Good Bathing Practices

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Nick watched as she made her way to the bathroom to start a shower. He loved her idea of role play. Tonight had been her idea and it excited him to watch her turn herself on trying to seduce him. He wondered what they could do next time to tried role playing as he stood up and headed to the bathroom.

He could hear the water running as he opened the door. He made his way into the bathroom. The red wig sat on the counter. It had been another one of her ideas, she knew he liked the red hair and wanted to add something to the experience. He like her hair short but still enjoyed when she would let it grow out.

He turned to see she had already began lathering soap on her body. He watched as she rubbed her chest and breasts. She saw him watching and began licking her lips as she cupped her breasts in her hands. He watched her wash the soap from her body through he clear shower curtain. The shower curtain was something they enjoyed, her especially, she told him she loved to watch him shower and would watch him masturbate before she joined him on occasion.

He stepped in to the shower and pulled the curtain closed. She stepped backed so he could get his body wet. She had he water at a nice cool relaxing temperature. Most likely too cool off from what had that 90s show izle just occurred. He let the water run down his body for a moment before taking the shower gel bottle she has holding for him. She sure was ready for him to clean her back.

He stepped back so she could be under the water. He watched he water spill down her back and over her ass. He squirted gel in to his hands and began rubbing it over her back. She moaned softly before laughing a little. He continued to wash her back as she leaned against the shower wall.

He glanced over to the mirror on the counter. The mirror was large and you could see the whole shower in it he watched as he rubbed her back, seeing her smile in the reflection. She told him once that she loved that mirror and another reason why she kept the clear curtain was that she loved to watch him fuck her in the shower. She said she would watch him as he took her from behind and loved watching it slide in and out of her.

He suddenly felt his dick stiffen again. It grew hard and brushed against her ass. She bent further down so that her pussy lined up with his growing cock. “It looks someone is ready for seconds.” she said. His hands slid down to her ass and he spread the 1619 project izle open her pussy lips and slid his dick inside.

He was hit suddenly with a tremendous heat that engulfed his penis. The sensation caused him to grab her ass as trust deep inside her. He looked down and watched as his penis slid effortlessly in and out of her pussy. He could her moan looked over and saw that she was watching the mirror and biting her lower lip. He dove inn deeper and faster as she pushed herself against the shower wall.

He slowed his stroked down and he could feel her tighten her pussy around him. He felt his penis pulse inside her. The combination of her heat and wetness felt amazing. He thrust several for times quickly and then slower. He ran his hands up her back as he pushed in deep. She let out a load moan.

“Don’t stop baby, push it harder.” she said.

Not wanting to disappoint her braced himself with one hand on the wall and the other on her ass as he sent three quick hard thrusts deep inside her. He loved watching his penis slide in and out of her. He pulled it further out and saw it glistening with her moist juices. He turned to the mirror and watched as he pushed it in hard. He watch the 7 lives of lea izle as she moaned and pushed against the shower wall pushing his dick deep inside of her. He saw that she had begun fingering her clit. She moaned softly. Then he watched as she let out a load groan.

“Oh I’m going.” she said.

It was too much for him he grabbed her as drove his dick in and out three times before pushing it deep as he reached climax.

“I’m cumming, oh baby.” he said.

He pushed deep into her ass she clinched tightly around his dick pulling out the last drop. His penis slipped out of her pussy and he stepped back to allow her room to stand. She stood up and took the soup and washed her pussy for a minute. She smiled and kissed him washing of his penis.

“I love you so much babe. I didn’t think I would go but watching you enjoy fucking me sent me over.” She said.

She washed the soap off his penis and knelled down. She kissed it and licked it.

“I was just going to blow you,” she said. “But when I felt how hard you were I thought I’d tease you. But you slid it in and I couldn’t tell you no.”

I felt the warmth of her mouth as she took his penis inside and sucked it. She licked around my shaft and jerked me with her hand.

“Do you think I could get you hard again.” she said. She then laughed as she let go of my penis. “I had to risk it I don’t know if I can take another round so soon.

To his surprise his penis flexed slightly as if it was answering her question. She most of saw it to cause she laughed.

“You naughty boy, what am I going to do with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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