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She had been sitting at home all day on the warm, comfy couch, so far away from the cold and rain outside, just waiting for him to come home. She lay there, thinking about him coming home and fucking her, getting so wet for his huge cock. She slipped her hand down her skirt, and since she hadn’t bothered putting on panties that morning, began to rub her clit and slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. All she could think about was being rammed from behind by his rock hard cock, again and again. As she touched herself, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt with her free hand, and slipped off her bra.

Now she was wearing nothing but a long green skirt and an unbuttoned, short sleeve, perky, white blouse. But as she caressed her own nipples with her other hand, she forgot about clothing and let out a soft moan. The touch of her hands reminded her of him, and she began to run her finger harder in and out of her pussy, getting wetter and more turned on until, clutching her breast hard, she tensed her whole body and exploded in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Laying there in a daze, she hadn’t even noticed him come in the door. Seeing his wife masturbating made him smile, and his cock started to get hard. He dropped his pack and took off his boots, socks, and shirt, leaving him in only a beater, his pants, and boxer briefs under that. Bending over to his pack, he took out a set of white fuzzy handcuffs with three cuffs that he had picked up earlier that day, and grabbing a scarf from off of the hanger, he slid over to the sofa. Slipping the scarf over his wife’s head, he fastened it tightly across her mouth. At this she started, but she was already gagged the empress izle and in handcuffs, and quickly realized she couldn’t fight it and relaxed.

Leading her over to the bed, he threw her down on her stomach and hooked the handcuffs to the frame. Now he had his wife in a position to do with as he pleased. Being already sufficiently aroused, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock for a quick fuck. Throwing up her skirt, he smiled when he saw her gaping wet pussy, unencumbered by any sort of panties. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her to him sharply, and she gasped; partly from the slight pain of her arms pulled out straight, and partly because she now found her knees too far off the bed to support her and she had to stand on tip-toe with her knees locked and legs spread.

This position put her pussy dangerously up in the air, ripe for the fucking. With another smile, he positioned himself behind her and drove his shaft up to his balls into her pussy. She tensed and let out a muffled scream, but her pussy got wetter, giving away her true feelings. Sliding out again he slow-fucked her with the whole head and shaft, his balls tapping lightly on her clit every time he bottomed out inside of her. His penis was so swollen inside of her that, to her, just the thought of her being helpless with him having his way with her, forcing himself into her again and again, caused her to tighten up again as a second orgasm made her cum all over his cock.

He was very close to cumming, himself, and pulled his shaft out from her pussy lips to prolong such great sex. Turning her over, he moved the scarf the endless night izle up over his wife’s eyes and roughly tore off her skirt. She was so turned on by climaxing twice already that she gasped, but was too exhausted to do anything about it. He spread her legs and pulled her to himself, and waited for what seemed to her an eternity with her legs forced open and vagina wet, red, puffy, and exposed after having been so harshly forced to provide sexual pleasure to her lover’s throbbing dick. But even after such unfair abuse, all her pussy wanted was to be ravaged one more time by her husband’s strong, thick cock.

After this long, sexually-straining pause, she realized that he was no longer touching her, but she was still being held in position by ropes or ties of some kind around her knees, ankles, and waist, so that she couldn’t move any of her limbs at all. Her knees were pulled up and out as far as they could go, leaving her private sex organ exposed for all to see. Her arms were stretched up above her head as she lay there, the buttons on her shirt barely covering each of her nipples, leaving her naked in a line from her mouth to her pussy to her ankles. This realization sent a thrill down her spine, through her legs, and left her pussy tingling at its helpless vulnerability.

Then she felt it: the head of her husband’s penis on the lips of her vagina. “Your head is so big!” she started to say, but never finished; he thrust his cock so deep into her that she gasped and arched her back as much as she could. Her tits pushed past her open blouse and pointed her hard nipples triumphantly the english izle up at the ceiling. Then he started ramming her, faster, faster, harder, harder, sending rush after rush of sexual energy through his wife, bouncing her titties like water balloons on her chest and leaving her face contorted with gasping pleasure. She was so close to cumming a third time when he stopped, untied her legs, and sat her up. She knew she was sitting up straight, but her arms were still tied behind her to the bed, so that she couldn’t move her elbows from where they were pinned over her head, keeping her hands at the back of her neck. She arched out her chest and breasts to give her shoulders more leeway, when she felt the swollen head of a penis on her lips.

She was still so aroused and close to cum that she hungrily took it into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it, licking the head and shaft greedily, longing for that one big swell and warm cum to fill her mouth and throat. Her pussy, though still wet, was beginning to feel neglected when it felt a warm leg part its lips and begin slowly riding up and down on her clit. She moaned as best she could with the head of a cock in her mouth, and just when her pussy was nearing climax once again, she felt a hand grab the back of her head and begin driving the warm, rock-hard cock into her mouth over and over.

She moved her lips over her teeth and let him force his sex organ into her again and again, unable able to keep her pussy from exploding in her third orgasm, drenching his leg with her wetness, just in time for the cock in her mouth to swell, stop thrusting, and explode in hot jets of cum into her oh-so-ready mouth. She had to swallow at least a dozen times as the huge cock shot rivers of cum down her throat in throbbing, thrusting gulps. When it finally stopped and withdrew, she felt herself being untied and when she looked up she saw him sitting there next to her on the bed, smiling at her, and saying, “Well, I’m home!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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