Dawn’s Orgasm Awakening

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Dawn Simmons was bored out of her mind. Homework was stupid! A lot of the questions seem to repeat themselves and the only difference was in the way you answered. She stretched, yawning as she did so, her pink baby tee lifting to expose her smooth, flat stomach. She leaned back in her chair and tugged at her pigtails.

Even though Dawn had already gotten her driver’s license, she didn’t have a car to drive. Mom and Dad were out visiting Gran over the weekend. Dawn had wanted to go but she had a quiz tomorrow and Mom and Dad said she should stay home and study. The worst thing was, they had just texted her to tell her they had arrived at Gran’s house one state over, when she received an email saying that the quiz had been cancelled because their teacher resigned to go on some talent show or something. Then her phone, after delivering such important messages, just gave up the ghost after three years of faithful service. Dawn couldn’t even make plans with her friends.

So there she was, alone at home, bored out of her mind.

This homework wasn’t even due for another week!

Dawn looked out of the window at the bright sunny sky. It was a beautiful day. Maybe she should go for a jog? Or she could catch the bus and go to the mall?

Her eyes slid down to the neighbour’s yard and she choked on thin air.

There, in the backyard, was her neighbour Eric Sherburn, his basketball shorts around his knees, eyes closed behind his sunglasses, his hand moving up and down his large cock as he enjoyed the sun.

Dawn couldn’t help herself, leaning out the window to get a better look.

Eric was a technology security engineer, or so Dawn recalled. She thought it was really just a fancy way of saying he worked on the computer to stop people from hacking into other people’s computers. He moved in at the beginning of the year and was a friendly handsome older man who always gave Dawn a snack bar if he saw her in the mornings. From what Dawn could see, he worked from home 2 or 3 days a week, but would go jogging in the mornings every single day without fail, even in the rain. Mom said Eric had to be a pretty successful security engineer if he could afford to buy the house next to theirs and live in it alone at the age of 35.

It ought to be illegal for 35 year-olds to look so hot, Dawn thought to herself, licking her lips as she watched her neighbour shift his grip and toy with the spongy head of his rock hard cock. He rubbed his palm over the tip, mouth opening in pleasure. He didn’t seem to be in any sort of hurry, just reclining in his lawn chair and jerking his meat at a leisurely pace.

Wasn’t he worried that someone might see?

Perhaps it didn’t occur to him?

Then again, the neighbours on the other side had just sold the house to move to Paris and Dawn’s parents had made such a huge production of leaving, Eric probably thought she had left with them either. And technically, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He had a fence that was at least 5 feet 11 around his backyard. Most people would have to stand on the tips of their toes to see into his garden. Eric probably didn’t realize that Dawn had full view of the area from her bedroom window.

Dawn bit his lip and backed away from the window. She shouldn’t be spying on him in the privacy of his own home. This was bad and wrong of her, she knew better than to invade his personal time!

She sat back down in her chair, but homework was the last thing on her mind. Try as she might, she couldn’t focus on her essays or algebra, all she could think about was that hard cock and the way Eric’s long fingers gripped himself, teased himself.

It looked yummy. Dawn wanted to put it in her mouth, taste it, lick it, suck on it. It looked like a delicious lollipop, way better than Brett on the football team. Brett was handsome, but he was a bit of an airhead and he didn’t know how to make Dawn cum at all, even after she told him how she wanted to be fucked. She had left her encounter disappointed in the boys her age. Most of them tried, but they didn’t do sex very well.

Eric, on the other hand, he was older. He probably had much more experience. He probably knew how to have sex. He would know how to make Dawn cum over and over and over again.

Dawn found her fingers snaking down to her young clit, twigging it gently at first, then harder. Eric was fit as well, not as fit as the gym bros that frequented the place down the street, but well fit enough that he could pick Dawn up and bounce her on his meat stick. Even from afar, it looked huge. It must be bigger in person.

Dawn bit her lip and walked back to the window for another look.

Eric had stopped jacking his meat and was stretching out on his lawn chair. He sat up and pulled off his shirt. In doing so, he knocked his sunglasses off his face and had to get up to retrieve them. When he straightened, he just so happened to look up and lock eyes with Dawn.

His jaw dropped and he hurriedly covered himself with his american jigolo izle shirt. Dawn giggled, blushing.

Eric looked around, worried, then took one step closer.

“I’m sorry!” he shouted, voice carrying across the small space between their houses.

Dawn shrugged.

“Don’t be, I liked the show.”

Eric’s face went from worried and embarrassed, to extremely conflicted. Dawn looked around to make sure there was no one in the streets, then pulled off her pink baby tee, exposing her lacy bra.

“There, now we match!” she called out. Eric went bright red, taking in the sight of Dawn’s 32C tits, cupped by the beautiful lacy material.

Dawn giggled again, shimmying her shoulders so that her breasts jiggled enticingly. She leaned out the window.

“When’s the next showtime?” She teased. Eric shook his head.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” he said ruefully.

Dawn shrugged.

“It’s not illegal if I’m a consenting adult, right?”

“Are you?”

“Well, I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, remember.”

Dawn watched as realization spread over Eric’s face. A bunch of Dawn’s high school friends had brought her a cake and balloons in the evening and smeared cream all over her face.

Although the buttermilk cream had been delicious, Dawn was hoping for a different sort of cream today.

She grabbed a loose dress and pulled it on, making straight for her neighbour’s house.

Dawn practically ran over to Eric’s place and jammed her finger on the door bell. Eric answered the door with a wide-eyed disbelieving stare. He had pulled his basketball shorts back on, but his hard-on was still there, trying its level best to make a hole in the thin fabric.

Dawn couldn’t resist admiring the bulge. It was, as she expected, very big. She hoped that it would be better at satisfying the ache in her pussy.

“You know, I need help with some of my homework, there’s one class, I don’t really get,” Dawn said, twirling her pigtails around her fingers.

“What class?” Eric asked, voice hoarse. His eyes were dark with desire, and he was openly staring at her chest.

“Sexual-education,” Dawn said “See, my teachers said that girls can orgasm hard, multiple times, but the boys at my school have never managed to make me cum. I was thinking, maybe someone with more experience could show me?”

Eric’s eyes darkened further. He opened the door wider and let Dawn step inside.

She wasted no time in stripping off her loose dress, exposing her lacy bra and underwear. Eric made a choked sound and lunged for the window blinds, pulling them shut so that no one outside could see in. Then he turned to look at Dawn, specifically, the wet patch in front of her crotch.

Dawn, emboldened by his naked desire for her, stepped forward and dropped to her knees. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts and yanked them down.

All 10 inches of his hard penis sprung free immediately, swaying in front of Dawn’s nose. She gaped at the size of it. It was even bigger up close. It smelt musky, all male, and it glistened from the lube that Eric had been using to jack off earlier.

She looked up at him with her wide blue eyes, silently asking for permission. Eric jerked his head in affirmation.

Dawn wasted no time in opening her mouth and putting it on the tip of Eric’s massive cock. She swirled her tongue around the mushroom head, taking in the sour-bitter taste of the precum and the faint chemical taste of the lube. The cock was firm in her mouth, so thick that it barely fit inside her young lips. She slurped on it, enjoying the way it made Eric gasp and growl and choke!

“Fuck!” Eric said.

Dawn wrapped her small hands around the base of his cock and bobbed her head down further, taking in another two inches. She moaned around his cock. It was as yummy as she thought it would be! It felt great to have a dick in her mouth, in her hands. She moved her head up and down, trying to take as much of Eric’s cock as she could.

“Oh fuck, ah yeah, oh fuck fuck fuck!” Eric swore as Dawn sucked hard on the meat in her mouth, hollowing out her cheeks and looking up at him. His face was twisted into an expression of restrained pleasure, biting his lip and clenching his fists at his waist.

Dawn reached up to grab his hands and put them on her pigtails. She nodded, mouth still on Eric’s hard cock. He began slowly, gently using her hair as a handhold to pull her mouth onto his dick, then he became a little more comfortable and started to slowly fuck Dawn’s face, all the while making approving noises.

“Uhh, your mouth is so good!” Eric moaned. Dawn closed her eyes and let herself be face-fucked. She only read about this in stories. All the boys in her school had been too hesitant to do something like this, or they had no self-control and tried to fuck her throat instead! Eric seemed to just know her limits and would pull back when the head of his andropoz izle cock met the back of Dawn’s throat. He didn’t try to cram his entire length into her mouth, content on just enjoying the heat around what Dawn could manage.

Eric fucked her for what seemed like ages, just slowly moving his penis in and out of her mouth, then finally pulled himself out.

Dawn blinked, surprised.

“You said you wanted to experience an orgasm, right?” Eric asked. Dawn nodded eagerly.

Eric pulled her upright and led her upstairs.

“I’m not giving you your first cock-induced cum in the living room,” he said, wrinkling his nose at the thought. Dawn laughed a little. Brett hadn’t even done her the courtesy of trying to get her in bed, he just assumed that a first time in a car was the best thing high schoolers could hope for!

Eric showed Dawn into his bedroom. It was minimalist, with only a king-sized bed in the middle and a dresser at the side. Dawn took a step inside, and then squeaked when Eric reached out and unhooked her bra with an expert hand. He stepped up behind her, reaching around to pull off her bra and cup her tits with his large hands.

“Wow, it usually takes the boys 6 or 7 tries to get the bra off!” Dawn laughed. Eric snorted.

“I’m not a boy, remember? I’m a man,” Eric whispered in Dawn’s ear. She shivered, enjoying the way Eric kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples.

Eric walked them both like that to the bed. Dawn climbed onto the mattress on all fours and flipped over to watch Eric. He stood there at the foot of the bed, hand jacking his cock in the same lazy manner Dawn had seen earlier, eyes dark with sexual hunger.

“Panties off,” he said.

Dawn obliged, sliding them off her shapely toned legs and tossing them to one side. She spread her legs, unashamed of her bare pussy. Dawn knew that she had what boys called a porn-star cunt, one that looked like a lot of those adult actresses in porn films with small pussy lips and a labia that seemed to clam up when she closed her legs. It seemed that Eric loved it too. He licked his lips and got on the bed, knee-walking over to kneel between Dawn’s spread legs.

“I’m going to fuck you good,” he promised.

Instead of just thrusting into her pussy like the boys, Eric took his time. He pulled Dawn’s hips onto his lap and rubbed his mushroom head against her pussy opening. He bumped it against her sensitive clit, teasing the nerves there and making Dawn gasp.

“Oh, oh!” she cried out. Eric grinned down at her, sliding his entire length between her legs.

The sensation was infuriating! So close and yet so far. He had such a lovely cock and he wasn’t putting it in Dawn’s pussy, it was unfair!

Eric thumbed at Dawn’s clit and then slid his thick fingers into her pussy, curving them upwards to press against her spongy insides.

“Fuck, you’re so tight!” he growled. Dawn moaned, swaying her hips to try and persuade him to put his dick inside. ERic wouldn’t be persuaded. He fucked her with his fingers for forever, one, then two, then three, curling them this way and that until his hand was dripping with Dawn’s love juices.

Only then, did he finally press his cockhead against her pussy hole and start to bear down.

Being opened by fingers and being opened by a cock were two different things. Dawn had fucked boys, and her friend’s dildo before. She thought she knew it was like, but boy was she wrong!

A man’s cock was definitely so much better, when it was attached to someone who knew how to fuck!

Eric’s bulbous tip bore inwards against Dawn’s young pussy lips, applying more and more pressure until it slipped inside with a sudden pop! Dawn’s eyes flew wide open and she gasped. She knew he was big, but this was way more than she expected!

His cock stretched her barely legal hole to its limits, forcing it to stretch beyond what it was used to taking. Tears sprung to Dawn’s eyes at the discomfort, but she wasn’t turned off. In contrast, she was very turned on! There was a hot, thick male pole impaling her young pussy. Her teen hole was being split wide open!

“Fuuuuck! That feels so good!” Dawn panted. Eric hadn’t stopped grinning at all. He thrust shallowly, each movement of his hips forcing his cock deeper into Dawn’s nubile body. She squeaked and squealed with every thrust, feeling her hole stretch to accommodate the monster penetrating her pussy.

Eric adjusted their position and pulled Dawn’s legs over his elbows, forcing her to curl up, then bore down with his full weight.

The position forced his cock balls deep into Dawn’s sopping wet cunt, hitting the limits of her pussy. Being so tightly filled was incredible! Every movement of his thick cock dragged at Dawn’s pussy walls, making her twitch around him.

“You’re so beautiful like this, hole tight around my cock,” Eric commented, enjoying the fact that Dawn was wordless with pleasure. He pulled out almost all the anne rices mayfair witches izle way. Dawn felt her pussy instinctively clamp down, trying to keep the intruder inside her. Eric laughed at her eager cunt muscles, then thrust all the way back in.

Dawn screamed as her pussy exploded with pleasure!

She came helplessly as Eric continued to pound her helpless hole, her cunt walls convulsing on Eric’s hard cock. Her breasts heaved, jiggling up and down as Eric thrust long and deep into her pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her, strongest at her clit and deep inside her core where Eric’s cockhead was hitting her G-spot over and over again.

“Oh oh oh!” Dawn screamed, shaking her head from side to side, hands grabbing at the sheets. It was far better than any of the boys she fucked! She didn’t know that cumming could be like this!

Before her first orgasm could stop, Eric pulled out and flipped her over. He pulled her onto his lap so that his front was to her back, then hilted his pole into her pussy again. Eric pulled her legs up, wrapped his arms around them, then grabbed the back of Dawn’s head, forcing her into a full nelson. Dawn struggled, but she was weak from her first orgasm and she couldn’t get out of the head lock.

“What are you-”

Eric answered by slamming his cock balls deep into her cunt.

Dawn. Saw. Stars.

“Fuuuuuuuccccck!” she squealed. The new position had Eric’s cock grind up against the front of her pussy walls, against the spongy sensitive nerves there. The rough friction of his cock inside her stoked the fire in her crotch.

Eric waste no time in bouncing her on his cock like that. Every stab was sweet, pleasurable, agony. Her first orgasm was just fading and her nerves were sensitive, but Eric wasn’t letting up. He fucked her hard, lifting her up and letting her own weight pull her down onto his cock, over and over and over again!

Dawn sobbed, overwhelmed with the sensations in her cunt.

“How do you like this?” Eric asked breathless as he slammed into her again.

“I – I – I -love it!” Dawn squealed. Overwrought from the pleasure ignited by the relentless pounding over her sensitive core, her body didn’t know what else to do but cum harder! Eric groaned when he felt her pussy start clenching on his cock again, trying its best to milk the cum from his balls.

Unlike all the other boys Dawn fucked, Eric knew how to make himself last. Dawn sobbed through her second orgasm, his rock-hard dick piercing her centre repeatedly, grinding against her sensitive pussy walls and G-spot.

“Ready for cum number 3?” Eric growled.

“What?” Dawn gasped, confused. That was impossible, wasn’t it?

“Keep your legs up,” Eric instructed. Dawn grabbed her ankles as Eric unhooked his arms from behind her neck. She had barely time to relax when Eric frigged her clit hard!

His fingers rubbed and pinched and pulled and twisted this way and that way. Dawn’s eyes went wide with shock and surprise when she felt her 3rd orgasm approach rapidly.

“Rub your nipples hard,” Eric instructed.

Dawn obeyed, twisting her nipples with her fingers, gasping for breath. Eric’s hand left for a bare second, then came down hard, spanking Dawn’s pussy right on top of her clit.

The sudden pain lanced through Dawn, but far from turning her off, it launched her right into her third orgasm. Eric didn’t stop, alternating between spanking her clit and frigging it, all the while fucking deeper and deeper into her. Dawn was so weak with pleasure she couldn’t hold herself up at all. She found herself boneless on top of Eric as he used her pussy harder than she ever could have imagined, her body convulsing as her cunt milked the cock in her.

Dawn lay there, unable to speak or move or resist the sensations Eric slammed into her helpless hole.

She didn’t know how long she came, or how long she was lying on top of Eric, trying to keep her legs up as instructed, but finding herself too weak to continue. All she knew was that her pussy felt so good and that the strong contractions were working their way outwards from her innermost centre, making her see stars and fireworks.

Eric, sensing that she was all fucked out, took mercy on her. He let her down onto the bed, and then pulled her legs over his shoulders. He fucked into her hole slowly, thumbing at her clit through the rest of the aftershocks.

Dawn’s fourth orgasm was a weak thing, a small twitching of her pussy muscles unlike the strong contractions of her first three. Eric seemed to enjoy it all the same. He fucked her young cunt until she had stopped shivering on his cock.

“I’m going to cum now,” he warned her. Dawn nodded, in a daze.

“I’m on the pill,” she managed to reply, giving him permission to shoot his load inside.

Eric fucked deeply into her, setting off another series of aftershocks, then pulled her fully onto his cock with a loud satisfied groan.

Dawn was so sensitive at the moment, that she could feel every twitch and gush of cum inside her. She milked his cock with her fucked out pussy, managing to make him groan again.

Eric braced himself above Dawn as his cock finished pumping sperm deep into Dawn’s hole. He tenderly brushed Dawn’s hair out of her eyes.

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