First Meeting

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Our first meeting and I was so excited to finally meet the one I have been talking with for so long. His car pulls in beside mine and my heart jumps. All I can think is…..There he is! After all this time, we are now in the parking lot of Day’s Inn and soon we’ll be in each other’s arms making wild and passionate love, oh my heart is pounding!

We walk to the desk and ask for a room with two double beds, being able to go from one bed to the other as our love making mounts on and up to a possible frenzy. After both our long day’s travel we decide we want to take a shower together. Being in a hot steamy shower, soaping up each other’s bodies, getting so slippery and sliding our bodies against each other. Kissing, hands roaming over the other, my arms around you as your hand goes to my cunt and slide your fingers over my labia, stopping at my clit and lightly tickling. Feeling it pulse just a little with each touch of your fingers. Sliding one then two of your fingers in me very slowly. Long, deliberate thrusting, in and out your fingers penetrate and each time I shudder as you slide them. So slowly, you slide your fingers in and I coo while you watch my face as my eyes open to look at you then close to feel each movement. You slide a finger in my ass and I coo louder. Feeling your fingers in both my holes and I begin to shake. While you finger fuck both my love openings you are passionately kissing me and I am holding on to you that I can steady myself because I have started spinning.

Steading me against the wall of the shower you go down to lick at my juices that have covered your fingers when you place your tongue against my clit then slide inside me and I give out a little scream. Moaning and trembling while you slowly drive me sexually crazy. More and more you shower my pussy with your tongue as you continue to finger fuck me while my senses are tingling in the sexual excitement. I feel that inner stirring I get every time I feel myself about to explode from within. Oh, he is driving me crazy and I feel I am going to cum with tidal wave force. He urges me on and……..OH GOD, I AM!

“Please go on, don’t stop, make me cum!! NOW!! OH YES! NOW! I’M CUMMIINNGG YES YES I’M CUMMIINNGGGG!!!” Moaning, screaming “ooooooooooo YES YES YES!!!!!!”

I’ve cum and I am shaking uncontrollably!! My breathing has turned to panting, my heart is pounding in my chest, my head is spinning and I am so light-headed.

You have become so hard, your cock is throbbing that it almost hurts. Turning me around you hold the offer izle one of my legs up and apart enough to slide your cock into my pussy. Deliberately you pump me, then beginning to pump harder as I am hugging the wall while you drive your hardened cock into me deep enough to cause me to pant for breath. Driving, pumping, harder you penetrate me, we both are leaving our senses and minds have soared into impending oblivion. Then it’s there our explosion…..your hot cum has shot into me and mine has gone to meet yours to be then driven back inside me with intense force. Shaking you put your arms around me that we both may steady ourselves and feel our closeness. Our love lust will only grow as we have much more in mind when we move to the bedroom.

Leaving the shower, we towel dry each other, feeling both refreshed and exhausted at the same time. We decide to order in that we may continue to enjoy each other in private and relax over our meal. Our meal comes with a bottle of red wine and candle to make our first time together even more special. You are in a robe and I in one of my chemises that I am fond of wearing. As we sit and eat our Italian dinner and sip our wine we’ve decided on, we talk and learn more about each other’s whims, desires, and wants. From that we’ve learned light bondage is something of a fascination to us and decide we will incorporate that with our next love making.

Finishing our meal and feeling more familiar with each other, we move to the bed. We are both thinking now is the time to go with our fantasy. First though, I have taken off my chemise and put on black thigh high stockings, heels, and choker around my neck. It is then you take charge and lay me on the bed to tie my wrists to the top bed posts and my ankles to the bottom posts. I am spread to you with all the desires you have dancing in your mind to act out. You get out a blind fold that you did not know if you were going to use for our first meeting but are delighted to know it is going to have it’s chance to enhance our sexual delight. Placing it over my head to cover my eyes, I am now in the dark and under your complete control.

As I lay there I hear you rustling about in the room but await your return which you are in no hurry to do. Which is now building my excitement at the way you have decided to tease me in making me wait. I have become wet and chills go through my body waiting and then I feel light touches of you. Starting at my ankles your hands begin to travel up my legs slowly, the old man izle lightly and little tremors have overtaken me. Feeling your hands and then your tongue glide up the inside of my legs to my thighs, passing briefly over my love zone to my stomach and then on and up to my breasts, where you stop to suck on my nipples as they have become erect and hard. Slowly you run your tongue around my full breast and teasingly you take each nipple into your mouth to suck and cause my body to tremor more. You stretch your hands out over my extended arms and then back down to caress my breasts.

By now I have become so wet that my juices have dropped onto the sheets beneath my backside. Oohh, I feel you move down my stomach to my waiting pussy that is now extremely wet! I am so lubricated from my own juices that you easily slide one…….two fingers inside me.

“Oh, Don, more, drive me crazy. Please!” I cry out.

“Quiet!” you tell me. “Feel what I do and do as I say.”

I obey and as you continue. While still having your fingers inside me, you go down to take my clit in your teeth lightly and suck on it as it is swelling. More and more you penetrate your fingers in me and suck on my clit and I feel myself getting ready to explode from your attention.

Sensing this you tell me, “Not yet.”

My control is at it’s limit as you continue to entice me but I obey as well as I can. On and on you play with me and I am now shaking as wildly as my restraits will allow until I finally scream out:

“Please let me cum!!! I can’t hold back anymore!!”

Finally you say, “Cum for me, baby, cum for me.”

And none too soon, for just as you say that, I EXPLODE from within and all my womanly juices flow from me in a rush.

“OH MY GOD!” I scream. “Don, I’m cumminnggg! Feel what is happening! TASTE ME, PLEASE!!!” “Aaaaaahhhhhh” screaming.

Lapping up all that has come from me, I am shaking furiously from the explosion. You then hold me to calm me a bit before we continue.

When my body has calmed just enough to allow me to breath and be somewhat more in control of my senses, you start again to caress me. However, I am already tingling, since I am not yet completely down from my explosion. You know I am very wet now as it is and tell me:

“You will now play with me, my dear Carol.”

With my blindfold still on, I feel you move up on my body, until I feel your cock at my lips. Rubbing your hardened, throbbing member over them as I open my mouth the passage izle to let my tongue dance over your blood filled head and shaft. On my lips, my chin and cheeks I can feel you rub your cock to tease me.

“Open your mouth my Darling. You are going to love my cock and taste me.” Even though your voice was gentle, it was also firm.

I obeyed willingly. Opening my mouth to allow you in, you slide yourself in so exacting. Precum has already lubricated your opening and I taste your manly nectar. I suck on you as though creating a suction that you can’t, or perhaps more so, do not wish to leave. My mouth is so wet and hot that your excitement increases and you begin pumping harder and faster. But what you have in mind is to cause that ultimate orgasm that you just know you can do to me. So rather than to cum in my mouth explosively, you decide to tease and just a expel small amount of your sticky cum in to allow me to taste you and cause me to shiver with overpowering emotions. As you do shoot your cum into me I moan loudly and swallow your flow. To then have you withdraw from my mouth and trail your cock down between my breasts leaving a path of cum down to my waiting pussy.

Rubbing your cock along my labia and touching it lightly to my clit, I feel myself swooning with your gentle touch.

“Now my Dear, you are going to feel what I wanted to give you for so long!” Your voice being very firm in saying that.

The head of your cock is at my opening pushing my pussy lips apart and then YOU THRUST!

Oh my God, you went in so deep I thought I was going to explode immediately! Pumping me, harder and faster I am writhing on the bed to meet your thrusts so deep inside me. The harder you pump the more my juices have emitted from me causing it to be so very wet where I lay. And then we feel it!! Both of us are to our peak excitement.

Low moans and sounds are emanating from your throat as your flow of semen is starting it’s course. I am giving out light screams at first as my orgasm is building until I scream OUT LOUDLY:


On hearing me, you burst with fire and shout, “TAKE IT! TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR CUNT!”


Both screaming and yelling in unison as we explode almost violently. Oh God what ecstasy! How good to feel that bombardment of our juices mix and the closeness that we feel to each other. Our minds dancing through spans of time and our bodies so connected, we feel time has stood still just for us. Shakes and little after shocks rock our bodies as we start to calm. You take off my blindfold to let me see you and untie my arms and legs which then allow me to hold you so close to me.

You say to me, “This was our first love making but our First Meeting is not over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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