Full Moon Beach Party Pt. 02 Ch. 01

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This story chronicles the same beach party as the “Full Moon Beach Party” series. The big difference is that this is told from the point of view of one of the guests. The stories can be enjoyed independently or together.

This first chapter is mainly introductory, the erotic get-togethers start in Ch. 02, and intensify in Ch. 03. The encounters are all one on one, but involve many different partners, which is why it’s still in the group sex category.

01. A break from work.

It was vacation time, first half of July. I didn’t have the time for vacation, it was just too busy at work. Normally vacation time is not so busy, this year was different. It was like crunch time. Some problems had propped up, and thanks to several staff being on vacation the rest of us had to work overtime.

Being single I don’t bother to take a vacation in the middle of summer, it’s just too busy, better wait for the off season. But occasionally I also need a break. So in order to get a chance to get out of it all, I booked myself a weekend at William’s.

William is a party organiser, but not one you will find in the Yellow Pages. His parties and events are special, and are possibly the best way to completely lose oneself. They’re very exclusive and very private, and they’ll also not just accept anyone. I’ve been to a few before and they had been a blast.

So what is so special about his parties? They are held bursa escort at an undisclosed location (he will take you there by his own plane, but will not tell you where it is, and the blinded windows of the plane leave you clueless on where you’re heading), his guests are exclusively male, and he always makes sure there are plenty of pretty girls to play with. I believe his lovely assistant, he calls her Angel, takes care of arranging the girls.

They also always have an original way for you to get to those girls. They make you work for it, always in a special and fun way. It’s never just an orgy, never just a “get naked and fuck” party, and that is what makes it so much fun. You’ll have to search them, chase them, gamble for them, whatever: something simple, you never know what you’re going to get other than that they’re hot and willing. And the suspense adds to my own lust and desire, making the final result so much better.

He advertises his events as “living a fantasy”, and that it truly is. He takes you out of our chilly city by plane to a beautiful mansion in an idyllic subtropical environment. The exact location is an absolute secret, and adds to the fantasy aspect. It allows you to leave everything behind, no it forces you to leave everything behind as phones, watches and other devices that link you to your normal reality must stay behind. I don’t like being out of touch but it is one of William’s rules, to keep bursa escort bayan the exact location of the parties strictly confidential, and to protect the privacy of his guests. This are of course not the kind of parties many people would want to have photos of posted on Facebook. And while partying I wouldn’t be able to answer the phone anyway.

His parties are not cheap of course, but it’s totally worth it. And very well organised and managed. I’m always looking forward to being able to join one of them.

This year I booked myself a ticket to his regular Full Moon Beach Party. Every summer he has a few of those, held on weekends that coincide with a full moon. I’ve been to these parties a few times over the years and it’s just great fun. The environment, the perfect beach, the clear water of the sea, the sunset, the moonlight, the food and drinks, and of course the beautiful girls.

And who I am? Michael is my name, and I’m working for a major financial institution. I am only in my late thirties but have been successful in climbing the career ladder quickly, making a really pretty buck in my current management position. I have dark hair, dark brown eyes, am pretty tall and broad build.

This year’s August full moon party was approaching. The days before the party were really a chore. The Friday before the party I could leave only late in the evening, and I was very tired so went home and crashed escort bursa in my bed right away.

Saturday morning shortly past ten the limo came to pick me up and take me to the local airport. The other guests were arriving there as well, we had to wait a bit in a lounge which was reserved just for us, until everyone was there. Fifteen guests including me, and William with two of his staff who were flying in with us.

The flight was smooth, all the guys were very excited, and we happily chatted the time away. Now who says only girls can talk? Give men a good reason and they’ll talk too.

After landing a bus took us to the nearby beach, where music was playing already. There was a bar, a table with all kinds of finger foods, and of course fifteen beautiful girls waiting for us. All dressed the same, a short, low cut top leaving part of their bellies exposed and white miniskirt. They all looked stunning. I was already looking forward to play a bit more with those beautifully sculpted bodies.

The sun was shining, the atmosphere was great. Now what better than to start the day with a good flirt? I always like to chat a bit to a pretty girl. I looked at the group, they were all pretty. So many different girls. Blonde, brown, black and all in between, bodies in various sizes and shapes.

This is also typical for William. Even though his parties are all about sex, his girls are not the stereotypical porn stars with huge fake tits and long blonde hair. His girls are naturally beautiful, some big boobs, some small, some in between. Shorter and taller girls, some skinny, some more full built. This was going to be fun.

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