Housewives Club Pt. 02

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Maturity & Naiveté

Alice was sore for few days. She began to feel liberated after that intense session with the stranger – Jim. She began to fantasize often of different situations.

Lisa nor Julie reached out to her to discuss her experience. The only call was from Anna. She referred by her HWC id – Luscious Dimples aka LD. She provided her the feedback she received from Jim. Also, that Jim sent in an online payment of $2500.00. She suggested that Alice open a discreet bank account for the transfer of funds. Suddenly, she was richer by $6250.00. She did not know what do to with the new disposable monies. She decided to put it away for future use.

Three weeks later, David returned. There was no love exchanged. Each of the spouses went about their activities at the same time supporting Mark.

David began to stay away from home more often than he used too. She appreciated her free time and began to spend time out of the house improving her body and image. Her legs were now waxed smooth, pubic hair trimmed perfectly to wear a bikini without embarrassment, her cunt was bare and her ass clean. She also took care of her armpit hair and invested in some new clothes.

Lisa noticed her change. She did not interfere with her actions. Alice began to keep to herself. She appreciated her new found identity and felt discretion is critical. Alice wanted more. She often wondered what her next adventure was going to be.

Few weeks passed, she was back to her routine. David was at home that morning. The FedEx early delivery service delivered a box addressed to LD. She hesitated to receive it with the fear of getting caught. Luckily for her, David was in the yard.

She received a Mobile Phone – sponsored by HWC. She quickly slipped it into her shorts. That was close. David almost answered the door. Luckily for her, she beat him to it.

That week on Thursday night, David and Mark we to have their boys night out. She got a text on her new phone, “Cougar experience: press 937 if interested, or 66 if not.”

Alice smiled, her reply was instantaneous – 937. The follow up text was immediate – “Same Place, Room 231 – today 4p.”

Alice did not need much preparation. She was ready.

No sooner did David and Mark leave, she drove down the familiar road to the four seasons. She parked in the basement and took the elevator directly to the second floor. She was confident that she was not seen by anyone.

Entering the room, she refreshed herself and waited.

5:30 pm and no one was at the door. She reached for the phone and texted, “No show.”

In about 10 minutes, there was a message –

“He is in the lobby, too shy and nervous to come up. J”

She was amused. She adjusted her bra, and her loose white Top and pulled the long green skirt down to her ankles. Her laced black panties were beginning to get wet.

She confidently walked into the lobby. It looked empty, except for the front desk staff. At the corner of the lounger, she saw a young blonde haired male who was sitting nervously shaking his legs. Alice flashed a smile at him and instantly knew she had her mate.

As soon as she walked up to him, he stood up. Tall, at least 6ft4 190 lbs., broad shoulders, and build like a ball player.

“Hi, I am LD.”

“Huh! Ted”, he extended his hand. She felt the firm grip of his large hands. He voided eye contact. She was not sure of what she has to do next to get him into the room.

“How are you doing today?” she asked as she looked up and down the huge figure in front of her.

He smiled. She moved forward, put her hand in between his right arm and his body holding his thick biceps.

He followed her in the elevator. They looked at each other in silence. She opened the room 231 door and entered. He stood outside, hesitating to enter.

“You are a strong young man. I can’t hurt you.”

She left the door open and went into the room. It took him few minutes to finally enter the room and shut the door behind him.

Sensing he was a virgin, her cunt was dripping wet in anticipation of being his first cherry. She had to think fast, had to do something to get him to be comfortable and ease him into her.

Like before, there were flowers, wine & cheese, cream & honey, and a fruit basket on the table. She sat on the sofa and he on the chair opposite her.

“So, tell me about you Ted”, she sat as she adjusted herself and crossed her legs.

He smiled and lowered his eyes, “Well, I play at the university.”

She could see that. She checked out his frame as he continued speaking. She did not hear a word of what he was saying. She wanted him out of those clothes and his cock in her. She felt a trickle ready to gush out of her well lubricated cunt.

He continued to speak. She nodded her head pretending to hear him. He was getting comfortable too.

She came back to hearing him as he continued, “lately I have been alone.” That was her lead in.

“You have a girl friend?” she asked. Her legs were uncrossed. She could smell her juices izmit escort and hoping he could too.

“No, I don’t. I do have a crush on one.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. Do tell more about this.”

She stood up and reached for the fruit on the table, and moved to the bed.

“Well, she is my senior in college. I get very tense when she is around.”

“What’s her name?” she looked at him and gestured for him to sit next to her on the bed. He followed her instructions.

“Jesse.” he said as he sat on the bed. She caressed his arms and his chest.

“What about her do you like?” she kissed his face as he spoke. Her hands were on his chest.

“She is mature and very beautiful. Does she have a curvy body that you like to touch?”

“Hmm, I did not notice.”

“Liar!” she exclaimed and dropped her hands on his crotch. He was taken aback by her move. He withdrew and was silent again. His cock was hard.

“Have you seen a woman naked?” she whispered nibbling into his ears. He shook his head sideways in response.

“Undress me.” She unzipped him as she gave him that instruction. His stretched white underwear showed he was not a very large package, but appeared thick. His hands moved quick and had her white top off and was now unstrapping her bra.

He glared down at her exposed Ds nipples. Her hands moved to his head and drew his mouth to them. His mouth clasped her right breast like a hungry baby. His lips sucked her nipple in and he was swirling it in his mouth.

“Do you like that?” she asked laying back on the bed and having him on her. His hand reached out for her left breast and he was kneading her gently.

She felt his mouth was pulling her nipple hard as he sucked. She did not mind the pain, she guided his actions with soft words “Be gentle, don’t hurt those puppies.” He was apologetic, his sucking pressure decreased.

He moved from breast to breast alternating his attention. She felt like a queen and enjoyed the attention. Naked to the waist, she laid on the bed and allowed him to play.

Few minutes later, his play on her was interrupted by her ringing cell phone. She sat up to reach for it on the table, at the same time putting her finger on her lips to ask him to be quiet and silent.

“Hi, how are things going?”

David was on the other line.

“Mark and I are on a boat. We are having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.”

“Me too.” She lied.

“What got you on a boat?” she laid back on the bed to allow Ted to get back to his play. His mouth took her nipples in again.

“Well, it was a wild idea. Mark wanted it.”

Ted’s mouth was gentler now and he was sucking her in. Her nipples were beginning to get tender.

“What are you up to?”

“Me.” She giggled silently. “I am helping and tutoring an intern.” Her hands played with Ted’s hair as he sucked her. “He is a quick learner.”

“That’s nice. Alice, we won’t be back till Saturday afternoon.”

“Aw! I was hoping we watch a movie tomorrow night.”

She felt him moving down to kiss her belly and his tongue played on her button. She knew he was ready to progress. She patted his head to move and she was on her feet again. Loosening her green skirt, she stepped out of it with her soaked black panties. She pulled her panties down. Her wet cunt lips with her trimmed hair came in full view. He froze as he saw her juicy cunt.

She laid back on the bed with her legs folded at her knees and thighs stretched apart.

“I got to go now. My intern needs some help. You guys have a wonderful time. Take pictures and tell me all about it when you return.”

She blew a kiss on the phone and she hung up. She looked at her lover boy. She touched her clit area.

“Kiss it here and suck in it. You can use your fingers into me as you do.”

He obeyed her commands. As his face came closer to her cunt, he could smell her. He put his tongue out and his mouth planted a kiss on her cunt. She swooned. Her hips raised to meet his mouth. She heard a slurp as his mouth sucked her juices in.

“Oh Ted, fuck me with your mouth. I want that tongue in me.”

He began to work her. She was on the edge, her hands gripped his head and directed his actions. She grinded her cunt to his face.

“Oh gosh I am Cumming. Don’t Stop. Don’t stop.”

She moaned aloud as she entire body vibrated with an intense orgasm, probably multiple ones. Judging by her reaction, he knew he did something right. As her body settled back, she pulled him up to the bed and moved on top of him. Her naked body pressed against his clothed one.

She kissed him on his lips. She smelled and tasted her pussy on him.

“You are an expert at this. Have you done this before?”

“No. I don’t even know what I did there.”

They laughed together. She looked into his eyes.

“My turn to help you out.”

She had him sit up and pulled his underwear down. His 5+ inch cock was erect. Alice gasped as she saw the thickness. Her small hands could not hold it in one grasp. yahya kaptan escort Uncut, the foreskin covered the pink thick head. Pre-cum was on.

Game on.

“It will help a lot more, if you got naked too.”

Ted smiled. He was walking to the bathroom to remove his clothes.

“Do it here. I want to see that body come out in the open.”

He turned to her as he dropped his clothes.

“Don’t judge me.” He pleaded.

She laughed “Are you kidding me?”

Her hands reached for his cock and pulled him closer. He sat next to her and she told him to look at her hands as she moved them on his thick dick.

His foreskin moved slowly back as she pealed it and forward as she pushed it back. He moaned as her skillful hands played him. She wanted to capture his expressions as she milked him. His balls were loaded and she could tell he was ready to ejaculate.

She saw him close his eyes and his hands tightly clasping his hair. It was her moment to surprise him. She moved quick and opened her mouth wide to take his thickness completely into her with one suck. He grunted with approval. As her tongue rolled on his meat, her lips holding on, she felt him shoot his hot cum into her throat.

She gagged and coughed but did not let go of him. His vocal cords screamed out primal noises as he emptied his sacs into her. She held on.

“This is the moment he is going to remember for rest of his life” she thought as she received him.

Her mouth was filled with his cum. She enjoyed his taste. Her luscious dimples were visible. She wished he could see them. He had his eyes closed enjoying the moment. She gently swallowed his spunk and released his wet sticky cock into the open. She licked the sides of his thickness. There was a drop or two of his white cum on his head. She licked and sucked it in, his dick moved with a shiver, and he moaned with pleasure.

The two naked bodies laid on the bed.


“Yeah Wow!”

Each had their moment to cherish. His first cunt ever. Her first cougar experience.

“Between Wait Times”

It has been few months since Alice had Ted. She wanted his thickness to fill her up and tear her tightness. However, he was reluctant to do so that evening. Their only contact was through HWC. Rules prohibited exchange of information.

HWC transferred money in small intervals for the services rendered to Ted over 6 months. She figured he could not afford the payment in one installment. She received a couple of messages too through HWC.

“My game improved. More focused now than ever. Thank you.”

“Every time I score. I think of you.”

“Will be nice again.”

Mark was growing older and too involved his activities. David was hardly at home. He seemed more careless now than ever. There were cum stains on his underwear, probably not his cum. He seems reluctant to be naked in front of her anymore.

Alice accepted his desires. She wondered if he would accept her adventures.

There was no communication with Anna or Julie. There were a few propositions for her through the HWC cell phone – a threesome, gangbang, and voyeur – she chose not to pursue. She felt HWC profiled her and soon was not receiving too many calls. She wondered if she should be more open for exploration.

She kept at her daily schedule. Lisa promoted her to a new role. The pay was good. However, Alice began to miss HWC’s referrals. She decided to revisit her profile. Her profile showed, there were about 50 visitors, her experiences were only 2.

“Is that a good success rate? Do I fit into HWC’s business model?”

She clicked on the FAQs to look for answers. Many of them were trivial questions with obvious answers. She clicked on the one that said “I am not getting too many responses. What do I do?”

“The short answer – there is nothing you can do. Your profile is accurate based on your responses and the feedback received from the past HWC experiences.

You are unique. Be patient.

A picture or video usually helps.”

Discretion was important to her. Patience was her path forward.

It was Monday evening, she was returning from work. Jane, her loving mother-in-law, called her.

“Hi Mom, how are you doing?”

“Good and you. Are you on your way back?”

“Yeah, Mark is at a camp this week. David is out. What do you have in mind?”

“Well, I am heading to Seattle this evening. Chris is out of town too. Can you stop by to check on the house when you can?”

“Sure, not a problem. But, Seattle on a short notice. Everything alright.”

“Chris suggested a ladies trip and got a good deal for few of us. It should be fun.”

“Lucky you. Wish David did that for me.”

“Oh really, I did not know if you would be interested. I would have asked to include you.”

Alice smiled, “That’s sweet of you. You have a wonderful time. I love to hear details when you return.” She was happy for Jane. Married for 35 years to Chris. Never complained once about him. Very loving gebze escort and caring. She stepped in to make her feel more like a daughter than her son’s wife.

Later that evening, Alice was watching a movie. The HWC phone alerted a text.

“HWC member is double booked. Your profile fits the needs. 937 or 66?”

She was convinced that HWC has made their selection with care. Her response was 937. There was no reply for an hour or so.

The movie ended, she got into bed.

11:30 pm, the message flashed – “86 Silver Palms Street. Tomorrow evening. Dinner. Travel Light.” She squeezed her breasts and touched her cunt as she softly murmured, “Finally.”

‘Relative’ Surprise – First Day

She woke up early to get to work. As she got ready she wondered what ‘Travelling Light’ meant. As she prepared her breakfast, she got a call from Lisa telling her that she is going to be travelling and suggested that she could work remote or take a week off.

Relieved, she took off her shoes and sat back in the living room. She reached for her HWC phone and checked the message again. There was a flashing text – “Mature Man. 937 or 66?” Amused she responded “937” and waited for reply.

A smiley face appeared along with “Same address. Now for Lunch 12:00 pm.” Followed by more specific instructions, “Over sexed. Be flexible and open.”

She knew she had to expand her horizons. She wanted to explore.

Around 11:45 am, she was reached the gates of the community on Silver Palms Street. She pressed the house number 86 and a gently deep voice enquired and buzzed the gates open. She felt the voice sounded very familiar.

As she drove towards the house, she felt uncomfortable and wanted to turn back. Her clientele was small, she did not want to be cast out of HWC for her inflexibility and lack of openness. She got out of the car and composed herself.

She checked the time and it was 11:50 am.

Hesitantly she rang the doorbell.

The door opened.

Alice stepped back with a gasp. Her secret was out. She wanted to run, escape from the man who stood in front of her.

A 55+ year old man, standing in black lounge pants, in an elegant grey robes, he stood 6 feet 3 inches in height. Large frame with a clean shaven look. He stepped back too. It seems unreal. He wanted to shut the door and open it again to see if it was really her.

They stood staring at each other.

“Alice, what are you doing here?” he saw her in her braless blouse with her nipples showing through her clothes. She looked up to the towering man in front of her. Her eyes met her father-in-law’s. He was so different from David.

He enquired with a soft whisper “Luscious Dimples?”

She lowered her eyes with a smile. Embarrassed, she was looking for a way out. She felt him move down the steps and put his arms around her back and led her into the house.

The house was dark, the shutters down, and curtains in place. The floor was lit dim and there was soft music playing in the back ground.

Alice sat on the chaise. Chris stood in front of her. There was an uncomfortable pause.

“Jane does not know. I have my needs.”

She looked up to his words.

“I understand if you want to leave.”

She did not respond. She sat stunned with the turn of events. He left her to her thoughts. She saw him walk up the stairs.

For the next 30 minutes, her mind went crazy to come to terms with the situation she was in.

“HWC, David, Mark, Jane, Chris. Her Adventures. The fear of being outed.”

Chris returned around 1:00 pm. Now dressed more formally that she is used to. The lights went up, the curtains drawn apart, music stopped, and the lunch was on the table.

He invited her to the table. She joined him.

“How long have you been a member?”

“About six months. You?”

He laughed, “I am not a member, but I have been doing this for about 10 years now.”


“She doesn’t know. Hope we can keep it that way.”

She had him. He wanted discretion and secrecy as much as she does.

“David?” he asked.

“No. He doesn’t either. He is Gay.”

“I suspected that he might be.”

The in-laws continued with their lunch. She was more relaxed and was gathering her courage to address her assignment.

After lunch, as he was putting away the dishes. She went about shutting the blinds and drawing the curtains. She dimmed the lights and was looking for the music.

He returned to a pleasant surprise.

“Where is the music?” she asked. He used the remote to turn it on.

She stood in the center of the room as he approached her. His hands reached out to her, around her waist and drew her to his hard body and put his lips on his daughter-in-law.

She did not remember the last time his son kissed him like this. She enjoyed the moment slowly putting her arms around his back as his tongue rolled on hers. His hands moved down her back and cupped her ass cheeks.

His fingers traced her ass and found that she had no panties on. His mouth moved from hers to her neck. He bend to hold her waist firmly and lifted her off the floor.

A strong man, she enjoyed his control, he gently whispered, “I wanted to do this from the first time David introduced you to us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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