Fun at the Beach

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Finally, an afternoon to myself. After weeks and weeks of stress and work, I was ready for the soothing calm of the beach. I wandered lazily along the shoreline toward my favorite spot on the less crowded end of things, away from small children and loud families. Up into the dunes and isolated but still near the water would do just fine. A friend of mine was going to try to join me later on, after he got out of work, but for now it was just me, and that was fine. I set my beach bag down, spread my blanket, smoothed on some oil and stretched out. I took a good look around to make sure I was alone. I was, there wasn’t another soul in sight. Perfect. I removed my top, spread myself out on the blanket and enjoyed the kiss of hot sun on my skin. It was only minutes and I was in that dozing, sleepy state of mind, where the sounds of the surf and the beach were off in the distance, lulling me into total relaxation. The hot sun on my body and the slippery feel of the oil were like heaven. I dozed off almost immediately.

Not so long after, I woke up to the sound of giggling. Softly, like it was far away or muffled. I rolled over onto my stomach and looked around. Further up into the dunes were two women, lying side by side on a blanket. They were kissing and touching, playing with each other gently, talking softly and laughing with each other. They seemed to be totally involved in one another and not paying a bit of attention to me. I couldn’t help but watch them. They were so into each other. Their soft touches and gentle strokings were very delicate, teasing each other. I was shocked to find that I was getting seriously turned on by watching them. The heat of the sun on my back and my ass, and the pressure on my clit from laying on my stomach was really making me hot.

I could feel my nipples stiffen against the roughness of the blanket and the dampness start in my crotch. I tried to look away but just couldn’t. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. I slid a finger underneath the leg of my bikini bottom and gave my hot spot a little rub. I felt ready to explode already! And then I saw that they were looking at me. They had seen me watching them. The smaller of the two women gave a little wave and a smile. I returned the wave but was so embarrassed that they had caught me. I put my head down on the blanket in an effort to give them their privacy. I was still so hot though! I lifted an eye to sneak a peek and saw that they were both standing and walking in my direction, perhaps to the shore for a swim. They made a beautiful couple, both firm, tanned, long-legged and topless. I put my head down again as they approached, too embarrassed to meet their eyes.

The soft hand on the back of my shoulder made me jump. I never even heard anyone approach. It was one of the women I had seen up in the dunes. She smiled and apologized for startling me, but she kept her hand on my shoulder, ever so lightly. She asked if I knew if this was a nude beach or not, if it was OK for them to remove their bikinis to swim. I answered that I didn’t know if it was officially a nude beach, but that plenty of people, myself included, went swimming and sunbathed nude here. It was so private. As we talked, she knelt down and her finger started to trace a light circle on my back. Her partner hadn’t said anything yet, just stood nearby with a little smile. I was very aware of the fact that my top was stuffed into my beach bag and all I had on was a tiny bikini bottom that barely bursa escort covered my ass. As if reading my mind, she ran her hand slowly down to my butt and back up to my shoulder again. It was like fire burning a path on my skin.

She gently touched my shoulder and nudged me over onto my side, exposing my bare breasts. My rock hard nipples were pointing up at her and giving away my arousal. I was nervous and very turned on and even a little scared. I didn’t know who these women were! Her friend mentioned that they had seen me watching them, that I had seemed interested in what they were doing. And I was! It had been so erotic, seeing them play with each other’s bodies that way. As she spoke she lowered herself to my blanket and sat down next to me, while her friend kept her hand lightly making trails on my shoulder and arm. I was suddenly hotter and hornier than I think I had ever been in my life. Her hand slid closer to my breast, her thumb grazing the peak of my nipple. Not saying a word, just looking into my eyes, smiling a little, as she gradually moved her hand over my wanting tits. I sighed, then drew in a sharp breath as she gave it a tiny pinch that sent a lightning bolt of heat to my box. Curiosity and fear gave way to heat and passion. In total submission, I rolled over onto my back and let her have my body to do with as she wished. My ribs made contact with the hot skin of her friend sitting next to me. She was watching with eyes half closed, her hands on her own bare breasts. I closed my eyes and let the sensations drown me. Such soft hands, with such a hot touch. My love center was liquid with want. Both hands now, on my breasts, tickling down my ribs, over the curve of my hips and back to tantalize my breasts again. It was so foreign to feel a woman’s hands on my body but so delicious I couldn’t have stopped her if I wanted to.

My eyes flew open as I felt a soft kiss on my nipple at the same time that I felt a hand slide in to part my thighs. Her tongue was on my nipple now, hot and searching, drawing it in and sucking it hard. The hand on my thigh went in a little more, just brushing over my mound. It was the other woman, one hand near my pussy and one hand still playing with her own nipples. Her fingers probed under my bikini as her friend licked and sucked my breasts. I was close to orgasm, more turned on than ever before. Her finger plunged into my box, deep into the hotness there. First one, then another, easing so very slowly in and out of the slickness there. Her thumb was on my love button, giving a little rub now and then. Not enough to make me come, but enough to drive me insane with urgency. She was smiling at how on fire I was, slowly drawing those fingers in and out, making the agony even worse.

Her friend was lavishing attention on my nipples, sweat mixing with saliva to make them slick. The friction of her fingers and tongue, and the smooth fingers sliding in and out of my hole were too much, and I felt my orgasm building. I ground my hips up into her thumb, begging her, whispering “please”, hoping it would let her know I was more than ready. Her thumb hit the mark, her fingers slid in deep and her friend drew my nipple in deep and hard, and I exploded. I cried out loud, bucking my hips into her hand and jamming my breasts up into the other woman’s face. I couldn’t believe the power of the climax that ripped through me, and neither of them stopped or slowed down at all. I saw that the woman on my tits now had a hand bursa escort bayan on her own love button, rubbing furiously, bringing herself to the edge as she watched me thrash through my own orgasm.

A second climax was already building and I could barely breathe from the force of the first. My pussy was locked down tightly on the fingers there, clenching and squeezing with the pulse of my coming. Her thumb moved away from my clit, only to be replaced with her tongue. I moaned loudly, not able to speak or protest. Her fingers still buried inside me, she looked up at her friend for a moment and grinned, then bent again to my bud. The other woman’s tongue was still dancing over my nipples while she teased her own clit. She grabbed my hand and placed it there, both of us rubbing her swollen nub, her breath growing more ragged. Her climax came just as mine came over me, both of us crying out, one after another. Her friend’s tongue showed no mercy to my clit, now pulsing and throbbing in her mouth as waves of orgasm washed over me. My fingertips felt the pulsing of her clit as she came too, and I slid a finger into her box as she did, still rocking from the effects of my own major orgasm. The hot tongue on my box suddenly stopped its assault on my love button, giving me a chance to finally catch my breath. I looked down to see her rolling away onto her back, massaging her own clit and pinching her nipples, watching us both have our own orgasms while she worked herself towards her own.

Sated, I rolled onto my side to watch her, and her friend came around to the other side of the blanket to be closer to her. Her friend leaned over to kiss her softly at first, then deeply and with such passion. She reached down to help her stroke her sweet spot, the two of them mingling their fingers in her juices and I was getting turned on all over again just watching them. Right there in front of me was a small but beautiful breast, and I leaned forward and touched my tongue to its rosy peak. It seemed so strange to be doing it, but it felt so naughty I couldn’t resist. I ran my tongue over its pebbly surface and suckled it, then drew hard on it. My hand reached up to cup it, feeling her hot, soft skin respond under my fingers. Her body began to tremble, and I peaked down to see her friend’s face was now buried in her muff, bringing her to the end. I released her nipple and pulled back to watch, so horny again. She came with force, bucking and moaning, her body shivering even in the hot afternoon sun. I watched it all, every detail, drinking it in, my own desire awake and hot in my pussy. I saw her face relax and smile as she fell back onto the blanket, her friend’s fingers now tracing lazy circles on her clit as the aftershocks swept over her.

A shadow fell over me first, then them. My friend! He was here! Judging by the front of his swim trunks, he had been here for most of what had just happened I was not sure what to do or say, I had been so lost in what we had been doing. The women seemed unaffected by his arrival, and were just lazily stroking one another as they had been when I first saw them, laughing softly and kissing, paying no attention. I slid my hot hand onto his lower leg and stroked, motioning for him to ease himself down onto the blanket.

He dropped to his knees and straddled me. Knees clamped tight around my hips and hands planted on either side of my face, he stared at me, right into my eyes. His very presence was enough to make my escort bursa heart pound. He leaned in slowly to kiss me. Instant heat. Our lips parted, tongues touched and collided, dueling and probing deeper in. He ground his lips into mine, his rough face scratching my chin, seeking more of my mouth, demanding it all. He moaned low and deep into our kiss, grinding his hard member into my mound. He was as aroused as I was from watching, his need so evident in the urgency of his kiss. I pulled on his trunks, freeing him, and wrapped my fingers around his rock hard cock. He kicked his shorts away and straddled me again, this time almost sitting on my chest. His strong hands were on my breasts, his well-muscled thighs clenching my ribs. I slid both hands up to his tight ass and drew his hard length towards my mouth. On his knees now, he moved towards me, and I hungrily took him in. He had the most beautiful cock and I wanted it so badly.

My tongue flicked over the tip for just a moment, then took all of him into my hot mouth. I felt his ass tighten under my hands and dug my nails in, keeping him there. His hands slid under my head, grabbing fistfuls of hair, moving me up and down on his shaft. I sucked him in greedily, feeling him pulse and throb. A soft touch on my nipple let me know my new friends were still close by, watching us. Her fingers lightly rolled and pinched, while I sucked his cock and he watched it all. He withdrew from my mouth suddenly, holding himself and stroking slightly while he watched her tease my breasts. I urged his hips downward with my hands, letting him know how bad I wanted him in me. As she leaned over to put her mouth on my breasts, he moved himself lower, positioning himself just at the opening of my pussy. Teasing me with the head of his cock, rubbing over my clit, still stroking himself slowly, making me want him so much. My hips were straining, lifting to get to his pole, aching for him to bury it in my warmth. He slid the tip in just enough to wet it with my hot juice, then slid it across my clit, making me tremble and shiver. The tugging at my nipples, the friction on my clit, it was all too much. I felt his hot hardness at the opening again, and grabbed him.

Nails in his ass, I reached my hips up to him. He slammed his dick into me, all at once, making me cry out then taking my breath away. Leaving it buried in there, his fingers slid onto my clit, rubbing and sliding. He started to slowly ease his cock out, so slowly, sliding a finger across my clit as he did. Then slammed it back in and started drilling me. Hard, with such force, pounding my pussy with his rock hard shaft. He drove me hard as she sucked my nipples and I cried out loud as I came. He was watching her suck my tits, watching my belly ripple with my orgasm and I could feel his coming on too. She moved away from me and lay back with her friend to watch as he pounded me even harder. I ground my hips up to him as he filled me with his hot seed, both of us moaning with the force of his orgasm, rocking together as I climaxed along with him. He dove in to kiss me hard, stealing the breath away from me as we rode out our high, collapsing in on one another.

As silently as they came, the women slid away. We lay there, breathing heavily, senses shocked and reeling, watching them walk away. They went wading into the surf naked, holding hands, one of them glancing back to smile. He and I curled around each other there on the blanket, and drifted off to sleep in the heat of the sun and our lovemaking. When we awoke a little while later, they were gone. It had been such an unreal afternoon, so incredibly sexy and erotic, and I was glad such a special friend had made it there to enjoy it with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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