Helen the Firefighter Pt. 02

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I thought after I was done with Silverfox that my oral fixation would go away, or at least be satisfied. I guess it was for a while, but after a few days all I could think about was how I could have been better. I’ve always been a perfectionist. Now that I knew I could suck a dick, all I could think about getting good at it.

For one, I went down on Claire more often. It was a win-win, after all. She got pleasure, and I figured my jaw and tongue would get stronger.

I had played with toys and dildos in past relationships already, so I decided to get a couple of my own to practice with. I bought two of them: a six-incher and an eight-incher. I started setting them upright on the coffee table as soon as I got home from work. I would watch porn videos and try to mimic what the girls were doing. Pretty soon, I was able to take the six-inch one without much difficulty. The eight-incher, I struggled with. It wasn’t just longer; it was thicker.

I picked up a lot of tricks, like how to move my head and tongue, and how to apply suction with my mouth. One thing I kept seeing girls do was, mid-blowjob, take their boobs and wrap it around the cocks, using their pushed-together cleavage like a fleshlight. I felt dumb that I hadn’t thought of that on my own. I tried it with my new dildos; I could pretty much envelope the 6-incher, but the 8-incher poked out the top. Still, it seemed like it would be a great maneuver for me.

Eventually, I decided that porn would only get me so far. I took the plunge and paid for instructional videos. Believe it or not, they really helped. They went out of their way to explain that porn blowjobs were all about the visual for the viewer, not necessarily pleasure for the receiver. It was tough to hear that the mid-blowjob boobjob wasn’t actually all that great for most guys. I didn’t believe it though, I decided I was still going to try it at least once.

I also tried sliding the dildos — well, one at a time – in me after a practice blowjob session. I had liked the feeling of being penetrated with girlfriends before, but this time I closed my eyes and imagined that it belonged to the man I had sucked off previously. I actually sort of liked the idea of it. I got pleasure from it, obviously, but it also made me realize that, being sexually attracted to girls, I cared way more about their looks. Men, though, I really didn’t care what they looked like. I could just appreciate what they were: sex partners. I wouldn’t say that I came to the conclusion I was bisexual, but I couldn’t deny that I got sexual satisfaction from giving blowjobs, and from my one experience with an actual man. He’d just been so appreciative and grateful; it had made me love giving myself over to him. I’d never felt so wanted before.

Another week went by with me practicing whenever I had time alone. Claire and I had been having sex every day we were together, and it had gotten more intense than it had been before my experience with Silverfox. I wasn’t sure if it was because my sex drive was higher, or if maybe it had something to do with the guilt I felt for what I did, but every time we finished and laid beside each other, I would think to myself that I wanted to do it again.

I thought about reaching back out to Silverfox and showing him what I’d learned, but I decided against it for the time being. I wanted to keep my options open, and see if I could make someone else’s day this time.

Work had become even more of a blur, but I had plenty of motivation to stay professional. If anybody at the station found out about my encounter, I would be hounded all over the department, and Claire would surely get looped in sooner rather than later. One day was definitely different than the rest, though. It started off slow, with only a few calls before lunch, but it got busy after that. That wasn’t all that unusual, but when it started getting dark, we got a call for a vehicle fire with a victim trapped inside. It was definitely the most exciting call of the day.

It was at one of the larger stores in a strip mall. As we rolled up, we saw a fully-engulfed SUV. I hoped they’d already gotten out, because by the looks of it, there was no chance anymore. I masked up, left the fire engine and got to work on putting the fire out. My partner checked for anybody stuck inside, but it turned that he’d been pulled out by a store employee before we’d arrived. By the time the fire was out and it was time to pick up our hose and gear, the sole victim had already been transported to the hospital. I noticed what looked like a store employee talking to what looked like his manager. I told my partner that the victim was lucky that man had been there, since we would have been too late for him.

The employee was a young Asian guy, around 20, a bit on the shorter side, with shaggy hair. He had some smaller oval glasses on and wore a tattered, blackened shirt. I never got the chance to go talk with him or even get close before we had to head out on another call. I decided I could use almanbahis some new clothes, though, and that I would swing by the next day, after work. I hadn’t been shopping in years; I was sure it would be fun.

The hours drifted by after that; the crisp clarity of fire and crisis gave way to the blur. The calendar flipped over to a new day. Finally it was time to be relieved. I drove over to the mall and parked pretty close to where the fire had been. The SUV had been towed away, and the spot had been cleaned a bit. All that remained was a black char mark.

The parking lot only had a few cars since it was morning on a weekday at the mall. Claire would be upset if she knew I went shopping without her, but, looking down at my unflattering clothes, I realized I had been running from my body so much I didn’t have any options to stand proud in. Also, I was sure she would like to see me in something cute and new. I just never really had a reason to since I didn’t go out much – mainly to the grocery store and the gym.

When I was walking around looking, I picked a few things out that I’d always liked the look of, but had never purchased. I hadn’t wanted to attract that kind of attention.. I thought that since I was trying other new things, why not these too?

As I started trying things on, though, I quickly remembered why I didn’t really wear ‘fashionable’ clothes. The crop tops that fit my frame had my tits falling out of the bottom, but I loved how my tight stomach looked. In fact, it was a struggle to find anything that could cover my chest and show some skin without the same thing happening. My thighs and ass had always been a struggle to get into form- fitting clothes. My hourglass figure was impossible to shop for, though I did occasionally have some luck with dresses.

I tried on this lovely white and yellow sundress that had a very low-cut, spaghetti strap neckline that held my breasts snug in the fabric. It still had plenty of room for my tits to get pulled out, though, which I tested by pulling them over the top of the dress and pushing them together. The fabric was somewhat elastic, so it stuck to my curves at my tummy into my hips. It came down mid-thigh, but when I bent over, it rode up to just below my ass. For fun, I shook it a little, and the elastic at my hips pulled the fabric up higher and higher. The more my ass and thighs swayed, the more my dress pulled up, until my ass was fully out in the open with my black thong on display. When I stood back up and fixed it, I thought I looked like a sweet-but-devious country girl. Claire was going to be surprised when she saw it on me.

I liked it so much I wanted to wear it out of the store. Unfortunately, I’d worn a sports bra in, so I had to go braless home. I didn’t think it would be too bad, though, since the area still seemed pretty quiet. I tucked my sports bra and clothes away into my purse and left the dressing room. As soon as I stepped out and felt the breeze outside, I began having reservations. I shook my head and told myself that it was too late to back out. I made my way up to the register, thinking to myself that this was the most skin I had shown in a long time – especially cleavage. The woman behind the counter gave me a judgmental look as I pulled the tag off the dress and paid. I would have given more thought to it but, some noises from the back office drew my attention.

From what I could make out of it, it sounded like someone was getting fired – something about how even though it was a good thing they did, they exposed the company to liability, and they couldn’t continue employment. I couldn’t make out much else, but it sounded like a good guy was having a bad day.. I was finishing checking out when two people stepped out of the office. I recognized one of them. It was that guy who’d pulled the man from the car the night prior. He had on what looked like a freshly-washed version of what he’d had on last night: a light blue polo shirt with khakis. He looked professional, in direct contrast to my new outfit.

They shook hands, and the just-fired man turned to leave. I grabbed my receipt and headed the same way; I was probably about ten feet behind him.

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe the company would do something like that to him for doing the right thing. If anything, he deserved a reward. I realized there was something I could do to make both our days better. I picked up the pace; as he stepped out the front door, I caught up to him and tapped him on the shoulder saying, “Excuse me.”

I could tell he barely noticed me, which made sense. He’d just been punished for saving for somebody’s life. After a moment, though, he did turn around.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, still a bit dazed. “I actually don’t work here anymore.”

I told a little white lie: that I had seen what he’d done on the news the night before. I didn’t want him to know I’d actually been at scene. I expressed my shock and dismay that the company would fire him for what he’d done.

He almanbahis giriş was surprised that I knew what had happened and explained that the company didn’t want someone to work for them who would do things to open them up to lawsuit. I asked what he was going to do now and he said, “Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else going on, so I’ll probably just go home and play video games.”

I could tell the whole time we were talking that he was stealing glances at me in the dress. I decided to give him a chance really get an eyeful; I turned away, pointing to the black char mark that remained in the parking lot, and asked him if that was where it had happened. I could feel his eyes taking the opportunity I’d given him. It felt good. I stayed turned away from him for a little longer than I needed to.

“Ya, it happened there,” he replied, and I started walking that way. He followed, and I could tell that he was drinking in the sight of my ass swaying in my new dress. When I got to the char mark, I smiled to myself and bent straight over at the waist, pretending to examine it thoroughly. I felt the dress pull to just below my ass, just like it had in the dressing room. He immediately stopped in his tracks.

“It must have been hot,” I said.

When I stood up and turned around, he was smiling like an idiot.

“Do you think good deeds should be rewarded?” I asked.

He looked taken aback by my question and started to overthink it. I looked around as he stammered and made sure there were no people. I took the thin fabric covering my breasts and pulled it down, propping my tits up at almost eye level for him.

“Take me to your car and I’ll do my best to make your day,” I said.

His eyes bulged out of his head and he reached out to grab my tits. I let him have one squeeze; he to cup as much as he could in his hands. It was thrilling, but I didn’t actually want to get caught. I brushed his hands away and put my girls back inside the dress. I told him to point out his car.

The poor guy was speechless, so he literally pointed it out: an old, brown van, which, sadly, didn’t have tinted windows. I started walking in that direction, and he ran to my side.

“There’s no way you’re real,” he said. “This can’t be happening.” His eyes ran me up and down one more time. This time he didn’t care that I could see him ogling me. He took in every single curve, and followed every bounce as I walked.

I smiled at him. “I guess there is one way to find out.”

I suddenly realized that I had showed him my tits, and was about to suck his dick, and I’d never even asked him what his name was.

He put his hand on my ass the last few feet of the way to his van. When we got there, he unlocked it, and gave my ass a firm grab — testing the waters, still unsure I was serious. He opened the back door for me; I stepped inside and slid down the bench seat, glad there was plenty of leg room. He climbed in after me and sat down at the other end. He looked me up and down and awkwardly smiled at me, as if waiting for me to let him know what was going to happen next. I smiled back to reassure him as I slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders, leaving the bottoms of my breasts barely cupped. He waited on the edge of his seat, looking like he wanted to pounce at them.

“What’s your name anyway?” I asked the eager guy.

He smiled and proudly said, “Ed!”

“Well, Ed, I’m Ellie. It seems like you like these, so why don’t you enjoy them a little more?”

I pulled by dress down around my waist, fully exposing myself. He took that as his cue, and grabbed as much of my breasts as he could. He seemed mesmerized; it was fun watching him jiggle them back and forth and press them together. He did that for a minute or two, and then he took off his glasses and plunged his face between them.

Oh my! was all I could think as he started licking and kissing them. I was impressed; he really seemed to be having the time of his life. I even felt bad when I told him to pull back, but I knew he would like what was yet to come.

As he was leaning back, away from my breasts, he finally found his words.

“Thank you so much,” he said — and I could tell he meant it. “That was incredible. You’re incredible. Your breasts are incredible! That was so hot.”

I looked him straight in the eyes and told him to show me how sexy he thought I was. I put my hand on his crotch to let him know exactly how he should do that.

“Oh, fuck ya!” he exclaimed. He tore at his pants to slide them down as fast as he could.

When I saw his cock, I was impressed. He was bigger than what I’d had previously at about 7 inches, but a little thinner. It was a big cock overall, though, and I just sat for a moment, appreciating the size of it. He stripped off his shirt in the meantime; he looked so skinny and young, and yet had this long pole attached to him, sticking straight up.

“Well, I guess you really do like me,” I said.

From the almanbahis yeni giriş look on his face, I could tell he was proud of his cock, and he was thrilled — and probably a little relieved — that I seemed to like it.

I slid off the front of the seat a little, facing towards him on my knees. I took him into my hands. Wow, he is so hard, is all I thought as I stroked him, gauging his manhood. I came in closer and became more and more fixated on my new cock to practice with and please. He sat up a bit and reached around to my ass, grabbing it and shaking it around. He ran his hand up my slim waist and cupped my breast. He rested back in his seat and looked down at me with anticipation, eager to see what the next part of his reward was going to be.

I wanted to jack him off for a while, but I just had to know how much of him I could take into my mouth. I angled his cock straight up and held it at the base to put my torso over his leg. While staring at his cock I said, “It’s nice to meet you Ed,” and then lowered my head to his crotch.

I kissed the head, and, through my pursed lips, slid it straight back into the back of my mouth. He was in the middle of saying that it was nice to meet me too, but he just trailed off as his cockhead hit the back of my throat. His cock felt so much longer than it had looked; I tried to get more of it in as I bobbed back up and down. I fit a lot in, but I clearly still had more work to do. I started moving my tongue around the shaft as much as I could but it was a mouthful.

Whatever made him make noises, I did more of. I started a rhythm: up and down three times, then some suction so that my mouth audibly popped off of his cock. Every time I did that, his cock would wobble around, and I would have to catch it back in my mouth. He really liked what I was doing; every time I put it back in, I tried to get more of him down my throat. I felt the limit I had encountered before with my dildos, and I’d worked past it before. This time, though, I was struggling to get it right.

Gluck gluck gluck POP! Gluck gluck gluck pop!

The sounds kept repeating for a few minutes, and I had worked down six and a half inches of him. I still had a bit further to go. I felt him start to thrust upwards a bit as I went down. He ran his hand through my hair until it arrived at the back of my head. He held it, guiding me up and down his cock. He put a little more pressure on each downward stroke until finally, it was enough. I opened up just wide enough to slide him all the way it.

Fuck yes! I thought to myself as I slithered my tongue all around where I could. I heard him grunt as I came back up. To my surprise, I was able to go right back down.

There was spit all over his cock, and I figured it was the perfect time to try my new move. I came up off his cock nice and slow, making one last POP! When I looked up at him, he seemed to be in a complete daze.

He laughed as he said, “I think I’m in love!”

I smiled at him and said, “Let’s see how you like this part of it first.”

I grabbed my tits and let some of my spit slowly drip from my mouth between them. I pushed them together, getting the spit all worked in between them, making them nice and slick. I Ieaned forward, enveloped his cock in my tits, and started moving them up and down his shaft. The tip of his cock poked out a little, but most of it was completely surrounded. I was glad I worked so hard on more core; I was scrunching my stomach to make my tits slide all the way up, and all the way back down, his cock. I started going faster and harder, smacking them onto his pelvis.

All he said was, “My god,” as he leaned his head back. His whole body shook a little every time I smacked my breasts down onto him.

I got my rhythm going, and he kept moaning.. I realized I could see clearly out of the window behind him. To my surprise, I saw movement. A security guard — an overweight Hispanic man – was walking through the lot and was about five feet from the van. He glanced into it and made eye contact him me as I moved my torso up and down, servicing Ed. He seemed very surprised and stopped to watch a few strokes.

All I could do was smile a little and give him a wink, thinking to myself, He gets his reward today; maybe you’ll win yours tomorrow.

Ed started to sit up, so I turned toward him, ignoring the man at the window. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in to kiss me. I wasn’t expecting it, but I didn’t mind; he seemed to be in the throes of passion, and that’s exactly where I wanted him to be.His tongue began trying to swirl with mine; I figured we were at the climax, so I just let him do his thing. By that point, he was doing most of the up-and-down movement. His hips thrust upward over and over while he kissed me, right up until I felt a burst of liquid under my chin. A few more spasms came, and I felt his cum hit my tits and then slowly slide down them.

Ed sat back and started hitting my breasts with his cock. I was impressed by the weight of the impacts; each one made my breasts wobble around..

I was glad I was the one who got to disarm that big weapon out in the world. It deserved to get serviced; it was a great cock. He’d earned it for sure. I took his cock and rubbed it on my tits.

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