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When I see you, you take my breath away. You’re smaller, sylph like, such a cute and innocent face and just as I asked you’re wearing a short summer frock, so you look even more like a little girl. Perhaps we should play daddy and daughter. We greet shyly, awkwardly, but there is an immediate spark, whether it is natural attraction or the taboo nature of the meeting. I don’t know what appeals to you about me, but you have a youthful energy about you that is intoxicating. We walk and talk then choose a coffee bar. You tell me a little more about your job and home and the course. I tell your stories that make you smile and then laugh. You have a great smile and your face lights up when you laugh.

We go to a bar, a little Dutch courage, and sit in a corner. The bar is quiet and it magnifies the two of us. The conversation fills with double meaning and then becomes salacious. I take a chance and move to sit next to you and place my hand on your knee. You turn towards me and almost imperceptibly open your legs slightly. We look into each other’s eyes. I incline my head, you move towards me slowly. Your hand comes up and touches my arm. I gently press my lips against yours. A moment; then you respond. Our mouths open and our tongues dance and the sweet taste of you makes me rigid.

We have crossed the line. We both know where this is going, though perhaps neither of us are ready to admit it yet. We break and smile and I make some comment about it being just as well I’m not your dad as that would have been hugely inappropriate and you say something like if I was your dad maybe you’d want to do that. And we kiss again, relaxing into each other and I cannot resist; my hand slides a few inches further up your soft smooth thigh. I can feel my heart racing and a tremble pass through my body. You are so deliciously young, firm and soft at the same time. Supple and exciting.

Truth be told I want to fuck you then and there, but I’m waiting for you to get cold feet, have second thoughts. For all your stories of sexual bravado I get the sense that this is still a big deal. I am still an unknown quantity. and the real leap of faith has still to be made. I ask if I should get a hotel room and you just nod. I, of course, have already identified suitable venues in advance. I ask you to wait while I check in, better to make the booking on my own. I emerge with the key and ask if you want another drink first. You nod again. I’m not sure either of us really wants one, but we are both nervous.

15 minutes later we are in the room. Standing facing one another in front of the bed. I close the curtains so the room is dimmed but we can still see each other. I put my hands on your waist and kiss you, passionately. You respond and hold the back of my neck. We stop kissing, but remain close. I move my hands to the zip on the back of your dress and slowly pull it down. I carefully slip the sleeves off your shoulders and it hangs there for a second. Then I gently tug and it slips to your waist, while you extract your wrists. Your breasts, small and delicate inside your bra. Your stomach soft and inviting. My cock is hard.

You undo my shirt and pull it off me. Then lift my t shirt over my head. Touching my chest and my arms. I pull your dress down, it falls and you step out of it, kicking it to one side. I kiss you again and this time my hands explore you, your back, your ass, your stomach, your breasts. I unclip your bra and you shrug it forward. I dip my head and suck at your nipples, cupping both breasts with my hands. Feeling their soft weight. Then I sink to my knees kissing over your stomach and gripping either side of your panties. I pull them down revealing your smooth mound and inviting slit.

I run my hands up the back of your thighs and raise myself up in front of you. You unbuckle my belt, unzip my fly, and push my trousers and pants down. I kick them to one side. We are now both naked. My frame so much larger than yours. My strong arms and legs, the inherent power. You small and fragile.

“Suck me,” I command and you obediently drop to your knees and take my cock in your hand and place it between your lips. You move your head back and forth, sucking and licking. Drawing your tongue down and round my shaft. You look up at me with soft brown eyes and I look back at you with burning desire. I tell you to stop, but to stay on your knees. I grab two ties from my bag. One I use to bind your wrists behind your back, not a not, just an over and under. Your hands are tight, but if you pull, they will slip apart. The other I loop around your neck, lifting your hair, allowing the cross over to be on the back of your neck, a single piece of silk on your throat.

I hold the ends and stand in front again so that my cock once more is within reach of your mouth. You resume sucking me. I increase the tension around your neck, so the tie is tight. I vary the grip, harder when you Escort bayan move forward, less when you move out. Then I take one hand and ease your head onto me, until your face is almost pressed into me. I am not big, but my cock fills your mouth. I release you. You pull back. Then move forward again. I hold you longer this time. On the third time I hold you until you start to press back against my hand, then I release you and you gasp for air.

I loose the tension on the tie and you move your head back and forth a few more strokes. Then I whisper your name. You look up. I push my hips forward and gently close your nostrils shut. You can barely breathe. I release and allow you to pull back to draw air. I push you slowly back onto me and pinch your nose again. This time I wait until I can see the pleading in your eyes. I let you breathe. The I pull out.

“Stand up, ” I say.

You stand and I kiss you, squeezing both breasts and pinching your nipples.

“Turn around.” and you do. I take my belt from my trousers and drape the thick leather against your skin, the small of your back and your ass cheeks, then I gently move the length of leather against you. There is little sound as the belt taps your skin. I move from cheek to cheek. Then suddenly lift and swipe and with a loud crack the leather slaps against your right buttock and you flinch.

I continue to move the belt tip between your shoulder blades, over your breasts, sliding under your nipples, over your belly. Once more gently tapping the soft flesh of your stomach. I see you tense. If I smack your stomach it will hurt. But instead I slap against your left ass cheek and once more you jolt, but once more you stand still. I slap gently between your legs and you move your hips. wanting to avoid the pain, wanting to endure the pain.

A sharp smack again across both ass cheeks brings a whimper from you. I drape the end of the belt once more across your breasts. We both know how much it will sting if I slap the leather against your breasts, catching the sensitive skin of your nipples. The threat is enough to make you turn slightly away from each touch, but still you stand, staring ahead, no sense that the safe word will be used.

I want you. I want to hurt you. I want to hold you. Ii want to fuck you. I want to kiss you. I want to explore every hole. I think about the next 24 hours and I know that I will do all of those things.

I stand behind you and untie your wrists, stroking them and circling the inside of each with my fingertip. Then I take the tie and place it so that it covers your eyes and knot it firmly at the back of your head. I run my hands up the side of your body, feeling the soft flesh beneath my fingers, under your arms, lifting them. My hands gently sliding their entire length until your arms are above your head; then I let you bend them at the elbow. My hands slide back down and move forward cupping each breast my body pressed against your back. I press the small soft globes of flesh against your rib cage, then each thumb and fore-finger gently grips your nipples and pulls them out from you until the muscle resists. Your skin is so soft and smooth and cool that I want to run my hands all over your body.

But for now I step away and you are left naked, blindfolded, no knowing where I am or what I might do next. I circle you, dip my had and suck your left breast as far into my mouth as I can, flicking my tongue across the hard little rosebud. I move away. I slap you firmly on the ass cheek, enough to make you take a small step forward. I stand at your side, place my hand between your thighs and run my finger down your slit as far as it will go and then back up again. You are wet and it isn’t long before my strokes cause your lips to part.

“Squeeze your tits,” I whisper and you lower your arms and do just that, pushing the little mounds together, pressing them in and squeezing. My finger slide down and presses against your pussy hole. My other hand feels the curve of your ass cheek.

“Move your legs apart,” I sigh in your ear.

You respond and now my finger slips into your wet cunt. My other hand follows the crease of your ass and seeks out the little puckered kiss. The finger rubs against the tightly closed hole, circles, then presses and I feel the entrance give just a fraction. At first you grip the finger like a wound up elastic band, fighting the intrusion, but as I push further in each ring of muscle gives way. I have a finger in your cunt, rubbing the mound of your g-spot and a finger buried in your ass to the furthest knuckle, gently pulsing. I feel both, almost as if they were touching, separated by the thinnest of membranes.

My fingers work in unison and I can hear your breath quicken; your hands automatically intensify the sensation, kneading your breasts, the fingers brushing your hard nipples. Your mouth tight as you concentrate on Bayan Escort the warmth that is spreading from between your legs. The tension in your belly. Your legs tremble slightly from the taut muscles.

My fingers move gently, firmly, back and forth, my hands cupping, my other fingers caressing the soft skin of your thighs and ass. You moan, then whimper, and I can sense the sparkle growing in you; little flashes of pleasure that make you writhe, small noises, your hands gripping tighter. I rub my fingers exploring both holes, responding to your movements and sound. Harder, faster, deeper. And then…

And then you are over the edge of the precipice and falling; the waves of orgasm flood through you. Touching places inaccessible. You feel like you might wet yourself as you lose control and spasm. You clench and bit your lip. The pleasure pain. My fingers still extracting, but more gently. Every last ounce of electricity, the waves lapping over you and then subsiding.

I slowly, carefully, remove my fingers, your holes closing, searching for something to grip, feeling void and wanting more. Your hands drop to your side. I move in front of you and remove the blindfold. I’ve given you something and now I will feel less guilty about how much I take.

“Are you Daddy’s little whore?” The words sound alien but drip with desire. Your face is uncertain but you swallow, blush and nod. “Say it for me.”

Your eyes widen slightly, but this is a game you don’t want to leave – not yet. “I’m your little whore Daddy.”

My cock stiffens at the words, from such a sweet, innocent girl. Not so sweet or innocent if everything you’ve told me is true, But looking at your small, slim body and your cute face makes the whole idea so much hotter.

“On your knees.” You sink down and without being asked take my cock in one hand and open your mouth. You put your lips around the tip and flick your tongue underneath the head. Then you slowly draw yourself onto me, further and further until your nose touches my pubic hair. Then you slowly pull back your cheeks hollowed by the effort. It is glorious. That one simple, delicious, warm, wet, soft movement. It would not take much for me to cum. As you begin to move back and forth bubbles of saliva form at the side of your mouth.

“When I cum, don’t swallow, I want you to show me.”

Your eyes flick to my face. So lost, so absolutely mine to do with as I please. It is a cheap, porn-show request, but I desire to mix the sluttiness with your cuteness. The thought is so exciting, your lips so firm, your mouth so inviting that soon I feel myself reaching the top of the hill and then I race down the other side. Grunting, I spurt, creamy cum, welling from the tip in waves. You swallow the first to avoid choking, but I pull back to the edge to allow the remainder to ooze into your mouth. You hold my tip between your lips and breathe through your nose. I let out a sigh and lean back on my arms. You pull your head back, look at me with those big brown eyes and open your mouth, your tongue flattened and my thick cum in a milky film across it.

Your fine lips are kissable. Your mouth a deep pink. The image is so hot I could look at it all night, but I have other plans.

“Swallow.” You obey but never take your eyes from mine.

I lift you up and then lay you on the bed on your back. I quickly ties your wrists and ankles to the bed posts – having already made sure that we would have a wooden framed bed. You are naked, spread-eagle and vulnerable.

“I’m going to leave the room for a while. I’ll leave the TV on. Do not move. When I return you mustn’t say anything, you will do whatever I tell you to do and let me do whatever I want. Okay?” You nod. You are apprehensive, but also excited. How far will I go, how far will you let me?

It takes me just over an hour to find what I’m looking for. You start by getting used to your nakedness. There is a little give in the ties but it is still quite uncomfortable to lie with your arms and legs outstretched un able to roll onto your side or your front. Unable to see the TV clearly but hearing the sound of a comedy programme you like and losing yourself in the dialogue.

When the door opens you are momentarily terrified, fearing that some stranger will walk in and see you naked and vulnerable. When you turn your head and see me you are flooded with relief. Whatever I have in mind you’re looking forward to the pleasure. Then you see the two men walk in behind me. They are much younger than me, early twenties, quite well groomed, but clearly having had a little to drink.

“Ok fellas,” I say, “Here she is as promised. So you get naked, I’ll untie her and then I’ll sit in the corner and watch. Remember the rule though; she’s not allowed to talk, so either tell her what to do, or just make her do it.”

Then men both look at each other, still feeling Escort this might be a setup. Still thinking it sounded too good to be true. Come and fuck a guy’s daughter while he watches. Mad, but so horny. “She’s over 18 right?” asked the black dude. “Yes, she’s 21. She looks young, but she’s definitely 21.” Not for the first time I wonder if you really are as old as you said. You could easily pass for 17… or younger. But it is too late to challenge you and I am too far involved in what I’d promised you to stop now.

The guys glance at each other and come to a decision. In a whirl of shirts and trousers and underwear they strip, discarding clothes across the floor. I loosen the ties and release you. You sit up, you belly creases and your small round tits hang forward – it is a beautiful sight. Then the black dud steps onto the bed in front of you and holds his massive cock in front of your face. You look at me questioningly. “Go on Amy,” I smile.

You use both hands to hold him and squeeze the tip of his cock in your mouth. It is so large it stretches and fills your mouth completely. You suck and lick the end while he holds your head. “Come on man, let me get some,” calls the white guy. The black dude pulls out and steps of the bed, lifting you as if you were weightless and pushing your legs under you. Now you are on all fours, so the black dude puts his cock back in your mouth while the white guy stands on the bed massaging your ass and rubbing his hand between your legs.

You are struggling to accommodate the black dude, he is much larger than anyone you’ve ever had before. You’re sucking the head of his cock as hard as you can but when he starts to push in you feel like you’re going to choke. The white guy is not as big, but is quite long. He slides his cock down your pussy lips until he reaches your hole and then he pushes into you. Slowly his length moves into you, deeper and deeper. It feels like he might not stop, as if he’s going to end up pressing up into the middle of your tummy. He grabs your hips and starts to ride you, sliding back and forth with long steady strokes. he bangs you like a cheap whore, focusing on the sensation in his cock.

The black dude knows you’re struggling and, while it feels nice, the sensation is constant. So he diverts his attention to your small tits that barely hang from your chest they are so blossoming. He rubs them and squeezes them and pinches and pulls your nipples. I watch fascinated at how your tiny body accommodates the two men, stroking myself as their two cocks enter you.

After a minute or two the men change position. You are relieved at how much narrower the white guy is and move your mouth much more freely down his shaft. But then you realise that the length that was in your cunt is now between your lips and there is the same sensation of him not stopping. You start to gag, but he just continues sliding in. You think you might choke on him but somehow you manage to draw air through your nose and resist the urge to throw up.

The black dude is at your pussy lips. the narrow head of his cock pushes into you and your pussy lips part as he sinks into you. Your whole stretches and widens and slowly he is pushing into you, bigger, fatter, wider, it feels like you might split open. He’s too big! alarm floods you. You are filled, more filled than you’ve ever been or ever imagined being. He continues to push, your cunt continues to strain to accommodate him. You feel his thick cock moving further and further into you. Then they both begin to move.

White guy thrusts into your mouth with sudden surprises each time. He’s in your throat, then between your lips. The black dude moves slightly less, but gradually increases the length of his strokes as your body adjusts to his size. You feel almost sick and when both of them push together the experience is magnified and you imagine that the tips of their two cocks might meet in the middle of your body. Their rhythm builds.

Then black dude slaps your ass hard sending a jolt of pain through you. The white guy has both your tits in his hands. The black dude circles his arm under you and, feeling your soft belly and then fingering your clit. They are now both fucking you hard. It is obscene watching two large men fucking such a little girl. And I love it. The black dude starts to growl and then pumps his cum into you in long thick spurts. When done he pulls out and moves to your head. White guy pulls out and black dude immediately puts his wet shiny cock head in your mouth.

White guy slips back into your cunt, rigid and long. Fucking in deep strokes and then pissing cum into you like a stream. Then he too pulls out and moves back to your head. You have licked the black dude and now you suck the last drops of cum and cunt juice off the white guy. It was intense. Your body is still trembling from the experience, cum dripping down the inside of your thigh, but at least you survived. You wait for the men to leave, but they don’t seem in any hurry. I watch. I want you so badly it hurts. But I have plenty of time. For now I have a different kind of fun planned and these two guys have offered to help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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