old. She closed the door and in the hallway said, “Harlock,” She nodded. “I understand now. I don’t need to see anymore. I think this is going to work.”

“I hope so too.” Harlock said. “I’m still not sure about how she feels though.”

“About that.” She leaned in and whispered, “Harlock,” She peaked quickly in the room to make sure she was too far to hear before saying, “If you have to, you can have sex with her.”

“What?” He exclaimed. She put her hand around his mouth.

“Shush!” she insisted.

When she let go of his mouth he continued quietly, “What are you talking about!”

“Rewards!” She explained, “She loves you Harlock! Can’t you tell?” She smiled at her little girl through the crack in the door, then went back to him, “And I think she wants to be more than just your daughter.”

“Marcy, this is the strangest thing I have ever heard you say.” Harlock said, pointing at her, “Including the Christmas fiasco!”

“Oh, you always bring up the Christmas fiasco!” She gave him a sour look. “This is different. This is Carly’s well being I am talking about!”

“I am married to you.” he said. “And one day, she will marry a good man-“

“Harlock.” She gave him a stern look, “She doesn’t want a good man. You know what her boyfriends are like. She wants a bad boy.”

“I’m a Pastor!”

“You are eryaman escort bayan the only man she can trust!” Marcy hissed, “And,” She said slower, and more lovingly, “You are really sexy when you are angry.”


“Just give it some thought. All I am saying is I give you permission.” She peered through the doorway again before adding, “Just don’t tell her I said so. She might think it’s more fun to make you cheat on me. If that is what she is into, I’m fine playing the clueless wife.”

“Jesus Marcy,” he shook his head. She put a hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek.

“You are a good man Harlock.”

He re-entered the room with a sigh, closing the door behind him. His daughter was naked, her hands in front of her body. She was covering her breasts as best she could be leaning over and putting her arms straight out over them. She made fists at her groin. “Daddy?” She asked.

“Yes?” he felt tired.

“What are we going to do now?” She asked expectantly. “Now that Mommy is gone?”

She wanted it. She wanted it so badly. He went to her dresser and looked for some of her clothes. “Daddy? What are you looking for?” He retrieved her Sunday best. It was a nice, cute, white and baby blue dress for summer. He had given it to her last year. She had never worn it.

“You will wear this tomorrow.” He ordered.

She failed to withhold laughter, “Really? That old thing?” His face was stern. She quickly stopped laughing. “But Daddy, that is for little girls!” She said. “I’m grown up now!”

“Your mother wears a dress just like this to church.” Harlock explained. “Also, you will be attending church again.”

“But Daddy!” She squirmed. “I have friends!”

He went to her and touched her cheek. She was still as he looked into her eyes. She looked away. He turned her by the chin to look back. She tensed. He said, “Carly. If you want another reward. You will do this.”

“I’ll try.” She shrugged.

“Not good enough.” He growled.

“What?” She gave a sly smile, “Are you going to punish me?”

He stole some of his wife’s words, “If you are bad, I might spank you.” He admitted. “If you are good, I promise I WILL.” he insisted.

She reacted to his words as if he had slapped her pussy then and there, “OOH!” She nodded, “I understand Daddy! I’ll be better!”

“Good.” he turned away.

“Daddy?” She asked. He turned back to her. “Are, Are we done?” She sounded disappointed.

“Have you learned your lesson?”

She squirmed, “Could I have a bit more of your time daddy? Please?”

He sighed, went to the bed, sat down and looked at her expectantly.

“You are supposed to pull me.” She said.

He grabbed her arm and did as she wanted. She giggled and lightly fought back as he wrestled her to his lap.

“Hmm,” She wriggled, “So Daddy, what bad thing have I done now?”

She looked up at him expectantly.

“Well, there are things you can do better.”

“Like what?”

“Like those piercings.” He said. “You wont wear them anymore.”

“Why not?”

He slapped her ass.

“Ohhh! Okay Daddy! No piercings anymore!” she nodded.

“No more drugs.” he ordered.

“But it’s just pot-“

He slapped even harder, sure to make her pussy sting too.

“Wah!” she cried and nodded. “Yes!” She agreed, “Daddy, it stings really bad, maybe a different place please?” She asked. He was concentrating on the same general spots wasn’t he?

“In the future, if you want my attention, you come to me and ask.” he said.

“What if you are busy?”

He slapped the inside of her thigh.

“Youch!” she yipped, “Okay! Yes Daddy!”

“You can beg.” He advised, “But no more acting out.”

“Right Daddy! Of course Daddy!”

“You will apply to college.” he ordered, “Like you’ve been putting off.”

“But what if-“

He slapped directly on her pussy.

“Owey!” her legs clenched tight together and she buried her head in the covers, “That one really hurt Daddy!” he touched her there. “Daddy? Daddy! Oh Daddy!” his finger traced her slit. “Yes Daddy! I’ll apply to all the colleges! Hmm!”

“And I expect some resumes sent out.” He said, “You will find a job and work till then.”

“But I don’t have a resu-“

He slapped her ass again.

“Ohh! I’ll make one! I’ll make one Daddy!” his finger was light between her cheeks. She was smooth like silk. She pressed along her backside. “Daddy! The way you touch me, ohh!” she was close. “What else can I do to make you happy Daddy?” she asked, “I really want to know!”

His finger slipped. He did not mean for it to enter her. It was only the tip of his finger.

“Oh yesssss!” she hissed, “Please Daddy more! More!”

“You can help your mother with cleaning,” he spanked her.

“Yes!” she agreed. “I’ll help Mommy make the whole house spotless!”

“You can help cook,” he spanked her again.

“Yes Daddy!” her body shook. “Ooh! I’ll cook something wonderful Daddy!” she was almost there. He played with her entrance back there again. She looked startled, escort eryaman but in a good way.

“You will be a good girl, won’t you Carly?” He slapped, “Won’t you?” He slapped again.

His finger wasn’t even on her pussy when she came. “Oh Daddy! Daddy I’ll be so good!” She seized as he slapped her, “Shit!” He slapped again, she was coming hard, “I mean crap!” He slapped. She shrieked, her voice breaking, “I mean Fuck!” Each time she cursed during her orgasm he spanked her even harder. “Fuck! Ow! Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Ohhhh!” She hugged his knee and cried out, humping the air frantically. She shuddered and babbled from there. “D-Daddy~ Daddy~” She sang as her hips ground his finger. He let it enter to the second knuckle during her climax, “Oh? Daddy?” she seemed very happy about it. She laughed and shook as the light penetrated, “S-So naughty Daddy! Making me come like that!” She seethed, “I like it Daddy!” She humped his finger, “I like it there too! But only if it’s you Daddy!”

He noticed, far too late, that he was teasing around the wrong hole. Everything had just become so slick back there he couldn’t tell anymore. His middle finger was halfway up her ass and she was loving it. He wondered how long he had been doing that. It might have been better that way. “Carly.” He said as she wound down. “I have high expectations tomorrow.”

“I wont disappoint you Daddy!” She heaved, “I promise! I’ll be a very good girl!” He rolled her to sit beside him. He got up and headed to the door. “Daddy?” He turned and saw her laying down, her young, naked body still undulating against the covers, “Tuck me in?” She asked. “Please?”

He sighed and obliged. She seemed very happy about it. Once she was in her covers he kissed her forehead and she fell asleep smiling. He yawned and finally got to the door. He pushed it open. Strange, he could have sworn he had shut it. Had Marcy been back?

When he came back home, Carly was waiting for him. She had on her dress and a smile. She quickly walked up to him, “Welcome home Daddy!”

He still didn’t trust her completely. She had tricked him too many times for him to take it all at face value.

“Tell me about your day.” he asked.

“Well, first-” She explained her day. It wasn’t all to his liking. “I, uh,” she read his reactions, “Well, I only hung out with my friends a little bit.” She frowned and looked at her dress, “They said I looked like a Stepford wife.” there was confusion on her face. She shook her head, “But, um, then I came back. And I cleaned up a little bit!”

“Uh huh.”

“I vacuumed!” she said. “And I took out the trash!”

He checked her work. “I, uh,” he inspected round the couch and chairs. She had not moved them. “Might have missed some spots.” She swallowed hard. “But, did I do good Daddy?” She asked.

“What about resumes?” he asked.

“Oh.” She looked down and away, “I forgot about that.”

“And applying to colleges?”

She mumbled. “They were asking for a lot of information, it was taking a long time-” she put her hands down as her groin in a submissive posture, looking up. “Daddy?” She begged.

“You are being very hard on her Harlock!” he looked to the kitchen and saw Marcy teasing, “I was here, she tried really hard!” She nodded and winked. Carly gave a bashful nod back to her mother and looked back up at Harlock.

“Well I suppose it’s progress.”

“So I did good?” She asked excitedly.

“Good enough for now.” He thought long and hard for a moment.

“Oh!” Marcy said in surprise, “I forgot! We need more rice!” She walked out of the kitchen in a hurry, “I should run to the store!” She hinted with a smile.

“Marcy?” Harlock asked.

“Don’t worry about me, just give our daughter what she deserves.” She giggled and left through the front door.

Harlock was silent, alone with his daughter. “So.” She looked up to him. He recognized her sinful, playful, bratty, smug little smile. “What are we going to do while mom is away?”

“I think you forgot a lot of things today.” Harlock said, walking to the couch. “I want you to apologize for each one.”

“Oh! Of course Daddy!” She saw him tap his lap as he sat. She grimaced. She rubbed her behind, “Daddy, I really want to, but it’s REALLY sore after two days of being bad.” She admitted. Harlock was insistent. This is what she wanted.

“What if you punished me a different way?” she suggested.

“I’m listening.” He watched her move from side to side.

“Oh, ah,” She looked around the room as if she had a thousand ideas but wasn’t brave enough to suggest any of them. “Maybe,” she looked down at her breasts, “You can punish me here?” she touched her nipples past her clothes. “Just for today? So my other side can recover?”

“We can try that.” Harlock let her have her way. “Now take off the dress.”

She looked around, “Here?”

“Close the blinds.” he ordered. She obeyed. Once the living room was secure and she had made one more trek through to be sure, she nearly hopped out of it. She threw it to the ground and skipped to Harlock.

“Stop.” He demanded. She did. “Fold it neatly.” She pouted. “Now. Or it’s your ass.” She nodded quickly with wide eyes and delicately folded the dress. As she did, he noticed something about her underwear. “Carly?” he asked once she was done, “What are you wearing?”

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