Festival of Miscellany Ch. 01

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All characters are over the age of 18.


My friend Levi and I were picking up our daughters, Jennifer and Abigail, from their Wednesday night dance lessons this week, and were waiting for them out by our cars, chatting pleasantly, when a couple of adorable girls walked out of the coffee shop next door and headed for their own vehicles.

Levi had just recently moved to Stonewall from Canada with his family, and he was still getting used to the many advantages (and responsibilities) he now enjoyed as an eligible man here; and he gave me a subtle elbow and a discreet nod.

‘Sheesh–check out that little pair over there,’ he said with a gentlemanly chuckle. ‘How nice are those legs on the blonde, eh?’

I couldn’t help but laugh at the habitual hint of unrequitable longing in his tone, and I realized he’d still not yet fully grasped what it meant to be an eligible man; and his eyebrows rose in surprise as I addressed the young girls.

‘Hey cuties,’ I called out, causing their heads to raise in unison from their conversation like two startled young does. ‘Come over here, please.’

‘Yes, sir,’ they said in unison, and came immediately to heel like two very well-trained girls, as Levi looked from them to me, and back again, utterly intrigued as he watched to see what I was doing.

They came abreast of us, halting together with their hands behind their backs in the basic greeting position, standing tall and straight to allow us to look their lithesome bodies up and down, and looking us politely in the eye to let us know they were ready to be good girls.

‘My friend, Mr. Miller, noticed your companion has some very nice legs, and he wanted to take a closer look,’ I said to the delightfully curvaceous brunette, gesturing to her friend.

The blonde blushed deeply, and bit her lip in a shy attempt to maintain her composure, evidently finding Levi’s slim build, dark hair, and kind-eyed smile (which betrayed that he was far more nervous at the moment than the she was) quite appealing for her own part.

‘And I happened to take quite a fancy to your impressive behind in that little skirt, dear girl, so I called you both over for a quick inspection,’ I continued to the brunette. ‘Levi and I both have training appointments later this evening already with other girls, so this won’t take long, and you’ll soon be on your way. I’m Mr. Stevenson. Have you both celebrated your Festivals?’

The girls nodded and quickly produced their ID cards, complete with the green border indicating that they were of age, and eligible for sexual lessons at nearly any time, in any place, from eligible men.

I took them both, bursa escort and handed the blonde’s to Levi.

She was named Mandy, and was five-foot-two and one hundred-and-ten pounds in her little white chucks, with what appeared to some very pointy nipples poking through her soft gray tummy tank where it lay snugly over her puffy, braless A-cups.

Erica, the brunette, was a few inches taller than her friend, and about twenty pounds curvier, slim-waisted with flashing dark eyes and a generous pair of breasts just barely contained in her ruffly pink cami.

Both girls had just turned eighteen, and had celebrated their Festivals only a few months ago.

‘Good girls,’ I said, handing back their IDs. ‘Turn around, lay over the hood of Mr. Miller’s car, and pull your skirts up for us, please. Show us everything you’ve got going on back there.’

Levi couldn’t help but look at me with amazed delight as both girls, with a singular ‘yes, sir,’ did immediately as I’d instructed, stretching up onto their tiptoes to lengthen their legs and haunches attractively (which further hinted at the excellent training they’d undergone) and tugging their skirts up over their behinds, revealing a glorious brace of young, unpantied female hindquarters luminous beneath the dusk mall parking lot lights.

Nodding to Levi to follow my lead, I stepped to Erica’s exposed bottom and crouched down, running my hands up and down the backs of her fulsome legs and her round, firm buttocks, pulling her cheeks apart with a growl to peer between them at the treasures she hid there.

Her nethers were shaven clean, and her vulva was full and puffy, her outer lips closing tightly in what would have been a perfect slit, were it not for her frilly inner labia, which ruffled their dainty way along most of the length of her external genitalia.

I gave her cunny a few gentle pats to accustom her to my touch, then spread her open and took a look at her glistening, dark pink insides as she whimpered quietly at my hand’s familiar contact to her private parts, but she remained still, obediently giving me total access to her fertile young body, as was my right, and her duty.

Mandy moaned outright, and Levi groaned, as he fingered her fuzzy blonde slit and then thrust into her, shaking his head wonderingly as she reflexively clamped down on his buried index finger with her unimaginably tight, wet young vagina.

‘Jesus Christ, she’s so frikking cute,’ he exclaimed, rising behind her and taking her bare little cheeks in his big hands.

I was happy to see him begin to grow more comfortable handing girls the way we do here, and it was clear that he was really bursa escort bayan starting to enjoy and embrace the privileges of being an eligible man as he pawed a bit roughly at the little blonde’s perky bottom, and gave it a couple exploratory smacks which resounded, along with her giggling yelps, through the quiet parking lot off her firm, healthy young girl-flesh.

I turned Erica around to face me, and I leaned back on the hood of the car and pulled her close to stand between my legs.

‘Miss Erica, you are so beautiful…’ I said, taking her face in my hands and drawing her into a sweet, deep kiss; and my cock surged as I tasted her arched lips and her shuddering, sweet breath of surrender.

Still kissing her, I followed her curves to the scrunchy elastic hemline of her cami top, and I gently pulled it up, up, until it slipped gloriously free from her sumptuous young breasts, which fell free and tumbled into my warm, waiting hands.

I gave them a squeeze and thumbed her firm, large nipples, savoring her tiny moan into my lips before pulling away with a grunt of satisfaction to inspect her breasts more closely.

‘What do you think, Levi?’ I asked, playing gently with Erica’s nipples where her full breasts hung free in the evening air, and giving her little kisses on the lips here and there as she conscientiously fondled my erection over my jeans, like the well-mannered girl she clearly was. ‘Shall we reserve these two for a lesson?’

‘Good lord, yes,’ Levi exclaimed, holding the moaning Mandy firmly down to the cool metal of the car hood with one hand as he diddled her clitoris with the other, admiring the way her bottom bounced and jiggled as he made himself familiar with her girl bits, and how they reacted to being touched by him. ‘Tomorrow night? I can’t believe how much I like this one.’

‘Sounds like a plan,’ I said, pulling Erica’s body closer to me and slipping my hand down the front of her skirt to play with her cunny. ‘We can do them at my place–Morgan Lynn will be out for the evening, so we can use my master bedroom. We have a day bed in there too, and a chaise lounge; and the master bath will be great for cleaning these two up before–or after.’

I kissed Erica again, exploring her delicate lips and tongue with my own, and inhaling her scent, my body thrumming with desire for her exquisite body.

‘Definitely,’ Levi growled. ‘But I don’t think I can wait until then–is it ok if I, like…?’

He pointed at his bulging pants, and then at Mandy’s vagina.

I laughed out loud.

‘Brother, you can do literally anything you want to her. She’s fully eligible–that means, in many ways, escort bursa that she belongs to us–to care for, to train, and to freely enjoy. It’s what she was created for.’

‘Holy cow,’ Levi muttered, a gleeful smile on his face as he glanced at the still-closed doors to the dance studio and hastily undid his pants, pulling out his hard cock. ‘Okay, just for a minute.’

He took up his position behind Mandy and aimed the head of his penis at her entrance, and I reminded her, where she sprawled on the hood beside me and her friend, to arch her back like a good girl and present herself fully for Mr. Miller so he could enjoy entering her.

Levi pressed himself home with a groan of utter pleasure, and he secured the little girl with his hands firmly around her slender waist in order to give himself leverage to start slowly fucking her.

‘Oh my god,’ he chuckled through a throat tight with effort to control his orgasm and save himself for the other cute girl he’d already reserved for tonight’s lesson. ‘I know I keep saying it, but man–you guys really have built the perfect society. Never in my wildest dreams did I think someday I’d be able to just enjoy any and every beautiful young girl I wanted…but here I am…look at me, mom.’

I continued making out with Erica, drinking her in and penetrating her cunny with my finger until I felt her cream begin to drip down my hand, and suddenly the doors to the dance studio opened, and a dozen pretty, chattering girls spilled out onto the sidewalk.

‘Oh, jeez!’ Levi exclaimed, red-faced, coming abruptly to his senses and yanking his dripping erection from Mandy’s spasming vagina as she cried out in desperate disappointment; and he stuffed it hastily into his pants and tugged Mandy’s miniskirt back down to cover her private parts as our daughters and their friends walked toward us.

For most of them, of course, there was little out of the ordinary to see, and they largely ignored us and bid their farewells to their chums as they went on their way.

Like her father, though, Abigail was still very much adjusting to life in the Festival, and her eyes grew wide as she drew close and realized what she was seeing; but her friendship with Jennifer was truly smoothing her transition as an eligible girl, and she followed her friend’s lead, coming to a stop not too far away and waiting patiently for us to finish our business with the two trainees.

Erica retrieved a scrap of paper from her handbag, and I scribbled on it.

‘Have your fathers drop you off at this address tomorrow evening at seven, girls,’ I said, motioning for Jennifer to get in the car, as Levi hurried to do the same with Abigail, doubtless now in a great and urgent hurry to drop her off at home and get to his training session. ‘We’ll see you then.’


Write me anytime, about anything that excites, intrigue, or puzzles you about the little world of the Festival.

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