Don’t Rock the Boat Ch. 02

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This is not going to be a long story and you need to read first section, I’m just sharing a little while I play with my clit.

It should have stayed on the boat and it would have stayed on the boat if circumstances had not thrown a curve ball. Me and dad were doing a good job of just having a nice holiday, even if I now looked at his cock every so often and he checked out my butt in a not entirely father way. The problem wasn’t us but other older guys, who kept hitting on me, I guess they thought I liked the more mature male and I gave none of them reason to think different. I could hardly say, he is my dad! But I shouldn’t have accepted free drinks and perhaps I should have told them dad was dad, as they all thought my hubby was totally cool with me being chatted up. I was cool with it and dad was, just to them it read hot wife! Which is why I was getting a little buzzed and letting a guy called Mike, a tanned silver fox, rub oil on my young butt in the hot afternoon sun.

From the corner of my eye I could see dads sun lounger, I could also see his hardening cock, as he tried to ignore Mikes old hands wandering all over his fake wife. To be fair I wasn’t merter escort helping the situation and I was enjoying making a show of myself, these older guys were definitely putting me on a pedal stall and I was lapping up the admiration. Mike asked if I would like him to now do the front and my fake hubby said he had to go get a drink. I knew dad just couldn’t handle seeing his daughter’s flesh being pawed any longer. With dad gone Mike got braver and I got hotter, he oiled my tits, my belly and then my thighs. All eyes were on us as I let my feet spread a little and his fingers brushed near my clit. Fuck I needed fucking, the boat ride was two days ago and Mike had a stonker of a hard on but we couldn’t do it here!

Mike wrapped a towel round his waist and giggling I wasted no time in leading him back to our apartment, we didn’t care what other bathers thought. As soon as we were through the door I was on my knees with Mikes cock in my slutty mouth. I guess young ladies need regularly servicing. Mike was making all the right noises above me and my hand was rubbing my clitty hard. Next Mike had me stand, walk backwards mutlukent escort and turn, he then bent me forward over the back of the sofa. It was at this point I realised my father was not in the bar but in the room and had been from the second we came through the door. As we made eye contact I said sorry daddy, at the exact moment Mike shoved his cock up me. However Mike thought my saying daddy was a game this hot wife played with her older husband, he didnt miss a beat, he said, yes baby girl, suck daddies big dick. Now what?

Daddy was clearly revved up from earlier as he quickly decided his daughter was a slut and shoved his hard throbbing cock in to my mouth. Yes honey, suck daddy good were the words he used. Mike was fucking loving it, he slapped my butt adding suck daddy right down. I felt daddies hands on my head, he was now totally fucking his daughters mouth and I sunk him right down my throat. This was completely fucked up and I was loving it, Mike kept spanking me, daddy called me a slut and I came hard!

Mike and daddy didn’t though, they shook hands above me and said hello with their otele gelen escort cocks still in me and then agreed to swap ends. Waiting bent over for daddy to sink his big cock into me was depraved, my tits were swinging and I was howling as daddy began fucking me good with Mikes pussy juiced cock never leaving my throat. One thing about older guys is they don’t spunk after two minutes, daddy stood me up and spun me round and full on kissed me! My mind was whirling as his tongued entered my mouth and we entered new territory, I responded fully. We broke the kiss and he looked me in the eyes, a smile played across his features as he called me a slut and gripped me by the nipples. He pulled me by my extended teats to a prone Mike who was watching and wanking, now climb on that big cock for daddy he said. I complied immediately.

A minute later daddy returned and I felt a lubed finger enter my brown hole, Mike was saying, oh yeah, daddies gonna fuck his baby girls arse. Again my mind was whirling, I felt daddy line his cock up as it nudge my rear and then he began to enter me. I lent fully forward shoving my tongue into Mikes mouth and allowed daddy full access, moments later daddy shoved his big dick right into me, I felt totally full and totally depraved, this was so wrong and I came and came again.

After ten minutes of relentless assault on my holes, just as I felt I could take no more, that I would melt, I felt both my older guys swell and fill their young slut with cream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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