Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 02

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Ricky woke me early the next morning, at the back of 6am, as we needed to head back to my flat to await the heating repair man.

He gently shook me and I was aware that he was spooned into me. I could feel his semi-stiff cock pushing against my arse cheeks.

“Ryan, wake up! We need to go soon.”

“Well, good morning to you too, Ricky.”

I responded sarcastically.

“Oh I’m sorry Ryan. You’re right. A very good morning to you.”

Ricky pushed further and I could feel his cock slide up between my cheeks.

“Can I just have half an hour, please?” It was my normal morning response.

“Only if you’ll suck my dick again, now!”

I turned to Ricky. I was pleased he obviously didn’t regret the previous night and actually wanted more.

“Oh my, aren’t you the dominant one?” I replied playfully, before burrowing under the covers, where I found his morning wood keenly waiting for me.

The previous night, Ricky had told me all about his wife decrying the size of his manhood but I loved cocks like his, a good size to suck and hopefully, fuck.

My lips and tongue did their wonders and it wasn’t long before Ricky unloaded his hot, thick spunk into my mouth, which I greedily swallowed.

Any idea of some more sleep disappeared. I wanted to play!

“Do you want to return the favour, Ricky?”

Ricky looked a little scared and confused.

“It’s okay Ricky, you don’t have to swallow, just give it a little suck.” I pushed.

“I have a confession to make and don’t be angry, please!”

“What could you say to anger me?” I was genuinely puzzled.

I have sucked cock before, many years ago.” He said, his eyes facing down.

“So what, there’s no shame in that” I said soothingly.

“It was in my RAF days, my roommate.” Ricky added, almost guiltily.

The penny dropped.

“It was my dad wasn’t it?” I asked, a wave of shock going through me.

Ricky nodded. “I was kind of his bitch.” He replied, now holding his head up, the weight of that secret removed.

“The old dog!” I exclaimed. “That’s why he sent me here, to continue his work.” I smiled at Ricky, stroking his thigh.

“No, I offered, as a friend.” Ricky spluttered.

“Well I don’t care, Ricky. I think I’ll thank him anyway.”

With that, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

“You do realise I could be sucking your cock for the next five years?” I teased.

“At least.” Ricky came back quickly and kissed me again.

Ricky was getting into this but I wasn’t sure if he’d want to be a top or bottom. I was kind of versatile and would like to get him that way too.

He certainly seemed to have an instinct for sucking, although I made him gag.

Ricky was determined though and I finally shot my load over his face after ten minutes.

We eventually arose from bed at quarter to 8 and had a quick shower, separately so as not to get us going again.

When I came out, still towelling istanbul travesti myself down, Ricky had assumed his more macho self again.

“Come on Ryan, stop flashing your cock and get ready. It’s your flat getting repaired, remember.

We drove slowly through the morning rush and there did seem to be a little tension between us.

“Ryan, I’m sorry, I took advantage of you last night. That was unforgivable.”

“Don’t be daft, Ricky! Do you think I was forced into sucking your cock?”

I put deliberation into the last 3 words, letting him know that I was a willing accomplice.

“It’s not that, It’s betraying your dad’s trust in me. He will have expected me to look after you.” Ricky sounded down.

“I don’t believe that for one minute, Ricky. He guessed I would go for you, I’d bet on it.”

Ricky laughed and visibly relaxed.

“Well if that’s the case, I owe your dad a debt of gratitude.”

“So do I………lover.” There I’d said it.

As we sat in a jam, Ricky placed his hand on my thigh and squeezed.

“Better not do that at the bar Jess will have a fit!” I said, laughing.

“You’re right, of course.” Ricky said, with a more macho air about him.

We got to the bar a little earlier than anticipated and Ricky said he’d treat me to a breakfast at the ‘greasy spoon’ cafe over the road. We sat at the window so we could see the repair men coming.

We were able to finish our food before the van arrived, ten minures later than expected and a big, rotund guy got out of the drivers seat. He was medium height, balding and looked like was in his 60’s but was probably younger, just bored.

My attention was taken by his young apprentice who jumped out, a tall coloured lad, with beautiful unblemished skin. His quick smile to me was enough to tell me he was either gay or bi, my radar rarely failed me.

The older guy spoke with Ricky about where the problem was and he trudged upstairs after telling the young lad to look after the van.

“Hi, I’m Ryan.” I held out a hand.

“I’m Noah and yes, I’m gay.” He spoke confidently as he shook my hand.

“I like guys who get straight to the point.” I flirted unashamedly.

“Okay Ryan, I love guys who are willing to be fucked by my big black cock.” He pointed down at his work overalls and I could already see a bulge developing. I

I instinctively licked my lips and said in a soft voice “You can fuck me any time.”

“I guarantee it will be today.” Noah said confidently.

“Oh and how can you be so sure?”

“Because the old guy always disappears to put bets on the horses, at least an hour each day.” Noah said, beaming.

“What if I need to go somewhere and miss it?” I queried in a teasing way.

“Any appointments you’ve got, you’ll cancel…..for my cock.”

“Bring it on, big boy.” I blew him a little kiss.

Ricky and Noah’s boss came back and I felt a little guilty, planning to have Noah inside istanbul travestileri me, so soon after Ricky and I had made out.

“You can sit in the bar whilst the guys are fixing things.” Ricky offered.

“Thanks Ricky but I’ll pass. I need to get my study stuff in order. Maybe see you after lunch? I deflected.

“How about lunch, go on, you can even have desserts.” Ricky’s flirt was obvious and Noah let out a little snigger.

“Okay, you’ve talked me into it. See you at 1230pm.”

Ricky walked back to the bar and Noah commented “That guy has a thing for you. You been there?”

I smiled but commented “A gentleman never tells.”

I stayed in my room as the repair men got started, the older one whistling out of tune as he worked away. I wondered how Noah could put up with him every day.

Then, as Noad had promised, I heard my front door close and a minute later there was a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in!” I said airily.

The door opened wide, revealing Noah, now without his work clothes. His cock was semi-hard and was rising like some monster from the pit.

I gasped as it reached its full length, a good 9.5 inches. It really made my legs go weak but I wanted it.

Noah advanced, his cock pointing at me now, inviting me to welcome it into my mouth.

Luckily, it wasn’t a fat cock but I knew it would take a lot to swallow it.

I always love that first contact with the head of a cock, the texture, the taste drive me wild and this time was no different.

Noah was after one thing though, my ass. He pushed me back on my single bed and pulled my pants off from the ankles. He then crawled up the bed and put my legs behind my head, exposing my lush, pink hole.

I had been sensible enough to apply some lube in advance but I was still nervous when his cock rubbed my hole.

It puckered, almost giving an invitiing kiss and Noah did not need a second invitation.

He pushed his cock inside me, just a couple of inches, then a couple more and at that point I realised he had plenty left to get in and I relaxed, letting his hot meat take me on a glorious journey.

“Thank you, thank you!” I whimpered, as his cock built up speed and he banged my arse relentlessly.

His balls dangled unusually for such a young guy and they slapped off my arse with every plunging stroke.

Noah was grunting now, loving fucking me and I could tell he was going to shoot his load. He tightened in the legs and then he came, gushing wave after wave of his hot spunk inside me. I was in ecstasy.

Noah withdrew his cock, still semi-hard but lathered in his spunk and presented it to me.

“Clean it up, you slut.”

Noah could call me what he wanted. I greedily put my lips around his cock and sucked the remnants of his cum. Then I tongued his shaft cleaning up his mess.

Noah wasn’t into cum-kissing though and got up and left my room without a word.

I felt travesti istanbul used but I liked it.

Because the hot water hadn’t yet been fixed, I had to clean off with a cold cloth. That and some mouthwash. I didn’t want Ricky tasting another guy’s spunk, if he kissed me at lunch.

I decided to give my parents a call before I headed out. It rang a couple of times and then I could hear my father’s distinctive Yorkshire accent.

“About time you checked in, you’re mother was fretting.” He chided me.

“There’s really nothing to worry about, apart from the……”

“…..heating, yes I know. Ricky was kind enough to let us know.”

I’ll bet he didn’t tell you what else happened, I thought to myself.

“Good of Ricky to put you up. Lucky he’s got a spare bed.” Dad added.

If only he knew what had happened, would he still be singing Ricky’s praises?

“Is mum there?” I asked, knowing she was the one missing me.

“No, she’s at bingo with her pal Gladys. She’ll be sorry she missed you.”

“I’ll call at the weekend, I promise.”

“You do that, son.”

And with that he was gone.

I was able to work out that dad was keeping in touch with Ricky and I wondered what my dad would say if he knew what happened..

I was also feeling a bit guilty about earlier. I knew me and Ricky weren’t an official item but I was sure he’d be disappointed to know I jumped for Noah’s cock.

I was quite quiet during lunch and Ricky looked worried.

“Is that you bored with me already?” He asked, rubbing my knee.

I lifted my spirits up.

“Not at all Ricky, I’ve only just started.”

“Good, I was wondering if you fancied staying at my place again tonight.”

“Won’t Jess have something to say about that?” I enquired.

“Stuff Jess, I don’t care what she thinks or knows. Anyway, you’re a much better cocksucker than her.” He swaggered.

“Oh Ricky, you haven’t have you?

“Just the once. Part of her job interview.”

“Ricky, that is shocking. I thought better of you than that.”

“Hey, it was her that suggested it. I really should have told her that she was the only applicant though.” He laughed at his own joke.

That evening’s shift in the bar was a quick- moving one. There was a Champions League game on the telly and so there were more people in than usual.

At one point, Ricky went down to the cellar to change a beer barrel. Then came a call.

“Ryan, do you want to come down here and see how its done?”

I was keen to learn,so descended the steps under the bar.

I got to the bottom and saw Ricky standing, with a finger indicating me to be quiet.

He approached me and put his arms round my neck and kissed me.

“I know about Noah and you today.”

I panicked a little.

“What about Noah?” I bluffed, unconvincingly.

“I heard him boasting to his foreman, thanking him for going out to give him time to fuck you.”

I lowered my head in shame, dumbstruck.

“Don’t fret, Ryan, I’m not angry. I realise you have needs that I can’t fulfill.”

He was being so sweet, as his hand stroked my cheek.

It was at that moment I knew that Ricky and I would be having a lot of fun in the years to come.

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