I Take The Farmer’s Wife

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It was a stormy summer night and I was lost. I could barely see through the rain pounding my windshield. Thunder rumbled and lightening cracked sending bright flashing bolts across the sky. It had been a hot humid day of driving and I should have arrived at my friend, Jake’s house an hour ago but the directions were vague and I must have missed a turn-off. It was dark and windy and I couldn’t make out addresses or road signs but could tell I was in an isolated farm area because houses were far apart with no lights on.

The gas gauge dropped below empty. I hoped that if I kept going I would find a highway and a gas station. I was tense, not sure what to do and cursed my bad luck and stupidity for missing the turn-off sign. I had been traveling since dawn and needed a new scene after being laid off from my architect job and breaking up with my bitch of a girl friend for the second and final time.

I had just passing a farm house and saw a light on when I heard my car sputter, choke and come to a slow stop. I drifted over to the side of the road. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, the rain beating down on my car like a loud snare drum. I had Triple A road service but knew my cell phone would not work. I wondered if I should go into the farm house I just passed to see if I could use their phone. It was late but at least a light was on. I assumed someone was still up.

Fortunately, the farm house wasn’t too far off the road. I got out of my car and dashed through the rain up to the porch and knocked on the door, thinking how lucky I was to find a house with a light on. It took a minute or two before the door opened and I was stunned to see a young woman that took my breath away. At first I could not speak when I saw her thick dark hair tied in two long braided pigtails, her large green eyes, her tits straining the low cut white peasant blouse. She wore the tightest, shortest faded jean cut-offs I had ever seen and was barefooted. Even in the dark I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples poking at the thin material of her blouse. She was dazzling with olive colored skin.

“I just ran out of gas and I’m lost– can I use your phone?” I asked, trying to hide my astonishment.

“Yes. Come in out of the rain,” she said with a foreign accent I did not recognize. She opened the door wider and smiled, looking into my eyes as if she was glad to see me. “Yes, you can use the phone.”

I tried not to be obvious but I could not take my eyes off her tits then her long bare legs and the tight cut-offs gripping her pussy and straining at her hips then her large green eyes and smile. “Man, she’s hot looking,” I thought. I immediately wanted to fuck her. “Sorry to bother you,” I said, trying to be polite and not frighten her—a stranger suddenly appearing.

“No problem,” she said as I stepped in and she closed the door. “The phone is in the kitchen. Follow me.” She spoke good English but sounded European and I couldn’t place the accent.

She turned and walked towards the kitchen and I could not take my eyes off her round swaying ass stretching the faded cut-offs causing me to swallow and my cock to twitch. “What an ass,” I thought, dazzled by her body. I was so turned on, unable to believe my good luck and followed quietly, not wanting to betray my sudden lust.

She turned around looking into my eyes, a smile flickering on her lips as if she knew where I was looking and liked it. “The phone is over there,” she said pointing to a black wall phone, a little smile still on her lips when she looked at me.

“Thanks. I just want to call road service then I can wait in the car.”

“Go and call but it will be a long wait.” She paused looking into my eyes then smiled, “You can wait in here. I won’t mind.”

Her accent was alluring. Where was she from I wondered. But it was the way she looked at me and smiled when she said, “I won’t mind,” that definitely had a sexual edge and I sensed something was happening between us.

“Thanks,” I said, our eyes met,lingering then drifted away as I went to the phone. She then went over to the kitchen counter where she had a bottle of red wine and a half filled glass. I picked up the phone, looking at her body, the tight cut-offs, her face, the long pigtails made her look both innocent and very sexy at the same time.

I watched her pick up her glass of wine and gulp it down. I could see by the half filled bottle that she had been drinking before I arrived. She looked at me over the rim of her glass as she sipped, leaning back against the kitchen counter, her bare legs spread slightly apart,the seam of her tight cut-offs pressed against her mound, revealing the outline of her pussy. I could not believe how hot she looked and wondered where this would lead.

I took out my road service card from my wallet, picked up the receiver and got ready to dial when I noticed there was no dial tone. I pressed my finger down on the button several times trying to get a sound but the phone was dead.

I turned back and looked over at her pouring more wine, Escort bayan noticing how she was looking at me, that mysterious smile on her lips. My eyes skimmed her slim body, her smooth legs, her nipples poking through the low cut white peasant blouse sitting low on her shoulders revealing a good amount of cleavage. I could not believe how sexy she looked, drinking her wine, twirling one of the pigtails around her finger, looking at me holding the phone. My cock was hard. “Phone’s dead!”

“Too bad. It goes out often around here. Looks like you are stranded.” “Not a bad place to be stranded,” I responded, returning her smile and looking at her playing with her pigtails. “Are you alone here?”

“Yes, my husband is away on business, as usual. I’m all alone.”

“So you’re married?”

“Yes. I guess.”

“What do you mean you guess?” I looked at her, my eyes drifting up and down her luscious body. I couldn’t help it. The way she was drinking wine and looking at me was extremely sexy.

She noticed my eyes roving her body. “Well, we’re married but, well let’s say he’s married to the farm and his business dealings. He doesn’t give me what I need. Not that he could even if he wanted to. He’s much older than me.” She smiled, pouring more wine and lifted the bottle up to me. “Want some.”

“Sure. Thanks. If I’m stranded I might as well take advantage of the situation,”I said,looking at her crotch gripped by the tight faded cut-offs. She saw where I was looking and smiled.

She filled a juice glass and held it up to me. “We do not have fancy glasses on the farm.”

I stepped closer and took the glass of wine from her. We clicked glasses but didn’t say anything, our eyes probing each other’s eyes, as we sipped, standing close.

“What did you mean you want to take advantage of the situation?” she asked, smiling slightly then took another sip of her wine, looking at me over the rim of her glass.

“You know what I mean,” I said, deciding to be bold, sensing she wanted to play a dangerous game of seduction.

She nodded, smiled, looking at me as she sipped her wine. Both of us were quiet, gazing at each other then her eyes moved down to the bulge in my jeans which I did not try to hide then back into my eyes. She smiled biting her lower lip then took another swallow of wine, finished it then poured herself more wine. I could see she was getting drunk. I finished mine and held my glass out for her to pour me some more.”Might as well get drunk,” I said as she filled my glass.

“Yes,” she said, looking hungrily into my eyes. “Let’s get drunk.”

Suddenly a huge roar of thunder rolled through the sky followed by the sharp crack and yellow glare of lightening. The lights flickered and went out. She immediately picked up a box of matches and slithered past me, grazing my hip with her hip and went to the round kitchen table lighting several candles, casting a dim glow.

“I am always prepared. Lights go out much around here,” she said, her accent intriguing me.

I stepped towards her,standing close as we stood by the table in the flickering candle light, surrounded by darkness. Lifting our glasses, we took deep sips, feeling the sexual tension, not sure how to proceed but the anticipation was intense; my throbbing hard cock was straining my jeans. We drank our wine looking at each other, not speaking. Suddenly she put her empty glass down on the table, stepped closer and leaned her body into mine, pressing her tits against my chest, her lips close to my lips, her smiling green eyes looking seductively into mine. Suddenly she placed her hand on my cock, rubbing me through my jeans forcing a moan from my mouth.

Surprised at her aggressiveness,I placed my hand on top of hers, holding it against my hard cock then suddenly with my other hand I grabbed her jean covered pussy, cupping it just as aggressively in the palm of my hand, looking into her eyes.

Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, thrusting her pelvis against my hand while squeezing my cock harder, more intensely.

I then rubbed her pussy harder, pressing the heel of my hand against her clit through her tight cut offs bringing another moan from her lips. She suddenly grabbed my balls in the palm of her, gripping them as if saying “your cock is mine.”

I could not believe this was happening but here we were looking lustfully into each others eyes, not speaking. She tightened her hand on my balls while I forcefully gripped her mound, rubbing her pussy harder both of us feeling pure animal lust, our eyes burning into each others eyes, knowing we were desperate to take each other and fuck.

She let go of my balls then again quickly moved her hand up and down my hard cock.”Mmmmmmm–nice and hard,” she whispered, moving her lips closer to mine, looking into my eyes. “I want this!”

“You do, do you?” I said, gripping her pussy, rubbing her harder with the palm of my hand, both of us daring the other to do something more aggressive. We were both hungry sexual predators waiting to see who would conquer the Bayan Escort other.

“I’m drunk,” she said.

“Good! I am too” I put my glass down next to hers then suddenly reached behind her, grabbing her ass with both hands, squeezing it and pulling her against my throbbing cock, grinding into her jean covered pussy.

Her round firm ass felt so good in my hands, the soft tight denim, the frayed edges of her cutoff, our sudden lust growing from the wine. She spread her legs wider apart and arched her back thrusting her pussy against my cock, grinding and sliding up and down my bulging cock like a pole in a strip club.

“Ohhhh you feel so good. So hard,” she said, her accent making the words sound hotter. “I want this! I want it!”she said,grinding and sliding harder and hungrier up and down my cock, my fingers squeezing and digging into ass.

Suddenly, she stood up and pushed me back against the edge of the table then got down on her knees, unbuttoning my jeans, pulling down the zipper, grabbing my cock. “Good! No underwear,” she said, gripping my cock in her fist then moved her warm tongue aggressively up and down the underside, making hungry, slurping sounds. “Mmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as she licked my hard cock.

“Suck my cock, Suck it!”

Grabbing the base of my cock, putting the head in her mouth, she bobbed up and down, devouring my cock, hungry moaning sounds coming from her mouth. “Man, she’s horny,” I thought loving how she was attacking my cock.

“”Come on, suck my cock you slut!” I shouted, surprised I said that. I couldn’t believe my luck to find a drunk, sexy hungry woman in the middle of nowhere and here we were ten minutes after arriving getting ready to fuck each other silly. How could this be happening to me? Who was this sexy woman with the foreign accent? I grabbed the back of her head, gripping her thick dark hair in my fingers as she took my cock deeper and I started thrusting, fucking her hot mouth. She moved her mouth up and down faster, harder with each thrust. I closed my eyes feeling cum boiling, ready to explode as she devoured my cock like a sex-crazed fiend. Wanting to last longer, I suddenly pulled my cock out of her mouth, saliva dripping from her lips and grabbed her arms, lifting and twisting her body then roughly pushed her face down on the kitchen table.

“Ohhh Yes!” she screamed reaching her hands to grab the other end of the table.

Loving how her ass stretched the thin tight cut offs, her ass cheeks showing below the ragged edge, her bare legs spread wide apart. I straddled her, pressing my hard cock against her, humping her ass.

She turned her head to look at me, our eyes meeting. “You want to fuck me, don’t you? You want to give it to me hard, don’t you?

‘I love your ass,” I yelled, humping and grinding my throbbing cock into the crack of her ass through her tight cut-offs. “I’m going to fuck your brains out!”

“No you’re not,” she yelled.

“Oh yes I am,” I shouted back then suddenly grabbed the waist band, my fingers in the loops of her cut-offs, trying to pull them off of her. I wanted to fuck her so bad. “Get these off!”

“No!” she shouted, surprising me. “Stop!” She started squirming, pushing back, trying to get away. “Stop!” she shouted. “Don’t do this to me. Don’t! Let me go! Get off of me you fucking bastard!”

Stunned I knew I couldn’t stop and suddenly realized the game she was playing. She was a tease—a cock tease. She was playing a game, wanting to tease me, get me so hot and horny that I would be forced to take her even harder.

“I’m not letting you go. I know what you want!”

“No! Let me go! Let me go. You can’t do this to me.” She squirmed, pushing her self off the table. I felt her strength as she bucked hard, shoving, backing me up then quickly squirmed away, trying to run past me. “You can’t fuck me! I’m married.”

I grabbed her wrists as she tried to get away. “You’re not going anywhere, you slut!” I shouted, pulling her as she also pulled in the opposite direction, fighting me, determined to break loose. We were in a tug-of-war. I saw the fake fury in her eyes.

“Let go!” she screamed, fighting to get away. “Let go—you can’t do this—Let me go you bastard!”

“No way! You started this you little fucking tease. You can’t play games with me.” I gripped her wrist pulling her, knowing I was stronger. I stepped closer, grabbing her and wrapping my arms around her as she squirmed and struggled, pounding my chest with her fists. “Let go!” she screamed. I moved my hands to her ass, grasping her tightly and roughly pulled her against my throbbing cock, grinding into her tightly covered pussy as she arched back. “I know what you want you little teasing slut.”

She kept pounding my chest with her fists. “Stop! Stop!” she screamed.

I gripped her ass tighter, squeezing it, grinding my cock into her, the barrier of our jeans making me want her more, made me hump her harder, made me want to rip off her cut-offs sand take her on the kitchen floor.

I Escort pushed her ass hard against the table, bending her, forcing her to lay on her back, her legs wide apart, her bare feet on the floor. I stood between her legs, grinding my cock harder, shoving the seam into her pussy. “I’m going to fuck you!”

“No! No!” she screamed. “Let me go! Let me go! You can’t fuck me!”

“Yes I can. You started this. You can’t play your cock teasing games with me and get away with it. I know what a drunk slut like you wants.”

Suddenly, squirming and sliding back on the table, she lifted her bare feet to my chest and kicked hard, pushing me back with her strong legs, forcing me to let her go. As I grabbed at her, she jumped off the table, pushing me fiercely with her arms and dashed out of the kitchen, down the dark hall, laughing.

It was dark and I didn’t know my way around the house. I picked up the candle deciding to play her little cat and mouse game, knowing how horny she was. “We’ll see who wins this game!” I shouted, walking after her down the dark hall, my cock hanging out of my jeans.

Hearing her laughing as she ran, I followed, walking down the hall in the dim candle light. Thunder roared and bolts of lighting cracked sending a quick flare. I saw her at the other end of the hall, opening a door, looking back at me before disappearing into the dark room.

I made my way down the narrow hall, holding the candle, my cock still hard. Standing in the doorway, I saw her light another candle on the table then get on the bed. Leaning back against the pillows, her legs bent, her knees wide apart, her hand squeezed inside her unbuttoned tight cut-offs, fingering her pussy. She smiled, moving her tongue sensually on her lips as I came closer. She looked up at me then bit her lower lip, her hand moving harder inside the tight crotch of her cut-offs. She smiled at me, looking hot and knowing it.

Without a word, I put my candle on the table next to hers and got on the bed, my knees between her wide open legs, my big fat hard cock hanging out of my unzipped jeans. I saw her looking at it, her tongue licking her lips. I moved closer to her, hovering over her, holding my cock just above her hand inside her cut-offs, her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. I looked down watching her fucking herself while she looked at my hard cock in my fist.

“You want this cock don’t you?”

“And you want this cunt!

We look hungrily into each others eyes, my hand gripping my cock, her hand squeezed into her tight cut offs, her fingers moving in and out of her pussy making slushy sucking sounds. I wanted her but I wanted to drive her crazy. We stared at each other, smiling, knowing we were playing a dangerous game, teasing and tantalizing each other. Another loud rumble of thunder, a flashing crack of lightening, the hard rain pounding against the windows added electricity to our lust as we looked into each others eyes, our animalistic lust building, my fist gripping my cock moving faster up and down, jerking off just above her fingers fucking herself, straining the tight wet crotch of her cut-offs, her mouth open as she fucked herself faster, harder both of us getting closer, on the verge of exploding.

The room was dark except for the dim light from the candles. Suddenly, I grabbed her hand, pulling it out of her pussy, gripping it then grabbed her other hand and lifted her arms high above her head, holding them in mine against the headboard causing her tits to strain her tight blouse, her nipples hard, my cock just above her pussy, her legs bent and spread wide apart. She suddenly lifted her ass off the bed, thrusting her tight jean covered pussy towards my cock. I backed away, keeping my cock above her as she reached desperately for it. I wanted to tease her, play with her, drive her insane, turn this sex-starved woman into a wanton wildcat who would fuck me like I’ve never been fucked.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t do this to me!” she screamed, lifting her ass higher off the bed, arching her back, straining to reach my cock.

“See what happens when you play games with me,” I said, looking into her hungry eyes. I held her hands tightly against the headboard, my cock hovering above her half opened jeans as she arched, straining desperately to get my cock.

Suddenly, I let go of her hands and quickly reached under her and grabbed her ass, lifting her off the bed, pulling and holding her hard against my cock I could not believe how much I wanted to thrust deep into her pussy and take her. Suddenly, I pounced on her, driving her back to the pillows, my hands still gripping her ass, the length of my hard cock grinding into her jean covered pussy. She let go of the headboard, grabbing my ass, holding me against her, grinding into me as I humped her, fucking her through her half opened cut-offs. No longer were we playing games. This was drunk, raw, lust.

Letting go of her ass, I grabbed the waist band of her cut-offs, pulling hard. She lifted her ass, squirming, helping me get them over her hips. I peeled them down her smooth legs then tossed them across the room while she pushed frantically at my jeans, forcing them off of me. I squirmed out of them and threw them over my head, her loud voice screaming “Take me! Take me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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