His Seduction

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Big Tits

~Yes, I’m sure you’ve all heard this countless times before from many other readers, but this is my first attempt at a . . . er . . . sextual story, much less a gay one. But I had fun writing it, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. I think deep down, we all want to be seduced, right?

~~~~~~~~~~~ @>—,———- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Keith sat at the scarred wooden table working on his term paper in the small house he now called home. How he hated his business class! The only reason he was taking it in the first place was that taking it was the only way his father had agreed to pay for his schooling! His father had told him in no uncertain terms that he would take the class and than take his rightful place in the family business or else he would be cut off from his inheritance. Not that the money meant much to Keith, but he’d learned a long time ago that his father was not a person to cross. So here he was, his second year in college, and still struggling with his homework from one blasted class.

Frustrated over his homework, Keith looked around the small fraternity like house he called home with his two other roommates, brushing his black hair out of his eyes with a sigh. Being the only one still awake in the house at the moment, he could admit that they were a bunch of slobs. Just a few hours earlier, Jason had held one of his famous Friday night bash parties. Kids old enough to drink came from all over campus to relax and get friendly with anyone that looked halfway decent. Now in the early hours of dawn, the place was trashed. Cardboard pizza boxes and plastic cups littered the floors and furniture. At some time during the night, some drunken girl had managed to lose her bra, which was now hanging from the kitchen faucet. Keith was surprised that all of the partygoers had somehow managed to make it home, or to someone else’s home that was. Usually after one of Jason’s parties, most of them would be passed out around the house.

Hearing the upstairs shower go on, Keith reluctantly turned back to face his homework. He had to get some of it done before one of his well-intentioned roommates decided to drag him out for the weekend. For some unknown reason, they felt it was their duty to take him out every other weekend and try to get him laid by some overly willing girl. Mike, his other roommate, seemed to find amusement in Keith’s less than willing attitude to get rid of his virginity. His protests that he didn’t want to just hop into bed with some unknown girl when he didn’t have time for a relationship always seemed to make his roommate laugh. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate their efforts, some of the girls they picked out were beautiful, but Keith just didn’t want some one-night stand, it didn’t feel right.

Mike was an all around good guy; everyone on campus seemed to like him. Being the lead quarterback on the football team did seem to help his popularity status, though Keith was sure it was his Californian bodybuilder good looks that really caught the eyes of all the girls. Mike was 6’1”, blond with deep ocean blue eyes and the body of a Greek God. His smile alone could melt the coldest of hearts and had many times before, Keith knew. It seemed like nearly every night Mike had some new girl squealing with delight in his bed. Unfortunately for Keith, his room was right next to Mike’s and the walls were much too thin for comfort.

A few minutes later, Mike came down the stairs in a faded pair of jeans with a towel in hand as he dried off his hair, his bare chest still glistening with water from his shower. “Morning, Keith. You’re up early.”

Keith grunted a hello and tried to keep his mind on his paper. For some reason, he never seemed to be able to concentrate when Mike was around. Sure his roommate was intimidating, but Mike was one of his very best friends, there was no reason to be nervous around him. Unless Mike was trying to foist some girl off on him again, that was.

Mike leaned against the banister and watched Keith erase half a paragraph on his paper, nearly ripping the paper in his frustration. A smile haunted his lips as he watched Keith rise and pace near the table, apparently debating with himself on certain points that he had to have in his paper. He knew his shy roommate was having problems in his business major. He’d tried to convince him that he should just drop the class and save himself an ulcer, but Keith was determined to get through the class. Poor kid never seemed to realize all the fun he was missing out on that naturally came with college life. He’d even foregone the party last night because he’d had to study and said that he wasn’t old enough to drink anyway. One of the few rules in the house was no one drank unless they were twenty-one, strictly enforced by Jason.

Keith was good looking guy though not quite as well built as Mike. His body resembled more of a surfer than a bodybuilder. Mike’s little sister, Kelly, in college with them and a year younger than Keith, had said that Keith izmir escort looked like the younger brother of one of those heroes on the front of one her beloved romance novels. At 5’9”, his black hair and dark steel colored eyes had drawn many appreciative looks from girls all over campus, though he insisted he simply didn’t see it. But Mike saw it. Mike saw a lot of things. It made him smile to think he knew things about Keith that Keith didn’t even know.

Feeling impish, Mike twirled the damp towel in his hands and struck Keith in the leg with it.

“Ouch!” Keith grabbed his leg and glared at Mike. “What the hell was that for?”

Mike shrugged and walked to the fridge to get a soda, the breakfast of champions and the only thing strong enough to battle his hangover from last night. “Just thought I’d try and help take your mind off of your studies for a moment, that’s all.”

“Geeze, sometimes you’re such a dick,” Keith said under his breath as he rubbed his now sore leg.

“Hey, Jason wants to take us out to that stripper joint he’s been telling us about for the last month. You up to going?”

Keith sighed and leaned back against the table, crossing his arms over his chest. “Why do you two always insist on dragging me out to go see half naked girls?”

“Would you prefer fully naked? I’m sure we could arrange it.” Mike grinned.

Keith glared at him, a blush creeping into his cheeks. “You know what I mean. Look, I’m just not interested in watching some girl parade around in her underwear while strange men throw money at her. That’s not my idea of a good time.” Keith looked down at his paper on the table beside him. “Besides, I’ve got homework I have to get done.”

“Man, you are so gay.”

Startled, Keith looked up at Mike, not sure whether he should laugh or get mad at such a bold and untrue statement. Yet something fluttered in his stomach when he looked at Mike, those deep blue eyes holding something besides amusement in their depths, but what, Keith wasn’t sure. Deciding laughter was better than picking a fight, Keith grinned, saying, “And you’re an ass.”

Mike laughed and took a swig of his Coke. Setting it on the counter, he shrugged. “Think about it man, you hardly ever date, you are never interested in the girls that drool all over you, and you just complained about being forced to go to a topless joint. Face it, you’re gay.”

“Fuck you, Mike,” Keith laughed sarcastically, shaking his head. “The only girls drooling over me are the ones that want to get closer to the blond muscle man that happens to sleep in the room next to mine. Last time I looked, they were not overly interested in the book worm.”

“You’re too hard on yourself.”

“Just being honest.”

“I think you’re gay and just don’t want to admit it.”

“Fuck you, man.”

“Better stop telling me that, or you’ll regret it.” Mike walked closer to Keith looking surprisingly like a cat hunting its prey. “If you aren’t gay, prove it.”

“Dude, lay off the alcohol for a while, will you? You’re giving me the creeps.” Keith, not liking the look on Mike’s face, started slowly backing away as Mike advanced on him. “What do you mean prove it? You mean go sleep with some nameless girl? I told you, I’m not into that. It’s cheap.”

Mike didn’t say anything, just kept advancing. When Keith turned and bolted, heading for the stairs, Mike grabbed him and slammed him against the wall, pinning his arms at his sides. Lifting weights everyday, he was definitely the stronger of the two and had no trouble keeping Keith were he was.

Keith wasn’t sure what the hell was going on. Trying to calm his pounding heart, since struggling was getting him nowhere, he figured Mike was still slightly drunk from the party just a few hours earlier. Panicking would only be feeding fuel to the fire. When his roommates got drunk, Keith would usually take off since he wasn’t old enough to drink. He’d always had to deal with their hangovers, but not when they were still drunk. Now what? “Look, Mike, I’m sorry I told you to go fuck yourself, okay? I’m sorry. I’ll even go to that strip joint, I promise. I won’t even complain.”

He gritted his teeth as Mike’s hands flexed on his upper arms, knowing he was going to have bruises later. Mike had one of the strongest grips he’d ever known. “You’re hurting me, Mike.”

Mike gave him an evil grin. “Time to prove you’re not gay. Don’t disappoint me.”

Keith nearly passed out as his best friend, the most popular guy on campus, leaned down and lightly brushed a kiss against his lips. The sensations flooding through him made his heart stop. No girl had ever made him feel like this, that was for sure, but this was wrong, wasn’t it? He wasn’t gay, he should not feel this good over a feather light kiss from another guy! What the hell was going on here? What was Mike thinking? His knees almost gave out from under him when he felt the tip of Mike’s tongue trace his bottom lip. alsancak escort His hands reached out on their own accord and held tight to Mike’s arms to keep from sliding down to the floor, a whimper escaping him.

Unwilling to open his mouth, Keith still felt his own lips push back with a closed mouth kiss of his own. All blood left his head, making him dizzy and harder than hell. Mike’s lips opened just enough to nip at Keith’s bottom lip evoking a small groan from Keith.

Mike pulled back from the kiss and moved to nibble on Keith’s sensitive ear. Keith closed his eyes momentarily as he felt that hot breath against his lob. What was happening to him?

Mike’s voice was low and husky, yet holding a thin line of amusement as he whispered into his friend’s ear. “You are so gay, man.”

Keith’s eyes shot open. It had all been some sick joke! A very twisted joke at that, made at his expense. But worst of all, he’d responded to the joke, his body betraying him in ways he hadn’t even thought it could. Did this mean he was gay, just like Mike had said? No, he couldn’t be gay! He liked girls!

Anger boiled in his veins as he heard Mike’s dark laugh. Not even caring that he would probably get the shit beaten out of him later for it, Keith brought his knee up and hit Mike in the crouch as hard as he could. Satisfaction flooded through him as Mike groaned out a curse and doubled over, falling to the floor holding himself and breathing heavily. Keith started up the stairs, but stopped half way up, turning back around. Rage and embarrassment flooded his face as he glared down at Mike. “Why did you . . . . If you ever tell . . . . Damn you, I’m not gay! I hope it hurts like hell, you ass!”

Fear crawled up his spine as Mike started to come to a sitting position, retaliation strong in his eyes even as he smiled. Keith didn’t wait around, but ran up the rest of the stairs.

Jason was just coming out of his room, looking tousled from sleep and alcohol. “Dude, what was that thud down stairs? It sounded like someone was in pain.”

To angry, frightened, and confused to say anything, Keith passed him and closed himself in his room, locking the door behind him. Leaning against the door, he panted and ran his hands through his thick black hair. What just happened? Surely he hadn’t been responding to a kiss from another guy! But then why did he feel disappointed that it had been just a joke?

“I’m not gay, I’m not gay,” he muttered under his breath fervently, absently rubbing the back of his head where a bump was forming from hitting the wall when Mike had pinned him. He could still feel Mike’s lips on his, his tongue caressing his lip. His cock twitched. “That bastard.”

He heard Mike come up the stairs and the blood drained from his face. Mike was going to kill him for kneeing him. He would never again have to worry about classes or his father or losing his virginity or anything at all because he would no longer be alive. Mike would break him in half and that would be the end of it.

Knowing from experience that Mike could break down any door in the house, Keith hurried to pull his student desk in front of the door. He stood back to look at his handiwork, than nearly panicked as he realized that the small aluminum frame would not hold out a 200lb man if he really wanted to get in. Hell, it wouldn’t even hold out a girl scout selling cookies! When Mike pounded on the door and demanded to be let in, Keith escaped out the window, jumping down into the side lawn. He had to get away from Mike until his friend calmed down enough that he wouldn’t commit murder, but where to go that the jock would never dare to follow him?

Keith grinned and headed at a dead run for the library.

It was cold outside when Keith finally headed home, night falling like a blanket over the campus grounds. Still mulling over the mornings events, a sigh escaped him. Not even his beloved books had been able to distract him from what had happened. He was nervous. Would Mike still be mad at him for kneeing him? Was he still mad at Mike for kissing him? No. Mike had been drunk, he was sure of it. But the whole kneeing incident had been enough to sober up anyone!

He walked into the house, determined to act normal. Jason and some redheaded girl were curled up on the loveseat in front of the TV, Mike on the other couch. They seemed to be watching some horror spoof where girls were running around screaming and taking off their clothes for no apparent reason. Keith knew without a doubt that Jason had picked out the film.

They looked up as he walked through the door.

“Geeze, man, where the hell have you been,” Jason demanded.

“Why should you care?”

Jason laughed and hugged the redhead closer. “I don’t, really, but I felt it was my duty to look like the concerned roomy. Don’t blow it for me!”

“Yeah,” the redhead said with a smile, her hand crawling up Jason’s shirt. “He’s trying to rack up buca escort sensitivity points with me so I’ll go to bed with him.”

Trying to ignore the fact that Mike hadn’t stopped watching him since he’d come in, Keith came in and sat on far corner of the longer couch trying to look calm, but staying as far away from Mike’s reach as he could. He smiled at the girl. “Is it working?”

“Hmm, I think it just might be.”

“So, where have you been hiding,” Mike asked in a nonchalant way.

Keith blushed, remembering why he’d left the house in the first place. Even in the library, his one sanctuary, he hadn’t been able to forget! It had plagued his mind relentlessly all day. Not meeting Mike’s eyes, he never saw the smile that tugged at those beautiful lips. “I didn’t really go all that far.”

Jason laughed. “The library again? You and your books, man. I don’t think I will ever understand you, Keith.”

Mike’s smile widened, his eyes still intent on Keith. “Oh, he’s not all that complicated. You just have to know what makes him . . . rise to the occasion.”

Keith’s eyes widened and he blushed again, looking at Mike in shock. What was Mike playing at? “Um, I think I’m going to head for bed. I have class in the morning and I don’t think I should sleep through it. Night guys.”

Classes bogged down the rest of the week so Keith didn’t have much time to spend at home and hang out. Most of his time he spent in the library. The few times he was at home Mike acted normal, thankfully. There were a few occasions when he would brush up against Keith, his hand lightly brushing his ass or some bump against him so there was some kind of body contact as he would reach for something or pass something to a friend. But Mike would always act as if nothing was wrong, so Keith blew it off, though he was persistently having trouble sleeping remembering those few seconds when their bodies would be pressed together.

Jason insisted on having a huge party for Keith’s birthday, even though most of the people he was inviting didn’t even know who Keith was and could have cared less. Keith gave in and agreed to the party, already determined to lock himself away in his room for most of the night. But when Friday night rolled around, Keith found himself dragged into the fray of students and had been told firmly by both his roommates that since the party was in his honor, he had to stick around for at least a couple of hours. They told him that since it was his birthday, he could have a little beer, being a special occasion and all. Even Kelly showed up at the party, dragging him into the back room where most of the dancing was going on. Before long, he was dancing to some dark song about outsiders looking in. The night was actually turning into a good night.

“Hey, you’re not a bad dancer, Keith,” Kelly muttered into his ear as their bodies intertwined on the dance floor. “You know, if I didn’t like my boyfriend so much at the moment, I’d demand you take me to your room right now.”

He laughed.

Her pale blue eyes looked into his, a smile on her lips. “You think I’m kidding? Damn, the way you dance makes me hot enough to drag you down to the floor right here right now and have my way with you!”

“But you care for your boyfriend, right?”

She sighed dramatically. “I do, damn him. Can I call you up if I ever dump him for being the jerk I know him to be?”

“Anytime, love, anytime.”

Keith danced several more songs with her, moving his body rhythmically to the music. He’d always felt that dancing was an erotic form of art. Apparently, Kelly thought so, too, as she swayed her body rhythmically in tune with his. If she hadn’t been Mike’s little sister, he’d be sorely tempted to make a move on her. She was one of the few girls that really interested him.

A few hours later, he finally decided to make his way out of the party and maybe catch a few hours sleep. Making his way to his room he closed the door and turned on the light. The music from downstairs vibrated through the walls, making him smile. He wondered vaguely how many people would still be here in the morning under the pretense of celebrating his birthday.

Stripping off his shirt, he threw it into a corner and collapsed onto his bed. Sitting up, he struggled to pull off his sneakers.

The morning had begun with Mike and Jason barging into his room, dragging him into the shower and turning it on cold while they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. Kelly had stopped by, dragged them off of him, and handed him store bought cupcakes and gave him a birthday kiss he wouldn’t soon forget. Shortly after that, his father called to tell him that his grades needed to improve or he wouldn’t get his allowance (which he used for rent) and by the way happy 19th birthday. When he reminded his father that it was his 20th birthday, his father told him in no uncertain terms, “Then start acting your age, damn it,” and hung up. It was just about the nicest conversation he’d ever had with his father. The rest of the day had gone fairly smoothly, besides the fact that Mike had been giving him strange looks all day.

“Enter at your own risk,” he called when someone knocked at his door, throwing his shoes and socks over near the window.

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