I Call Her L. Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of the liason between Addictedtonylon and his editor, (L)SEiland. It can be read freestanding, but I recommend it as a continuation of the prior chapters. I hope you enjoy it. Tanya is a prior participant in the erotic adventures.


I’m Tanya, a stripper a local adult club. About a month ago, I was contacted by this woman, L, who wanted to set up a lap dance for this local guy. She said he was a writer, and could not think of anything to write about; something called “writer’s block”. The lap dance was part of her scheme to prod his creativity and write a new story for some porn lit site called Literotica. She made him wear some pink panties and I had to make him cum in the panties. Easy hundred bucks. We always get a video of the customers we get more intimate with, so they don’t run out on us without paying. I have the whole video on my cell phone. Whatever turns you on, I thought initially.

But that wasn’t the end.

Got my college education, but I spend five nights a week stripping for horny guys. This setup was so unique, and L, who planned it, is a really hot woman. I don’t know her real name, but I met her last Saturday night. Saturday night, wow, that turned me on big time when she spanked the guy right in front of me and the other women who she had also recruited for Addicted’s adventure. He was restrained that night so he still doesn’t know what she looks like, other than she has a tight firm ass and perfect legs. Those leather pants were amazing on her body. Too bad L is straight; I’d love to have a night with her.

So, she had told him to buy some panties to wear at my strip club. I didn’t know it, but he hid the panties when he tried to buy them, and L found out. L told me he would have to return to T.J.Maxx to go shopping again, and she wanted me to embarrass the shit out of him. The cashier and manager at T.J.Maxx is in on this as well.

This is perfect. First, taking this guy with me while I buy panties will be fun, I’m up for making this older guy flounder while I lead him around the store. I think I will have him buy all kinds of lingerie for me. Who knows where it will lead, maybe I can make him buy me panties whenever I need them. L is going to be in the store, watching him, disguised I guess, so he will have no idea who she is.

We chose 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, as the store manager, Ms. Josephs, said it would be really crowded with all kinds of pantyhose clad secretaries in short skirts, as this guy loves pantyhose and stockings on women. Got it?-his name is addictedtonylon. L just calls him Addicted.

At 4:30, he was standing outside of T.J.Maxx, just as he was instructed. I parked, and walked up to this guy. “Hi, Addicted, you ready for some fun?” I asked him. This guy is a doctor. That’s right, a physician, living close by, well-known, respected. However, I have a my video of him ejaculating in the pink panties with my leg over his head, on tape, so this guy has to do exactly what I tell him to do or else I get to share this video with his office staff and patients.

“Come on, Addicted, I need some new thongs,” I said as I grabbed onto his belt with my finger and pulled him. His reluctance was evident. He is an older guy, not bad looking, tall, and fit, no middle age gut on him. He seems like part father and part sex toy wrapped up in a nice package. Did I mention he loves nylons? Just to tease him, I wore a pair of shiny pantyhose, slightly off-black, a really short skirt and a pair of Lucite “fuck me” high heels. Looking a little slutty was the idea I had in mind. I am already six foot tall, maybe 6’3″ with the heels, so my physical appearance was overpowering next to Addicted. He looked me over, focusing on my legs and feet mostly, as he followed me into the store. Did I see a little bulge in his crotch? I think so.

“Let’s go over here, Addicted.” I led us directly to the lingerie department. The rack was packed with panties, and there were four other women shopping off the same rack. I started to pick out panties from the rack, Addicted behind me, checking for the most erotic pair I could find. I found a white micromesh thong with blue trim, and showed them to Addicted.

“What do you think of these?” I held them up in front of his face. I was obviously teasing him in his predicament. The other customers stopped to watch this interplay, not yet knowing what to make of this man in their presence.

“Very nice” he whispered as I handed them to him, so as not to ignore me but also to try to remain inconspicuous amongst the young females also looking through the panty rack.

“Hold on to these.” I commanded with authority, so it could be heard by all in the vicinity.

I also found a micro bikini and a few pairs of brightly colored shiny panties, very slick. I took the panties and rubbed them against his nose and face. “Do they feel good, Addicted?”

“Please don’t do that with those panties, the customers are starting to look at me strangely,” he said as he stepped back from me.

I handed each Escort bayan pair of panties to him after holding each up right in front of his face. “Do you like the colors I chose?” The blush in his face nicely complimented the red pair of panties.

“Come on, Addicted, let’s go see if we can find a matching bra.”

I had him follow me, excusing myself as I elbowed past the other women in the aisle. Addicted followed behind closely, trying to look like we were married or something, but our age difference made that unlikely. More likely, he looked like my sub. The young women were starting to congregate, pointing in our direction. Perfect.

I told him, “I don’t like those bras that push up; my tits don’t need any help.” This conversation was not lost the other shoppers. Again, they stopped to listen. “My breasts are perfect, don’t you think, Addicted? ” as I placed my hands on my blouse, pushing my breasts upward to accentuate their perfect size and firmness.

He started to mellow a bit, starting to play along with the game I had arranged. “Yes, Tanya, you have beautiful breasts.” he said quietly.

I was able to find one bra to my liking, but I needed to try it on. “Come with me, Addicted, I have to try on this bra.” I took him to the dressing room. He was carrying the panties I had selected, with nowhere to hide them this time. I shook my finger at him like he was a naughty boy, “Now don’t you move, I will be out in just a moment,” and I left him standing outside the female dressing room. His discomfort with the situation was becoming obvious as he masqueraded with a half-smile on his face as young women passed by him on their way to the dressing room.

I prolonged my stay in the dressing room to tease him. As peeked out from the dressing room curtain several times, he was just where I left him. After about five minutes, I returned. “Perfect, I want this bra,” I said, dangling it by a bra strap in front of the crowded dressing room entrance. “Now, let’s go over to the lingerie.”

After a few minutes, I found a black teddy that was highlighted in red with a tiny pair of string thong panties to match. I held it up so Addicted could see. “How do you think I will look in this? Maybe I should go and try it on.”

He appeared as if he could not get a word out. “Please, Tanya, don’t make me go over there again. All those young secretaries were laughing at me. I just can’t stand there like that again.”

I had to pity him a little, and decided that I would try it on at home.

Finding a garter belt and stockings is hit and miss at T.J.Maxx. Still, I decided to look anyway. “Come with me, Addicted, I need one more item.” As I wandered around the lingerie section, I approached a display and sure enough, there was a lacy garter belt, matching bra, and panties. I took the garter belt and held it to my waist.

“I’ve been looking for something like this. I want to use it in my stripper act. Now that I saw how infatuated you are with stockings, I am sure there are other horny men that would be willing to give a big tip to see me in this outfit. How about a lap dance, Addicted?”

Lastly, I checked out the pantyhose display. Luckily again, there was a pair of Pretty Polly stockings, my favorite. They stay in place so well; no bunching. I handed the garter belt and stockings to him.

I knew that L was intending to be somewhere in the store; that was her plan. I had been focused on buying my intimates so I had been too busy to look for her. As I surveyed the store, I saw her in the fitness clothing section. She was wearing her nylon exercise shorts, a sleeveless tank top, and a pair of sneakers. Her chartreuse bra straps were slung over her shoulders, the tank top was translucent enough to see the bra underneath. She also was wearing a pair of heavier sheer brown pantyhose, like those worn by Hooter’s waitresses. Since I had seen her on Sunday, she had her hair cut shorter. Her dirty blonde hair had new highlights, giving her an especially naughty, but playful appearance. I knew Addicted would never guess she was L. She looked nothing like she did on Saturday night, in her leather pants and sandals. I still can’t get over how hot she looked.

“Now go up and pay for these items. Make sure you go to Becky when you check out.” We had met Becky and Ms. Josephs last Saturday night. Addicted hesitated, knowing this time he had no way of hiding the items I had given him. He looked at me with a soulful look, like a puppy that had just been spanked with the newspaper. I pointed to my cell phone and started to play the video of his night in the strip joint. He knew what I was looking at and started making his way to the front of the store. L followed behind and queued in line right after him.

The line was long and it snaked around, so that he would be in full view of about 10 shoppers. It was obvious to anyone who looked at him that he was buying several pieces of female lingerie.

“Next,” said Becky. Addicted arrived in front of her register. Becky looked over towards Ms. Josephs, smiled, and looked back. Becky was trying Bayan Escort to be serious and said, almost mockingly, “How are you doing today, sir? Did you find everything you were looking for?”

She looked directly at Addicted. As she started to ring up each item, she slowed, admiring the four pairs of panties first. Next, she picked up the bra. “Sir, you have good taste. Whoever wears this will be very happy.” Next, she grabbed the garter belt. She held it up, so everyone behind him could see. “I didn’t even know they made these things anymore. Why would anyone want to wear this contraption?” She announced in a louder than speaking voice, a thinly veiled attempt to further humiliate him.

Becky picked up the last item. She looked over the entire garment, even turning it inside out, but could not find the price tag. She looked over to Ms. Josephs at the end of the counter and yelled, “We need a price check on this item.” She held it up for Ms. Josephs to see. “Can you get a price on this teddy for this gentleman?” At this point, Addicted was lowering his head, as if he wanted to crawl under the counter; even I felt sorry for the guy. He had the appearance of resignation of his plight, knowing that any attempts at escape would only bring on more humiliation.

Behind him, the other customers, who all seemed to be in their 20s and 30s and dressed in business attire, were initially agitated at the delay. They seemed to relax after figuring out there was some mischief going on, as if they were witnessing a fraternity initiation prank. One of them passed behind him. I think I saw her give him a pinch on the ass as she whispered something in his ear. Another ridiculed him as she asked, “Is that teddy for your wife, or you?” I saw L and she was clearly enjoying the predicament she had devised for Addicted.

As he walked out the door, items in the bag, I caught up with him. “Addicted, I have one more stop.”

“Tanya, I would rather not buy any more lingerie. I have done everything you wanted. Why do you keep embarrassing me? You know, I was lucky that I did not see anyone I knew. I think you are just blackmailing me to satisfy your need to humiliate me entirely.”

“Oh, you are not going to buy any more underwear. But we just need a few more items and I think you will find they will come in handy later.” While not sure what I meant, he had no choice but to obey. He knew he was at my mercy.

We entered the mall next door, and went into Spencer’s. Addicted followed me to the back of the store. There were displays of kinky items, bondage toys, and vibrators of all shapes and sizes. I handed him a pair of handcuffs, some bondage rope, and a blindfold. “Now take these upfront and buy them for later tonight.” I followed him, accentuating the click of my Lucite heels on the floor as I walked. He put the items on the desk and the young clerk, who looked about 19 years old, looked at the handcuffs, then at Addicted, and then at me. She looked back at Addicted and asked, “Did your Doctor say your heart could tolerate some rough sex?”

“This is just for a costume party.” he said, but not very convincingly, especially with me in my short skirt, heels standing behind him. He paid the bill, now totally numb to further embarrassment.

Addicted and I returned to my apartment. He took a seat on my overstuffed sofa, and laid back, slouching. He relieved the trip was over and satisfied he had done everything expected of him.

“Stay here Addicted, I want to try on this garter belt to show you. L told me you love stockings and garter belts.” I went to my bedroom, took out the garter belt and fastened the clasps in the front, rotating it to the proper position. I gartered the stockings and put on the teddy with the string thong he had purchased. I looked at myself in the mirror, my ass looked just as good as L’s, I thought. I walked out to the living room after putting on a pair of marabou high heel slippers I had kept around from another customer’s request.

“What do you think? Should I wear this next time I am stripping?” I asked Addicted, as I posed before him coquettishly. I turned around and brazenly bent all the way over, legs spread apart, ass cheeks separated by the thin string of the thong down my crack. I turned my head around to look at him. “I have to do this move for my best customers. What do you think now?”

He was obviously pleased with the effect. I am sure he was thinking how he could get some erection relief, and fast. But that was not to be.

“Now come over here to my sofa, and bring the blindfold, rope and handcuffs you bought.” He followed my instructions obediently, without a second thought. I had him strip naked, and then attached the handcuffs, hands secured behind his back. I lied him down on the floor and applied the blindfold. Lastly, I took the rope, wrapped it around his ankles and tied the other end to the handcuffs. He was secured, unable to remove the blindfold under any circumstances.

“You’ve been a very good boy, Addicted, so I have a treat for you. Now lean back and put your head between the cushions, Escort just like you described in your story “Impassion.” He did it, assuming I would be mounting his face as in the story.

As we had planned, L had arrived before us and made her way into the bedroom, out of sight. She walked out of the bedroom, as she had heard the code word “Impassion,” meaning the coast was clear and Addicted was blindfolded. She had slipped off her jogging shorts, still wearing her suntan pantyhose. She had been busy in anticipation of the reunion, cutting out the gusset of her pantyhose. With this alteration, I knew that she was intending to allow Addicted to intimately pleasure her love box. Her unmistakable perfume again filled the room, just as it did three days ago.

Addicted spoke softly, every part of his body incapacitated, except for his mouth and tongue. “L, I didn’t think you would be here tonight. Were you in the store? Did you see I did everything Tanya wanted?”

“Addicted, you were a good boy in that store. I don’t think we need to take you shopping again.” As sigh of relief was evident

She then added, “I’m just guessing from your stories, but I think you have a special cunnilingus talent, am I right about you?”

Addicted answered with more enthusiasm than had been evident earlier in the evening, “I love to eat pussy.”

“Didn’t I tell you that I liked to be eaten out, that it was my favorite activity? Didn’t I tell you that in my email?” L asked, teasingly.

She sat down on the sofa, positioning her pussy gently over Addicted’s face with her legs on either side of his recumbent body. A loud moan came from Addicted, after realizing there was no barrier between his tongue and her pussy. His body stiffened, but the restraints and cushions held him in place, as if he was destined to perform the manly duties expected of him whether he wanted to or not.

L started to talk. “You know, Addicted, I have to go home to my job. I have a great marketing job and I don’t want to lose it. I just received a promotion after our sales doubled.”

She then continued, “Listen Addicted, I and my new friends that helped you overcome your writing problem had dinner together on Sunday night. We relived the events of the prior evening. These ladies thought you were very adventuresome and they loved to see a man such as you paddled, as you had always wanted. They now realize that only when you get out of your comfort zone does the magic begin. Each one of them needs something from you. They want to explore those sexy experiences they had been embarrassed or inhibited to experiment. They need someone like you to explore what previously was just a lurid thought.”

She paused, and then continued as he was savoring her pussy. It was clear she was having trouble maintaining her composure. Her teeth grazed her lower lip and she inhaled deeply, making a hissing sound, a sign that Addicted had found his mark, located the target, and struck gold. She bent forward, took her index finger, and started to play with Addicted’s cock, moving it back and forth with her forefinger, and then lightly running its length with those crimson fingernails.

“You will be hearing from each of them in the near future. Even Ms. Rachel wants you to return for a session with some new equipment she has. And, they agreed that you could write about each of them, anonymously, of course, just like you do with me.”

There was another poignant pause as she gathered her strength. “And one last thing Addicted, you may get that new adventure you wanted from me. Don’t disappoint me.”

She continued after a brief pause, obviously enjoying the motion of his tongue on her clit. ” I had emailed you after I read chapter one of “I call her L,” stating that I didn’t understand why you would want a tempting adventure in real life. Now I understand completely. You wanted to leave your comfort zone, your professional life, and your friends to explore the dark side.”

L barely was able to say the last few words. Her eyes closed and she entered a state of semi-consciousness. When she stopped talking, the lusty sounds of Addicted sloppily exploring her intimately intensified as her wetness spewed. Her breathing became deeper, irregular, and she started to squirm ever so slightly, positioning herself to maximize the sensation of his tongue licking her clit, probing her cunt and even touching the sensitive zone between her pussy and asshole.

No longer able to resist, I grabbed the string of my thong and tore at it to break free. Then, I straddled Addicted, directing his cock into my wet pussy, wet from watching L being pleasured. I looked into her eyes, and she reached behind to unfasten her bra. She lifted her bra and shirt over her head to reveal her full and perky breasts, her nipples slightly pointy. I started to lick them, first one, then the other. The nipples stiffened from the wet friction of my tongue. I could only move slightly on Addicted’s cock, but his pelvic motion and rigid cock made me know he was excited. I reached for my clit, and massaged it with two fingers, rubbing it vigorously as it hardened. I was quickly mesmerized with this ménage à trois, wanting it to go on forever, the three of us receiving the ultimate of sensual pleasure simultaneously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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