Fantasies Of You Ch. 10

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“Oh wow that was an unbelievable story – or maybe it wasn’t. Would you really like to make me cum like that?”

“Sweetie, damn right.”

“Are you sure you won’t come to the washroom and make me cum in person?”

“No, there are too many people here. You go ahead.”

You aren’t gone long but I’ve settled the bill by the time you return. You sit down, your face flushed.

“Did you get yourself off?” I ask.

“No, but I thought about it. You wouldn’t believe how wet I am; it’s practically running down my leg. Here, feel.” With that you pass your red silk thong panties across the table. The crotch is very damp.

“Let’s get out of here,” you urge. “I need to feel you.”

The restaurant where we have been eating is right across the street from a nightclub, not exactly a top end bar but on this night I know they are playing acceptable jazz.

“Let’s go over there,” I say when I feel you tugging me in the direction of our parked vehicle. It’s more an order than a suggestion.

Inside the place is almost empty. We select a booth in a darkened corner. I direct you to sit with your back to the bar and dance floor. I sit opposite.

“No, no, sit beside me,” you say.

“No sweetie, I want to sit here where I can see you. I’m going to ask you to do something moon knight izle for me and I want to be able to watch you do it.” I see the puzzlement in your face.

“I have a tenth fantasy, one that I think could happen tonight. One that involves you intimately. Do you want to hear it?”

“Yes, please,” you say, very quietly but with controlled excitement.

“Every time we have phone sex and I think of you lying on your bed naked, getting yourself off as you talk to me, it just gets me so damn hard. Oh how I wish I was there to watch you get yourself off. I love the intensity on your face just before you cum. So I want you to make yourself cum for me now.”

“Now? Here?”

“Yes, right now and right here.”

“Someone will see us.”

“No they won’t. No one can even see you right now and I’ll keep watch. And anyway, wouldn’t you like someone to see you.”

“Oh baby, I’m not sure I can do this.”

“Touch yourself and see.”

“Hold my hand,” you say, extending it across the table. The other hand disappears below and I assume you are pulling your short dress up to give yourself access to your bare pussy.

“I’m very, very wet you know,” you say shakily. “Feel this.”

You bring your hand up from your lap and extend it to me . I kiss it, feeling your mrs fletcher izle moist essence against my lips. Then I take your finger in my mouth and suck it. You squirm in your seat and pull your hand back. Again it disappears below the table.

You slouch against the back cushion of the booth, eyes closed, a tight smile on your face. Your breathing is more laboured and the hand you’re holding mine with squeezes tighter. In the heat of the bar, perspiration forms above your upper lip. The band begins to play in a far corner.

“The waiter’s coming,” I warn you. “Sweetie, the waiter’s coming.” It takes several moments before that registers.

You open your eyes and smile but remain slumped in your seat. “He’s not the only one.”

“Did you cum?” I ask after the waiter has taken our order for a pair of single malt Scotches, ice and a little water on the side.

“No, but I was so close.”

Your hand, I notice, is still under the table.

“You’re still playing with yourself, aren’t you?”

You nod, closing your eyes again.

“Are you very wet?”

Another nod.

“Better wait until our order gets here,” I suggest as the waiter picks up our drinks from the bar and begins walking toward our booth. As he sets the Scotches down I wonder if he notices how murder in big horn izle flushed your face is, how dilated your pupils are. Would he be as turned on as me if he knew that below the table your hot little pussy was bare and that all the time he was serving us you were teasing your clit with your fingers?

“Okay, sweetie,” I say as the waiter departs. “The coast is clear. Cum for me now, baby.”

Your only response is an unintelligible mumble.

“Think of me between your legs,” I say, my voice low. “Feel my tongue on your clit, licking back and forth, back and forth, licking your wet pussy. I’m putting a finger in your pussy now as I lick you. I’m licking and licking and licking and finger fucking you, too.”

You have a death grip on my hand. You twist in the seat. Your brow is furled. You moan softly.

“Licking, licking, licking.”

You give a little cry and your body begins to shake. I watch in wonder, and envy, at the beauty of your experience as the wave of your climax breaks and slowly wanes.

You open your eyes, giggling.

“That was amazing,” I tell you.

“Oh yes it was,” you agree, giggling again. “I didn’t think I could do that.”

“So, that was my tenth fantasy. Now I only have nine left.”

You take a long pull on your Scotch and then look up at me, that mischievous twinkle I so love sparking in your eyes. “So, are you damn hard now after watching that?”

“Oh gawd, yes, sweetie.”

“Then let’s go. I think we can cut your fantasy list to eight before we get home.”

Truth to tell, it had happened before we even made it out of the parking lot – but that’s a story for another time.

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