Dumped , Found

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Simon popped online and logged into his mail account. Finding one message waiting for him there. A message from Susan. His long time girlfriend. And, he dare to say. Better half.

Simons heart jumped in his chest. Oh how he loved to receive mail from her. He didn’t know how he got so lucky, to have a woman like her in his life. It was almost like a dream come true, a dream of wonders! He clicked on the message, smiling all over. He wondered what she had come up with, for him now.

[Simon! We gotta talk. Call me! Susan]

Simon looked at the message with a rather peculiar look on his face. Strange. It was not like Susan to be so cold and short in her messaging. Instantly he felt fear in his chest. Something just didn’t feel right. Something has happened, and it was bad. Really bad.

Simon picked up his cell phone and dialled Susan’s number. One ring……..two rings…three rings, then her answering machine picked it up.

“Hey there. You’ve called ME!! Leave a message”

There was a short little giggle, and then a beep.

“Hi Susan, it’s Simon. Just returning your call. What’s up?? It sounds serious. Call me back okay.”

Once again, Simon was reminded how much he hated these things. He had never liked answering machines. They were all so damn impersonal. And he felt like a damn idiot talking to a machine. But the feeling of fear for what had happened to Susan, far out shone the feeling of idiocy. Not that there was a great deal he could do about that now. He just had to wait until she called back.

Three hours passed, and nothing. Simon knew that Susan was supposed to be home, and the feeling of fear had not left him for a minute. If anything it had actually increased. And needless to say. It disturbed him quite a bit. He had been occupying his mind with a few rounds of Tekken Tag Team on the playstation, and he had been chatting on and off with some of his other friends online. He had read a few stories on .com, and gotten himself all worked up. But nothing quite made the fear disappear. He had a gut feeling that a lot of things would change today, and not necessarily for the better.

He picked up his guitar and started to strike a few cords. Normally this would make him relax completely. But not today. Not even that helped. Still, he kept playing. It was better than sitting with his hands in his lap anyway.

Another hour had passed when the doorbell rang. Simon got up wondering. He didn’t expect any company today. He walked slowly to the door, not really wanting to see anybody.


Simon started, when Susan stepped from behind him.

“Susan?? What’s going on here??”

Simon was more than surprised. THIS was something he had not seen coming. Hal was his good old friend, back from when they had been kids. Hal and Simon had practically grown up together.

“We gotta talk Simon”.

Hal said, looking less than comfortable. Simons eyes wandered from one to the other. Susan looked as uncomfortable as Simon felt. Hal just kept looking into the ground, like he had back in High School, when he had made a nasty, and had to answer to the principal.

“Okay, come inside, and tell me what’s going on here. You are beginning to freak me out.”

Simon opened the door wide and let them in. They entered the living room. Simon being last. Susan turned around, making Simon stop instantly.

“We gotta stop Simon. I cant do this anymore!”

She burst out. Simon just stood there as if paralysed.

“I’ve been……we’ve been seeing each other also.”

Susan continued and nodded towards Hal, who was currently busy stepping on his own toes. Simon was speechless. He felt like someone had just kicked him in the balls, disabling him from any kind of speech. He looked at Hal with disbelief in his eyes.

“Tell me it ain’t so!!”

Hal didn’t respond right away, then he only nodded yes. Simon looked back at Susan.

“But..what…why…I don’t understand…….”

Pain and a growing rage was building inside him. Susan continued.

“Well, me and Hal kinda got together last new year…….I didn’t mean to but…..”

Simon cut her off.

“Last New Year….LAST NEW YEAR!!!!! You’ve been fucking around behind my back for a year??”

He simply couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Susan just looked at him. And said.


Simon closed his eyes and tried to comprehend what they told him. Without any greater luck. Hal spoke.

“Simon……I didn’t mean to…..”

Simon cut him off with a single wave of his hand.

“You Hal!. I’ll strongly advise you to shut the fuck up right now!”

Hal didn’t say anything further, just looked down on his feet again. Susan tried to lay her hand on Simons shoulder. He jerked away from her, and she withdrew her hand again. She said.

“Please Simon. Be reasonable, it didn’t work out between us anyway. Cant you see that? Calm down, please!”

As he heard her say those words, Simon felt his heart explode in his chest. The emotional pain was made physical.

“Be reasonable?? You want ME to be reasonable. You want ME to be calm?? Fuck you Susan. You have just told me that I have been nothing to you. For the last year. THE gold lies videotape izle LAST FUCKING YEAR!! You have been deceiving me over and over again. Just been using me. And now you’re discarding me like yesterdays toilet paper.”

Simon took a step forward, making Susan take a step behind.

“I have done NOTHING but loving you. What the hell did I do to deserve a treatment like this. What the HELL did I do??”

Susan looked startled at Simons apparent rage. Tough luck! Right now he couldn’t care less what she thought. Simon turned to Hal.

“And you. You piece of shit. I can’t believe I’ve ever called you a friend. Every fucking time we have hanged this year. Every damn time, you just put on a face and then went home and fucked Susan!!!”

Susan put her hand on Simons shoulder and said.

“Now that’s uncalled for……”

Simon looked down at her hand, then directly in her eyes.

“Don’t touch me!!”

Simon took Hal by the collar of his shirt and shoved him into the arms of Susan.

“Get out!! You two, get the fuck out of my house!!!! Before I do something I may regret later!!”

Susan looked surprised

“But Simon can’t we….”

“Just GET THE FUCK OUT.!!!!”

Hal and Susan turned to go, only briefly looking over their shoulder. Simon didn’t care. He wanted them out of his house, and out of his life. As the door closed and he once again was alone in the living room. A rage, burning red and smoking, came crashing through his mask. And he howled in anger as he hit the door as hard as he could. The door being thin as it was, gave in for his anger. And Simons hand made a nasty hole in it. However his hand was not made of steel, and he could hear bones crack in his hand as he hit the door. A shooting pain roamed through his veins, as he efficiently broke his fingers and his knuckles. He drew the hand back, welcoming the pain. And looked at the damage. He had penetrated the skin for starters, and was bleeding from several wounds in his hand. His fingers looked like crumpled twicks. Simon didn’t care. Nor did he care that the pain brought tears to his eyes. He sighed and headed for the E.R. He better get his fingers set straight if he wanted to use the hand again.

“Hmm how did you do THAT??”

The doc examined Simons hand, which now had turned into an ugly purple mass of…something. Simon sighed and looked down at the floor. The rage he had felt back home, had silently disappeared while he had walked to the E.R.

“ I hit a door…..”

The doc looked at Simon, with a rather peculiar look on his face.

“Hit hard did we??”

Simon just nodded and winched, as the doc popped a bone back in place. Even though Simon had gotten a shot for the pain, it still hurt when he did that. Not that he cared. Right now, Simon didn’t care about anything.

The doc kept working on his hand until he had patched it up nice and good. Bandages and everything. To Simon it more looked like his hand had turned into a nice big fluffy Popsicle But at least it would heal up now. He was given a few painkillers before he went on his way, with the warning. The pills was going to make him a little dizzy. Simon only listened with half a ear. His mind was still on Susan and Hal. And what they had done to him.

As much as he wanted to hate the two of them, he found himself unable to do so. Which only made him sadder.

Mumbling his thanks, Simon went on his way. Out in the cold again. His hand was throbbing uncomfortably, but didn’t really hurt that much. The painkillers worked their magic, leaving him without that kind of pain. That at least, counted for something.

He didn’t know what to do now. The emotional pain and loss he was feeling, almost made him cry. He couldn’t quite comprehend that he had been played like a fool like that. That his girlfriend and best friend had played with his heart like that, and didn’t even seem to be sorry about it. For a whole fucking year!!! And he never even suspected anything. Simon sighed and turned into the park.

To hell with it all. Simon didn’t care. To hell with everything.

He began to walk faster. He needed a drink. Probably not the wisest thing he could do. But he didn’t care. He wanted to be drunk. Hopefully it would dull the feelings for a while.

“Simon….Dude, I think you’ve had enough already!!”

Simon looked up, dazed and drunk at Tina. Today’s bartender. He grapped his glass and downed yet another vodka shot.

“Tina, don’t mind me. Just keep’em coming…..”

Simons speech was clearly affected by the booze. And it just made Tina shake her head. Simon had been sitting on the same stool by the bar, for the last 4 hours, drinking heavily. Though he didn’t annoy anyone, it had surprised Tina to see what a state of mind he was in. Usually when Simon dropped by, he was a happy guy, walking hand in hand with his long time girlfriend Susan. When Tina had inquired about Susan, Simon had just waved her off, not answering. Well, it was obvious that something was wrong with the two of them, and something serious had happened. But Tina had kept her mouth shut. It was not her place, nor any grind izle of her business. She hadn’t even inquired about what had happened to his hand. She just kept an eye out for him. Tina poured him another shot.


Sluggish Simon turned around and looked at the girl in the door.

“Hey Sally……”

He just turned around again, facing the bar. Grapped his shot and downed yet another shot. Sally looked at Tina with question marks in her eyes. Tina just shrugged her shoulders. Not really knowing what to say. “Simon…what’s wrong???”

Sally walked up behind him, and put her hand on his shoulder. Simon didn’t turn around or look at her at all.

“Everything is JUST hanky dory….can’t you tell!!”

The sarcasm was so thick that you could have cut it in little cubes with a knife.

“Simon, damnit…..what the hell has happened??”

He looked at Sally with drunken red eyes.


Was all he managed to say. Sally looked into Simons eyes. Saw them role up into his head, and Simon fell back off the stool. Passing out. He landed with a heavy thump on the floor.

“Jesus CHRIST……Simon”

Sally bent down and shook him. No response.

“Jesus Tina, How much has he had??”

“A lot……”

Tina moved around the bar and bent down next to Sally.

“But he usually can hold his liquor……”

Sally just shook her head.

“Nevermind…..Just call a cap okay. I gotta get him home”

Ten minutes later, they had gotten Simon into a taxi. Sally found herself sitting in the back seat with Simons head in her lap. While the taxi drove through the streets to Simons home. Sally had known Simon pretty much all her life. They had hung out together as kids. Went to the same schools. Even went to the same college. Though she hadn’t seen a whole lot to him during those years. He had met Susan there. He was her very best friend. And had been so all her life. And not even when things had been really bad, had she seen him like this. And it hurt her to see that. She gently stroked his hair, and looked down at him. Simon was sound asleep. But he responded to her touch by moving closer to her. Sally sighed. Something REALLY bad most have happened.

The cap pulled in, in front of Simons house. The driver looked back at Sally.

“Lady, it looks like you could use a hand with your boyfriend there”

Sally looked at the drive, while trying to pull Simon out of the taxi.

“He’s not my boyfriend”

The cabdriver just smiled.

“Okay whatever Lady. Want a hand with him or what??”

Sally just nodded. After a while they had gotten Simon to the door. Sally paid the cap drive, even gave him an extra couple of bucks for his help.

“Upsa daisy…..”

There was some response from Simon now, though not much. But enough so his feet actually supposed some of him, making it much easier for Sally to move him around. Simon was by no means a big guy. Only about 5”8, and not very heavy. But compared to Sally he was quite a handful. She was no more than a petite 4”8 and muscle power was not something she had a whole lot of. So a drunken Simon was more than enough for her to handle. But she managed quite good, and got him inside his house. With a quick look around the living room, she could plainly see where Simon had hurt his hand….didn’t look good. Nope not at all. She got him inside the bedroom, and sat him down on the bed.

“What am I gonna do with you”

She mumbled, while looking at, a rather pathetic looking Simon. She sighed and started to undress him, pulling off his shirt. Simon just sat there dazed and let her do whatever she wanted. He was in a whole other world. Looking at Simons naked torso, Sally smiled a little wicked smile. Oh boy, it looked like it has been longer than she had thought, since she had seen Simon bare chested. He had a nice, well trained chest and a six pack to go with it. By no means over done. But it looked nice and firm. Sally let her hands run over his chest. Yes indeed nice and firm. Oddly, and even though Simon was her best friend, Sally found herself getting turned on by this. She unbuttoned his pants and started to pull them off him. As the first result, Simon feel back on his back. He was wearing tight jeans, so it wasn’t that easy to pull them off. But Sally just kept pulling. After one last hard pull, Sally landed on her butt with Simons pants in her hands….and his boxers. She looked down at them, and then up at Simon. There he lay, Completely naked and defenceless. Sally stood up and looked down at him. He looked really good as he lay there. Sally couldn’t help but to look at his cock.

“Oh my God…..”

She quietly mumbled. In spite of Simons drunken condition, his cock was rock hard and pulsating. Sally looked wide eyed at his member. It wasn’t that it was long, even though it had a nice length to it. But DAMN it was thick. Sally reached out and touched it. She smiled wickedly. She never thought she would actually touch Simon like this. She wrapped her fingers around his cock. Damn, she couldn’t even close her hand around it. It was that thick. She let her hand stroke him up and down a few times. Which gunthers millions izle caused Simon to moan in his daze. Sally couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. But she found herself extremely turned on by it. She kept stroking him a few times more, now breathing quite heavily herself. She licked her lips. Oh she just had to try. She bent over Simon and lifted his cock to her mouth. She let her tongue flick across the head a few times, circling around the crown, before she opened up and sucked the head into her mouth. She had to strain her jaws to get it in there. Never before had she touched, sucked, let alone fucked a cock this thick. Simon filled her mouth completely, only allowing her tongue to move around a little, and she loved it. Sally sucked gently on Simons cock, moving her tongue around the head. Tasting him long and good. Bopping her head a bit to get more of him inside her. Simon moaned, then jerked awake.


Simon looked down between his leg and saw his best friend giving him a blowjob. Simons eyes grew wide. He couldn’t even remember meeting Sally.

“Sally??? What?? But?? I……..”

He had absolutely no idea what to say. He just looked dumbfounded at Sally sucking on his cock. Sally looked up and saw Simon looking at her. She hadn’t even heard him say anything. Surprised she jerked her head back. Simons cock left her mouth with an audible pop. She quickly stood up and blushed to 35 shades of red.

“Simon, I’m sorry…I…….”

Sally stumbled over the words, looking down at her feet. What had she been thinking? Blowing Simon……Damn. She felt like hitting herself with a large and heavy hammer.

Simon sat up straight, looking wide eyed at Sally. The surprise of waking, and then finding Sally, of all people, between his legs, with his cock in her mouth. Had not yet left him completely. Neither was he quite sure what to say to her. He only knew, and was painfully aware. That he had loved what she had done. Simon got up and walk to Sally, took her by the shoulders and turned her towards him.


Sally didn’t dare to look into Simons eyes. But as Simon turned her towards him, she looked straight down at the one eyes monster, she had been sucking just a few seconds ago. She looked up and looked him in the eyes. They stood there looking each other in the eyes, neither quite knowing what to say. Sally was well aware that she had crossed an unmarked line for friendships. Simon was torn between his growing lust for Sally, the hurt from Susan and the strong bond he and Sally had always had. Simon knew if he took her in his arms he would be lost in her. If she took him in her arms, he would be lost. Basically he would be lost. Simon took a good long look in Sally’s eyes, he saw nothing but love there. Looking within himself, he found nothing but love there either. Sally looked into Simons eyes and realized she loved him. Perhaps it has always been there. But she had just denied what she felt. And now it hit her like a ton of bricks. She wanted to be with him, she wanted to love him, she wanted to make love long and hard with him. A single tear appeared at the corner of her eye.

That got Simon going. To hell with it all, he thought. He took the last step towards Sally and scooted her into his arms. Hugging her tightly to him. And not like friends hug. No, like lovers embrace. Sally was taken a little by surprise, being lost in his eyes. But the moment his arms was around her, she let out a happy sigh, and hugged him back with all she had.

All thought of Susan and Hal disappeared from Simons mind. All guilt disappeared from Sally’s mind, and they just stood there holding each other like they would never let go. Sally kissed Simon tenderly and he kissed her back, parting her lips with his tongue. She accepted him with all she had and held him tightly as their tongues did the French dance in their mouths. Both, still lip locked, backed towards Simons bed. Miscalculating the distance, and tumbled together on the bed. Sally landing on top of Simon. She straddled him, feeling his excitement pulsate through her pants. She unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a pair of perfect breasts to Simon. He reached up and began to massage her tits. Sally threw back her head and sighed happily. Simon let his hands slide down her naked stomach and began to unbutton her pants. Sally stood up with a leg on each side of Simon and wiggled out of her pants. The sight alone caused Simon to grow even more. He grapped his cock and slowly began to stroke himself. Sally eyed his hand work with a smile, as she slid her panties of, leaving her completely naked looking down at Simon. No words were spoken, only touches, caresses, looks and kisses spoke for them. Simon grapped Sally’s legs and pulled her towards his mouth. Sally went on her knees with her pussy right in front of his mouth. Simon lifted his head a bit so his tongue could reach her. He gently licked her pussy lips, outlining them with his tongue. His hands grapped her from behind, and pushed her forward so his entire mouth rested on her mound. He let his tongue flick over her clit. Causing her to moan. Sally grapped his head and pressed him against her pussy. Simon began to tongue fuck her tasting her juices as they flowed directly into his mouth. So sweet and tasty. Sally was grinding herself against his mouth and tongue, moaning loudly. Simon kept licking and sucking her for a while, and then lay Sally down on his bed and positioned himself between her legs. Sally reached up and grapped a hold of his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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