Husband Wife and Incest with Sibling Ch. 02

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My wife Tonya and I are still laying in bed, and we are still both naked. The sex we had a few hours ago was amazing, even if I did hear my sister screaming in Orgasm instead of my wife. She still has her head on my chest and my right shoulder has fallen asleep. I am twirling my finger in her hair and thinking about how I am going to bring up my secret that I need to discuss with her.

I was 19 at the time and still living at home. My sister was 19 also, she has a different mother than I do, we are not twins. She would walk around the house in just a push up bra and a G-String bikini panties. She started doing this when we were 16 years of age. She was hot, her body was silky smooth to the touch, and her pussy mound always stood out when she would walk around the house in that G-String.

My sister Aimee was amazing, and she knew it. She knew what walking around half naked did to me and she loved it. Every time I would get that boner in my shorts she would stare at it then look me in the eyes with that crooked smile of her’s. She was so sexy and I could not resist her.

We both started Community College in the same town close to home to save some money. The plan was to attend the college and continue living at home until we graduated. We were always really close. I remember one time I was sitting on the couch watching some television, she can down the stairs from her room with a blanket.

She wrapped the blanket around her then lay her head in my lap. Then she just kind of flapped the blanket over her head and my crotch. I placed my hand on her stomach under the covers. Then she lifted it up and set my hand on top of her pussy mound. She looked up at me and gave me that crooked smile and motioned her her toward her pussy.

I took that as an acceptable gesture to start rubbing her pussy. So I did, then she unzipped my fly. With her other hand she pulled my penis out. Then she would start rubbing her tongue along the penis slit, and wiggle her tongue on my pee hole. She did this just like my wife Tonya does, exactly the same. I can not understand how it is just alike, but I do not complain when my wife does it. It makes me think of my sister Aimee.

Then my wife stirred, she began to wake up. As she turned she spread her legs and instantly she bursa escort let out an expression of pain. She turned to me and said, “your cum and my cum are still in my pussy. It is all dried up now and pinching the lips of my pussy. I need to go clean up”.

Tonya tip toed gingerly to the bathroom, trying not to have here pussy lips move as she walked. She was at the bathroom door, turned and winked at me. “I need to soak in the bathtub to get all this junk out of my pussy.”

As she started running the water into the tub, my mind began to think about Aimee again.

We were both 19 years of age and had no work this day and no college classes. This is the day it all started, and the day of karma would take control.

Aimee was walking around the house as normal in her push up bra and her favorite G-String bikini panties. It just got the best of me this day, I could not hold it back any longer. I walked up to her and pinched her butt. Then I took my finger and ran it down her crack along side the g-string. I went all the way down until I felt her pussy and I stuck a finger in and wiggled it around, then two fingers, and then three. She had sweat dripping down from her hairline and down by her ears.

She turned to me and said, “Let’s go to your room and you will not regret this. I will make it the best day of your life. You will never have to long for me again, because I will make your day, your week, your life will be changed”!

My pecker got hard as a rock. I turned on my heels and we both went up the stairs. When we arrived at the top of the stairs, she said, “lay down on the bed for now”. So I did, then I heard the shower start up. I did not expect that, I just expected her to come along immediately and lay down next to me. So I went into the bathroom, stripped my clothes by the toilet and joined her in the shower.

I moved my chest against my sister’s back, then I reached my arms around her chest and put the palms of my hands against her tits. Slowly I messaged her tits, then I took my thumbs and started moving them back and forth against her swollen nipples. I moved my hips up against her butt, then my penis implanted itself into the crack of her buns. I began to move my hips back and forth, then, “What the hell do you think your bursa escort bayan doing”! She said and pushed me away.

My penis immediately began to deflate, and my nerves shot spikes through my skin instantly. I could not understand what happened. This was completely contrary to the moment that we were having just 10 minutes ago.

My sister bolted out of the shower and slammed the bathroom door behind her. I was beside myself, I could not think straight and did not understand what the hell just happened. I decided I would just finish in the the shower and dry off. After I was out of the shower I was about to dry off and decided to open the bathroom door a little while I was fixing up.

I had the towel over my head, and while I was drying off and having the door cracked open. I started to get hard again, then I heard a whisper outside the bathroom door. “I can see you, you dirty little boy”. I said, I am not dirty, just finished a shower. Don’t you remember Aimee? Then I heard a camera start snapping photos. That made me really hard. I took my penis in my hand and start stroking myself and opened the bathroom door at the same time.

Oh my said my sister, you are so sexy. About this time I was super confused. Then my sister said, “finish up and we will have some lunch”.

So I continued to get dressed. After I was finished she was laying on the bed completely naked. I just decided to go with the flow. Then moved toward the bed. Sat on the bed and ran my hands along her naked legs. Up and down toward her crotch then back toward her thighs. She closed her eyes and said awe that feels so good.

By this time I was comfortable again and moved onto the bed. I kneeled onto my knees and put my head toward her pussy. I moved my mouth onto her pussy and proceeded to invert my tongue into her pussy lips. I curled my tongue up and latch onto her clit then started going back and forth across her clit with my tongue. She began to buck her hips into my mouth. Her pussy lips began to quiver and then she exploded with a female ejaculation.

Then I moved up her torso kissing all the way until I was at her mouth. I kissed her lips and my penis slipped into her vagina with ease. I began to message my pecker against her her cervix and then escort bursa that feeling was just too great. I exploded all my semen into her cunt, my hot sticky fluid filled her cavity. Then she moaned with a growl and started screaming, Yes, Yes, Yes!

Bag the door to the bedroom slammed open! My father screamed, what the Fuck are you doing James!

My pecker immediately deflated, and I went to turn my head. But he caught me by the back of the hair and ripped me off my sister. My penis came out of her vagina with a pop.

He looked me in the eyes and said, “Get Out”! Your tuition is nullified I refuse to pay for it anymore. I do not want you in this house, not now not ever again. My heart sank to my toes, I looked at my sister and she had tears streaming down her face. My father looked at her and said, “Your changing Colleges Aimee or I will not pay for another class”!

I left the house that day, had to drop out of college, tried to find a good job, and tried not to loose self control.

Two months later I received a call from my mother, she and my dad divorced two years before all this happened. She told me that Aimee had told her everything that had happened between her and I, and that something terrible had happened.

Aimee had missed her period a month after she and I had that great sexual experience. She wanted to get with me and had told my mother that she could not live without me. But my father threatened to disown her, as threatening to stop paying for college was not working to stop her longing for me. Then the day before my mother called me, Aimee did the unthinkable.

She took my father’s gun, filled the bathtub up with water and shot herself in the chest while she was under water. Blood was everywhere, she had waited until her father left the house, nobody was home. The coroner said she drowned after she passed out from the gun shot.

I fell to my knees and lost control. I couldn’t take it, the emotion hit me so hard I passed out. My mother showed up at the house worried sick it was a worse situation than what is was. At the funeral my father was a Dick, screamed at me that it was all my fault. I walked around in a stupor for a a few tears. Then I met my wonderful wife Tonya eight years after my sister’s suicide.

Tonya came out of the bathroom and saw tears streaming down my face. She said, “Are you alright”?

I looked up, cleared my throat. Yes I am now, come over hear daring. I have something I need to tell you that I have been hiding from you.

To be Continued

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