He Wants Both Girls Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Why did Michelle have to lust after the boyfriend of her best friend?

Michelle gazed darkly at the retreating sun in the distance. Night was falling and she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier that day. Her best friend Leslie and her boyfriend, Caine had invited her over for a get together in the backyard pool at Leslie’s house. It was there that the three teenagers had played an innocent ‘truth or dare’ game that had started off innocently enough but had ended…well…she didn’t know how to describe it. Hot? Sexy? All Michelle knew was that she had witnessed Caine fingerfucking Leslie. Michelle couldn’t help but wish it had been her lying on the ground, moaning and grinding in abandon as her wet pussy was relentlessly fingerbanged.

Michelle rubbed her soft thighs together as she felt her pussy tingle with the erotic thought. A hand moved to her tit and she began rubbing her nipple slowly with her thumb. The images of Caine’s mouth on Leslie’s nipples and his fingers in her wet pussy blurred together in her mind. She remembered the squelching fucking noises and the panting and moaning.

She sighed heavily. She was angry at herself for having these feelings about Caine. He was already taken by her best friend. In fact, Michelle could have any guy she wanted at school. She had been told many times before that she was “beautiful” and “sexy”.

Despite her popularity among the boys at high school, Michelle had only ever dated two guys and slept a couple times with the last one. The first one had moved away, but they had never really connected on a deeper level. The second one, Tony, had gone off to college and wanted to sample “the other women out there who were older and more experienced in the bedroom”. Three weeks later, Tony called her and begged her to take him back. He said that he hadn’t realized what he had thrown away when they broke-up.

Michelle hung up and never looked back. When it came to guys, she didn’t particularly trust them. Maybe because she had always been attracted to–and given chances to–the wrong types and is just now comprehending it.

For now, she just wanted to concentrate on her studies and put relationships off.

But Caine… God, what was it about him? If she was honest with herself, she had always been attracted to him deep down inside. They had known each other for a long time, gone to the same schools since kindergarten. They had even been friends in elementary school but middle school hit and they grew apart and hung out with different people. In high school, they knew of each other and saw one another from a distance. But that was it, just from a distance. It was a large school with nearly two thousand students so it wasn’t hard to even forget they had ever been friends.

They had only begun seeing each other again when Michelle’s best friend Leslie started dating Caine. Michelle had begun seeing him more and more. Even with nothing on but shorts lately since the three have all started cooling off at Leslie’s house these past few weeks from the increasing hot weather. Michelle had become more aware of how muscular and attractive he was.

She could clearly remember the other occasions where she had seen him sporting a heavy hardon in his shorts. She knew it was from seeing his girlfriend but sometimes Michelle wondered if it was also from seeing her body?

Was it the wicked grin he shot in her direction earlier that afternoon with his lips hovering just inches above Leslie’s nipple? The smoldering, passion filled eyes that settled on her bikini bottom that hinted he might want to see what she looked like naked, as he continued fingerfucking Leslie?

Michelle was on the front steps of her house, sitting on the porch. It was a habit of hers when she was thinking hard about something. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear Caine coming until he called out her name.

“Michelle,” he said, his deep voice casual, but holding a question.

Michelle jerked her head up and slowly moved her hand from her tits. “Caine,” she murmured, the name falling off her lips before she could think.

His tall, virile form stood only ten feet to her left. He was on the grass, his hands in his pockets. “I just came here from Leslie’s house. She asked me to drop by and find out if you were all right. You didn’t pick up her phone calls and Leslie got worried.” His hair was still slightly damp and he still wore his swimming shorts but had pulled on a T-shirt.

Michelle felt a stab of guilt. Leslie was worried about her and all Michelle could do was lust after her unattainable boyfriend.

Caine tried very hard not to stare at Michelle’s legs, which were on full display in her short booty shorts. Or to stare at her perky tits covered by a thin camisole. He did izmir escort feel embarrassed of how he had brought Leslie to orgasm knowing that Michelle stood feets away, although Leslie had been unaware of her best friend’s presence.

“I’m all right,” Michelle said, choosing not to elaborate.

Caine didn’t say anything right away. He gestured to the area next to her. “May I sit down?”

Michelle barely nodded. She wanted to shake her head emphatically but then he may know that she was effected by that afternoon more than she led on.

Caine folded his large frame beside Michelle’s tinnier body. He was a good two feet away from her, carefully placed, Michelle knew, so that she wouldn’t feel threatened. But she did. Her heart was already beginning to thud painfully in her chest and god, was her palms sweating a bit? Why was she so nervous? She didn’t have anything to feel guilty about. They were just two people sitting outside in plain sight, talking, nothing more. But she couldn’t shake the guilt.

Caine glanced away. “Why exactly did you leave then?” He looked back at Michelle’s face intently. “I thought…”

Michelle whipped her head around, a bit of anger showing. “You thought what? That I’m that kind of girl who is…who would….” she jerked her gaze away and towards the grass, leaving her sentence unfinished.

Caine hung his head and began to apolegize, to say anything, when his nose caught a faint smell of something in the breezy night air. Was that pussy juices? He looked down at her nipples and just noticed she was nipping. Was that from the slight chill in the air or because she was turned on? The air wasn’t really cold, it was pleasantly warm even though the sun had already set. And what exactly had she been doing before he had come over?

Before his tented shorts could become apparent, he moved his hands over his lap.

Caine closed his eyes for a moment and decided on something that he knew he may come to regret, that may jeopardize his relationship with Leslie. “Michelle,” Caine said quietly. Michelle knew the instant he said her name in that deep, somber voice that she was in trouble. He was going to be honest at last.

“I know that you must know by now that I like you a lot more than as a friend,” Caine said. Yes, Michelle did notice it. The fleeting glances he sent her way when he thought she wasn’t looking. Those moments became clearer although before she had tried to rationalize that he wasn’t really checking her out.

Caine sighed roughly. “I know it’s wrong. We both care about Leslie, but I can’t help it. You’re just so different from any other girl. Even Leslie.”

Michelle kept her gaze on the grass. “I don’t know why we even kept it from Leslie that we used to know each other in elementary school,” she scoffed.

“Because,” Caine said, “then she would know that I kissed you in 5th grade behind the playground. Knowing Leslie, she would jump to conclusions and believe that I still have some ‘remaining’ feelings for you from childhood.”

Michelle knew he had a point there. Leslie was insanely jealous. She was surprised Leslie had even let Caine lick her tits that afternoon, even if it was just a ‘truth or dare’ game. Liquor did loosen her up quite a lot.

Michelle laughed for the first time. “That’s rediculous. That was years ago when we were kids.”

“Is it really so ‘rediculous?’ ” Caine questioned, a slight smile on his lips. Michelle didn’t know that Caine was completely serious.

“Yes,” Michelle said. “We were kids…” Her voice trailed off when she saw the look in Caine’s eye. “Caine?” she questioned. There was intent in his expression that made Michelle very nervous and long to flee for her bed room.

“Well, that’s where you’re wrong,” he said. Michelle had become so overwrought with nerves that she hadn’t noticed Caine’s hand on her shoulder. His hand was slowly pulling her closer, compelling her to him. “I can’t lie anymore. Today, seeing you standing outside the backdoor while I was kissing Leslie, made me realize that I’ve never completely gotten over you…”

Michelle was mesmerized by his husky words. His eyes and voice was weaving a magical spell that kept her from moving. She looked at his brown eyes that looked searchingly in to hers. “Caine, please don’t–,” he was centimeters from her lips, “–kiss me,” she finished but was silenced by his soft lips.

Shock made her freeze, but it was curiousity and desire that made her close her eyes and hold his shoulders. His lips were cool against hers at first, but soon warmed as he continued rubbing them back and forth over her parted mouth. His moist tongue delved in to her wet warmth. Michelle was instantly scorched with his hot mouth. She gasped as the kiss deepened and alsancak escort he plunged his tongue in to her mouth in an exciting rhythm, raising her temperature by degrees.

It was the second time in her life that Michelle had been kissed by Caine, and she loved every minute of it. The first was in 5th grade.

Michelle leaned in to Caine’s body and moaned when he brushed a thumb across her aching nipple. Caine massaged and fondled her tits through her thin camisole. He could smell how excited Michelle was getting and it turned him on even more knowing it was because of him. Caine moved his hand underneath her top and cupped her naked tits in his hand. Tonight he was going to taste them instead of the brief lick over her bikini top earlier. He pushed the material up, exposing the erect peaks to his lustful gaze.

“Caine, we can’t…” Michelle whispered, “not here.” But her voice lacked real protest, she was too wet and excited. She whimpered and moaned as Caine sucked a nipple in to his hot mouth and licked the tip in a circular motion while pinching and rolling the other nipple in his hand.

“Did you like it when I licked your nipple earlier today?” Caine asked in a passion roughened voice. He continued his sexual assault against her sensitive tits.

“Yes…” Michelle cried.

“Your nipple was so hard. The chocolate flavor was just an added bonus. Were you wet?” Another lick.


“Are you wet right now?” Caine asked.

Michelle could only nod.

“Why don’t I check for myself?” Caine moved a hand to her shorts.

“No!” Michelle cried, a piece of her conscience reared its ugly head.

Caine’s hand hesitated at the top of her shorts and instead moved down over her pussy and started rubbing her over the material. Michelle wanted to protest, but her will power was too weak. She moaned and Caine’s fingers rubbed across her clit, somehow finding the hard nub despite the material covering her twat.

Michelle’s hands frantically moved to Caine’s crotch. She had to feel him in her hands, to feel his hard cock once and for all. It was a cock that she had fantasized about for so long. All thoughts of Leslie fled from her mind as Michelle pulled out Caine’s straining cock. It was as large as the hardon advertised all these weeks, she thought. Michelle rubbed her thumb across the tip, spreading the pre-cum. Caine groaned in response and sucked her nipple harder, kneading her tits roughly.

Michelle began pumping his throbbing cock. She couldn’t help but wish it was inside her sopping wet pussy.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Caine growled, trying again to touch her pussy. There was no protest this time so he pulled the material covering her crotch aside and was surprised and pleased to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. His large fingers rubbed across her naked pussy, running across her wet slit and even poking a finger in her pussy. He returned to her clit and rubbed the tip, groaning when he heard her moan and thrust her hips in to his hand. “Damn, you’re so sexy. So damn hot.”

Michelle whimpered at his erotic words. He knew it was making her more hot. Her hand jerked his cock even faster as she felt her pussy grow wetter.

“I wish I can eat you right now,” Caine said hoarsely. He felt more fluids flowing out of her pussy and knew his words were effecting her more than she led on. The knowledge that it was him that was making Michelle so hot and horny turned him on like no other aphrodisiac.

Caine worked a large finger in to her dripping tight passage. Shit, he thought, she was tighter than he could ever imagine…even tighter than his girlfriend.

Her tiny hand was working his cock for all he was worth, stroking and jerking him. He pretended for a moment that it was Michelle’s pussy holding his cock captive, squeezing and milking him. He almost hit his load at the visual.

Caine pulled out his fingers and looked down at the moisture all over his hand. He sniffed the frangrant pussy smell and licked his fingers. “Mmm, tasty…” He looked down at Michelle’s dark gaze and saw the desperate look in her eyes. He knew she was close.

Caine plunged his fingers back in to her tight pussy and smiled when Michelle groaned at the sudden invasion. Michelle clutched Caine’s shoulder tightly as she whimpered undecipherable words. She rocked her hips and rode his hands like it was his cock.

“Oh, Caine,” she moaned. “I…I…ohh…”

Caine bent over her beautiful tits and sucked her nipple in to the roof of his mouth and lashed the tip with his tongue. It drove Michelle over the edge. She let out a muffled scream as she started cumming. Her hand covered her mouth so her parents couldn’t hear her. Michelle’s pussy pulsated and squeezed buca escort around Caine’s fingers again and again as a rush of pussy juices drenced him and Michelle’s shorts.

Panting, Michelle leaned weakly in to Caine’s arms. Caine brushed away her damp hair from her face. “That was beautiful,” he praised. “Michelle–” Before he could finish speaking, Michelle grasped his still rock hard cock.

“I have to tast you…” she said.

Caine’s cock perked up when Michelle said that. Even his girlfriend had never given him head and now the girl of his dreams was about to do just that.

He held his breath as Michelle leaned over his lap and oh so slowly, took his whole, aching head in between her hot, moist lips. The sensation was indescribable. Michelle ran a tongue over the sensative underside of his cock before engulfing the whole length in to her mouth. “Oh, god,” Caine groaned. His head dropped back and his eyes literally rolled back in his head as Michelle started bobbing her head up and down on his cock.

Caine placed a hand on her soft hair and rested it there. He whispered encouragements and pleas as her mouth continued to pleasure and worship his cock in ways that his girlfriend never had. “Fuck, you’re so good.”

His orgasm was quickly approaching. Michelle picked up her pace and was quickly sucking his cock faster and faster. Caine thrusted his hips in to her mouth again and again, groaning when Michelle started massaging his balls. Was she going to eat his load?

“Oh shit, Michelle, I’m gonna cum right…NOW!” Shot after shot of cum blasted in Michelle’s mouth. Michelle gagged and nearly choked but quickly worked to swallow everything. A few drops leaked from the side of her mouth.

Gasping, Caine pulled Michelle up and help her slim body in his arms. They both had uneven breathing. “Thank you,” Caine said simply, trying to catch his breath.

“Caine,” Michelle said, “what have we done?”

“We couldn’t help it, baby,” he soothed.

She rubbed her cheek against his hard chest. “I know what we did was wrong but it felt so good, so right.”

“Michelle, I’m going to ask you something.” Caine took a deep breath. “What just happened was…meant to be. Will you be with me? I can’t let someone like you slip away again.”

She wanted to shake her head, but she couldn’t. “I…yes, Caine. I want to be with you.” Michelle dreaded asking the next question. “What are we going to do about Leslie?”

“I’m going to end it tomorrow. I can’t be with someone that I don’t love. I only want to be with you.”

A tiny tear drop escaped her eyes. “I wish we didn’t have to hurt Leslie.”



The sound of Michelle’s cell phone woke her up. Groggily, Michelle looked at the Caller ID and saw it was Caine’s number. The warm feelings from last night were still in her stomach when she picked up.

“Hey Caine,” she said with a smile.

On the other line, it was loud with blaring sounds and a distant ambulance. “Michelle!” Caine shouted in the phone. “It’s Leslie!”

The urgent tone in his voice snapped her awake completely. “Oh my god, what happened?”

“It’s her mom!” He said worriedly. “She got in to a car accident. It’s pretty bad and the paramedics won’t tell us anything!”

“Where are you guys right now?” Michelle asked, flinging her blankets off. “I’m coming over.”

“I’m with Leslie at the hospital right now. She’s not holding up well.”

After Michelle hung up, she threw on the first thing she could find and was quickly on her way.

At the hospital, she saw the grim faces. The sad look on Leslie’s father, Mr. Anderson and the wet cheeks of Leslie herself. “Oh Leslie!” Michelle said, pulling her friend in to a tight hug. “I’m so sorry.”

Leslie hiccupped and cried harder. “Why?” she wailed. “My mother’s too young to…” she cried harder.

Caine stood right behind Leslie. He was looking down at Michelle’s face, Leslie’s back was to him. There was sorrow but also something else that looked like regret on his face.

An hour later, a doctor came out and called Leslie and Mr. Anderson to go look at Mrs. Anderson. Caine and Leslie gave them privacy by staying in the waiting room.

Michelle hugged her body as they walked away. She was afraid to look at Caine. She had a distinct feeling about what he was going to say.

“Michelle,” Caine said quietly and gently turned her so she was facing him. “I’m sorry, but our relationship is going to have to be put off.”

Michelle couldn’t answer. She felt her heart breaking already.

“Leslie needs me right now. I’m so sorry, Michelle.”

Michelle squared her shoulders and forced the tears back. “It’s okay Caine. I understand.” She turned her back and started walking away.

“Michelle!” Caine called out. “You do understand don’t you?”

She didn’t answer and kept her gaze straight. “Tell Leslie that I couldn’t stay.” Michelle couldn’t see anything as her eyes blurred and hot tears raced down her face.

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