Her Name Was Mariah

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Her name was Mariah. A twenty-four year old single mother from Tampa, Florida. I was nothing but a twenty four-year-old college student in Tennessee. We began talking online and via e-mail after both of us had gone through bad relationships. We shared a lot of information about each other. Her ex-boyfriend, the father of her only son, still verbally abused her. I immediately began to fantasize about Mariah as I learned more about her. She was Hispanic, and I was white. I saw one picture of her one night and that picture of her dominated my masturbation sessions. I flirted with her a lot, even coming to the point where I told her I bet she looked amazing naked.

Then tragedy struck for her. Her drug addict of a sister was moving back to the house where Mariah lived with her mother and her son. The problem was that there was no room for all of them. Mariah had only two weeks to find a new vampire academy izle place to live.

I took the plunge when I first heard the news. ‘Come live with me,’ I said. She agreed to try it out, for about a week. She would leave her son with her grandmother and come to stay with me.

I sent her the money for the airplane ticket, using the money I had saved up for a new computer. I met her at the airport and we hugged.

She was more amazing in person. She was about five feet seven and had shoulder length dark hair. Her breasts were firm and as we walked to the baggage center, her butt was hypnotic. The one-hour car ride back to my place was quiet, the occasional talk of the weather and her dreams of being a nurse. We stopped to eat at a local restaurant and she began to open up to me. She talked some more about her failed velma izle relationships and I tried to impress her with my career goals.

We got back to my place late in the night. Mariah was beginning to feel at home when she left into the privacy of the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped down into my boxers and a t-shirt and crawled into bed. I had given Mariah one of my t-shirts to wear to bed.

The door opened and through the steam a goddess appeared. Mariah looked amazing in just my t-shirt. She nervously walked to the bed and got in. I got up and turned out the light, all the while hiding my erection.

I got back into bed and Mariah snuggled up to me, her head laying on my chest. She brought her hand up to my stomach and began to slowly head south. She stopped at the top of my boxers and whispered, ‘Thank you.’

Her hand snaked itself vikings valhalla izle into my boxers and lightly caressed my dick. She looked up at me, and I looked down. Our lips came together for a second before she sat up. Mariah then slowly peeled off her t-shirt and her perfect breasts had come into view. I arched up and took a nipple into my mouth, gently sucking. Her hand let go of my dick and her fingers ran through my hair.

She backed away for a second, only to get a firm grasp on my boxers as she pulled them down to my ankles.

She pushed me onto my back and straddled me. She guided my dick into her warm pussy, and kissed me on the forehead. She began to rock up and down, grinding herself onto my stiff erection. I went back to hear breasts and worshipped them like they deserved to be.

I lost track of time then, our motions were in rhythm, and I could care less if I had class the next day or not.

Mariah began to moan and I felt the all too common surge of anticipation about to hit. I told her I was about to cum, and all she could mutter was ‘Oh yes, inside me.’

I let go inside of her and she raked her fingernails on my back as she let out the sexiest moan I have ever heard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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