Hotel Stay with Straight Supervisor

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Working for an electronics retail store wasn’t all that amazing, but there were two perks to the whole thing. One was achievers. I was only eighteen, but I managed to be one of the best sellers in the store, so I got to fly to California for a week and enjoy the sights. The other benefit was supervisor.

God, was he a sight to behold. I remembered my first interview with him. While only twenty-three, Shawn quickly became a supervisor at the store. He had short cropped blond hair that looked more brown, and subtle blue eyes. He actually wasn’t THAT attractive. Super skinny and tall, Shawn got some looks, but it was his straight, manly vibe without having to try that got me going.

Either way, him and I were set to go to California for achievers… did I mention we’d be staying in the same hotel room? The company’s cheapness would be my treasure.

It was day five on the trip, and we got back to the hotel around 10pm. I plopped onto my bed and flipped the TV on, while Shawn went to take a shower. Shawn had this aggravating thing where he felt totally comfortable being nude in the room around me, as if such a thing was normal. Made me think about all the times he’d be nude around his friends in high school.

He walked out of the shower and into the room, his hair still damp from the water, and his dick swinging from side-to-side as he walked over to the wall to plug his phone in.

“Two more days, Dylan,” he said.

I used my willpower to keep my eyes above his waist. It was impossible not to stare. His smooth body, compact muscles, skinny long legs, and glistening ass filled the room with presence.

“We could always just live out the rest of our lives in this little hotel,” I said with half izmir escort mockery.

Shawn twisted his body. The muscles around his ribs contracted. He shot me a glance with an accompanied smile. “Well, if you keep selling the way you do, we’ll be back here next year.”

Always thinking about business.

He got in bed and turned his lamp off to sleep, and I turned the television off. I laid in bed for an hour, staring at the wall, not wanting the vacation to end, when I turned my head to look at Shawn.

He was perfect. The blanket pulled down, the edge barely covering his pubic hair. The moonlight from the window lathered his chest. His nipples begged to be licked.

I reached down under my covers and grabbed my dick. It grew huge from just the sight of my supervisor sleeping nude. The arousal rivaled anything I had experienced. I kicked my covers off and pulled on my balls as I jerked off, imaging his body pressing against mine.

Then a thought hit me.

My heart pounded at the thought.

I sat up on my bed and planted my feet on the ground. My penis pointed forward, toward Shawn, like a compass.

I sat there for at least five minutes, debating in my head if I should do it.

Standing up, I moved over to his bed and sat next to him, testing the limits of his sensitivity toward waking up.


The room was so silent I could hear the air leave and fill his lungs. I reached over and pressed my hand to his chest. My dick swelled with excitement. I was touching him. Touching this beautiful older boy’s body.

My hand slowly traced down his stomach and pulled the covers lower, revealing his soft penis. With the moonlight alsancak escort acting as a spotlight, I examined his gorgeous dick. I grazed the backside of my fingers along his cock and stopped to look at his face.


With my index finger, I traced his penis and lingered on the head, slowly spinning circles around the edges, imaging the tingles he’d be feeling if he were awake.

Then it grew. Just slightly, but it grew.

I lowered my body so my mouth faced his dick. I rubbed my nose against the girth of his penis and stuck my tongue out to lick it. Just a lick. Not even enough to get a taste. But that wasn’t enough for me. I stuck my tongue out again and traced the edges of his penis head, making sure not to grab my own dick, because I was about to explode. Any second he could wake up.

I went for it. I wrapped my warm mouth around his cock, entrapping his penis with a swirl of my tongue. My nose pushed on his pubic bone. The slurping noise sounded louder than it was. I sucked his cock, pulling it into my mouth, drawing up his blood.

I felt it grow inside my mouth. I had never done that before. Knowing my mouth was the cause of his erection made me suck and lick even more. His manly taste controlled me.

With my left hand, I gripped his dick and went for his balls. They were smooth. He must had shaved them recently. I licked all around them and took them into my mouth, sucking on each ball.

Then Shawn’s moans began. I tossed his head from one side to another, moaning as I massaged his balls with my mouth. His eyes never opened, though.

I curled my tongue around his dick once more, watching as he opened his mouth agape, buca escort moaning even louder.

I was feeling risky by now. I got back to my knees and straddled Shawn’s body. With one hand, I guided his dick toward my aching hole. I rubbed its head around the hole, teasing it for him. I slathered it up with even more saliva and pushed it inside.

My teeth bit my lip hard to keep me from moaning. His dick was very huge. It was thin, but very long. And I was going to get it all inside of me.

Slowly, I brought my ass down into his groin, swallowing all of it. I could feel his dick filling up every inch I had to offer inside of me.

I closed my eyes and rocked my ass. It felt so fucking good. I looked down at my own cock. It pointed straight at my face, with cum leaking down the sides. Each pump of Shawn’s cock forced a little more out of my casket.

Now I was full on riding his cock and watching his face make all sorts of emotions. I wanted to shove my cock down his gaping mouth, but I controlled myself. With slow, methodical movements, I plunged his deeper inside my ass. The saliva squished. I finally moaned as I felt his dick get even harder. He was just about to explode inside of me.

Then Shawn awoke.

His eyes flushed open and he saw me on top of him. He sat up with me still riding his cock. “Dylan! What are you—”

Shawn couldn’t finish his sentence. He simply closed his eyes and opened his mouth to give out his loudest moan. Cum rocked into my ass with such ferocity. I wrapped my arms around his neck and made out with his moaning mouth as he kept firing rope after rope of cum inside of me.

His new position forced his cock to angle against my rectum in a way that gave me a crazy amount of pleasure. His chest pressed my dick against my chest and exploded it. Cum shot up and drenched us both.

He fell back down to the bed and just stared at me, breathing heavily.

With his still hard dick inside of me, I looked into his blue eyes and said, “So… do you want to shower?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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