Daniel and Jamie’s Romantic Night Ch. 04

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Chapter 4

Danielle awoke to the sunlight streaming in through the bedroom window. She wanted to continue sleeping, but the light’s assault on her eyes forced her mind awake. As her faculties energized, yesterday’s memories flooded back.

Her transformation into Danielle. Her submission to Liam. His brutal ass fucking and her own hands free anal orgasm. Ally’s submission to Jamie and their sensual playfulness. Her orgy of pleasuring her wife while getting fucked in the ass by her boyfriend. It had been a wonderful day indeed.

She felt her master’s strong grip on her body even now. He was still sound asleep, his soft breath on her neck as he slept. His arms were wrapped around her possessively, one hand around her chest and the other around her waist. She could feel his massive hard cock in between her legs.

Oh my god she thought to herself, I’m riding his cock in my sleep. She glanced down and could see the tip of his massive cock head peeking out between her legs, her own balls resting on top, with her own large morning erection jutting out of her nighty.

She felt warm and snuggled in the arms of her lover and boyfriend. I hope Jamie is feeling the same with Ally right now, she thought to herself.

Glancing at the clock on the nightstand she saw that it was already 9 am. I bet they are already up and moving she thought. I’m surprised that we haven’t gotten a message or wake up call yet. The kids will be home in a few hours.

With that thought, she gingerly pulled her body from Liam’s strong embrace, letting his fingers slide off the lace fabric of her nighty, and went to use the bathroom. She could definitely feel the large plug in her ass as she moved, rubbing its bulk on her prostate.

As Danielle sat to relieve herself, as no sissy cum slut would ever pee standing up, she could hear Liam waking up. I wonder if I could ever sneak out of bed with him next to me she wondered, laughing to herself.

Liam woke to his cum slut’s pretty lace clad and plugged ass walking towards the bathroom. He could see the stainless steel of her buttplug under the lace nighty. I do enjoying fucking that beautiful man, he mused to himself, already thinking about how to unload himself into his personal slut today.

Hearing Danielle flush and the sink turn on prompted him to use the bathroom as well. As he stood to relieve himself he looked at Danielle. Her makeup was still looking pretty good. It was a little smudged but she looked hot and slutty.

“Did you sit to pee like a good sissy submissive slut,” asked Liam with a grin.

Danielle took the toothbrush out of her painted mouth and said, “why yes I did sire. I know that all cum sluts must sit to pee.”

They both chuckled at her response.

Once they were finished in the bathroom Danielle found herself pinned to the bed by Liam’s firm masculine form, her hot pink lips pressed to his as his tongue explored her mouth. Her long nails traced a random pattern on his back as they made out.

Danielle’s leg spread naturally to allow Liam’s body to settle into her hips. I’m totally a slut she thought to herself as she felt Liam’s massive, stone hard cock press into her.

“How’s your ass this morning babe,” Liam asked with hope in his voice.

Danielle smiled as she laughed and said, “It’s sore you idiot. You fucked me into oblivion yesterday with that massive tool you call a cock.”

She paused and more demurely said, “however, I’m sure your cum slut can be ready for a light ass fucking from her master this morning with some coaxing.”

“That’s more like it,” Liam said enthusiastically as he kissed her pink lips again, rising up to get into position.

“Hold on baby,” Danielle urged, “I’ve still got this massive plug in my ass and the girls have always left a message or note for us each morning. We should check the house out before you plow me again. Especially as the kids will be home in a few hours.”

“That is a great point Dani,” replied Liam. Danielle looked at him sideways at the use of ‘Dani’.

“I like Dani as a short for Danielle,” he continued.

“I like it too,” said Danielle after some thought. She touched his cheek before rolling off the bed onto her feet. She led the way out of the bedroom and into the master bedroom.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the master bedroom. It was spotless. Everything had been cleaned and all the sex toys were put away. In the middle of the room there was their camera on a tripod. A little note that said “Play me” was attached to the back.

“Well well,” said Liam as he strutted in, his hard cock jutting out in front of him, “looks like our lovely goddesses have been busy. I wonder what instructions they left for us. Are they still here?”

“I don’t think so,” Danielle said as she pressed play on the camera, with Liam crowding behind her, wrapping his muscular arms around her waist.

The camera showed Jamie and Ally, naked in all their beauty, sitting on the master bed, playing with each other’s pussies.

“I bursa escort hope you boys slept well last night, I know we did,” began Jamie as she rubbed her girlfriend’s bald and wet clit.

“If you are getting this message we are out for a few hours. We cleaned the upstairs and put Ally and Liam’s clothes in their car. Now that we did our part, we have a few chores for you to do before we return,” Jamie continued.

As Jamie talked Ally pulled a paddle from off camera. “As you can see, if you don’t complete your chores before we come home, your goddesses will punish you accordingly,” Jamie stated while Ally hefted the paddle.

Ally piped up, “Liam baby, please don’t disappoint me. I don’t like spanking you but I will if I have to.”

Danielle looked back at Liam, who was blushing with his wife’s threat of a spanking. He did not enjoy being spanked.

The video of the girls continued. “Your first chore is to make us a sexy video. Ally was telling me how Liam always wants to cum on her face. Daniel, I know has asked for that a few times too.”

“Well Danielle, we want a video of you blowing your hot boyfriend and taking his load all over your face and mouth. Be the biggest cum slut porn star you can be for us and him. I’m sure that Liam has a nice big load to spray all over you if you ask nicely,” Jamie stated with a wicked yet playful grin.

“Liam make sure to video it as best you can while you paint her face with your cum. That should satisfy my slutty husbands desire for his boyfriend’s cum, Liam’s desire to cum on his lover’s face and our desire to watch our boy’s be sexy together,” Jamie added.

Ally then took over, still hefting the paddle in her hands, “After you have painted Danielle’s face with your creamy spunk, you are both going to get cleaned up. That means that Danielle goes away. I left all the things you will need to remove your acrylics and your makeup in the bathroom.”

Jamie added, “leave your toenails. You will always have painted toenails from now on.”

After Jamie was finished Ally continued, “Once you dirty boys are clean and Danielle is back to Daniel, you with both find your chastity cages on the bathroom counter. Lock yourselves up. These have no key in them, just a lock you click closed. If you aren’t locked when we get home,” she trailed off as she patted one hand with the paddle.

Jamie took over, “once locked up please clean up the down stairs. The living room, the kitchen, the hallway, as well the guest bedroom. You will only have a few hours to accomplish all this before we come home and the kids get home, so don’t waste time playing with each other please,” she implored.

“Make sure to start the dishwasher and keep the laundry running. Don’t get dressed either, just work in your cages. We will dress you both when we get home. Love you,” Jamie finished. “Love you,” Ally chimed in before the video cut out.

Liam’s arms tightened around Danielle’s waist as the video played. He was excited she could tell. Her own hands were on top of his, lightly scratching his hands with her long nails.

“Looking forward to giving me a facial I see,” said Danielle as seductively as she could as she turned to kiss her boyfriend.

“Why yes I am,” grinned Liam as his rock hard cock bounced against his cum slut’s firm stomach. “I have some ideas to make this a steamy video too,” he added.

Danielle broke their kiss and knelt in the middle of the floor while Liam set the camera up to get her face in the frame.

Liam looked at her and realized he liked her. He liked Daniel and Danielle and could see him/her becoming a fun and meaningful part of his life. He still loved his wife more than anything and would serve her most, but he liked Danielle.

“Ready to be a porn star Dani?” Asked Liam as he turned the camera on and moved to stand in front of her.

Danielle didn’t answer, she simply made eye with her master and slipped his massive, leaking cock head between her still glossy pink lips. She gripped his cock with both hands as she swirled her tongue around his head.

“Oh god, you are soooo good at that baby,” Liam moaned out as Danielle got to work on her man’s cock.

His hands naturally found their way to rest on the back of Danielle’s head as she bobbed up and down on his massive 8 inch phallus. She slowly jerked his shaft with her hands as her lips slipped up and down his cock and his spongy cock head explored the back of her throat.

Danielle pushed her mouth down on his cock, relaxing her throat and allowing his long cock to slide into her. She held her breath as she pushed her mouth further down his huge shaft, finally resting when her pink lips kissed his balls and his stomach at the same time.

Liam looked down at his sissy, her mouth entirely full of his cock, and marveled that she could deep throat him like that. She was getting better each time too. We are gonna have fun with that he thought to himself.

Danielle pulled her mouth off her boyfriend’s massive bursa escort bayan prick. She placed one hand on the shaft and used her saliva as lubrication as she stroked up and down, in sync with her mouth, as she bobbed up and down. Her other hand fondled his big balls and fingered his taint.

Since Liam was already horny from making out with Danielle and watching her deep throat his cock it didn’t take long for him to get close to cumming. A few minutes of his beautiful cum slut’s attention to his cock was all it took.

“Dani, baby, I’m gonna cum soon,” Liam gasp out as Danielle bounced her mouth up and down his cock. He watched his meat disappear between her pink lips over and over. It was hot.

Liam reached over and grabbed the tripod with the camera, careful to keep Danielle in frame. He could feel his orgasm coming. He was almost at the point of no return.

While focusing on her pretty face being impaled by his huge cock repeatedly, he felt her tongue swirl around the head of his dick. That was all it took to push him over the edge.

“I’m cumming babe,” Liam roared. Danielle pulled her mouth and hands off Liam’s cock and sat back on her knees, her mouth open, tongue out, waiting for her facial.

Liam grabbed his cock with his free hand as he moaned in pleasure. He squeezed his cock to control the spurts. He framed his cock and Danielle’s face in the camera as the first rope of cum blasted out of his cock.

It splattered on her mouth, nose and eye lid. The next landed on her chin and mouth. Rope after rope of hot, sticky white cum exploded out of Liam’s cock as he painted Danielle’s face like a sensual Bob Ross painting.

He blasted cum across her mouth, both cheeks, her forehead and into her hair. Danielle had closed one eye as cum sprayed onto her eyelid.

With the last spurt or two from his cock, Liam aimed at Danielle’s chest blasting cum across her neck and chest. He splattered her lace nighty with cum as it dripped from her chin and cheeks as well.

When his cock was spent, he focused the camera on Danielle’s face. “What do you tell our goddesses my little cum princess?” Asked Liam playfully.

“Mmmmmm,” said Danielle as she swallowed the cum in her mouth and then looking to the camera she said, “thank you goddess, I love my master’s cum and being his cum slut as well as yours. Mmmmmmm.”

Liam focused the camera on her chest and neck, proudly declaring, “and I gave her a pearl necklace as well. But we aren’t done yet.”

He focused back on a surprised Danielle’s face, who said, “we aren’t?”

“Take the cum dripping off your face and use it to jerk yourself off. Thank me and your goddess for the opportunity to get off,” Liam instructed.

“Yes sire,” exclaimed Danielle as she scooped some cum off her chin and cheek.

“Leave the rest to dry on your face as you get yourself off, to remind you of what a cum slut you are,” commanded Liam with glee.

“Of course sir, I’m such a cum slut. I deserve to have dried cum on my face,” replied Danielle in somewhat of a haze as she began to jerk herself off using her master’s cum as lube.

Liam framed Danielle’s whole body in the camera, kneeling her in pink lace nighty, face covered in drying cum, chest and neck splattered in cum, while she stroked her raging hard cock with her lover’s cum. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Danielle worked her rock hard cock with expertise. She rubbed Liam’s cum all over the head and shaft and jerked herself hard as she whispered, “Thank you sire. Thank you goddess for letting me cum.”

She jerked herself harder and faster as she thought of her weekend. Her first experience with Liam. Her submission to him and her to wife. Her anal orgasm yesterday and her facial just now. As she thought of the power she held over Liam, even as his submissive, to get him hard and make him cum, it put her over the edge.

She screamed out, “Master, goddess, I’m cumming!”

She pointed her cock back at herself as she let loose with a torrent of cum. Spurt after spurt of cum rocketed out of her cock and on to her nighty and chest. The first rope of cum landed on her face and mixed with Liam’s drying cum.

She emptied her sizable load on to her mess of a nighty, adding to the cum stains that Liam had left. Then she looked at the camera and blew a kiss with her hand, her long pink nails dripping with cum as well.

“And that’s a wrap,” cried Liam as he ended the video. “That was so hot babe. Damn I would totally watch you as a porn star.”

Danielle, still kneeling, covered in her cum and Liam’s, said with a chuckle, “well at least I have a fall back career if the whole doctor thing dries up.”

Liam laughed a belly laugh as Danielle stood up and headed for the bathroom, using her lace lingerie to catch the dripping cum that was threatening to fall off.

Liam followed her to the bathroom and started the shower as Danielle washed her hands. He watched as she pullled off the cum stained nighty and tossed escort bursa it in the bathroom hamper.

Danielle gave Liam a wink and said, “say goodbye to Dani for a while so I can get all this off and get cleaned up”

Liam air kissed her as he slipped in the shower, “goodbye Dani, my little feminized slut. I’ll see you again soon.”

Danielle used the supplies that Ally laid out to remove her makeup and her pink acrylic nails. It took some elbow grease to get the waterproof lip stain off, but he was able to get it all off.

By the time he was back to being Daniel, Liam was done with his shower.

Daniel watched Liam’s broad and firm body step out of the shower, rivlets of water cascading off his chest and running down his shaped legs. His eye was drawn to the still lengthy, relaxed cock swinging between his legs.

“Well don’t you look clean,” Daniel said, and after a pause he added with a smile, “and edible”

Liam grabbed a towel and began to dry himself. He smiled at Daniel’s words and his leering eyes.

“Mmmm, I would like your soft mouth on me again, but i also like my ass not red and on fire, so,” he trailed off leaving unsaid the girls threat of more spankings if their chores weren’t complete when they returned home.

“Why don’t you lock me up and I’ll get started while you shower,” finished Liam.

Daniel grabbed one of the two identical steel chastity cages from the bathroom counter and knelt in front of his boyfriend.

He kissed Liam’s cock head lightly and then deftly slipped Liam’s relaxed ballsack into the ring and threaded his flaccid cock into the chastity tube. He threaded the lock through the steel cage, and paused to look at his boyfriend in the eye as he clicked the lock shut.

Neither of them had the key so Liam’s cock was now at wife’s mercy. Liam internally smiled at that fact. He was liking being devoted to her. Liking it a lot.

Daniel stood up on his toes and lightly kissed Liam, letting his tongue slip between Liam’s lips and probe his mouth. Liam’s hands naturally found their way to Daniel’s waist as he kissed back.

Breaking the kiss, Daniel asked, “Baby, could pull the massive plug you rammed up my ass yesterday out so I can shower and change?”

Liam chuckled and reached his hand to his boyfriends ass. He slapped his ass playfully and grabbed the plug with two fingers. Maintaining eye contact with Daniel he began to pull the large piece of stainless steel from his well used ass pussy.

Daniel, staring in to Liam’s eyes, moaned slightly as the plug was removed. It pressed on his prostrate on the way out and his cock milked out several large dollops of cum onto the bath mat.

As the large plug tumbled into Liam’s hand, Daniel’s ass began to ooz cum from Liam’s violent fucking the day before. Daniel felt his asshole gap as the cum dripped out and down his smooth leg. It made him shiver.

With the plug out, Daniel kissed Liam once more and moved to get into the shower. Liam washed the plug and put it away as Daniel started his shower.

“I’m heading down stairs to get started babe,” Liam called over the sound of the shower.

“Ok, sounds good. I’ll wash quick, lock myself up and head down soon,” Daniel responded.

Liam headed downstairs to get started on his chores.

Daniel enjoyed a few minutes in the shower and then washed the cum off his face, his chest, his legs and washed his gaping his ass as best he could. Once dry he grabbed the remaining steel cock cage and locked his soft and tired cock up until his wife saw fit to release him.

Once arriving downstairs he saw that Liam had several trash bags started. Daniel got to work alongside his boyfriend making the downstairs livable again after their weekend of debauchery.

They worked for several hours, talking and laughing together. They slapped each other’s asses and played with each other’s caged cocks every chance they got. Liam often wrapped his strong arms around Daniel and kissed his shoulders. Daniel pressed himself back into his boyfriend’s strong embrace.

With only an hour until the kids were scheduled to get back from their grandparents, Daniel was somewhat nervous. He and Liam had cleaned the downstairs spotless. They were enjoying some lunch, still wearing just their cages.

Their goddess wives had not returned yet though. Just as Daniel thought he should call he heard the garage door open.

“Sounds like the true masters are home,” smirked Liam as he got up and cleared his plate.

“Yep, and I’m simultaneously looking forward to and dreading what they have next for us,” replied Daniel.

“Me too,” agreed Liam.

The girls flowed into the kitchen with several shopping bags, dropping their coats in the closet as they moved. Daniel and Liam’s cocks strained against their steel confines immediately.

Both women were dressed beautifully. Jamie had a tight t shirt on with a push up bra and a short skirt, a very short skirt, along with some simple flats. Ally had a tight cami on, no bra, a short skirt as well with tennis shoes.

“Hi boys,” cooed Ally as she dropped her bags and bee lined for Liam, taking him in her arms and kissing him passionately.

Jamie also grabbed her man and kissed him but did not feel the need to greet him.

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