Harmony and Brent

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She sat in her car watching the minutes pass by on the small clock as she weighed up her decision. She’d come this far and it would be silly to back out now but was she really the type of woman that would do what she was about to do? It had all been fine and well when they were texting each other about it, but now she was here, around the corner from his house her nerves were starting to kick in and she couldn’t help but feel like she’d made a major lapse in her judgement. She wasn’t the type to show up at someone’s house for a quick fuck, never had been. She’d always saved that part of herself for the man she was in a relationship with but that had gone down the drain two months ago.

With a deep sigh she fished her phone out of her handbag and swiped the screen. There was already a text message from him asking how far away she was. She shook her head and with a groan she rested her forehead on the steering wheel and inwardly screamed. What was she waiting for? It wasn’t like she didn’t know the guy. They’d known each other growing up, he was a couple years older than her but they’d always kind of hung around with the same kids. They had reconnected a little while back on Facebook, just the usual friendly catch up talk but when she became single she’d found herself chatting to him more and more. The friendly jovial conversations became flirtatious and then over the past two weeks just down right explicit. She could do that, talk dirty over messages because he couldn’t see or hear her but in person? That was a whole other story.

She fired off a quick reply ‘five minutes’ and checked her reflection in the rear view mirror. Everything was in place just as it was when she left her house on the other side of town 20 minutes before. She’d taken a long shower, making sure to shave every inch of her body and then smothered herself in her favourite body lotion that came in a gift set with her favourite perfume. Armani SI. Her blue eyes were lined with pitch black wings that she was amazed had turned out so well with her shaking hands. She’d decided to leave her lips bare, just a coating of vanilla scented lip balm and coated her long lashes with mascara then blow dried and straightened her dark crimson hair so it fell sleekly against her upper back. She’d put on a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and paired them with a cropped grey t shirt then put on her original black and white Converse high tops.

“Fuck it,” She said, throwing her phone into her bag and opened her car door. Stepping out into the cool British spring weather she pressed the button on her car key locking the doors. He’d given her his address a while ago but she’d never thought she’d actually use it.

It’s not like the guy wasn’t attractive or anything, because he was. Maybe too attractive. All the girls liked him when they’d grown up and from what she could see from his pictures online he was still good looking, just taller, with better hair and a hell of a lot of tattoo’s. Had she met him out and about by accident she wouldn’t have been so nervous but this was vastly different. She was so far out of her comfort zone as she turned onto the corner of his street she fought the urge to turn the other way and run like hell. She walked to his small house and approached the door, knocking softly she hoped it was so quiet he didn’t hear it but almost immediately he opened the door, smiling at her brightly. His jeans rested on his hips and his tight black v neck shirt made him look like he was about to do some kind of photo shoot. He was almost edible but she still couldn’t get past the butterflies assaulting her insides.

“Hey!” He pulled her into a friendly hug and she almost stiffened but urged herself to relax and give in to the embrace. It was just a hug, she hugged everyone. She was a hugger. “You look fucking gorgeous, do you want a beer?”

“I probably shouldn’t,” She pulled away from him and looked at the spot in between his deep brown eyes. Something about those eyes unnerved her. “I’m driving, so..”

“You can always crash here,” He gave her a small smile that was supposed to be friendly but it was anything but. “If you want to.”

She thought about it, did she really want to stay the night? She wasn’t even fully prepared, didn’t even bring a change of underwear zeytin ağacı izle let alone a damn toothbrush. She followed him into his living room, taking in her surrounding as she went. Minimalistic black and white, totally her style. In fact it reminded her a lot of her own flat. She couldn’t help but smile as she eyed the little ball of black fur purring away sleepily on the black leather lounger chair. She loved cats but he’d never mentioned having one, which she’d thought was odd.

“I didn’t know you had a cat?” She said sitting down on the matching leather sofa. He went into the kitchen and brought out two bottles of beer, obviously not hearing her when she said she probably shouldn’t drink but she thought she may as well. She could do with the liquid courage and one drink wouldn’t hurt.

“He’s my sisters.” He said handing her a bottle and sitting on the opposite side of the sofa, turning to face her. “She’s gone travelling for a few months around Europe so I’m looking after him. Kinda wanna keep him though, I’ve grown attached.”

“He is really cute.” She smiled over at the cat who hadn’t moved at all. “I want a cat but my landlord won’t let me.”

“Well, you can always come and play with Hector.” He mentioned and she turned to him, an amused smile on her face.

“Hector?” She couldn’t help but giggle when he started laughing, nodding his head.

As the night progressed and the beers stopped flowing, she’d only had the one and he’d decided to stick to one as well, she’d told him he didn’t need to but he insisted it was fine. They drank tea and ate pizza and then watched a film. He was still sat on the other side of the sofa but she didn’t move and he seemed like he wouldn’t dare to. He kept a distance from her which confused her a lot being as this whole thing was mainly his idea. Maybe he was just as nervous as she was. The more time she spent on the sofa, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye the more she wanted him to just hurry up and make a move already. She couldn’t describe the change in her mood but she suddenly wanted him, like really wanted him. The tension was there, sizzling between them like a ball of lightning between them. She threw caution to the wind and slid over, sitting next to him and instantly his arm went around to rest on the back of the sofa. After ten minutes the arm dropped to rest over her shoulders and she leant into his side, resting her head on his shoulder.

This time it was him that made the next move, his arm dropping lower to the exposed skin between her jeans and the crop top she was wearing, his thumb rubbing the smooth skin. She turned her head to look at his hand, the tattoo of a deep black rose on the top of his hand with thorny vines stretching out onto each of his fingers. She looked back at the film on the TV, she didn’t even know what it was but the woman on the screen was thrust up against a wall while the man was attacking her neck, dry humping her into oblivion. ‘Why aren’t we doing that?’ she thought to herself and then decided to rest her hand on his thigh and give it a little squeeze. That was what tore through that ball of tension and smashed it into miniscule pieces as he turned his head and took her mouth in a hungry and powerful kiss that made her gasp into his mouth. His tongue snaked into her mouth to dance with hers in a fight of dominance which he effortlessly won and she loved it. She’d always loved being taken charge of, always a submissive. He pushed her down onto the sofa and held his body up over hers, looking down into her eyes momentarily before he took her mouth again before moving his face to kiss and bite at her neck.

She didn’t know how he knew what she liked, because she never properly told him. She’d never shared this side of herself before but she was hardly complaining. His hand moved under her shirt to rest over her pert lace covered breast and gave it a squeeze. He pulled the cup down and took the hardened nipple between his thumb and index finger, twisting and squeezing making her whimper in return as the pain sent waves of pleasure through her body and ending between her legs. With shaking hands she reached and grabbed at the hem of his shirt, lifting it over his head. His chest covered the terminal list izle in more ink that made her mouth water instantly. His own hands returned the favour, ridding her of her own shirt and came her bra, both being discarded somewhere across the room.

“Do you live with anyone?” She breathed out. “No one is going to walk in on us?”

“Nah,” He shook his head and leant up slightly, working on the button of her jeans and then zip. She couldn’t help but giggle as he struggled to get the skin tight denim off her shapely thighs. With a roll of his eyes and playful smirk he finally pulled them off and threw them behind him. His eyes went down to the lace thong she was wearing and he rubbed at her wet snatch through the material. Biting her lip she let out a small moan before he pushed the fabric to the side and looked down at her pussy.

The look in his eyes was almost feral and he rubbed her clit slowly with his thumb, watching her face contort with pleasure as he applied more and more pressure on the swollen bundle of nerves. He could tell she was getting close, the way her breathing was coming out in small pants and her legs shaking uncontrollably against him he replaced his thumb with his fingers and pressed down hard, rubbing as fast as he could, so fast his arm started to ache but the look in her eyes as they stared him down, her brows pinched together and her mouth agape made him work through the dull pain. She cried out his name as her first orgasm crashed through her body, her back arching up off the sofa cushions. He gave her a smile as she fought to catch her breath. His cock was so hard it was almost painful against his already tight jeans that he almost sang when she reached up, unbuttoning and unzipping with shaking hands. He helped her pull them off and then got rid of his boxer shorts just as quickly. His fingers hooking onto the waistband of her thong he slowly pulled them down her thighs and then off completely.

He’d never been completely honest with her, even when they had been speaking recently but he’d always had a thing for her, since they were kids but he’d never been able to speak to her. She was always either with his sister and her friends or with her own friends that were just as obnoxious. When they started growing up she’d made friends with other people and stopped hanging around the area so much and then just stopped. Then he left school and went away to uni and he never really thought about her until her Facebook profile popped up in ‘people you may know’ and he’d sent the friend request right away. What was once a cute kid had now become a fucking beautiful woman, still stuck in her emo rocker girl ways but just more mature. Then he saw she had a boyfriend and just sat back and waited. Now she was laying beneath him on his sofa naked and he almost had to pinch himself. He didn’t even know what he wanted to do because he wanted everything all at the same time.

He looked down at her clean shaven pussy and his teeth sank into his lower lip. She was puffy pink and swollen from the assault he’d just done on her clit but he wanted to taste her, so he did just that. Leaning down, he placed one of her smooth pale legs over his shoulder and pushed the other one off the side of the sofa as far as it would physically go. Placing a few kisses on her inner thighs he felt her squirm beneath him and bit down hard.

“Oh, fuck!” She whimpered. He’d gathered from what had happened so far she kind of liked it rough but that was a fucking hard bite and it made his cock so hard to learn that she’d like it.

He bit down again and she thrust her hips up to his face. Her scent was addictive and not being able to take it any more he buried his face in her wet snatch and shoved his tongue inside her, lapping up the juices from her last orgasm. She tasted even better than he’d thought she would, his tongue snaked it’s way up to her swollen fully engorged clit and licked at it like it was his favourite ice cream. A Harmony sundae. As he licked at her he put two fingers inside her, not quite believing how tight she was as he rubbed harshly against her G spot. He loved the fact that he could be so rough with her and she loved every second of it. Sucking her clit into the traitors izle his mouth, she came undone and he felt her walls pulsating around his fingers.

“I can’t decide if I want to fuck your pussy or your face.” He said, his voice more husky than usual and it sent a wave of butterflies flying around her stomach again. They both sounded like music to her ears but she couldn’t decide which would make her happier either. Although, he had just made her cum twice so it would only be fair to give him some pleasure, too. She sat up and pushed him back so he lay down against the other side of the sofa and crawled atop of him. First she kissed his neck, noting how he groaned when she nipped at his collar bone. Then she ran the tip of her tongue from his collar bone up to just behind his ear and sucked on the skin slightly. Grabbing a hold of her hair, he pulled on it making her face him and attacked her mouth with his. She sucked on his tongue and then bit his full lower lip before making her way down his body, placing kisses and little nibbles in her wake. Taking his cock in her hands she slowly stroked him a couple times. She couldn’t quite believe how big he was but he’d never mentioned it before and she’d respected him a little more for that.

“If you don’t put it in your mouth, I’ll make you fucking do it.” He groaned and she looked up at him, keeping eye contact as she wrapped her lips around the tip and then without warning deep throated him effortlessly. His eyes widened and his cock somehow hardened at the sight. He grabbed a hold of her head and slowly began thrusting his hips up into her face. Holding it in the back of her throat until she gagged and choked. He did that a few times until he couldn’t take it any more and shoved her head off him.

“Bend over the back of the couch.” He ordered and without hesitation she scrambled to her feet and did as she was told. “Good girl, stick that ass out for me.” He walked behind her and looked down at the peachy ass that was just begging to be slapped.

Fisting his cock he rubbed it along her slit, teasing her clit and then dragged it back before burying himself inside her. She was so tight all he could do was grip at those fleshy cheeks, pulling them apart exposing that small hole and he wondered if anyone had fucked her in the ass and if she’d let him, maybe not to tonight but one night. That ass will be his. Pulling out almost all the way he plunged back in hard and fast, fucking her so hard she immediately screamed out but he didn’t let up and she pushed her ass back to meet each thrust. Harmony was a dirty, dirty girl and he loved it. He loved it so fucking much that he decided right then and there this would not be a once in a lifetime deal. Even if he had to work for it he was going to own every single piece of this woman.

Her hands gripped at the black leather as he pounded into her pussy from behind. She’d never had anyone so deep inside her before fucking her so hard like his life depended on it and made her pussy ache even though he was already inside her, it just wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

“Please, Brent.” She pleaded turning her head to look at him. “Fuck me harder.”

She cried out as he slammed into her, his hand coming down hard on her ass cheek as he spanked her continuously, his other hand pulling on her hair. She had to hold onto the sofa even harder as he fucked her harder and harder, then his hand snaked around her body and began to furiously rub on her clit making her arch her back even more as she came all over his hard dick.

“I’m gonna cum,” He breathed out. “Fuck, Harmony. Oh shit!”

Still in the middle of her own orgasm she pushed back against him, feeling him empty himself inside her pulsating cunt and ride out the orgasm. When he pulled out she dropped onto the floor, her legs like jelly. He chuckled and sat next to her, pulling her into his lap he took her mouth, this time the kiss was slow and tender and left feeling all kinds of mushy.

“That was amazing.” She breathed out, resting her head against his chest she could hear his rapid heart beat that she was pretty sure matched her own. “Thank you, Brent.”

“What for?” He asked with a small laugh. “I should be thanking you,”

“Because it was just,” She shook her head and giggled. “It was just everything I want but am always to embarrassed to ask for.”

“Don’t be embarrassed about being a submissive little cum slut.” He laughed as she slapped at his chest playfully. A genuine kind laugh that made her stomach flip flop.

“For fuck sake Brent,” She sighed. “I think I actually might like you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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