Dave Needs Help Ch. 03

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Dave wasn’t sure what to think. As he ended the sensual lip-lock with his daughter, Nadine, he was startled to see his oldest daughter, Sarah standing in the kitchen doorway. Of course her mouth hung opened in shock. Not only had she just seen her father and sister kissing but her sister was also completely naked while their younger brother, Frank fucked her.

“Sarah . . . ” Nadine sighed out her sister’s name. “Come here. Please.”

Sarah seemed almost in a trance as she moved towards her sister.

“Touch me,” Nadine begged her sister. “Please touch me while our brother’s cock makes me cum!”

Dave and Frank shared a brief amazed look at Nadine’s words. But then they just had to look back as Sarah followed her sister’s pleas.

Sarah was tentative at first as she reached for her sister’s rounded tits. But as her hand covered them, she began kneading the soft mounds and then she sighed. Much to everyone’s amazement, Sarah suddenly leaned down and began sucking at her younger sister’s nipple.

That’s all it took for Nadine. She trashed on the table, overwhelmed by her brother’s cock in her pussy and her sister’s mouth at her tits. Her orgasm caused her to scream until Dave was actually worried she would pass out. But he was too busy stroking his cock to do much about it.

Nadine recovered in time to encourage her brother to cum inside her. “Give me your cum, Frankie! Your big sister Ankara bayan escort wants your cum!”

Frank’s eyes were glued to where Sarah was still feasting at their sister’s tits and he grunted and thrust violently into Nadine’s pussy, giving his sister the cum she had begged for. When he backed out of her, he watched with his father as the sisters continued the loving on the table.

Sarah seemed content to suckle her sister for the foreseeable future but Nadine needed to guide her sister to her own whims. She raised Sarah’s face to hers and though Sarah whimpered when her sister’s nipple left her mouth, she couldn’t protest for long because Nadine covered her sister’s mouth with her own.

Dave saw that his son was hard again too as they both watched the two sisters make out right there in the kitchen. Dave saw his youngest daughter sit up and position Sarah between her legs so that they were pressed together, their tits rubbing against each other. Both girls were letting out sighs and moans but it was Nadine’s words that gave Dave the biggest turn on of his life.

Nadine held her sister’s face a breath from hers and said, “Let’s go upstairs. I want you to eat my pussy. You can eat the cum Daddy and Frank left in there.” When Sarah moaned, Nadine smiled and gave her a small kiss. Then she continued, “And if their cocks are still up to it maybe Daddy and Frank could take turns fucking us.”

Sarah Escort bayan Ankara seemed eager enough to go upstairs. She grabbed her sister’s hand and helped her off the table. But her eyes were on her sister’s pussy and the first words she spoke since walking in the kitchen were, “Keep your legs together so none if it leaks out.”

Dave moaned and all but ran up the stairs with his kids.


Well this was certainly unexpected. It turned out, Sarah wasn’t very interested in her father and brother. No. All Sarah wanted was to touch, kiss, and lick her little sister any way she could. Sure, Dave would have loved for his oldest daughter to want his cock the way his younger daughter obviously did but it was difficult to complain about anything in his life when he got to watch his daughters going at it on his bed.

As for Nadine, she was obviously an equal opportunity partner. She let her brother and father alternate fucking the shit out if her. She sucked both of their cocks. She sixty-nined with Sarah and sucked her sister’s tities like they were delicious treats.

At one point, Nadine orchestrated everyone in a way that blew Dave’s mind – as well as an enormous amount of cum from his abused cock. Frank sat at the head of the bed while Nadine let him fuck her face with his cock. She bobbed her head up and down, meeting every one of her brother’s thrusts. As Nadine’s Bayan escort Ankara ass stuck up in the air, her sister used tongue, teeth, and lips to pleasure Nadine’s pussy. Dave thought he even saw Sarah’s tongue slip between her sister’s ass cheeks.

As for himself, Nadine told Sarah to let her father fuck her.

Sarah wasn’t into it as first. She told Nadine she’d suck his cock instead. But Nadine was insistent. Once she told Sarah the older sister would have free reign of Nadine’s entire bottom half, Sarah could no longer resist.

Her reluctance was understandable. As Dave slid his large cock into his daughter’s soaking pussy he realized his older daughter was a virgin. Oh and she was wonderfully tight. Dave hadn’t fucked a virgin since he’d fucked his wife Pam for the first time on their wedding night. The irony struck him that he was both his wife and his daughter’s very first fuck.

But the time for thinking soon passed as the four family members went wild in their play. Sarah’s pain didn’t last long or if it did she didn’t seem to care. The girl was completely in love with her sister’s pussy. And Nadine seemed to be in heaven as her sister used her mouth on her while she herself used her mouth on her brother.

Dave and Frank were the happiest of all though. Not only were their cocks being enormously satisfied by the two girls but both had perfect views of the entire session. Dave had never felt such pleasure since he was able to screw his daughter while she slurped at his other daughter’s pussy who in turn was giving his son the best blow job of his life.

Dave pumped his daughter full of cum with a huge grin on his face.

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